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  1. We have created new website, which tracks coins movement. User will submit owned coins and buy price (eg. 1.2 BTC for $4000). And this website tracks BTC movement, calculates profit and generates charts. http://www.coinparator.com/ Currently coinparator supports over 1600 altcoins (including Bitcoin). It's competely free. And registration or verification is not required. Anybody can use it. Here are 2 screenshots of administration. We also made a public demo (link on the bottom of the website). So you can check out what it offers before you start to using it. let me know, what do you think, post suggestions, bug reports...any reply is very appreciated!
  2. CryptoButterfly

    Why is it smart to invest in Bitcoin?

    it's smart, because it's going up. Up. Up. All these years. And it doesn't seems to stop!