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  1. The Internet of Things The Internet-of-Things (IoT) industry is on the verge of exponential growth. The concept IoT is basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet and/or to each other(Forbes). This includes all electronic devices from cellphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of components of machines, like a jet engine of an airplane or the drill of an oil rig. Many analysts says that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices by IoT. Some even estimate this number to be much higher, over 100 billion. In order for IoT environment to thrive, the following requirements should be satisfied: Authentication — devices can be correctly identified by one other Mapping — once identified, they can connect seamlessly Machine to Machine transaction — devices can then bill each other The Blockchain Technology Another emerging technology that is experiencing a historic growth and development is Blockchain technology. A blockchain is a digitized, decentralized, public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions. Constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks (the most recent transactions) are recorded and added to it in chronological order, it allows market participants to keep track of digital currency transactions without central recordkeeping(Investopedia). With blockchain, each node, which is a computer connected to the network, gets a copy of the blockchain, which is downloaded automatically. Blockchain technology offers a way for untrusted parties to reach an agreement (consensus) on a common digital history (CBInsights). Can these two emerging technologies merge? The Hdac platform thinks so and will provide the missing building blocks needed to enable integrate IoT to the blockchain technology. Using the Hdac architecture, an environment such as a smart home or factory, various devices equipped with sensors, which are closely interconnected using a private blockchain, can be configured to operate more safely and reliably in accordance with each other’s conditions. A private blockchain is configured to perform not only user authentication but also mutual authentication between devices, generating and securely recording operation details and scenario-based IoT contracts. The Hdac platform will create a reliable ecosystem in which transaction services run across the general Hdac space and the private, purpose-built objective blockchains by configuring the private and public blockchains so they are interconnected. The use of private blockchains is only practical if they are able to interact with a public blockchain which is already operating. In this regard, we provide HDAC? a platform and cryptocurrency-enabled public blockchain that can be effectively used with multiple private blockchains. With the blockchain-by-use, transactions are possible beyond the P2P settlement of the public blockchain. In a controlled private blockchain network, Hdac is implemented for mutual contracts and transactions between IoT devices which enables more accessible, reliable, and secure consumption and M2M transaction processes. The Hdac IoT Blockchain Network Architecture By fusing Blockchain with the IoT, Hdac maintains core principles while users remain satisfied their connectivity, from user to device, is nestled among the safest of environments. From private to public and back again, the platform is configured as a hidden network with safe tunneling between a user and device to combat hacks, privacy invasions, and external attacks. Remember, mutual authentication between device and user is crucial for a reliable Private Blockchain, which fundamentally will only be practical if it interacts with the Public Blockchain. The IoT blockchain network is a permissioned private blockchain that is registered after being authenticated and can operate on a blockchain network. Therefore, it can be said that its personality is different from a public blockchain which accesses to the network. The components of the IoT blockchain network are as follows. Blockchain node: Records all transaction blocks as a full node. Stores setting information related to user-device, device-device control, billing, and management performed by the administrator. Administrator: A person who registers users, gateways, and devices in the blockchain and grants access between them. The settings are safely stored in the full node of the blockchain and are transmitted to the following users, gateways, and devices through the network. Each user and device maintains the latest settings related to them. It can also be integrated systematically with the existing IoT operating environment. User: A person or device with a program running as a simple node that does not store blocks. Gateway: As it is, a unit used to control many dummy devices or sensors. It can analyze details of the IoT contract and then transmit to dummy devices or sensors. Each device or sensor is connected to an individual address. Device: As it is, a device that is connected to a gateway or a simple node which does not store blocks. It corresponds to individual addresses and it can also analyze the IoT contract details and operate. The combination of these two technologies will allow automated, machine-to-machine, and ultra-low cost transactions between IoT devices that are authenticated, mapped and verified through the blockchain. How Will the Hdac Platform Stand Out? 1. Eco-friendly, fair mining. Energy-saving, equitable chance. A general blockchain consensus algorithm consists of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). This ePoW aims to eradicate power inefficiency and mining monopoly. By applying a block window concept, Hdac overcomes common limitations and welcome an extended group of stakeholders within an evenly distributed, decentralized network. 2. Connecting Chains. Hdac will seamlessly link Public and Private Blockchains. Firstly, it’s crucial to interpreting a node as any device connecting to the blockchain network. Now, a Public Blockchain is open. A Private Blockchain requires an invitation. As a result, the “permissioned” nature of the latter means it’s unlikely to be accessed by nodes as freely as the former. A Cue Bridge Node will be used which is an intermediary which contains key configuration information in order to link the two. Problem solved. 3. Enhanced device security. With great blockchain comes great responsibility. Hdac keeps you safe. As with every digital transaction, cyber criminals loom. The platform aims to stop them. Recent cases have identified vulnerability with Pseudo-Random Numbers generated when creating a wallet addresses and private and public keys. Hdac implements a specific authentication scheme by applying a Quantum Random Number (beginning with our identifiable characters “Hdac”) to eliminate the possibility of hacking. With these three important features, the architecture of the Hdac system uses a combination of public and private blockchains, which allows for previously unattainable transaction speeds and secure and effective communication between IoT devices. It is currently backed by Hyundai BS&C. To know more about the HDAC platform, check out their website at https://hdac.io You can download their whitepaper at https://github.com/Hdactech/Hdac/wiki/Hdac-Technical-Whitepaper#executive-summary For updates and campaign announcements, check out their Bitcointalk thread at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2402330.0
