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  1. Visit our Free Crypto Signal Community for more Crypto Updates Visit - https://t.me/freebitmexbot A significant Australian real estate team is holding a luxury home auction that can be paid for with two cryptocurrencies. There will be a live auctioneer who will call out their bids in BTC. The particular property owner says he or she wants to keep as many coins as possible. Reside Auction for Cryptocurrencies Certainly one of Australia’s most significant real property groups, LJ Hooker, is preparing a live luxury real estate auction for cryptocurrencies with a live auctioneer. The company is dealing with James Pratt Sales and blockchain company Nuyen, that will facilitate online putting in a bid for the five-bedroom house in New South Wales, Australia. Micky media wall plug reported Monday: The auctioneer will call bids in cryptocurrency, with the cost to be converted and shown in AUD and UNITED STATES DOLLAR on a live display screen. Payments can be made both in bitcoin (BTC) and binance coin (BNB). The particular owner of the house and president of Nuyen, Greg Costello, told news. Bitcoin. com that, as well as the two cryptocurrencies, AUD may also be accepted. Read Latest News and Recent Updates on Cryptocurrency & bitmex trading signal Visit - https://t.me/freebitmexbot
  2. Join below largest telegram community which provide cryptocurrency latest news update & crypto trading bot cum crypto trading signals Visit - https://t.me/btctradingclub Visit - https://t.me/bestbitmexsignal The cryptocurrency space has waited patiently for the Bitcoin ETF decision that is to be made by the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission. The VanEck Bitcoin ETF approval is expected to change the game for the industry and invite institutional investors to space. Unfortunately, the SEC has postponed the date for the Bitcoin ETF decision several times. This continued delay in making a Bitcoin ETF decision is depriving the United States of billions of dollars according to Wes Messamore, a publisher on CCN SEC, Jay Clayton, And The VanEck Bitcoin ETF Decision Two days ago, as reported by smartereum.com, Jay Clayton was interviewed by Fox. During the interview, the chairman of the SEC said that a Bitcoin ETF decision hasn’t been made yet because he is still concerned about investor protection measures in the cryptocurrency space. It is because of this lack of protection that the SEC has rejected all the other Bitcoin ETF’s that have been sent in for review in the past. His fears are not unfounded. There have been reports of possible price manipulation by exchanges and other big players in the space. In fact, the 2017/2018 bull rally was rumored to have been manipulated. However, the Bitcoin blockchain is still a reliable venue that has good rules and gives people the power to access digital money. Clayton is yet to see that the advantages of a Bitcoin ETF approval outweigh the risks. In fact, the SEC is chasing out millions from the United States. How Is The Delayed Bitcoin ETF Decision Depriving The United States Of Billions? According to the author on CCN, Bitcoin is still a force to be reckoned with even with the cryptocurrency winter that cost it more than 80% of its value from its all-time high. The cryptocurrency winter hasn’t been so bad for large market cap exchanges like Binance. In fact, it has left the exchange with more money as Binance reportedly paid out dividends of up to have a billion from profits last year. The more the Bitcoin ETF decision is delayed, the more money Binance will generate. All the cash that would have been directed to Wall Street investors would go to exchanges. You see when Wall Street brokers earn, the United State government earns from taxes. If the Bitcoin ETF is approved, this would mean more money for the United States government and less for cryptocurrency exchanges that continue to control the billions of dollars in the space. The author made reference to a similarity between the ETF boom of the 90s and the birth of cryptocurrencies. According to him, the first ever ETF was created in the year 1989 to track S&P 500. Unfortunately, the security was delisted after a lawsuit was filed by several exchanges. The major breakthrough of the Bitcoin ETF came in the year 1993; Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipts (SPDRs). Eventually, in 2014, the market capitalization of all ETF assets within the United States hit a high of $2 trillion. This is similar to what happened to the cryptocurrency industry. The appetite of Bitcoin suddenly spiked almost 10 years after Bitcoin was created in 2018. This spike was what led Bitcoin to its all-time high of almost $20,000 in the wake of 2018.
  3. Join the largest Crypto community which provide free crypto trading bot cum Crypto trading signal on Telegram Visit - https://t.me/btctradingclub Visit - https://t.me/bestbitmexsignal In a rare development, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) said in its March update that it would not list new markets for its Bitcoin Futures contract [Cboe Bitcoin (USD) (“XBT”)]. As per the announcement, the reason for the exclusion is that the exchange “is assessing its approach with respect to how it plans to continue to offer digital asset derivatives for trading.” For the time being, though, traders can still buy existing contracts which run between now and June 2019. For some, given that transaction volumes on CBOE Bitcoin Futures market cross the $300 million mark monthly, it is easy to get worried about whether the top options exchange will list new bitcoin contracts in the future or whether this is the end of the road. Well, since the announcement did not rule out any chance of the exchange listing new Bitcoin Futures contracts in the future, we believe that CBOE will make a come back sooner rather than later. Current statistics reveal that although the CBOE Bitcoin Futures market launched nearly the same time with a similar offering by rivals, CME Group, the latter’s trading volume has soared. For instance, while Bitcoin futures transaction volume on CME Group's surpassed the $1.4 billion mark while CBOE struggled to stay above $300 million. On this basis, it would not be wrong to conclude that CBOE’s statement about “assessing its approach” means that they are looking to beef up their offering to meet the need of crypto traders investing in the Bitcoin Futures market. Also, the impending launch of the CoinFLEX and Bakkt Bitcoin Futures market that promises to settle trades in Bitcoin instead of fiat like (CME Group and CBOE) means the landscape is changing. Whatever conclusion CBOE reaches at the end of the “assessment period” will either result in new listings of Bitcoin Futures contract on the exchange or an early bowing out for the exchange after being the first to do so. The ongoing effort by Bitwise Asset Management to list a Bitcoin ETF on CBOE also suggests the exchange is not done with cryptocurrency and will add new contracts rather than leave the game. If they choose to pursue the braver course, then it will mean more competitive offers for traders leveraging the futures market and in turn, bring more liquidity and investment into the crypto industry.
