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Found 148 results

  1. The brand-new bot on earnings Bitcoins in a short time with a script! The script automatically calculates only positive rates protocols! Play no more than 1 times a day! The rate min.- 0.01 sat / max.- 3btc. If the script does not start immediately restart again! The script was buying, I do not see sense to sell and have enough! Register PrimeDice - https://primedice.com Download script - https://pastebin.com/rhmhF9dG VIDEO
  2. When 95% of all cryptocurrencies are gone Bitcoin will still be there though all crypto currencies are on rise
  3. China shuts down Bitcoin exchanges

    China is closing in on the date is set before it closes down bitcoin and other crypto currency exchange places. They justified their actions by stating that bitcoins and the like are “increasingly used as a tool in criminal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling, and illegal fundraising”. Do you think this is just an excuse to dismiss the bitcoins? Bitcoin is decentralized; it means that the Chinese government would not get a hold of it and thus, no profits for them. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cryptocurrency/229957-china-starts-shutting-down-bitcoin-exchanges.html
  4. GET COIN FREE !!! Post your bitcoin address here to get Welcome bonus !!! - The newly opened money-making website with high reputation: https://goo.gl/3xtuhd - This is the bitcoin I’ve earned: https://ibb.co/fLR4pQ - The good point of Getcoinfree is that there are 2 forms of faucet: the first faucet form is unlimit faucet, people can faucet comfortably by captcha audio without time limitation. The second form is an unlimit faucet that people can click to receive free bitcoin every hour. - 5% Lifetime Referral Commission - Fast and simple payment. Earn 50 - 15,000 STS per hour - There are also many way to earn STS such as playing games ... Rock-Paper-Scissors game - Payment via Faucethub, 21000 Satoshi is able to receive money.
  5. Bitcoin Mining Software

    Start your own Bitcoin Mining Website, by using our web software. Our Bitcoin Mining Software is a complete software helping you to start, manage & maintain a bitcoin mining program. The software includes three compoents, 1. Admin Control Panel 2. User Account Panel 3. WordPress CMS (With Premium Theme) The software is developed on robust PHP framework & MySQL Datbase. The key development points include 1. Responsive Web Design using BootStrap 3.X 2. Data Presenation using DataTables JS 3. Using BitPay API / BlackChain Info API for Tracking Start your own bitcoin website with our fully automated bitcoin mining software
  6. The Crypto Bullion (CBX) is the cryptocurrency that has all the right specifications for investment: Quick 65 second blocks for fast transactions, CBX is 100% Proof-of-Stake, there are only less than 1 million CBX in circulation with new coin generation (inflation) maintained at a healthy yearly 2%. The thing that is the most valuable though, is CBX's dev team which has been developing it since 2013. PoSP is the special Proof-of-Stake algorithm that the CBX network uses to fuel itself, i.e. generate new blocks. This algorithm is what makes our unique network very secure and constantly well maintained, as CBX stake owners are rewarded for their participation in this task: creating a truly decentralized network securing algorithm is an important decision that many popular new coins seem to take lightly. PoSP makes sense in efficiency, decentralization and economic value. Earning CBX by staking is of course entirely optional. To earn rewards or "stake" and participate in the CBX network (and get rewarded for it), all a CBX holder need to do is to own some CBX and keep their CBX Vault Software running on their PC and in staking mode: i.e. either unlocked or unlocked for staking. Because participating in the PoSP program is optional, people who opt to not participate also give up their potential gains to those who do help in securing the network: this translates into very interesting rewards for you, if you choose to participate, as many opt not to participate for varied reasons (CBX held at exchanges, cold wallets, etc). At the heart of Crypto Bullion is the CBX Vault Software. This free Software allows you to be in full control over your finances by allowing you to keep CBX stored on your personal computer, and earn interest by participating in the PoSP staking program. The latest version of the CBX Vault is 2.4.3. Links to directly download, install and sync the latest CBX Vault: CBX Trouble Shooting Tool and Auto Bootstrap Loader to eliminate historical blockchain syncing: Trouble Shooting Tool with May 1st 2017 Official Bootstrap CBX Bootstrap: http://node.alex4j.cryptobullion.io/bootstrap.zip