  2. BOUNTY EXCHANGE MERCATOX This bounty was created to support Etherflow in the voting system for entry to mercatox.com and better understanding of our project. To vote for mercatox.com you have to register and a minimum deposit. Soon we will look for BTT translations and moderators for Telegram. Who has add your wallet in the bitcointalk in the location area. When you vote you will see a confirmation take a picture of the screen and add it to the form. Form that does not have attached image will not receive the bounty. Do not make publications, we will not make duplicate payments, everything will be very strict and we will check everything. LINK TO VOTE: https://mercatox.com/coins/list?name=etf www.etherflow.io https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2416527.0 https://www.facebook.com/EtherFlowToken https://t.me/joinchat/Gzw3pEm1XqCZUV9QLJc7PA DONATION WALLET (Bounty) 0.01 ETH = 10 ETF 0xDfa5952dcc08716a31435FaD19796C69b18080bd
  3. MERCATOX loyalty program launched! https://mercatox.com/profile/loyalty MERCATOX permanent loyalty program for our users launched. Promote MERCATOX and get privileges on our platform! You will be receiving points for assisting us in platform promotion. Later on you will be able to exchange points to privileges. What kind of privileges are we offering to program participants? - Discounted fee for trading - Double affiliate Program - Daily payment of annual interest for assets in your MERCATOX wallet - Voice privilege by voting for coin addition The list will be updated on regular basis, new possibilities and ability to sell your points will be added. Types of promotions you will be receiving points for: * Reposting of our news in social media * Create and manage topics about MERCATOX on popular forums * Translating and managing topics on Bitcointalk * Conducting heading about MERCATOX on your blog (website) The list will be updated on regular basis. Your suggestions or ideas, including individual, will be taking to consideration. Detailed conditions and Application for participation can be found in your cabinet in the section Profile. Link https://mercatox.com/profile/loyalty Possible individual kinds of promotions, for example: 1. Are you a YouTube blogger? You can conduct a heading about us on your YouTube channel. 2. We are considering to open and maintain a community in social medias, which doesn't have our official page. 3. If you are an analyst, you are welcomed to release news with technical or fundamental analysis. We are opened for all kind of opportunities you will offer. The Loyalty program will be available in official version after beta phase. Looking forward for your business! Thank you! Please email us all your suggestions and consideration on platform promotions and on how to receive points at [email protected] mercatox.com Team MERCATOX
  4. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2494912.0Bounty Campaign is when you do little tasks for the company in order to get stakes. Those stakes will transform into coins or tokens which when the Initial Coin Offering starts can be traded for Fiat. The tasks to perform are always very simple and easy to follows. A new token, C, is also having their Bounty campaign running before the start of their ICO. For the not surprising ones, C offers the participants the following tasks: Translation Campaign In order to be eligible for the reward, participants must also be active on their created thread, update it according to the main thread and translate each and every announcement that’s made during the entire campaign! 2. Signature Campaign All users are allowed. Yes, even newbies. In other bounty projects, Newbies are always excluded. To be eligible for reward participant has to keep both signature and avatar until the bounty is rewarded. 3. Facebook campaign (without Facebook) Yes, there is NO PAGE TO LIKE & FOLLOW, WRITE ORIGINAL, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ANN PAGE to other cryptocurrencyFB groups 4. Twitter campaign You guess it again, there is NO ACCOUNT TO FOLLOW, WRITE ORIGINAL, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ANN PAGE. 5. Blogs, Articles, and Video Campaign Write an original content, in Blog sites and Youtube, about C and you will get big rewards Now if you get bored with the campaign mentioned above, then check out their different-from-the-rest Bounty campaigns: PR Campaign People miss understood the spammer campaign, when we use the word Spammer we were looking for a catchy name, we are all aware of the bad way of spam! So instead of paying some PR agency or Marketing agency money, we are paying you! You know how to pitch Journalist & Crypto influencers & Crypto websites! So you take that money..We got you a small list, but you can go all above it and beyond, you are not limited to it, and please don’t stop at it. 2. Spammer Campaign (you hear it right!) There are no rules on spamming campaign, the admin team just encourages you to spam the heck of everyone who is interested in Crypto, and as you notice the reward is not within the bounty budget, it’s separated so you don’t have to worry about your share! They did allocate 3 BTC max for spamming people! Plus referral bonus for high quality services! That’s a motivation! C token indeed wants you to do some crazy tasks just to earn bounty rewards. But it will be worth it as the rewards are bit also. some as high as 3 BTC! Take note BTC. Not some crypto coins or tokens that your not sure would have value in the market later on. What’s more, according to the thread manager, if Bitcoin price falls below $9000, we will add another 2 Bitcoins, if it goes up on value ( Which it will) we will keep the 15 Bitcoins as is! So what are you waiting for? Head C’s Bounty campaign thread and be rewarded!!! Visit there ANN Thread. Their Bounty link .