  4. Global Crypto News offers the latest Live Bitcoin Price with real-time Bitcoin price Charts and Bitcoin volume. Using that we can compare the live BTC price with various fiat currency using interactive visualization tools. Check out the Bitcoin latest updates & trends at global crypto news.
  5. For more latest news update on Cryppcurrency Bitcoin & free Crypto trading signal on telegram join below given Telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Join- https://t.me/bestbitmexsignal Vitailk Buterin is co-founder of Ethereum, one of the worlds leading cryptocurrency platforms, and #2 largest digital asset by market cap. He’s managed to amass himself a fortune at the tender age of 25. But where did it all begin, and how much is Vitalik Buterin’s cryptocurrency net worth now? We’re not talking about his intelligence or general worth as a human being. No. This is about cold hard cash… or should that be crypto? Before we do though, let's take a little look into Buterin’s background, and how he amassed the fortune he has today Humble beginnings. Born in Kolomna, Russia in 1994 to computer scientist, Dmitry Buterin and finance manager, Natalia Ameline (what else did you expect?). Vitailk was always noted as a gifted child, with a particular inclination towards maths, programming, and economics; as well as the nifty ability to add three-digit numbers in his head as twice as fast as the average human. Buterin reportedly first learned about Bitcoin (BTC) back in 2011 from his father, however being a 17-year-old, Buterin didn’t pay much heed, instead, turning his mind to more productive pursuits, such as World of Warcraft... However, it didn’t take long for Bitcoin to merge into Buterin’s own beliefs, thanks to a predilection towards anti-establishmentarianism and a more-than-willingness to learn. Unfortunately for the idealistic Buterin, being a teenager also meant being perpetually poor, leaving him unable to either buy or mine BTC. Industrious as he is, Buterin trawled online Bitcoin forums in the hopes that someone would offer him work in return for a slice of digital gold. And finally, he struck it, finding someone willing to pay him in bitcoin for blogging. His starting rate was 5 BTC per post… (note to self – ask for a raise) His posts started gaining traction and eventually got noticed by fellow Bitcoin enthusiast Mihai Alisie. After some correspondence the pair joined forces, creating Bitcoin Magazine with Buterin as head writer, alongside his numerous advanced studies at Waterloo University. Read more: Who is Vitalik Buterin? As Buterin’s writing prowess increased, so did his knowledge of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology. A bitcoin conference, attended by the Winklevoss twins, was his breaking point; the juncture at which Buterin went all in. “That moment really crystallized it for me,” he told Wired. “It really convinced me that, hey, this thing’s real and it's worth taking a risk and jumping into. So I did.” During this period Buterin burnt through the majority of the BTC he accumulated from his numerous blog posts, using it to fly around the world seeking out the ‘next Bitcoin’ or, more appropriately, ‘blockchain 2.0.’ However, instead of simply building on Bitcoin as many others were attempting, Buterin took a different route, writing a new version of Bitcoin, with a turning complete programming language, enabling a blockchain ecosystem that could do it all, and thus Ethereum was born. Read more: What is Ethereum? After favorable peer review, the Ethereum whitepaper has deemed a success, and shortly thereafter the augural token sale was held. The sale managed to raise 31,000 BTC, the equivalent of a little over $18.5 million at the time. Unfortunately, the market crashed soon after the token sale, from a price point of $600 per BTC to around $250. The newly formed Ethereum Foundation had kept the funds raised from the sale in BTC, losing millions in the space of a few months. Classic crypto. And the rest is pretty much history. So where does this fortune lie today? Crypto Fortune Well, for the most part, it’s holed up in a few of Buterin’s wallets. In response to a question pertaining to his net worth back in February 2016, the prodigy divulged that he had held around 0.6% of the circulating supply of ETH (630,000 ETH at that time) worth between $1.4 million to $4.1 million - a major discrepancy thanks to a 300% boost during the month. Now, not to pour salt in the wound, but he could have got a *little bit more if he had held… *Approximately $223 million more if he waited until January 2017… okay, we’re not going to rub it in anymore. Fast forward to October 2018 and we gained another insight into Buterin’s fortune, all thanks to one unlikely man… Nouriel Roubini Roubini, as scathing and vitriolic as ever, goaded Buterin into revealing his net worth by accusing him of stealing 75% of the ether supply, and becoming one of the “instant billionaires of fake wealth.” Read more: Vitalik discloses holdings in Twitter beef: 365,003 ETH in Vitalik's wallet Buterin retorted by revealing that he had never held more than 0.9% of all ETH, adding that his net worth never came close to $1 billion.
