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  1. For more news latest update on Crypto Currency Prediction Automated Trading Bot Automatically Trades in your Account set yourself free from manual trading & Free Crypto Trading Signals Join https://t.me/btctradingclub While the Nordic island nation has become a hotbed for Bitcoin mining in recent months, a serious problem has emerged in Iceland: there now may be energy shortages for powering its households. The process of mining Bitcoin is an energy-intensive endeavor. According to reports; a single transaction uses the same amount of energy as the average U.S. household in a week. With an influx of miners looking to take advantage of Iceland’s electricity infrastructure, climate, and lenient regulations, the amount of energy consumed in these mining operations is unsurprisingly unprecedented for a nation that Iceland was regarded as a prime destination for Bitcoin mining operations because of its cheap and reliable energy sources, its cold climate for cooling down computer servers during the mining process, as well as the local government’s welcoming stance. However, the Icelandic government probably never expected the Bitcoin mania to get so hot that it could even cause an energy supply “meltdown” within the nation. For now, the only tangible solution appears to be for the government to hit the ‘control’ button before households lose their power as well.
  2. For more news latest update on Crypto Currency Prediction Automated Trading Bot Automatically Trades in your Account set yourself free from manual trading & Free Crypto Trading Signals Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Crypto Signals+ Crypto Trading BOT join- http://t.me/cryptosignalalert Ryan Derks, of Ryan’s Hodl Fund, recently spoke with Express.co.uk and claimed that Bitcoin could reach an extraordinary value if more of the world’s population decides to rebel against traditional currency.He explained: “I believe they say that roughly five per cent of the world’s population or less owns any cryptocurrency and if the trends of Venezuela continue and in Zimbabwe, if those continue it looks as though there is going to be no slowdown. “So if people continue to lose faith in their nation’s currency, like for example the US dollar, I don’t have very much faith at all.. “When that will happen I can’t tell you, but if you just assume that 10 per cent of the world’s population or 15 per cent of the world’s population decides to give up their government’s currency and use cryptocurrency then yes, that’s not far-fetched at all.”. Bitcoin prices soared last year and saw the prized currency hit an all-time high of $19,535.70 on December 17.. However, since the incredible spike the currency has failed to maintain its trajectory.When questioned on its fluctuating prices, Mr Derks explained that Bitcoin functions on “basic supply and demand economics”. The Bitcoin owner explained that there will only ever be 21million coins in existence, of which an estimated 25 per cent have already been lost, mostly in the early years of the currency when people did not take it “too seriously”.. He stated: “It’s estimated right now that about 25 per cent of all the coins in existence have been lost, many people back in the first four or five years didn’t take it too seriously and didn’t pay close care over the coins so quite a few were lost. January has seen an incredible decline in price for the virtual currency, but this week has marked a 14.35 per cent increase in the value Bitcoin, according to data from market tracker Coinbase.Bitcoin is currently worth $8389.23 (£6052.24) which is an increase of $1052.49 (£759.30) at the time of writing..
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  4. Bitcoin never going to die it will fight for log life drop in price it does not mean bitcoin is no more but I can say this the right time to invest in bitcoin try to good profit. For more exciting news latest update currency prediction & crypto signals + Crypto Automated Trading BOT Join- t me/btctradingclub Check our BOT performance -t.me/premiumclubresults “Now, when everyone is saying … it’s over, that’s it, bitcoin is dead, for the 175th time. Now’s the time you start looking at it, on the buy side,” Kelly, portfolio manager of the BKCM Digital Asset Fund, told CNBC on “Fast Money” Tuesday. With uncertainty over the regulatory environment of digital currencies in South Korea and China, Kelly pointed out that cryptocurrency is in a “hand-off” period, moving from retail Asian investors to U.S., European and Japanese institutional investors. “And that money is still coming in,” he said. “The flows have not stopped.” “This is not the end of bitcoin,” Kelly said, warning investors that buying the extremely volatile asset when prices are high can be dangerous. “When we talk about bitcoin being up at $20,000, everyone is running around being all excited,” he said. “Those are the times to be a little cautious.” Bitcoin prices have remained stagnant between $10,000 and $11,000 for the last week, not recovering from price highs of $19,500 in mid-December. The 45-percent drop in value has some market experts worried that the bitcoin bubble may have burst for good. But Kelly said the falling prices were “incredibly healthy for the ecosystem. You shake out the weak hands. You get strong hands in there.” Kelly has three golden rules for crypto investors: 1. Only risk 1 percent to 5 percent of assets. “This is a new technology,” said Kelly. “Things break. This is the internet in 1995.” With an asset that fluctuates in price so much, the potential for growth is exponential — but so is the loss. If the investment doesn’t work out, losses can easily be absorbed, Kelly pointed out. 2. Don’t sell too soon. Kelly recommended holding on to the currency, even if it’s up 20 percent or 30 percent. “Once there’s momentum, you hold onto this thing,” he said. 3. Do not panic when coin drops 50 percent.
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