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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All Crypto Talk! Want to go for a treasure hunt?! Check out the treasure map below and see if you can find the buried TEN FREE DOLLARS worth of BAY within the image! - From your Boys at BitBay bitbay.market http://bitbay.market/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation
  2. BitBay has a lot to offer. Take a look at the article below and please visit us at http://BitBay.Market to download the client. We are always available on Slack at http://bitbay.market/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation if you have any immediate questions.http://finance.yahoo.com/news/worlds-most-advanced-cryptocurrency-software-131300372.htmlThanks!
  3. If you had updated your wallet with the new required builds over the last few weeks you would not even have noticed the latest BitBay updates to incorporate PoS 3.0 were implemented on January 21st. If you have not updated your wallet, you are probably experiencing some issues… please check the (http://bitbay.market/downloads/) page for the updates. This update was important for three BitBay exclusive features. 1. Voting – BitBay’s Proof of Stake 3.0 (PoS) update increased security, and also implemented the ability for Miners to vote with their shares. Who is a miner? You are if you are staking. You will be able to vote on many important decisions with your stake in BAY, including the price direction once the rolling price peg is completed later this year. In addition, a new Voting Tab will allow you to easily decide what to do with the votes you have. 2. Cold Staking – While not fully active in this update, important changes for Cold Staking have been added in the background. If you are a BitBay user, you know there are two highly secure keys for your wallet. Cold Staking will give you the ability to put these two keys on separate computers. To break into your wallet the hacker would need to access both computers and break both keys. Good luck! 3. Checklocktimeverify – This feature allows you to automate what happens in the future with your coins. Set it up to send coins tomorrow to another wallet. You can use it for burning (parking) coins and retrieve them at a later date for additional security. Schedule what you want to happen with your BAY even when you aren’t going to be there to make it happen. BitBay has increased in value considerably in the first three weeks of 2017 as more people take notice. We invite you to try the already working BitBay Client and will give you 1000 BAY for installing it and accepting the Contract out there waiting for you right now. Please visit the BitBay team using the links below. There is almost always someone on our Slack available to help you through any issues and help you collect your first 1000 BAY. [BitBay Slack](http://bitbay.market/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation) [BitBay BitCoinTalk](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=890531.0)
  4. In preparation for the upgrade to PoS 3.0, currently scheduled for January 21st, a required update to both the QT Wallet and BitBay Client have been released. Your updated QT Wallet and BitBay Client will be seamlessly integrated with the Proof of Stake 3.0 upgrade on the 21st. Download the required update for your Windows, Mac, or Linux system by visiting the BitBay.Market Download page. The Blockchain download (bootstrap) can be found there also. A Windows walkthrough for the QT Wallet, including incorporating the latest blockchain, can be seen below. Updating Your Windows QT Wallet Setting up your router with Port Forwarding (port 19914) will increase your node count and improve your connection. Your router may already automatically open the port using uPnP (universal plug and play), but if not, here are some instructions to walk you through the process. http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/network-wifi/how-port-forward-open-ports-on-router-3591428/ Or, search for your specific router manufacturer on YouTube. BitBay is always excited when an important new update is released, and we have more planned in the future. Please join the community on BitBay Slack!
  5. Hi All, I am trying to get the word out to everyone about the required BitBay QT Wallet update release coming in the next week. This will lead up to the fork which will change BitBay to use Proof of Stake later in January. If you have not checked out BitBay, come by and visit using one of the links below. BitBay is way ahead of the competition when it comes to creating Smart Contracts for anything, such as sales or employment agreements, on the blockchain. A GUI wallet and client are available, and will be more robust with the updates this Spring. Later in 2017, price pegging will be the main focus. [BitBay Slack](http://bitbay.market/wp-login.php?action=slack-invitation) [BitBay BitCoinTalk](https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=890531.0) [BitBay.Market Home](http://bitbay.market) [BitBay Altcoin Interview — Exclusive Q&A with Lead BAY Developer David Zimbeck](https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@gjstee...q-and-a-with-lead-bay-developer-david-zimbeck) Thanks, The BitBay Team