  6. For more latest news update on Cryppcurrency Bitcoin & free Crypto trading signal on telegram join below given Telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Join- https://t.me/bestbitmexsignal  They are widely talked about in the cryptocurrency space: Bitcoin whales. But what exactly are Bitcoin whales and do they really control the market? Way before the literary clash between Moby Dick and Captain Ahab took place, whales were already a sort of myth. The enormous and mysterious sea mammals are now an everyplace cryptocurrency metaphor, fueling FUD and FOMO alike whenever spotters scream: there she blows! What is a Bitcoin whale? The term “Bitcoin whale” is commonly used to refer to investors who treasure large amounts of BTC. A taxonomy offered by chainalysis classifies them in 4 basic types, by descending wealth: traders, miners and early adopters, lost whales, and criminals (only 3 wallets out of 32 were identified as such). However, much of a conspiracy hype has been built around Bitcoin whales, sometimes fueled by traditional news outlets. The possibility of publicly witnessing transactions on most blockchains also tends to trigger speculations on social media, quite often after one of the many whale-watching Twitter accounts reports a large transaction. Reddit has also taken upon serious detective work on several occasions to unearth the motives behind such moves. Do Bitcoin whales really control the market? There has been much of a controversy on this point. When taking a look at the distribution of Bitcoin funds in wallets, it would seem as if a large percentage of the total number of bitcoins is kept by few hands. Bloomberg once tried to infer a situation of large market concentrations from the distribution of bitcoins in wallets. On a notably tendentious article titled “The Bitcoin Whales: 1,000 People Who Own 40 Percent of the Market”, the author engages in the following FUD-boosting argumentation line “While they (ordinary investors) can track addresses with large holdings online and start heated discussions of market moves on Reddit forums, they’re ultimately in the dark on the whales’ plans and motives”. The writer keeps on arguing in the same direction: “the top 100 bitcoin addresses control 17.3% of all the issued currency […] with ether, a rival to Bitcoin, the top 100 addresses control 40% of the supply”.
  7. For more news latest update on Cryptocurrencies & Bitmex Crypto Trading signals & Bitmex auto Trading Bot join below given Telegram channel Visit - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals Imagine that you have $100,000 at your disposal. You must spend all of it on either bitcoin or gold – no mixing and matching – and the assets will then be stored in a trust that cannot be accessed again for 50 years. Which option would you choose? With the two commodities now in roughly the same price range, it’s worth putting aside some of bitcoin’s short-term volatility and liquidity concerns to compare them as long-term stores of value side by side. Sure, you might argue bitcoin is newer and flashier, and that it has arguably more utility in the digital era than gold. But, gold has the indisputable track record, having been a cherished store of value for thousands of years across human civilizations. However, bitcoin’s traits have led to those backing the cryptocurrency to believe it could potentially unseat gold over the long haul. Spencer Bogart, an analyst with Blockchain Capital and formerly of Needham & Company, told CoinDesk: “If we think about the qualities that make gold a respected ‘money’ or store of value, bitcoin is actually superior in many regards.” Inflation vs deflation Another key advantage bitcoin has over gold is that its supply level is fixed and transparent – eliminating fears of the typical inflationary pressures associated with overproduction that could diminish the value of the asset. “A well-known characteristic about bitcoin is that it’s on a disinflationary supply schedule. While many people think of gold as being the same, gold is actually a sneakily inflationary asset,” said Chris Burniske, blockchain products lead with ARK Investment Management. Burniske added that the global supply of gold has clandestinely increased by 1–2% annually over the last century. He continued: “If you were to ask people what gold’s supply schedule looks like over time, they probably wouldn’t draw you something that looks like an exponential curve. With gold being sneakily inflationary, it’s not set up to preserve value in the way that bitcoin is.” Such characteristics, in theory, serve to increase bitcoin’s future utility as a means of account, exchange and storing value. They also suggest that bitcoin’s value, usefulness and importance to society will only continue to grow as commerce becomes more digitized. “As more infrastructure is built around [bitcoin], we think that demand will rise relative to its mathematically metered supply, increasing its price support,” Burniske wrote in a recent white paper. Slow and steady The clear advantages that gold has over bitcoin are trust and reliability, according to those surveyed for this article. However, a change in consumer preferences, new technological disruption or a crackdown by a government could easily kick bitcoin to the end of the bench. “Gold has something very important that bitcoin lacks: a more than 1,000-year history of being a decent store of value. This is very important for trust and people’s willingness to store value in that particular asset,” said Bogart. Gold has also proven itself to be of value even when governments attempt to restrict its usage or outlaw it completely. This happened in 1933, when President Franklin D Roosevelt implemented measures to prohibit and criminalize its possession in the US. “For more than 5,000 years gold and silver have been tried-and-true money. They’ve lasted basically the duration of organized civilization,” said Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics. In this light, Kranzler was keen to highlight bitcoin’s ‘counterparty risk’. Gold’s advantage over bitcoin is that it’s not dependent on the operation of the internet, thus affording it a degree of protection from heavy-handed regimes, he said. “There’s nothing to stop any government from shutting down the internet in their country under the guise of national security purposes or what not,” he said, adding: “We’ve seen democracies come and go, but totalitarianism always seems to creep back in. And when that happens, the government controls everything.” Elemental value Gold has also proven