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  1. There is no doubt that the internet till this day stands among the very peak in human achievement and innovation. This wonder of human creation was the first tool to break the chains that have for centuries and millennia stifled the flow of information around the world, and thanks to it today, access to information is no longer an exclusive privilege of a few. But almost like every other invention, there are side effects to the searing rise of the importance and use of the internet in the modern life. With the creation of whole new vast industries such as e-commerce, and with much of our social activities going online, there have been a plethora of problems that have been plaguing the use of this tech, adversely affecting the users the most. The average user in the present arrangement of things in the world wide web universe is much a sidelined character. While being offered “free services” such as addictive social media platforms or free email and cloud storage, the internet users today by far are the most valuable commodity there is, even more important than the once almighty oil. It is often said that if the service is free, then you are the product, and this reflects the sad reality of internet use in our world today. No revenue whatsoever comes back to the users themselves despite the hundreds of billions of dollars they generate which is completely hijacked by the big corporations. Advertisement is now highly weaponized as the case of the Cambridge Analytica scandal has shown the world. Users’ privacy is being violated all over and in the end, no one benefits wholly from this lopsided arrangement but the corporations themselves. The #be Solution #be is revolutionary platform much like the cutting-edge profiling and blockchain technology that powers it whose aim is to shake things up, rearrange and completely reimagine the equation of the present internet use status quo. #be is a unique platform that for the first time will put everyday internet users at the center of all attention and in full control of their own privacy. #be seeks to cause a major disruption in the way things are run by the corporations and create an egalitarian, transparent, and fully accountable ecosystem that makes sure the internet user is not just in absolute control of who accesses their data and when they are also able to fully harness its potential and get monetary benefits from it. The idea that internet users don’t have a say or that centralized and impunity-ridden corporations will continue to offer “free services” in exchange for the right to abuse users’ privacy when it suits them will be made a thing of the past. #be aims to create a whole new industry with its own economic instrument (the BE Token or BETOK for short). This will be the main medium of exchange on the platform where users consciously allow third-party advertisers access to their digital activity data in exchange for payment in #be tokens. #be hopes to create a fully-functional marketplace of people digital activities, one that puts the users at the head of the table A Platform That Welcomes All The #be platform is a unique platform in that it fairly distributes the benefits of this highly lucrative and dynamic data market to all those that play a part in its existence. Advertising budgets in the current industry only reaches the big tech companies with users having no share, a thing that #be will completely change, eliminating the middlemen and rewards both users and publishers for the crucial parts they play in the industry. What this means is that beyond the users themselves, businesses now no longer have to spend over budget or waste precious resources on a rampant hit-or-miss ad campaign that the present industry indulges. Ad dollars will be more accounted for as advertisers now will be certain that every cent spent brought in something back, giving them a clearer ROI picture. Publishers that also lose tons of precious revenue are also protected with this platform, as every transaction, or ad campaign run on their platforms are recorded on an immutable blockchain that can be accessed and vetted by anyone with access to a computer and an internet connection. #be is a platform that takes the data industry from its present draconian arrangement to a more equitable arrangement that benefits those that actually matter, the users, the advertisers and the publishers. #be stands at monetization of digital activities and personal data as Airbnb stands at monetization of private rooms and flats. Imagine which value would have an Airbnb crypto currency if this company had issued a token few years ago. Now you see the potential of #be #be will launch the ICO by end of 2018. To get involved, go online to Beico.Info.
  2. Many projects put mining inside an IOT devices. They can only ship in thousands. Some project does not use mining to speed up transaction but still unable to deploy in million. The solution is the followings: 1) IOTW does not increase IOT hardware cost a. Most of IOT devices are sold to consumers who they are very price sensitives. Adding any cost will not work. Most projects actually put a whole mining machine inside the IOT devices. This drastically increase the cost of the device. Even DAG graph still need to run on micro-computer which still put addition tens of dollars on hardware. IOTW micro-mining software is small and can integrate into even a single wireless LAN chip without changing the hardware or increase any cost 2) IOTW does not require modification of hardware a. Most of the IOT blockchain or DAG projects require new hardware which require devices manufacturer to put out a new hardware design and new testing/manufacturing process. IOTW only requires adding of firmware inside the IOT Devices which require very small firmware modification and testing change in the whole IOT manufacturing process 3) IOTW encourages end user to purchase IOTW enable devices by mining blockchain reward without adding hardware cost a. By giving blockchain rewards to end user can create a market pull by end user provide that the cost of the devices does not increase or increase very little. Many projects do put mining into the IOT devices but unfortunately with high added cost. b. Project like DAG graph does not provide end user encouragement 4) IOTW can deploy in nearly all IOT devices a. Because of requirement of hardware changes, many IOT projects can only be deployed in one segment of IOT devices such as white good. IOTW is a light weight firmware on IOT devices. It can even run on single wireless LAN or other kind of connectivity SoC (System on a chip). It can be deployed in nearly all IOT applications such as TV, PC, cell phone, refrigerator, air conditioning, coffee machine, air purifier, rental bike, Electric car, security camera, set top box. The total volume is over a billion units per year. 5) Drive adaptation through semiconductor vendors and open SDK a. In order to make easy adoption by IOT devices manufacturers, IOTW is working with semiconductor manufacturers who manufacture connectivity chipset such as wireless LAN, set top, TV, Microcontroller to integrate the IOTW firmware into their SOC. Each SOC is in 10s of million shipment. b. IOTW also will release open SDK to allow IOT devices manufacturers to put micro-mining function into their devices without changing their hardware.
  3. (June 7, 2018, Hong Kong) - Alta Sicuro Technology Limited (“Alta Sicuro Technology”) and AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited (“AnApp”) are pleased to jointly announce the launching of SecuruStick, the world’s first USB Type- CTM Universal Authentication Dongle. Besides USB Type- CTM authentication, SecuruStick also supports a wide range of cryptographic applications, including AnApp’s IOTW blockchain, FIDO authentication, cloud proxy re-encryption and crypto currency hardware wallet. Alta Sicuro Technology Limited Alta Sicuro Technology is a technology startup under Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Incubation Program. For additional information, please email [email protected] AnApp Blockchain Technologies Limited AnApp (website: iotw.io) is developing the IOTW blockchain which can run on IoT devices. The micro-mining software can be embedded into different IoT chipsets and also downloaded into existing IoT devices through firmware update. For additional information, please email [email protected]
  4. Up to today IOTW (IoT World) signed sales contracts of over USD3.95 million! The Stanford University connected G2H2 Capital and a few high networth individuals have signed up to purchase our IOTW tokens. More and more purchasers are expressing their interest as well. It is also honored to have Jason Hung joining in as one of IOTW ICO advisors. Jason is a renowned blockchain expert and has participated in a lot of successful ICOs. With a great team of advisors, IOTW is charging full speed ahead towards the launching of ICO. Jason is a serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox. And help on more than 30 ICO projects as advisor. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also an expert of ICOBench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.
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    [ICO] Sentigraph [ICO]