  5. Uservice is launching a Bounty program During the first hour of the start of the Uservice Bounty program, more than 100 people applied to participate in it. The most active participants can earn up to 4,000 tokens a week or 2 ETX. Also the team will pay you 3000 tokens for making a video about Uservice. The results will be submitted weekly. The information will be posted on the forum bitcointalk.org on an open mode. The bounty-program will be allocated 2% of the actual amount collected within the pre-ICO. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2450997 Telegram: https://t.me/userviceico https://t.me/userviceru Link to original post: https://medium.com/@uservicebt.io/uservice-is-launching-a-bounty-program-92fd49ee5400
  6. USERVICE platform ideas and plans to reduce the impact of the auto industry on the ecology of our planet have been approved and received support from the WWF. The entire environmental part of the project will be implemented in а close contact with the representatives of the fund. The first step is to develop a fundamentally new approach to the disposal of used oil, other processed liquids, old spare parts and tires. We care about the future of the planet together with professionals. Telegram: https://t.me/userviceico https://t.me/userviceru Original post link: https://medium.com/@uservicebt.io/wwf-supports-uservice-428995693dbe
  7. Black Friday bitcoin cloud service

    Any update of listing in market exchanges for BLACK coins?
  8. [raffle]$10 USD Amazon Giftcard

    Nice campaign from Amazon!
  9. The tons of shit tokens born everyday made us createTRASH CASHSomeone's Garbage is Someone's Treasure!WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTERDev's confession: Why on earth (why the hell would have sounded too rude!) did I create Trash Cash?Every Time I check my Ethereum wallet or check it on Eitherscan/Ethplorer, I have to scroll through a lot of Tokens which is irritating for the fact that either they have no value or just something beyond the decimal is left which will come to no use except stand in the way to check the tokens I am really looking for.I would wonder if there was a dumping address for these useless tokens, but then it came in my mind, what if all these fractions and valueless tokens are accumulated in one address and maybe someone would need them.And hence I created Trash Cash which can be a medium to sell off the numerous shits and filths in the wallet and converted to one Token which has value!Trash cash is the ultimate cryptocurrency to exchange all the garbage dumped in your wallet into a single token which can be traded in exchanges. Instead of having hundreds of them and have the headache of managing them individually, now you can keep all the trash in one place!In a nutshell Trash Cash is a decentralised peer to peer cryptocurrency to buy and sell wallet trash! It works on the principle of Someone’s garbage is someone’s treasure (now don’t ask me who said this, as I don’t know either!)Its developed to keep all the wallet trash, filth, shit, garbage, etc. etc. (you can add up some more in your mind) in one place and when you have enough, you can trade Trash Cash at exchanges when you have enough of them or need some cash instantly!SPECIFICATIONSName: TRASH CASHThat's the name which came in our mind first Symbol: TRASHWhat could have been anything better than this?Decimals: 3Intended to keep the trash as clean as possibleStandard: ERC20Well, ninety percent or more cryptocurrency use thisTotal Supply: 10,000,000We kept the number limited so trash will have valueContract Address: 0xb203b5495109c6C85615EbB2056F98301D470507Don't send anything here as nothing returns from this blackhole!ROADMAPRelax, we are dealing with trash and have a roadmap ahead but cannot assure you of the time frame.If you guys support us, we will achieve them fast.1. Create TokenYess! I have created Trash Cash!2. Develop WebsiteWe did it man. You are on the site right now!3. Social Media ChannelsWe have started to spam the social media channels!4. FundropIts started! Have fun in catching the drops!5. Listing in exchangesNegotiating with both free as well as paid exchanges.6. Listing in coinmarketcapWe must reach there. Trash is a big business you know7. Reach 1 million walletsAnd not stop. We target every wallet to have Trash Cash8. Sky’s the limitHa Ha. We will reach the moon first and target other planets!Together we will achieve all!FUNDROPThere will be a LIFELONG fundrop of Trash Cash but the amount will depend on the availability and other factors. After certain intervals tokens dumped with us will be sold in exchanges and/or auctions and the proceed will be used to buy back Trash Cash from exchanges (don't sell them cheap guys!) to keep up with the supply. INITIAL AIRDROP AMOUNT: 500 Trash Cash per claim. Initially there will be two options to get Trash Cash but later on it will be limited to only the first option.OPTION 1Completely dump any of your tokens you want the fundrop for to: 0x7dfc0b4c08F540A26564fbF91CeE87c9E5685605We will check the wallet within 24 hours (within minutes if we are online) and check that not a single fraction of the sent token is in your wallet. If we see a total dump, we will send you the allocated Trash Cash. One address can use this option multiple times.OPTION 2This option will not be available in future, so make use of it now. Donate 0.01 ETH to: 0x7dfc0b4c08F540A26564fbF91CeE87c9E5685605We will send the Trash Cash to the address from where it was sent. You can send any amount in multiples of 0.01 ETH and the Trash Cash will be sent in multiples of the allocation. (eg., if you send 0.1 ETH you will receive 5,000, if you send 0.001 ETH you will get 50, if you send 1 ETH you get 50,000 and so on).No forms and no spreadsheets. The blockchain is a open book for all.EXCHANGESTRASH CASH is officially listed inETHERDELTAIDEXOur next target is Hitbtc and Coinexchange! We need your support and have a very good offer for supporters.READ OFFER HEREBOUNTIESGet rewarded for spreading TRASH in social media and other places. Read details here:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2414781