CBX Windows Vault: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 CBX MacOS Vault: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 Github Archive for Vault 2.4.3: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 Promoting CBX is, naturally, a top priority for us. As a 3 year old cryptocurrency quite a bit of material has been produced online about CBX; yet promoting CBX is still very important since we know CBX remains widely unknown by the crypto community at large. CBX is a desirable coin, but with so many other choices out there it is important to make sure everybody has had a chance to review information about it. We are looking for help promoting CBX; if you are interested in getting involved and receive some CBX for it, please communicate with VonSpass . CBX and Quintessence Bitcointalk signature campaign: Quintessence signature program Crypto Bullion Promo Video Crypto Bullion Mobile Promo Cards Cards are available in English with French or Spanish on the reverse side Specifications: • Proof of Stake Participation (PoSP) – Dec 31, 2015 • 65 Second block time • Staking eligibility after 1 hour • Variable Annual compound interest earned via PoSP (6%-12% on average) • 2% Annual inflation • Less than 1 million CBX in circulation • Year-long inflationary distribution stage completed on July 13, 2014 • Proof of Work completed on January 1, 2016 Exchanges: Website PoSP White Paper Forum Source Block Explorer Vault Download User Guides Faucet Dice Historic Thread (CGB) Forums in other languages Official CBX forum in Greek English Official CBX forum in Spanish Official CBX forum in Greek Official CBX forum in Hindi Official CBX Forum in Indonesian Official CBX forum in Mandarin CBX official forum in Portuguese Official CBX forum in Russian Forum CBX officiel on tagalog Donate to the CBX Foundation Development Fund: CBX 5oS6SK8411DUdxritrohRW96rZmHC9DX7d BTC 1D1oyugjRQFAyJ9sRYBvWS2aUbJ9KnUsVG
  7. Hi! I'm starting a new project! Everyday I will post the most important news from the cryptocurrency world, so that we can gather all informations in one place and talk about it. If it is not enough for you, for more cryptocurrency news visit my facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Dowbit/ Feel free to share you opoinions! Let's start: Cryptocurrency news – August 7th 1. Bitcoin skyrockets over $3300 2. Experts in India recommend discouraging cryptocurrency use 3. 150 new Bitcoin ATMs to be installed in Ukraine 4. Korean mall bans BTC and ETH mining 1. Another . Cryptocurrency not only went over psychological level of $3000 but today it’s worth more than $3300. The price advance also pushed bitcoin’s collective market capitalization past the $50 billion mark for the first time. Some analysts forecast further growth mentioning levels of $4000 or even $5000 by the end of the year. SegWit activation is almost guaranteed fostering further Bitcoin development. To the moon and beyond or the bubble will burst? What is your opinion? Source: Bitcoinist 2. The multi-ministerial panel created by India’s Finance Ministry has reportedly recommended that the government take urgent steps to discontinue or discourage the use of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in the country. The panel also proposed that the government should regulate any commercial establishments and intermediaries if they continue using the digital currencies. The use of digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, continues to grow rapidly across India. If the government doesn’t proceed according to the recommendation it would help in boosting cryptocurrency value and development Source: CoinTelegraph 3. 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in Ukraine this year, including 20-30 machines set to be installed on the streets of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, by the end of the summer. Currently, there is only one BTM in Ukraine according to Coinatmradar. What is important the device - Cryptomat does not require user identification. Ukrainians will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using local currency the hryvnia. Source: news.bitcoin 4. An electronics retail marketplace in South Korea has reportedly taken the unusual step of banning vendors from mining bitcoin in their stores. Yongsan Market, based in Seoul, has told merchants that they aren't allowed to mine cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether, specifically – because of electrical costs, rising temperatures and the risk of fire. The unusual decision is notable given the size of the market (the site boasts thousands of retail storefronts), and is a reflection of the growing popularity of small-scale cryptocurrency mining. Source:Coindesk See you tomorrow!