itself immune to technological disruption. According to Burniske, while bitcoin has generated significant cultural cachet, it remains at the bleeding edge and could still be dethroned relatively easily. “That position is not necessarily going to remain the case if bitcoin is not able to attract new users and provide a happy medium in terms of user experience,” he said. Yet, as asset classes like Dutch tulips, Japanese real estate, dot-com companies and the US housing market have boomed and busted, gold has consistently plodded ahead, withstanding the test of time. “I don’t think anyone can say with any certainty that any man-made system is going to be valuable 50 years from now,” said Josh Crumb, co-founder of GoldMoney and a former commodities strategist at Goldman Sachs. He continued: “People forget that gold is not a pet rock or a speculative asset, it’s an element. Gold is a very low-risk store of value. Fifty years from now it’s going to still be valuable.” While investors like Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have suggested that technological developments as far fetched as asteroid mining could eventually put upward pressure on the total supply of gold (and reduce its scarcity), Crumb reckons that technological creative destruction poses a much greater threat to bitcoin. “People have been trying to crack gold for 600 years. I think it’s much more likely that we’re going to have quantum computing that can change cryptography than asteroid mining that’s going to bring back loads of gold,” he said. Complementary or substitutionary? Perhaps asking whether bitcoin will ever unseat gold as the universal store of value isn’t quite appropriate, as it’s plausible that the two can, and will, co-exist as complementary assets. “I like bitcoin, particularly in the short-term, so it’s kind of like saying ‘Do you like gold or do you like investing in Facebook in 2011?'” said Crumb. “To me, it’s two totally different things.” As is standard practice across other realms of investing, the correct answer to the bitcoin versus gold question will ultimately be determined by the risk profile of each particular investor. “In terms of proper portfolio construction, you want to diversify. You want to have different types of assets that don’t necessarily move together,” said Burniske, concluding: “There’s always room for collaboration. It’s sensational to pit [bitcoin versus gold] as a fight to the death.”
  8. For more latest news update on Cryppcurrency Bitcoin & free Crypto trading signal on telegram join below given Telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Join- https://t.me/bestbitmexsignal In a recent Reddit AMA, Vitalik Buterin disclosed his crypto holdings aside from ETH. In order to promote transparency, the Ethereum co-founder listed the tokens he has invested in, as well as other revenue streams and non-financial interests that he felt needed to be shared with the community. One of the most fervent believers in the ideology of decentralization, Vitalik is often outspoken about his dislike of other crypto projects, with Tron (TRX) and its founder Justin Sun being one of his most frequent targets. Predictably, Vitalik is not currently holding any TRX. However, he does have investments in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which may come as a surprise to many in the community. Vitalik is also holding Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin (BTC), and Zcash (ZEC). Together these add up to less than 10 percent of the total value of his ETH holdings. He also has investments in a few Ethereum-based tokens: Kyber Network (KNC), Maker (MKR), OmiseGo (OMG), and Augur (REP). These also add up to less than 10 percent of his ETH. He also decided to disclose that he had investments in the Clearmatics and Starkware blockchain projects.
  9. For more latest news update on Cryppcurrency Bitcoin & Bitmex auto trading bot cum bitmex crypto trading signals visit below given telegram channel Visit - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals Argentina is in the spotlight, making international settlements in Bitcoin, enabling Bitcoin payments for public transport, and increasing access. Argentina is a great example of a country that needs Bitcoin, bad economics, financial predation and corruption have all taken their toll.
  10. For more latest news update on Cryptocurrency Bitcoin,Bitmex auto trading Bot & Free Bitmex signals on telegram join below given Telegram channel Visit - https://t.me/freebitmexsignals Election season is kicking into gear in the U.S., with presidential contenders from all across the political spectrum starting down the long road towards decision day in November 2020. Let's take a look at what some of the candidates' stances on Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies might be, and how their campaigns could affect the crypto space. This will be the first presidential election since Bitcoin's historic bull run of 2017/early 2018 brought unprecedented levels of media attention to the field of cryptocurrencies, and crypto is more than likely to come up as a topic of debate at some point along the campaign trail. The focus will probably be on what regulations are necessary for the market, as well as the liberatory potential of blockchain technology and a more decentralized finance system. One presidential contender who is guaranteed to talk about crypto is our old friend John McAfee. The legendary cyber-security maverick, who will surely be the only candidate to campaign while on the run from the IRS in the Bahamas, is running on an independent pro-crypto platform. Although he has stated that he has no real desire to be president and doesn't believe he has a chance of being elected, he wants to start a national conversation about crypto and highlight "the absurdity of the present solutions to political and social problems, most of which are created by government to begin with". Another possible crypto enthusiast who will be running for president is Tulsi Gabbard. The Representative for Hawaii's second congressional district is a vocal critic of central banks and other established financial institutions, and she recently revealed that she held between $1,000 and $15,000 in both Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH). She invested, along with many others, at the height of the bull market in December 2017. So although she may not be the wisest investor, she may still have a financial commitment, and her opposition to banks means that she could choose to advocate for crypto at some stage in her campaign.