  10. image from https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin. The Challenge of Immortality Humans always have the obsession of having the ability of living forever. Whether because of fear dying, a thirst for knowledge, or simply a love of living, the desire to avoid death is universal and what most people wants to achieved. Since the dawn of time, it has been stuffs of myths and legends that cultures around the world have something to say about achieving immortality. The Greeks believed that several originally mortal men and women like Achilles, Helen, Ino, Memnon, Menelaus, and Peleus, achieved physical immortality through the intervention of the gods. Generations of Chinese retell the legend of a mortal named Chang’e drinking the elixir of life and becoming a god on the moon. Even the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leó made the journey to uncharted lands to find the Fountain of Youth, a fabled wellspring thought to give everlasting life to whoever bathed in or drank from it. The quest for limitless life has captured the minds of countless storytellers, alchemists, and spiritual leaders not only during the days of old and but up to the modern times. Often the records are too few to determine if these people actually claimed immortality themselves, or even existed. Maybe that is the reason that development in the science of life extension had been very slow and their researches are underfunded. Because it is hard to provide evidence that would prove immortality. This ironic because every year people spend/donate billions of dollars on different biotechnological researches like how to whiten our teeth or keep bad odor away but gives a fraction only on studying immortality. This seems real unjust as we waste so much money on solving non existing problems, and yet spend almost no money, on the most significant problem of the whole human race. Immortal Labs But all of these in the coming days are about to change. The biotechnological company Immortality Labs is bent on pushing researches on life extension and immortality the status it truly deserved. Immortal Labs is known for its revolutionary discoveries in the Biotechnology industry. They have over 10 years of collective experience and their team is one of the top ranked experts in the research of cell healing, young blood transformation and immorality. Their group consists of young enthusiasts, doctors and engineers with strong academic backgrounds, entrepreneurial and professional experience. Their work covers supporting and funding researches in areas that in the longer run will achieve human kind Immortality. These include: GENE THERAPY ARTIFICIALLY GROWN ORGANS STEM CELL TREATEMENT YOUNG BLOOD TRANSFUSION AGING CRYONICS IMMORTAL ORGANISMS NANOROBARTS With the revolutionized discovery of Blockchain technology, Immortal Labs hopes to be the first to represent Biotechnology in Blockchain. With Immortal Token asset, the company aims to provide their investors a hope for a better everlasting future. They have a very clear vision that is to provide life extension to everyone. They have been in discussion with world-class Bio-Technicians & Doctors those are few of the best in the industry and have analyzed the whole process together. They have a team of advisors who are renowned doctors in research of Immortality and how to accomplish it. On a small level, the company has worked on a couple of things that can result in building the future. See this video about their project. Except from https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin Immortal Coin Project Immortal Labs is investing in the Immortal Coin project that would provide trillions of Dollars investment for everyone’s mutual benefit. Immortal Coin is a cryptocurrency. A form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. It is a currency associated with the internet that uses cryptography, the process of converting legible information into an almost uncrackable code, to track purchases and transfer. But unlike most cryptocurrencies circulating right now, Immortal Coin is backed by democratic voting feature. They are like real virtual shares. Every holder of the tokens will be able to vote on common matters. Immortal Labs is pledging to honor the voting decisions and to execute them. image from https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin. The IMO Wallet will be launched and through it, consumers will use multiple devices and can have an intuitive and seamless experience across all applications. Immortality Lab engineers intend to focus on a mobile-first and user-centric design strategy to drive consumer preference for their payment