  8. Crypto Bullion (CBX) es una criptomoneda que tiene muchas características favorables a los inversores como un 2% anual de inflación baja, recompensas altas (Replanteo) de los que participan, y una pequeña oferta de dinero global que está todavía por debajo de 1 millón de monedas en circulación. CBX es impulsado por un algoritmo de minería único y revolucionario; la de Prueba de Inversión-Participación (POSP), que es extremadamente eficiente en la energía y excepcionalmente seguro; también paga muy bien a los titulares CBX. Para beneficiar de este algoritmo solo hay que tener unos CBX en una direccion y poner la Bóveda CBX (la cartera CBX) en modo para stakear! Los que participen a la red así, ganan las ganancias de los que eligen de no participar. Puede descargar e instalar su bóveda Crypto Bullion directamente a su ordenador desde aqui: CBX Trouble Shooting Tool and Auto Bootstrap Loader para eliminar la sincronización de bloques históricos: Herramienta de resolución de problemas con el 1º de mayo de 2017 Bootstrap oficial CBX Bootstrap: http://node.alex4j.cryptobullion.io/bootstrap.zip Boveda CBX Windows: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 Boveda CBX MacOS: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 Github Archivos de Boveda 2.4.3: https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CryptoBullion-CBX/releases/tag/2.4.3 Póngase en contacto conmigo si necesita ayuda, le gustaría discutir la oportunidad única de CBX o le gustaría recibir su primera CBX después de haber instalado su Bóveda: [email protected] Advertencia: Si comienzan la descarga puede que su navegador le advierta que este sofware es deconocido o que puede tener malware, pero es un falso positivo. Guía de instalación de la bóveda Crypto Bullion http://forum.cryptobullion.io/index.php?topic=7444.0 Especificaciones técnicas • Prueba de Inversión-Participación, (PoSP) – 31/12/2015 • Bloque cada 65 Segundos • Posibilidad de ganancia después 1 hora • Interés compuesto anualmente, ganado con PoSP (6%-12% de término medio) • 2% inflación total de la oferta monetaria • Menos de 1 millón CBX en circulación • Fase inflacionista inicial terminada en 13/7/2014 • Prueba de trabajo (PoW) se terminó el 1/1/2016 Videos promocionales Sitios de intercambios para comprar CBX Faucets http://www.bulliongalore.com http://thegoodlife.bulliongalore.com http://agoldenopportunity.bulliongalore.com Misceláneo Página web oficial Libros blancos, en inglés Investigador de cadena de bloques Descarga y instala la Bóveda (La Cartera CBX) Hilos sobre Crypto Bullion, en otros idiomas Hilo CBX oficial en inglés Hilo CBX oficial en Español Hilo CBX oficial en chino Hilo CBX oficial en frances Hilo CBX oficial en hindi Hilo CBX oficial en tagalog Hilo CBX oficial en portugués Hilo CBX oficial en ruso Dona a la fundación CBX: CBX 5oS6SK8411DUdxritrohRW96rZmHC9DX7d BTC 1D1oyugjRQFAyJ9sRYBvWS2aUbJ9KnUsVG
  9. Mexico regulating its rapid growing financial technology along with the use of bitcoin . Therefore, it is to secure consumers and spur competition under a proposed bill.Enrique Pena Nieto, Mexican President says, by Sept.20 would be unveils in the Senate. In which it seeks to ensures financial stability, defends money laundering and extremists financing. Complete coverage of this news: Mexico regulating is rapidly growing
  10. China destroys Bitcoins Value

    Overview of the Bitcoin situation in China The Chinese government announced that bitcoin exchanges in China would have to closedown, sending the price bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market to a huge decline. The price of bitcoin drooped to $3350 before stabilizing at $3400 while Ethereum drooped to $240. This massive drop wiped billions of the cryptocurrency markets, and is just another bump in a very tumultuous road for cryptocurrencies. Read more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/china-destroys-bitcoins-value/
  11. Camelgram ICO Camelgram an innovative startup out of Hong Kong, is solving crypto-assets’ “Last Mile” problem by building for merchants and businesses blockchain based Point-of-Sales clearing network, wallet and devices. With Camelgram, businesses would be able to accept a variety of digital assets, settle transactions quickly to eliminate holding risks, and receive common currencies. Read more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/camelgram-ico
  12. Nothing seems than a greater win for Bitcoin, the Cape Town’s Pick n Pay to accept Bitcoin payment from today. For a time being, head office campus store of Pick n Pay, customers were using Bitcoin to purchase groceries and services. Source of the Article: Cape Town’s Pick n Pay to accept Bitcoin payment
  13. BioPayCoin.com This ICO will depend on the people and what they think on the idea of using Biometric Fingerprint scanning to implement another layer of security for your wallet. First version of wallet will be completed by November of this year after some funds are raised to help support the idea and the time from our day jobs to focus on a new start up. I ask that people give this a chance, my small team and I are not elite programmers, but we do have allot of good plans to do with this coin and not the time to implement quick enough. Funds will enable us to focus more on the project at hand and implement more features in the network like smart contracts, in wallet DEX, and much more as long as we see interest. Thank you for reading and we hope to see some interest. Details of the ICO starting block, ending block, amount per ETH and contract address will be below: BioPayCoin Symbol: BIO Decimals: 15 Contract Address: 0xb23f7B2A612FE5ED3EfaCB5d71f4FFEdC5039999 ICO Starting Block from Ethereum Network: 4,322,139 ~Sept 21, 2017 and will continue on until block 4,646,139 ~Nov 5, 2017 ICO Instructions and bonus info at the bottom. http://biopaycoin.com/pdf/ICOInstructions.pdf Check etherscan.io for current block number 1000 BIO per ETH of ERC20 based token which will be replaced with POW Algorithm coin to support its own network by the end of the year. Bonuses will arise when we do the migration to a private network, but are unknown right now due to not knowing what max amount of coins will be just yet. First Cryptocurrency to implement Biometrics into their coin, not exactly complete yet, working on finishing code. On top of Biometric scanned hash function, there will be another layer on top to guarantee there will never be any collisions in the fingerprint system or false readings. Buy in during the ~45 day ICO and by this time next year we could be the next Ethereum, just not be hacked so many times and don't rely on other people to secure your funds, rely on YOUR DNA.