  11. For more latest news update Cryptocurrency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals  2018 was a tough year for cryptocurrencies as the prices took a nosedive of over 80% but, the fundamental industry indicators point out that the cryptosphere is evolving and expanding really well. According to a recent report released by Cambridge University, the crypto ecosystem has attracted new users and now sits on a total user base (accounts with service provides) of 139 million, almost doubled from where it was in 2017. User accounts multiply, but most of them remain passive According to a recently released second edition of the Global Crypto Asset Benchmarking Study by Cambridge University, total user accounts at service providers now exceed 139 million with at least 35 million identity-verified users. This growth has fueled at 4X the rate in 2017 and doubled again in the first three quarters of 2018. Although the growth in a number of accounts was superlative, only 38 percent of all users were considered active, the report stated. The report gathers survey data from more than 180 crypto asset companies and individuals, covering 47 countries across five world regions, brings out some good analysis and gives deep insight on four major segments of the crypto industry namely, exchange, mining, storage, and payments. Some of the key highlights from each vertical put forward are Crypto businesses are slowly increasing their exposure across segments to become one-point solution providers: The report says 57 percent of crypto asset service providers are now operating across at least two market segments to provide integrated services for their customers, compared to 31 percent in early 2017. Most service providers are now providing support to Multiple coins: Multi-coin support has nearly doubled from 47 percent of all service providers in 2017 to 84 percent in 2018, a trend primarily driven by the emergence of common standards on some crypto asset platforms (e.g. ERC-20 on Ethereum). These platforms have resulted in a rapid increase in the token supply, airdrops, and forks. Renewable energy has slowly started making its way into crypto mining industry: The study puts forward that the top six proof-of-work crypto assets together use between 52 TWh to 111 TWh of electricity per year; the mid-point of the estimate (82 TWh) is equivalent of total energy consumed by the entire country of Belgium, but, also constitutes less than 0.01 percent of the world’s global energy production per year. It further states that the notable share of the energy consumed by these facilities is supplied by renewable energy sources in regions with excess capacity. Crypto mining is slowly spreading out geographically: The report identifies that hashing facilities and pool operators are distributed globally, with growing operations in the USA and Canada. Self-regulatory efforts reflect the maturity growth in industry: The research conducted shows that industry participants are now proactively adopting measures that appear to comply with existing regulation despite not necessarily being explicitly subject to regulations. The increasing number of self-regulatory initiatives, combined with the emergence of sophisticated and professional services, reflect the growing maturity of the industry. The report clearly states how the cryptocurrency industry is slowly progressing and maturing despite prices of coins being sluggish. It further indicates that the industry is laying a strong foundation stone for a successful future.
  12. For more latest news update Cryptocurrency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/cryptosignalalert https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Could Bitcoin be about to have a happy new year? After a day or two where the price of Bitcoin has been nudging upwards, there may be some more good news around the corner for the highest profile cryptocurrency. Bakkt is, as you may know, a platform that’s been seeking approval from American authorities to offer a Bitcoin-settled futures contract. Earlier this year, we’ve seen the American Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reject or delay decisions on a host of Bitcoin-backed exchange traded funds, that would have been seen as a welcome step towards more mainstream adoption of the currency. In the case of Bakkt, though, it’s not falling directly under the jurisdiction of the SEC. Rather, that the decision on whether its contract gets approved is to be made by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the US. And according to a new report at the Wall Street Journal, the answer to its request for approval is looking like a yes. It’ll make it the first futures contract in America to pay out funds in cryptocurrency rather than traditional fiat cash. And Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency of choice, perhaps understandably, for the project. The contract is the work of Intercontinental Exchange Inc, that just happens to own the New York Stock Exchange. And the target of it will be more traditional institutional investors, who have been sitting cryptocurrency out thus far, put off by the loose regulation of the marketplace and some of the less scrupulous players within it. The CFTC is set to rule once and for all at the start of 2019, and it all goes to plan, that’ll pave the way for trading to begin shortly thereafter. It’ll be interesting to see just what impact that has on the broader crypto market, too…