products. IMO wallet would work in a fast, safe and convenient way across any channel the customer uses. Convenience and checkout speed drive the convergence of payment channels. A digital payment strategy would take an integrated approach to the expert doctors, technicians, Biotech experts, and the IMO holder so that it remains always available to the consumers. The Benefits of Immortal Coins Besides unimaginable financial gains from the project, the ultimate objective is that Immortality would be a project that would serve the humanity more than anything has done ever and each of the Immortal coin contributor is going to be a proud partner of it. With Immortal Coin, supporters can Invest money in something truly important through, Building a long lasting future for yourself and your loved ones Making a difference with your actions, take your destiny into your own hands Getting insights of their latest researches and be in the front line of medical studies Taking part in the decision-making process, as it is based on Blockchain, so you don’t have to worry about any centralized body controlling the process. Securing and completely controlling all of your assets i.e. Immortal coin Exchanging all of your digital assets within fraction of seconds without having to worry about any additional fee or taxes, and, There is virtually no limit to what a person can earn in the market as the total market cap right now is around $121 billion and has crossed the liquidation of Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland combined. With all these efforts from Immortal Labs to support researchers and project about life extension and anti-aging, indeed, maybe Immortality is within our reach!!! To know more about Immortal Labs and its ongoing Immortal Coin project, visit their ICO website at https://ico.immortalcoin.world/ and view their white paper at http://ico.immortalcoin.world/IMMORTALCOIN-WHITEPAPERS.pdf/. You can contact them at: Telegram community - https://t.me/immortalcoin%20/ Twitter campaign - https://twitter.com/ImmortalCoin Immortal coin has an ongoing Initial Coin Offering (ICO) , check out details at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2400327
  11. ETHERFLOW Website Facebook Twitter Telegram Discord BitcoinTalk.org KakaoTalk (COMING SOON!) ABOUT Etherflow is a system of workers security of hours worked by employers and, how they can get paid by companies in a easier and safer way. We will decentralize the hours worked and the supply of materials and the payments. Ensure the authenticity of it. Transparency and security of companies with their workers. This is a implement of the system in a chain of blocks and decentralize system. Our security system will be gathering information on bank payments. In-depth laws to automate these payments to our system, in a smart contract within the chain of blocks ensuring the authenticity of each party, company and worker, time and payment, materials and payments. Etherflow will be gathering adverse information on something existing, making improvements, implementing the system in a chain of blocks and decentralize system. We will be gathering information on bank payments, security, in-depth laws to automate these payments to our system in a smart contract within the chain of blocks ensuring the authenticity of each party, companys and there workers, time and payment, materials and payments. We will be as transparent as possible. We are developing this project and when everything is ready part of the sales of the tokens that will be valued as part of the company, that same token will be an action of our company, Soon, we will be providing more information bringing qualified professionals to develop the best accounting system companies. SPECIFICATIONS Name: ETHERFLOW Symbol: ETF Decimals: 18 Standard: ERC20 Platform: Ethereum Total Sypply: 7,000,000 Initial Supply: 4,500,000 ETF Development/Pre-Sale: 1,400,00 Marketing: 300,000 AirDrop/Bounty : 2,800,000 Address: Development/Pre-Sale: 0x26379487B057aa92925C1f6124de082160a3c6b5 Marketing : 0xdCf0650753c05fB4c9449f4a67938BCaF2E8F7C2 AirDrop/Bounty : 0xd0955480578dbcbE81aF11186D9e0D9236B5A29E ROADMAP CROWDSALE Where can i buy ETHERFLOW ( ETF ) You can buy ETF at the following exchanges EtherDelta (coming soon) Coinexchange (coming soon) Crowdsale 300k (ETF) Minimum 0.1 ETH = 30 ETF 1 ETH = 300 ETF +10% Bounty 5 ETH = 1700 ETF +15% Bounty 10 ETH = 3600 ETF +18% Bounty 50 ETH = 22000 ETF +22% Bounty AUTO PAYMENTS SEND ETH FOR Official Pre-Sale 0x26379487B057aa92925C1f6124de082160a3c6b5 EXCHANGES COMING SOON! COMING SOON! WALLETS What are compatible wallets for ETERFLOW ( ETF ) MyEtherWallet – https://www.myetherwallet.com/ Parity Wallet – https://parity.io/ MetaMask – https://metamask.io/ Jaxx – https://jaxx.io/ How to view ETHERFLOW ( ETF ) in my wallet? Go to MEW than click on ADD CUSTOM TOKEN put those informations there : Contract : 0x716b87619d0c06c5868837cca18b2dd9d64a29d5 Symbol : ETF Decimals : 18 AIRDROP • 1st Round of Free Airdrop 150k Applications for our first launch were closed, we will make all payments 08/12/2017 at 23:00 UTC. In addition to the 150k (ETF) distributed to the participants of the (Airdrop) will be made available a Bounty of 10% of Tokens (ETF) for Token (ETF) in Hold on 08th Dec • 2nd Round of Free Airdrop • 3rd Round of Free Airdrop • Final Free Distribution to All Holders / Holding Bounty • 300K ETF will be distributed to token holders proportional to the number of tokens they hold. • There must be atleast 40 ETF in your address. • These addresses will be excluded: • Development/Pre-Sale: 0x26379487B057aa92925C1f6124de082160a3c6b5 • Marketing : 0xdCf0650753c05fB4c9449f4a67938BCaF2E8F7C2 • AirDrop/Bounty : 0xd0955480578dbcbE81aF11186D9e0D9236B5A29E • The snapshot of the blockchain (token holders and each balance) will take place on DEC 08th, 2017 at 23:00 UTC. And then, we will start the distribution immediately. • The process is totally automatic, there is no need to claim for your holding bounty. BOUNTIES (Coming Soon!)