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  15. i saw some posts here on this forum about this website https://www.cryptox2.com was wondering if it really work i gave it a try this was my experience : my profit (received transactions ) : my transaction : https://blockchain.info/fr/tx/23cd66ba5fdbdda6d0a4917e1f07e9f71b33972b2b92e0fd0d69f758 f5d2e69f https://blockchain.info/fr/tx/abb11aa9c72f696b696849179286d923b642295c9ff41d6059a1f5e6 dbc6757f if everybody share their experiences and try not to hide their sources of investment we will be fine ...
  16. The recent announcement from news reports regulators for all Chinese exchanges to close – one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange says “it will end trading”. Since it was causing price of digital currency to drop down. BTC China says on its website it will “stop all trading business” on Sept. 30. The exchange says it was acting “in the spirit of” a central bank ban ICOs. As it receives a direct order to close without any indication. Read out here: Bitcoin exchange to end its trading with virtual currencies: China
  17. Cryptocurrency exchange is phenomenally sweeping the industry in the 21st century period, however regularly you see insufficient courses of action regarding security and compelled prosperity regarding safety on trading systems that claim to be impenetrable. This is one of the main things that dampens the field of trading cryptocurrencies, as so many people are put off by the negative reviews and bad experiences. As a result, here at Solomon Exchange we wanted to make a positive change and reinvigorate the industry to get people excited once again. We set out with an ICO to convey a message for a protected, effective and supportive trading system for individuals all through the world. Our ICO, now known better as the SMNX ICO, promises you no dangers; its security is unfathomably viable and it empowers customers to take a shot at a computerized cash exchange without the terrifying fear of losing substantial amounts of money. As well as its hard-to-break security, it also offers surprising features which can make it the best ICO over the whole of the globe, and will enhance the general business. Our association is eager to finally release SMNX ICO into the market, and we are now happy to say you can get your hands on it! This ICO token arrangement allows people who require a reliable, easy to use, impenetrable trading program the chance to purchase an ICO that fulfils these criteria and more. Solomon Exchange has pushed the SMNX ICO after gaining valuable help and support from both Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also has been named the 'best upcoming client' inside the cryptographic cash exchange industry. If you are just as enthusiastic about the trading of automated money as we are, and can’t wait to get your hands on a ground-breaking ICO, you won’t want to miss SMNX ICO. To date, Solomon Exchange is the first of its kind to dispatch a dynamic beta variation of a computerized cash exchange organize before the ICO has ceased. So if you’re interested in purchasing and appreciating the ICO and want to begin experiencing the astonishing creative features of Solomon Exchange's staggering trading stage, you'll have the ability to now through Crowdsale. Besides, Solomon Exchange have joined forces with the leading 30 forms of cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the other hand, you can take a look at our site, solomonex.info or wallet.solomonex.info, and quickly secure yourself the greatest currency exchange platform. All in all, the SMNX ICO has been developed to tick every box to ensure it is perfect once launched. In addition, the associates and backings Solomon Exchange have put it in a position to speedily rise to the top. To access the trading platform for a lower cost than usual, then take advantage of the 5% additional bonus RIGHT AWAY! Web: https://solomonex.info wallet: https://wallet.solomonex.info Facebook: https://facebook.com/solomonexico Twitter: https://twitter.com/solomon_ex
  18. Changing The Face of Cryptos to The Public

    It comes as no surprise that many people are still quite suspicious when it comes to digital currencies, since the whole concept is quite different from the traditional notion of currencies and it requires a solid understanding of how the whole process of trading works. Like any other change, it needs time and some adjustments before it really becomes popular on the global scale. Read more here: https://www.coinstaker.com/changing-the-face-of-cryptos-to-the-public/
  19. Bitcoin is doing so well even with China banning the ICOs, the prices actually have soared. It seems like people are not running out of options where they are going to take their business. Recently, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has called bitcoin a “fraud” and now with its price lower than $4000, do you all think that Jamie Dimon’s words were more effective and/or reliable as compared to the recent actions of the Chinese government? http://www.businessinsider.com/bitcoin-price-after-dimon-calls-it-a-fraud-2017-9