  13. For more latest news update Cryptocurrency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub As everyone already knows, 2018 hasn’t been a nice year for Bitcoin. In the closing weeks of 2017, Bitcoin saw a tremendous rise, with its value skyrocketing to a cool $19,783. However, the new peak was only short-lived as the crypto’s price took a plunge at the opening of 2018. Bitcoin ended up losing about 81% of its peak value during the plunge. Bitcoin has struggled to keep a stand between bears and bulls ever since. However, the worst of the bear strike came a few weeks back when the price took a dip from the $6,000 range to test the $3,500 level. With that, a significant fraction of its total market cap has also been eroded, and that’s not good news. At the moment, the crypto is battling to keep its head just above $4,000. Investing In Bitcoin One risk with investing in Bitcoin is that it really doesn’t relate to any underlying asset or value, meaning that its value is dictated entirely by what other people are willing to pay for it. If people want it more, its value will shoot up. If they don’t, the price could touch down to almost zero. Although Bitcoin has been in the woods for the better part of the year, it has attracted much more attention this year than ever. The price stagnation could be attributed to people’s skepticism of cryptocurrencies as well as the volatile crypto space. Can A Lower Price Encourage Adoption? One thing for sure is that a high-priced digital asset at this time in the development of the crypto industry could discourage its use. In such a case, a lower price could work to its advantage and earn people’s trust. In fact, the current troubles facing Bitcoin can be compared to the bursting of the dotcom bubble back in the 200s. In the burst, Amazon lost over 80% of its share value. Today, the industry has recovered and Amazon is one of the most valuable and expansive entities in the world. The same could be happening to Bitcoin. How $100k Could Happen If the above theory proved true, the next decade could see Bitcoin’s price skyrocket as demand rises. Of course, this is after cryptos, in general, have earned popular trust. If the crypto space handles at least $500 billion (roughly 10%) of global transactions, and Bitcoin gets to be used in 35% of them, then things could really look up for the top coin. Since the total Bitcoin supply is capped at 21 million, it’s easy to see how a single Bitcoin could then be worth $100,000 in this case. However, if things go south and people shy away from using it, the price could plummet to near zero. It’s a tricky investment, but one that could pay off hugely if things to right.
  14. For more latest news update Cryptocurrency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub With a few weeks still left in 2018, the total Bitcoin trading volume for the year has already crossed $2 trillion. Many countries have also seen record BTC trading volume at different points of the year with more everyday people seemingly adopting the popular cryptocurrency. BITCOIN TRADING UP 61 PERCENT SINCE 2017 This volume of trade is especially profound given the tirade of criticism from vocal naysayers who continue to engage in Bitcoin bashing. According to Satoshi Capital Research, the notional value of BTC traded so far in 2018 stands at $2.2 trillion. The figures posted so far represent a 61 percent increase from last years total volume of $870 billion. However, the growth recorded in 2017 – 96 percent still dwarfs that recorded in 2018 and will remain so unless a massive spike in BTC trading occurs between now and the end of the year. To put things in perspective, Mastercard recently published its Q3 2018 financials which showed a total transaction volume of $4.4 trillion for the year. The world’s second largest payment card company also settles about $12 billion worth of transactions per day. From these figures, Bitcoin $4151.76 -0.03% is already at half the transaction settling capacity of Mastercard despite losing close to 70 percent of its value during the year. BTC’s daily volume which is at $8 billion, isn’t a million miles away from Mastercard’s. WHY DO THE NOCOINERS RAGE? Some might argue that the analysis above is akin to comparing apples and oranges. This is because Mastercard’s figures only cover payments made to retail merchants on both online and offline platforms. The figures for Bitcoin come from merchants, futures trading, exchanges, and even international payments. However, the fact that a cryptocurrency with a sub-$100 billion market cap is posting figures in the same ballpark as Mastercard is a glowing endorsement of BTC’s uptake. This assertion is especially true given the negative rhetoric espoused by critics such as Paul Donovan of UBS who recently said that the world’s most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is on the verge of falling apart. Things may even get better for cryptocurrency trading as a whole. Earlier in the year, Bitcoinist reported that digital currency trading might grow by 50 percent in 2019 based on a study by Satis Group.
  15. For more latest news update Cryptocurrency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals LOWER HIGHS ARE THE NEW MOONSHOTS In a recent conversation with Financial News, Bitcoin bull and Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz stated he considers Bitcoin (BTC) $4328.76 -0.4percent will shake off its current malaise. Novogratz also predicts a return to $20,000 next year since institutional investors and crypto custodial service suppliers re-invigorate interest in cryptocurrency. In accordance with Novogratz,”Bitcoin has to take out $6,800, and following that, we could finish the year at $8,800 — $9,000.” He then proceeds to explain that”By the end of this first quarter we’ll take out $10,000 and then, we will return to new highs — to $20,000 or more” Like handfuls of other bedroom and professional crypto-analysts, Novogratz believes that Bakkt, Fidelity Digital Asset Services, along with other institutional investors may propel the market to new highs and while he made no mention of the probability of this market reversal hinging on the SEC’s endorsement of a Bitcoin-ETF, Novogratz does indicate that”institutional FOMO” will induce the market to new highs”just like there was retail”. WHO HOLDS THE CRYSTAL BALL? More than a couple of well-known analysts, CEOs, and crypto-influencers have issued moonshot Bitcoin forecasts that have proven to be wrong and since the end of the year approaches many are issuing reenactments or formulating new BTC price predictions. Last week Ran Neuner revised his Bitcoin forecast to’Nope, too complex’ and Arthur Hayes miraculously transformed his $50K in 2018 Bitcoin prediction to a more dystopian view of 18-more months of a bear market until BTC drops to $2k then gradually recovers. Fundstrat analyst Tom Lee also has shifted his BTC pivot points but he’s one of the few analysts standing with his own $20 — $25k prediction. We could add Novogratz to the growing pile of retractors with broken crystal chunks. Meanwhile, as the forecasts and retractions continue, the SEC is expected to issue a statement concerning the standing or their decision on 9 Bitcoin-ETF software.