  12. “ We have elected to put our money and faith in a mathematical framework that is free of politics and human error.” - Tyler Winklevoss Bitcoins and other digital currencies are sprouting like mushroom everywhere. Everyday, new investment schemes backed up by different Cryptocurrencies are being deployed. Some stay. But due to the lack of will-thought program and unmanaged roadmap, some go! A new kid in the block with organized platform and programs is Bulleon. Bulleon (BLN) will revolutionizing the way of financial transactions. Their strategy to make Bulleon mighty and respectable is simple and unique in the crypto-market. During the developing stages of Bulleon, it will be “self-fed”by using the funds raised from token sales in its development. As soon as the first tokens will be sold; the funds will be immediately used to make Bulleon stronger. That’s correct, the whole resources will be used for the Bulleon and its supporting community. Anyone who decides to become a supporter, makes it stronger and more valuable. Together they will build a commerce tool that will change our world. GOALS Bulleon’s goal is not just to create the practical cryptocurrency, but to make it valuable, fast, rare, respectful, wanted, safe and simply beautiful. The aim is to make everyone who joins this project happy. If it is sold out from a smart contract, its market capitalization will be $2.85 billion (at 300USD/BLN rate), after which Bulleon will achieve a floating exchange rate. It will be the largest cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network, the rate will be will be based on supply and demand with strong community and development team support. More information about its frameworf, structure, and about the team in their whitepaper. https://bulleon.net/blackpaper_bulleonn.pdf TIMELINE ➢ Q4/2017 — Project launch ➢ Q4/2017 — Airdrop ➢ Q4/2017 — Bounty program start ➢ Q4/2017 — ICO start ➢ Q4/2017 — Listing on decentralized exchanges ➢ Q4/2017 — Official marketing campaign start ➢ Q4/2017 — Recruitment & selection hiring process start ➢ Q1/2018 — Listing on major exchanges Bounty Program After their successful Airdrop campaign, and to further promote their ICO, various bounty campaigns awaits Bulleon’s community members. They are offering participants a total allocation of 2% from our overall token supply. The program allocates a total of 184,000BLN. At the 1st ICO phase, the selling price is $0.3/BLN, at the last 12th ICO phase BLN selling price is $300/BLN. Thus, this means that the total value of the bounty rewards is up to $55,000,000. The campaign will continue for as long as funds are sufficient. Great rewards await to those who will actively participate in their campaign! Check out what’s in it for you. see link below: Website: https://bulleon.net/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bulleon_net Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bulleon.net/ Telegram: https://t.me/bulleon_official Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2354399.0
  13. The Internet has become a necessity nowadays for satisfying people with various services that cover almost all fields of life. It is a very versatile technology which allows people in completing easily and conveniently almost all tasks with few clicks. In this age of advanced communication and networking technologies, almost everything is now accessible over the internet. You can research any topic you desire, purchase various items by going through various websites and choosing among a variety of options, and pay your bills online. The possibility is almost limitless. The Worldwide Internet Landscape (excerpt from Wi-fi Global white paper) Today, the Internet has become an integral part of the lives of civilized people, and the belief that access to the network is one of civil rights is rooted in society. At the same time, most of the world's population - more than 4 billion people - still does not have access to the Internet, and the rest are forced to pay for it. The Wi-Fi Global project will expand the coverage of the Internet in the world and provide users with free access to a Wi-Fi network. Most of the inhabitants of the Earth have unrealized needs due to lack of necessary financial resources and would like to have additional sources of income. We give owners of routers the tool for additional earnings and stimulate the distribution of free Internet. The project Wi-Fi Global is a platform for users of individuals who connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi and advertisers who want to show them ads. Big Data technology collects and analyzes non-personalized data on user activity allowing advertisers to show the most accurate advertising that will have a high conversion. And the technology of