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Found 4 results

  1. Join the Magnum Club Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Bounty | Whitepaper www.magnumlink.com LEARN MORE: https://www.magnumlink.com/ Join the conversation FACEBOOK: facebook.com/magnumLink TELEGRAM: @preciousICO TWITTER: @magnumlink1 MEDIUM: @magnumlink REDDIT: r/magnumlink
  2. Website | Token Sale | Whitepaper | Roadmap | Team | Telegram Website | Token Sale | Whitepaper | Roadmap | Team | Telegram
  3. Just believe it is true. What we are working on We want to make a perfect sex dating service based on a blockchain. How that can be true? Imagine there are two addresses which are man's and woman’s profiles. Both have an info, for woman it is something like age, body, height, breast, images and so on. But most important is that both have a location, like a city, and a reputation. Man is searching for women near him using a web application, or a mobile phone app. When he is interested in some woman, he transfer SEXS tokens to her in amount she wants for some service like erotic massage, private dance or sex. But these tokens are not in her wallet, but in a two-step contract. What is important, man’s wallet generates access key, which can be used later if service completed. For woman it is a signal the man are interested, have real intense and solvent. They can start a communication using methods they want. Man receive access to private information of the woman, like more photos, name or something she decides, and vise versa. If they make an agreement, they meet (in a public place, for example). So there can be no fraud. If she is not the person at the profile, she wouldn’t get the access key. If he is not the guy she was expected, she wouldn’t proceed with the relationship. They are both in no risk. If they are ready to proceed, she scans the access key, and man gets the service. Otherway contract will be closed automatically in 48 hours, and man will get SEXS tokens back and can start with another try. There will be the same outcome if she will not respond to a request, or they would not meet each other. After that, they both have 24 hours to leave a feedback to each other and gain reputation. It is just one of possible scenarios we will offer. Blockchain transactions explanation come soon. Why it is differs from nowdays type of date and sex services? Both sides have advantages. Men have an access to women with blockchain-proven reputation and protected against money loss with a fraud. There will be real women’s profiles, otherway, they will not get the money. Women get power to choose a partner. She may not allow everyone see her images or private information. Every man is solvent at start, no more time loss. Both get another level of anonymity. All system is decentralized and secure, so you won’t get issues like hackers hacking all accounts of Ashley Madison. Nobody has access to your information, even developers. Is this service for men only? Will the service allow to find gay partner? There will be services for women also. As we say earlier, we have described just one of usage scenarios. Are you chauvinists, sexists, etc? The World is simple, so we are. We want to make life easier for everyone, and don’t want to put labels on anyone. Do you have some kind of work done already? Yes, we have a strong team, and are committed to the project. The service is built on unique multi-sign two-phase blockchain algorithm. We got some DHT-like algorithm, that helps finding local accounts even on lite clients, like mobile phones. Sexservice.io blockchain architecture based on two types of nodes: Full Nodes, which support the infrastructure, and Lite clients, who are just the users. We currently use Node.js as computational engine, PostgreSQL + PostGIS as blockchain and profile storage, IPFS storage for images, and html5, js and react for Lite clients. More tech information are on devs webpage, we keep it updated. We also use reputational based PoS algorithm, to fight the “double spending” problem, and make it easier to sign blocks. Mobile applications are in progress. SEXS tokens SEXS tokens is a cryptocurrency supporting Sexservice.io communications. Now the SEXS blockchain is in development, and we use SEXS_TEST tokens for testing. More info on SEXS tokens will be uncovered. Pre-ICO We are involved to do the work, and need your help. How will we spend the money? First, we need more developers to work on the project full-time. Second, we understand how is marketing campaign is important — there should be many of women at start, and there are so many locations in the world! So we are ready to start the Pre-ICO, where everybody can contribute. Those who help us now, will get twice more tokens as when the ICO starts. BTC: 3NtiXdd5MLcQmd8KdXp8jiB9noVkGdNS29 ETH: 0x469D88DAA2DBD7A8F33bae88D99C22cb552E565F To be sure you’ll get your SEXS tokens, leave your transaction id in the form after you made it. Contribute in other way If you are encouraged with an idea, but have no possibility to contribute in coins, do it in other way. We need you to tell about us on your blog, website, forums, social networks and more. Remember, it is a social project, and more people know, more comfortable you’ll use it. Also subscribe and let us know you are interested. That kind of help will be encouraged with tokens also, if you’ll be active enough. Here you’ll claim your efforts. If you have more than average possibilities, involved in sex or sex dating industry and interested to help with the project, let us know. Women receive bounties now To make women’s interest higher, we offer them to create a profile now and get early profile bounty. You must be 18+. And don’t try to cheat, your profile will receive bounty tokens only after its reputation raise. Women can participate to earn money for services or just find sex partner by mutual sympathy. Sexservice.io does not target to find a husband or long-term relationship. Privacy We will not disclosure any information you provide to third parties. When? We understand it is not good to release the project if there will be not enough girls involved. Service have to be friendly even for housewife. So it can take a time. There are no terms right now, but we are committed to make it real, and a Roadmap will come soon. For now, we need your help, your contribution. Sincerely, https://sexservice.io team. Updated 06/23/2017 While we are working to make the Sexservice.io real, other side is providing clear explanation on how it runs. Checkout the System Architecture page. Updated 06/29/2017 What kinds of transactions keep running SEXS_TEST tokens in our test blockchain: Transactions. Updated 07/01/2017 The Payment transactions with multisignature and timeout described: Seller/Buyer transactions. These transactions makes sexservice.io unique, and we plan to proceed with blockchain real-life services platform later. Such a platform allows to build other services, which require face-to-face communications, like home services, dating in general, repair services, legal services, finance, and much more. Updated 07/13/2017 After few weeks after our announce at bitcointalk, our idea was stolen. Somebody called like Eros already going an ICO on our idea. Shit happens.Actually, we are not afraid of this, because Eros project is a Scam, here is the proof: https://www.reddit.com/r/ethtrader/comments/6l73xk/alert_erosvision_ico_is_a_scam/. Updated 08/04/2017 We have changed SexService.io token name to SSIO (formely SEXS). Do you want to know more about SSIO tokens? Important thing that initial token price is $0.85 for pre-ICO period (hurry up and join the pre-ICO now) rising to $10 for 3rd ICO. Meet the SexService.io token specification: https://sexservice.io/dev/sexservice-io-ssio-token-specification/. Look how much tokens you will get at pre-ICO period (then rewards will be decreased) as a Bounty for contribution: https://sexservice.io/contribute/. Updated 08/05/2017 Initial SSIO tokens distribution (ICO) and funds usage — all you want to know is here: https://sexservice.io/initial-ssio-tokens-distribution-ico-and-funds-usage/. Please refer to all future updates at Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1970891.new#new
  4. BitBay has a lot to offer. Take a look at the article below and please visit us at http://BitBay.Market to download the client. We are always available on Slack at http://bitbay.market/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation if you have any immediate questions.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/worlds-most-advanced-cryptocurrency-software-131300372.htmlThanks!