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  17. For more latest news update Crypto currency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel For more latest news update Crypto currency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Retired US Congressman Ron Paul, a one-time bitcoin skeptic, called for a tax exemption on all cryptocurrencies, saying the move could prevent an economic recession. Ron Paul, the father of current United States Senator Rand Paul, made the suggestion in a blog post entitled “Trump Is Right, the Fed Is Crazy,” where he blasted the Federal Reserve for manipulating interest rates. “It is likely that the next Fed-created recession will come sooner rather than later,” Paul wrote. “This could be the major catastrophe that leads to the end of fiat currency.” FREE CRYPTO COIN JUNKY HANDBOOK - 147 page guide covering Crypto Fundamentals, Beginners/Advanced Crypto Trading Strategies, Crypto Mining Techniques, ICO Investment strategies, and so much more. CRYPTO TRADING STRATEGY GUIDES - Whether You're Day Trading, Swing Trading, Or Just Investing...Our Extensive Guides Will Get You To Where You Want To Be. Paul said the only way to avoid such a crisis is to allow people to use alternative currencies and to exempt “all transactions in precious metals and cryptocurrencies from capital gains taxes and other taxes.” Fed Manipulation Causes ‘Illusion Of Prosperity’Paul said central banks constantly increase and decrease the money supply to control the economy by controlling interest rates. He said the Federal Reserve‘s cyclical manipulation of interest rates actually fuels recessions by creating an artificial economic boom. “This can create an illusion of prosperity,” he wrote. “Eventually, reality catches up to the Federal Reserve-created fantasies. When that happens, there is a recession or worse, leading the Fed to start the whole boom-and-bust cycle over again.” Rand Paul and his dad Ron Paul are both physicians and politicians. | Source: YouTubeRon Paul is a libertarian who opposes government intervention in the free market. This is a sentiment shared by many in the cryptocurrency community, who prefer the decentralized and unregulated market that crypto operates in. Paul — a frequent critic of President Donald Trump — agrees with Trump’s recent criticism of the Federal Reserve. Paul, true to form, also called for abolishing the Fed, saying a limited government and an economy that is not manipulated is better for society. “Not only should we audit the Federal Reserve, we should get rid of it!” he said. As recently as December 2017, Ron Paul was a bitcoin skeptic and staunch advocate of the gold standard. At the time, Paul expressed surprise that an informal Twitter poll revealed that more than half of his Twitter followers would rather invest in bitcoin than in gold.
  18. For more latest news update Crypto currency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join below given telegram channel Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub  Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app The fast-growing blockchain technology sector has created a high demand for talent and this has consequently resulted in blockchain engineers being among the best-remunerated in the tech sector. According to CNBC, the average pay for blockchain engineers in the United States is between US$150,000 and US$175,000 making it comparable to what developers who specialize in another high-demand field, artificial intelligence, make. The two fields now currently offer the highest-earning specialized engineering roles. Typical software engineers make an average of US$135,000. Surge in Openings This comes at a time when the job postings requiring blockchain technology skills have increased dramatically. For instance, Hired, a San Francisco, California-based tech sector recruitment firm which provided CNBC with the salary stats in the tech sector, has seen a 400% increase in the job postings seeking employees with blockchain technology skills since late last year. “There’s a ton of demand for blockchain. Software engineers are in very short supply, but this is even more acute and that’s why salaries are even higher,” Hired’s CEO, Mehul Patel, told the business news TV channel. This is similar to a finding by jobs site Glassdoor which saw job listings related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies increase by 300% in August 2018 compared to the same period last year. In the United States, most of the blockchain-related jobs are located in New York City (24%) and San Francisco (21%). Outside the United States the top-five cities with the highest number of blockchain-related job openings were London (16%), Singapore (7%), Toronto (7%), Hong Kong (6%) and Berlin (4%). Top Destinations for Blockchain Talent Per Glassdoor, some of the top-hirers are startups such as Circle, Kraken, Figure, Coinbase and ConsenSys though established firms such as Oracle, IBM, KPMG and Accenture also feature in the top ten. The findings by Hired and Glassdoor also echo a similar conclusion drawn by leading freelance jobs website Upwork. As CCN reported two months ago, blockchain was the fastest growing freelance skill on the telecommuting platform in the United States for the second consecutive quarter. The 2018 Q2 Upwork Skills Index also showed an increase in demand for individuals proficient in the programming languages and frameworks that are required to fill blockchain developer or engineer positions.