blockchain allows making transactions between the participants of the process quick and cheap, providing mutual guarantees to the parties thanks to smart contracts and providing advertisers with absolutely reliable and transparent information about the conducted advertising campaign. The Wi-Fi Global project creates a worldwide decentralized Wi-Fi network through community efforts, and all participants in this network earn proportionally to the contribution to its development. Airbnb did not build hotels, but offered everyone a little to be the owner of their own hotel. Uber did not start a taxi fleet, but suggested that anyone in their spare time earn their own car. So we will not build hot-spots, but offer router owners to work as telecom operators and secure a passive income. How It Works? Operation scheme The Wi-Fi Global platform creates a worldwide decentralized free Wi-Fi network. There are 3 key links in the chain: User is a person who connects to an open network and uses the Internet for free after watching ads. The owner of the router - provides access to an open network and earns on advertising. Advertiser - broadcasts advertising to its target audience, paying with the owners of routers When connected to the system, the router starts distributing another network. It is isolated from the home network at the software level, so without the owner's knowledge, no one can connect to it. The second network becomes public. The load on the router is distributed evenly, the owner can set the parameters suitable for him. When connecting to a public network, users see targeted ads. The income of the owner of the router depends on the quantity and quality of the advertisement viewed. The system analyzes the location, profiles in social networks, search queries and other parameters necessary for advertising targeting. The more solvent the audience is in the public network, the more tokens are charged for viewing ads and, accordingly, the more expensive are the impressions for advertisers. The referral program (see Table 3) allows active users to earn a global network by involving new router owners. Blockchain All information is stored in the locker and periodically updated. These data can not be lost or faked. Blockchain has become the connecting link of the whole system. Each transaction is serviced by a deal. Deal actually plays the role of an advertising agency. It is necessary to ensure that both sides are confident that the advertising budget will reach its destination and is converted into the planned number of impressions. Deal Takes data generated from advertiser tasks that are on Wi-Fi Global servers. Forms an ad campaign in which the advertising settings are already registered. Determines the cost of advertising campaigns for each router. Determines how the advertising money will be divided by all advertisers selected routers. After receipt of the report on the completed advertising campaign in the database, Deal takes the advertiser's report and the router's report and makes a new entry in the database about this particular router, fixing that on the X date of the X year the data on the router is updated. The advertiser can see and evaluate the updated data. The database hash is written to the host. One entry in the blockchain contains information about one transaction. Thus, the number of transactions is equal to the number of advertising campaigns. The database contains information on targeting (geo, router coordinates, number of users, age, interests, etc.) for past advertising campaigns and their conversions, systematized in such a way that these materials can be easily found and processed. The database is automatically supplemented and updated with information from new completed advertising campaigns. The hash of the database is tied to each router and guarantees to the advertiser that he receives up-to-date and honest information on the conversion of the conducted advertising campaigns. The advertiser sees this in the graphical interface, where he chooses the settings and parameters of his advertising campaign. Scalability The operations are processed in the technology of the blockchain system by the data centers of the project - this is a distributed network that will be available to our partners. Confirmation of the transaction will be carried out between several NODs, which greatly accelerates the processing. The system is designed to process dozens of transactions (= advertising campaigns) per second. With the simultaneous launch of a large number of small advertising campaigns, there may be delays of several hours. However, in this scheme it can be neglected - for example, advertising agencies often draw up documents within a few weeks. Their team already has implemented projects in the field of Wi-Fi hotspots and advertising in Wi-Fi networks. We analyzed the existing business models and realized that thanks to the technology of blockchain it is possible to create a global decentralized Wi-Fi network and make it free for users at the expense of advertisers. Just now television works; the only difference is that it is enough for us to show a short and unobtrusive advertisement when connecting to the network in order to recoup costs and make a profit. More information about Wi-fi Global and their highly dynamic team, visit their website at https://wi-fi.global/. See their whitepaper at https://wi-fi.global/whitepaper.pdf.