    SENTIGRAPH BRINGS THE FUTURE CLOSER FOR EVERYONE Since time immemorial, man has always been fascinated by what tomorrow will bring, and why not? The world moves at an ever-increasing speed. Information they say is the new oil, as data when properly used has been proven to be the generator of hundreds of billions of dollars for companies all over the world. With the aid of the internet, we now have a limitless stream of information every second, but often than not, we as individuals and even companies don’t find such gush of info coming in to be any useful. At present, small business owners and even large companies like everyone else is bombarded with a never-ending stream of data, especially from the gargantuan and insatiable social networks which tend to set the tone for any almost any future event in the modern world For any business to thrive, it needs to have the not only access to raw data for future trends in order to get ready for them but also the proper tools to put that data to use for its own benefits. Beyond business and creating new products, almost every known facet of life requires such accurate predictive data in order to be at the top of its game. From solving crimes (or predicting possibilities of it) to betting or futures investment, or even testing the mood of the voting populace in order to tamper one’s message in order to be received by them, data has never been more crucial at any time in history than it is now. But sadly, the access of this kind of data has been the exclusive forte of a very privileged few. The Sentigraph Solution Sentigraph is a blockchain based startup that seeks to redefine our very idea of data and the way we use it. Sentigraph is a platform that is about to shake things up and disrupt this very crucial area of life, by empowering virtually everyone to have seamless access to the most accurate predictive data on ANYTHING, as such, bring the future ever closer to the world. Sentigraph is a platform whose developers know the critical need for the right kind of data, that is why they chose the ever disruptive and revolutionary blockchain technology to bridge the gap that has so far made access or use of this industry beyond the reach of most that need it. Sentigraph is a platform that with the aid of cutting-edge AI-powered machines can accurately predict trends or inform its user of the present mood or future possible swings on any matter of interest. A Platform For Everyone, and Everything Sentigraph is a platform that does not restrict itself w=to the service of big business like other platforms. Sentigraph has its services easily scalable and customizable for any need, or level of engagement. Sentigraph with the aid of the blockchain technology demystifies the very industry, whose access so far has been just too expensive or too cumbersome for small business owners or individuals to use without breaking the bank. If the user’s wish is to predict what kind of bikini they need to stock up on at their Shopify store, Sentigraph scans all over social media and Twitter to be more precise in order to get an actual feel of what the people are currently hyping, and provide the user with pinpoint accurate data they can actually use. If you are an online gamer, a politician, a city trying to fight crime, or a smart investor on futures and securities, Sentigraph has its services tailored for the use of everyone, and on virtually everything. If it has a future, the Sentigraph is the go-to platform to accurately tell what that future might be, its shape, form and likely impact. Sentigraph is the platform that makes the future visible for its users, even before it comes. https://www.sentigraph.io/
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    Top Altc-Coins 2018

    Great topic. Thank you for all of your shares , it help me to put more coins on my radar for the rest of the year.
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    All of this is still live, can i still join?
  8. How much percentage will lead to charity? I like this i'ts a good twist for the space, just wanted to know exactly the impact that this is going to have in the community.
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    Marshall Islands Could Be First to Issue National Crypto

    Countries and Crypto might not work, we will see that.
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    The decentralized global marketplace for healthcare

    are you in your ico phase?
  11. Looks nice..how do you will cativate the workers to make those services on your platform?
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    Bitcoin cash news

    Is this your project?
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    Best exchange for beginner?

    https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.net/for-beginners/ Type some of this into google " best exchange ofr begginer " then see the details and functions of each. Try to look and make your research, because there are more simple and more complex exchanges out there. See what are you preferences then pick one. Best of luck and helcome to crypto.
  14. Billion? If this is true we are going to have more and more countries doing this as well. Simply amazed by the numbers reported