  20. Best Bitcoin Casino serves as your number one facet of information about the thrilling, entertaining, and rewarding world of casino gaming with bitcoins. The site brings out plenty of winning opportunities right in front of you. Of course, betting is not fun without any chance of winning, that’s why we combine the best of both worlds for you. Enjoy the perks of Bitcoin payments. Enjoy your beloved casino games. Enjoy filling your bankrolls with bigger and better prizes each time you play. Secure rewards with the help of our quality strategies and guides. Explore Best Bitcoin Casino and enrich your knowledge of the cryptocurrency and betting. Whatever it is you need, we have available for you in just a few clicks. We at BestBitcoinCasino.com give importance to you, your safety, and your bankrolls. Expect to find all the tools you need to find legit platforms and more chances of winning. This is simply an offer no one can resist, so why look for another site to guide you along the way? Here’s what you can find on Best Bitcoin Casino: · Latest Bitcoin casinos, games, and Bitcoin casino bonus deals · Bitcoin casino software and platforms · US accepting Bitcoin casinos · Bitcoin gambling infographics · News Our Bitcoin casino reviews cover every necessary detail you need in order to choose a site that suits your needs best. When it comes to the right Bitcoin gaming portal, our reviews will serve as your walkthrough that displays all the important points of a Bitcoin casino. Here, you can find the software used, different games, incentives, rewards, licensing, and other key qualities that can help you decide with confidence. All these, we packed together in just one website, where everyone gets free access. There are no hidden charges you have to pay in order to indulge in our services. If you are set to play some of the finest games, win thousands of thousands in rewards, dig in our site and ensure wonderful Bitcoin betting experiences.
  21. XMLGold.eu XMLGold is an e-currency exchange company. With XMLGold.eu, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following: AdvCash EUR AdvCash USD Bitcoin BTC-E Code C-CEX USD CoinMate EUR Ecoin-code-USD EPay EUR EPay USD Litecoin OKPAY EUR OKPAY USD Payeer USD Payeer EUR PerfectMoney EUR PerfectMoney USD Online Bank Transfer EUR Visa Prepaid Card EUR Visa Prepaid Card GBP Visa Prepaid Card USD XMLMoney USD XMLMoney GBP XMLMoney EUR In the semi-automatic mode: Bank Transfer EUR Bank Transfer PLN Bank Transfer CZK Bank Transfer GBP Bank Transfer USD PayPal USD SEPA XMLGold offers Bank transfer all around the world! Thanks to the professional team working at the market of e-currencies since 2006, the XMLGold company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner. *XMLGold - Our service is meant for those who want to safely and profitably change an e-currency. *XMLGold provides the necessary security. All transactions are protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption. One of the main advantages of XMLGold is the user-friendly interface. Its simplicity and convenience makes it easier for everyone to use. "Get Nothing more, only what you need " - that was our motto behind "XMLGold". More advantages: XMLGold offers the profitable Referral Program which gives you an opportunity to earn 10% of our profit on each transaction made by the user who have you referred using your Referral Link! Click here to know more about our Referral System: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/referal/index For more information, news, special offers and other information, follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XMLGold Twitter: https://twitter.com/XMLGold Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/100721726186009427572 If you have questions, you can contact Customer Support: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/support/index Customer support working hours: Daily from 9:00 till 21:00 ( + 1 GMT) www.xmlgold.eu
  22. Cryptocurrency exchange LakeBTC and Bitcoin has announced that they will be adding payment network Ripple (XRP) and native asset. 2013 initiate, it is presently own by Lake investments Limited (BVI) with Shanghai Trading IT, Inc. Therefore, it provides customer and technical support. Later in the present year to offer LakeBanker user with more choices, a company told CryptoNinjas that XRP will be on list. LakeBanker is a derivative from LakeBTC developing a P2P based crowd banking platform. Source of the Article: LakeBTC
  23. A crucial week for BTC

    It would be a crucial week for bitcoin because of all that has happened that affected its price. China first of all has banned ICOs, you could say that they cut off what makes the investors interested and now the bitcoin price per unit is going down, at least in the region. Do you think the banning would affect the prices elsewhere in the world? https://www.fxempire.com/news/article/crucial-week-bitcoin-436325
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