  14. Crypher "The Biggest Community For Crypto Hunter"https://i.imgur.com/yqzCAL3.jpgWEBSITE | TELEGRAM GROUP | TELEGRAM CHANNEL|TWITTERDigital currency is valued as an investment or profitable work by many people, so many newbies still do not know what cryptocurrency is and how to get it. Another problem encountered is the number of scam sites under the pretext of bitcoin investment, for a newbie entering the world of small investment cryptocurrencies with considerable results will be easily fooled by such sites, then their money will be lost within 1 day. Crypher (crypto hunter) is a forum that bridges the seekers of cryptocurrency to discuss tips and tricks in finding cryptocurrency, get to know the crypto hunter from the area, and share sites that can provide profit and blacklist the scam sites so that members and visitors are not stuck with the site. To grow this community to make it bigger and famous we will provide ad slot and install it on the forum, we also have provided token named Crypher, a token erc20-based to be sold to investors.WhitepaperComing SoonSpecificationName : CrypherCoinSymbol : CRYPHERDecimals : 18Total Supply : 100.000.000 (100 million coins)Distribution6% Forum Development and Maintenance15% Airdrop50% Crowdsale5% Giveaway & Contest Not started yet7% Bounty2% Exchange Vote Not started yet15% Member Reward (1 year)AirdropAirdrop will be implemented 5 times with a span of every 2 weeks calculated from the first airdrop date. Airdrop distribution will be implemented after the sale reaches at least 5.00 ETH.1st Airdrop 2.000.000 Token for 2.500 Participants 2nd Airdrop 3.000.000 Token for 3.000 Participants 3rd Airdrop 3.000.000 Token for 3.000 Participants4th Airdrop 3.000.000 Token for 3.000 Participants5th Airdrop 4.000.000 Token for 2.000 ParticipantsJoin First Airdrop : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScNJwUMV7yvgHwCOXdHq0m2accUQgHylFfv8heBmCvqqkEb6g/viewformCrowdsaleCrowsale will be divided into 2 stages with details : 9 Nov - 17 Nov Rate 0,00000700ETH atau 142.857 CRYPHER/ETH18 Nov - 30 Nov Rate 0,0000100ETH atau 100.000 CRYPHER/ETHMinimum purchase is 0.01 ETHSend to : 0xBDCCEb20869A9331D73b61a03Ae3519501608b8c5% of unsold tokens will be allocated to exchange listing and the rest will be burned. Reward 360.000 tokens will be given to the first 3 investors who purchase at least 1 ETH, each will get 120.000 tokens.Crypher Member Reward1.250.000 tokens will be given monthly to the 500 most active members in the CRYPHER forum based on the number of posts each month. Posts under 75 characters will not be counted. Reward will be distributed for the first time on December 31, 2017, and ending on November 30, 2018..Quick RoadmapJanuary 2018 list to Exchange.February 2018 Telegram integration for new bounty and airdrop announcements.August 2018 release mobile version of CRYPHERMaintenance and the addition of features as needed will be done once every 3 months starting in February 2018.BOUNTYYou can JOIN our Telegram (Crypher Telegram Group and Crypher Telegram Channel) for Join CRYPHER Official BountyGood luckOfficial LinkWebsite http://ico.crypher.com/Telegram Group https://t.me/cryphergroupTelegram Channel https://t.me/crypherChannelTwitter https://twitter.com/CrypherCoin