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  1. Top Altc-Coins 2018

    Great topic. Thank you for all of your shares , it help me to put more coins on my radar for the rest of the year.
  2. All of this is still live, can i still join?
  3. How much percentage will lead to charity? I like this i'ts a good twist for the space, just wanted to know exactly the impact that this is going to have in the community.
  4. Marshall Islands Could Be First to Issue National Crypto

    Countries and Crypto might not work, we will see that.
  5. The decentralized global marketplace for healthcare

    are you in your ico phase?
  6. Looks nice..how do you will cativate the workers to make those services on your platform?
  7. Bitcoin cash news

    Is this your project?
  8. Best exchange for beginner?

    https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.net/for-beginners/ Type some of this into google " best exchange ofr begginer " then see the details and functions of each. Try to look and make your research, because there are more simple and more complex exchanges out there. See what are you preferences then pick one. Best of luck and helcome to crypto.
  9. Billion? If this is true we are going to have more and more countries doing this as well. Simply amazed by the numbers reported
  10. Thank you for you response, best of luck.
  11. Digital Safe Coin, upcoming best cryptocurrency?

    What is this project all about?
  12. What the real use for this token? I want to diversify my portofolio and i'm looking to alternatives
  13. WHEN will ethereum to POS

    sadly i don't.
  14. Initial Coin offering fundraising reaches $3billion mark

    And we are still at the very fist step in this digital revolution