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Found 6 results

  1. BitGo, bitcoin wallet service has announced its policy on the imminent Segwit2x hard fork. Considerately scheduled to take place on nearly Nov 16. Eventually, BitGo intends to provide support for both blockchains but mainly restoring service for the “the most viable chain”. Source of the Article: Segwit2x hard fork
  2. Due to large Deposits and Withdrawals Bitconnect is having problems with Bitcoin Wallet Due to the large number of deposits and withdrawals, we are having an issue with Bitcoin wallet. We are in process of fixing the issue related to Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals which will get fixed by 6:00 AM (GMT) 8:00 AM (GMT), 29 August 2017. Unfortunately, we have temporarily disabled all Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Once the issue has been fixed members will be able to make deposits and withdrawals again. There are lots of members that have made deposits and withdrawals but the transactions are not showing in their respective wallet. Please give us some time to fix all the issues with these pending deposits and withdrawals. We will activate all the suspended accounts on the 30th of August 2017. Once we activate the accounts you will be able to transfer, exchange and deposit to clear your negative balance. Once the negative balance has been cleared you will be able to activate the account yourself. There are some members that were not aware of the glitch and their accounts also got suspended because we are checking all the accounts manually. Please be patient while we manually check and give access to the accounts. We are not making an accusation that all the accounts that have been suspended have benefited from the website glitch. Please note that the deposit and withdrawal transactions will be disabled until we fix wallet issues and once we complete the process you will get access to your bitcoin wallet.
  3. Blockchain wallet integrates Ethereum?

    In the latest announcement from Blockchain startup has positively affected on the price of Ethereum today. There is a slight growth in its price $305.88 which is increased by 0.49 with the market cap of 28,775,402,015USD.
  4. Shapeshift- the cryptocurrency exchange has acquired KeepKey which is Bitcoinhardware wallet startup. ShapeShift acquires KeepKey According to today’s announcement, the staff of Shapeshift will continue working on hardware wallet line of startup KeepKey. In last summer, the startup has originally integrated with this cryptocurrency exchange via its API. Though the terms of a deal are not yet disclosed, it presents acquisition of the first startup. This startup is purely based on hardware products. However, the deal comes into picture after ShapeShift closed funding round up of $10.4 million. It has further affected in moving of KeepKey to end its support last month for a long running MultiBit Bitcoin wallet. Which was first acquired by this startup in the year 2016. Source Article: ShapeShift acquires KeepKey -the Bitcoin wallet startup
  5. BitConnect Coin Breaks All-Time Records in Value and Market Cap BitConnect Coin (BCC) has only been in the global markets for a few months, but it has made quite an impression, around the globe. Going from just an altcoin concept in Q4 of 2016, BCC has set new benchmarks in market price and market cap after an incredible week of trading. According to digital currency industry rating authority CoinMarketCap, BitConnect Coin reached the Top 20 in market capitalization value for the first time on Saturday, passing $10 million USD in overall value. Each BCC also reached $2.00 USD in value. To put this in perspective, it took BCC less than four months to reach $2 in value, per coin. It took Bitcoin more than two years to do the same. These milestones are just the beginning, BCC execs are eager to say. The official BitConnect mobile Android and IOS app are launching in Beta, which should also increase demand and price. Later in 2017, the BitConnect Coin will see more innovations and convenience features added. This includes the BCC Mining and Staking Pool Launch, providing a way for the community to earn, a BitConnect Coin reward with mining & minting, plus a new mobile wallet app & paper wallet. The BitConnect coin will also gain its own “Smart Card” in 2017, bringing all of the everyday usability you demand in a digital currency. In less than one year, BitConnect’s online community has gained over 50,000 members around the world, added a news department, engaged with online leaders like Kim Dotcom, successfully launched its own digital currency, added a proprietary Bitcoin wallet, launched an innovative global Bitcoin lending program, and surged from zero traffic to a top 100k Alexa ranking. BitConnect has become simply the world’s fastest growing online Bitcoin community. For more information on BitConnect, visit https:/bitconnectcoin.co/
  6. SpectroCoin.com is an all in one solution for Bitcoin offering Bitcoin wallet, Bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin debit card and Bitcoin payment processing services. We serve clients in more than 150 countries and we aim to offer the highest speed at the lowest price.SpectroCoin offers:BITCOIN WALLETStore, send and receive bitcoins with online or mobile (Android, iOS, Windows) wallets. The API integration is also available.SpectroCoin wallet supports over 20 currencies including Bitcoin, DASH, USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, PLN, CHF, CZK, XAU, CNY, GEL, RUB, HRK, BYN, ZAR, TRY, SGD, SEK, NOK, HKD, DKK, CAD, AUD.We offer full support of DASH wallet as well.Wallet API – easy RESTful API to send, receive bitcoins and DASH, exchange between currencies, initiate mass payments and moreBITCOIN EXCHANGEBitcoin exchange allows to buy and sell bitcoins versus more than 40 different currencies with over 20 payment options including:Local Bank Wire Credit or Debit card SEPA International Bank Wire iDEAL Neteller SOFORT GiroPay Perfect Money OKPay Skrill Payeer CashMobile top-ups – Top up your mobile phone with bitcoins in over 140 countries.Amazon vouchers – buy Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es and Amazon.it vouchers with bitcoins.Altcoin deposits – Deposits with over 40 types of Altcoins:Augur, Ether, Novacoin, StartCoin, Clams, Litecoin, Reddcoin, Voxels, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Namecoin, SingularDTV, BitShares, Lisk, Peercoin, Vertcoin, DigixDAO, Monero, StorjcoinX, BlackCoin, LBRY Credits, PotCoin, VeriCoin, DigiByte, Monacoin, Siacoin, BitCrystals, Factoids, Nxt, Tether, Dash, Mastercoin, ShadowCash, Bitcoin, Ether Classic, NuBits, Steem, Counterparty, MaidSafe, Ripple, Zcash.BITCOIN DEBIT CARDBitcoin debit card allows spending bitcoin in any online or physical locations where VISA or MasterCard is accepted.BITCOIN PAYMENT PROCESSINGBitcoin payment processing enables merchants to easily accept bitcoin as a payment in their businesses.API – We offer Merchant API to ease and simplify Bitcoin integration into your business. With Bitcoin Merchant API, we entrust you with your wallet management and give examples how Bitcoin integration works. Bitcoin Payment Plugins – We offer Bitcoin payment gateway plugins for:WHMCS Bitcoin Plug-in WooCommerce Bitcoin Plug-inDrupal Bitcoin Plug-in PrestaShop Bitcoin Plug-in Magento Bitcoin Plug-inOpenCart Bitcoin Plug-inPayment Buttons – We have created payment buttons that allow you to accept donations from other people and your received bitcoins can be automatically converted to any currency you want, such as, USD, EUR, CHF, PLN and more.Merchant libraries – We have made open source Merchant libraries for PHP and JAVA with all codes and documentations included.Affiliate program - Recommend SpectroCoin and earn 10% from all exchange fees paid by your referrals. If the affiliate program is not enough for you, you can join Partnership program and earn more commission by bringing merchants and business clients to SpectroCoin. MEDIA CONTACT USWebsite: Spectrocoin.comE-mail: [email protected]: SpectroCoinFOR MERCHANTSSkype: spectrocoin_merchantEmail: [email protected]