  19. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub  Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app For more latest news update Crypto currency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join above given telegram channel The Intercontinental Exchange's upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform Bakkt will officially launch on December 12, pending regulatory approval. ICE announced Monday that Bakkt could begin offering physically settled bitcoin futures contracts in December, marking the first cryptocurrency-related offering provided through the new platform. Bakkt will hold the bitcoins backing the futures contract in the ICE Digital Asset Warehouse, according to the notice, provided the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) signs off. These futures contracts will be cleared through ICE Clear US, another subsidiary of the exchange, which notably owns the New York Stock Exchange. "Each futures contract calls for delivery of one bitcoin held in the Bakkt Digital Asset Warehouse, and will trade in U.S. dollar terms. One daily contract will be listed for trading each Exchange Business Day," the announcement read. Bakkt was first announced earlier this year, when ICE announced its intention to develop "an open and regulated, global ecosystem for digital assets." At the time, the exchange also noted it would offer a one-day bitcoin futures contract, meaning clients can cash their futures products out to receive bitcoin, rather than cash. The exchange was initially expected to launch in November, pending approval by the CFTC. No reason was immediately given for the delay through December.
  20. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub  Join- https://t.me/freebitmexsignals  For more latest news update Crypto currency training Crypto trading signals & automated trading software join above given telegram channel Gary Cohn, a former chief economic advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, has just joined a blockchain startup. Spring Labs, a firm developing a blockchain network for sharing financial data, said in a press release Friday that Cohn, who was also previously president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, is joining its board of advisers. The firm's CEO and chairman, Adam Jiwan, said the Cohn brings to Spring Labs "a wealth of experience in understanding the complexities of the global financial markets and an unparalleled network." Cohn said in the release: I have been very interested in blockchain technology for a number of years, and Spring Labs is developing a network that could have profound implications for the financial services sector, among others." The U.S.-based startup's Spring Protocol is a blockchain-based network that enables exchange of information without sharing underlying source data, the release states. Initially, the network is planned to allow sharing of identity, fraud and underwriting information among financial institutions. "We're beyond excited to work with [Cohn] to execute on our vision to transform how information and data are shared globally across a host of major industries," said Jiwan. Aside from his 25 years at Goldman Sachs, Cohn most recently served as director of the U.S. National Economic Council, the main forum used by U.S. presidents for economic policy matters. As the chief economic advisor to President Trump, he oversaw the administration's economic policy agenda at home and abroad, and led its efforts to grow the U.S. economy through tax and regulatory reform. Gary Cohn image via Wikipedia/ White House/Evan Walker The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict
  21. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app A report says that some experts confirmed about the decline, which has affected ethereum more than bitcoin. ICO-funded start-ups and cashing out their capital before the market takes an even further downfall. CEO of the BitMEX- Arthur Hayes, commented this that- he believes nervous VCs will soon begin to move out of their ICO tokens and ether holdings, as this he predicts will ultimately drive the ethereum price below $100. Though, according to Mati Greenspan (he is the senior market analyst at eToro), the assessment is not up to par. Greenspan believes that the trend in the crypto-market this week is related to variations in the value of local currencies in emerging markets. Exchange rates in evolving markets have been opposed to the strength of the dollar. The dollar getaway produced the value of evolving market currencies to plummet, and Greenspan said there were signs that - blockchain activity surged - indicating that the call-back blowout to cryptocurrency. In fact, when the currency depreciates, investors in these markets tend to increase their cryptocurrency holdings, but because of all its shortcomings, the dollar remains the preferred reserve currency for most investors around the world. As the US tightens its economy and avoids strong inflation, they are taking action to strengthen the dollar. Since the US dollar is the global reserve currency, many smaller economies are heavily dependent on a stable exchange rate with the US dollar, Greenspan wrote. In addition, since the US dollar is currently considered a stable reserve, people really don't inducement for people as funds are deposited in digital assets. Further, he added in the report that as the week passed, it seems that cryptocurrencies have been acting negatively to the rising and falling USD. This means that they have been acting a lot like traditional commodities. Generally, it happens that when USD price increases assets like gold and oil go down. And over the week as the dollar is rising rapidly, on the other hand, digital gold and real gold have fallen.
  22. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.app Bitcoin is currently in danger of slipping below $6,000, and many traders fear that the top-ranked cryptocurrency may test $5,000 or even $4,000 given the lackluster sentiment that is prevalent in the market. However, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe this isn’t the end and that the temporary price pains will soon give way to another boom. Bitcoin Akin to Internet Stocks Speaking to CNBC, Meltem Demirors of CoinShares compared Bitcoin to the internet stocks that captured the imagination of many in the late 90s and early 2000s. According to Demirors, if indeed the BTC bubble has burst, then real growth can begin to occur in the market. Demirors expects a situation where projects begin to build real utility on top of the cryptocurrency framework. By so doing, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can start to regain their actual value. Cryptocurrency Market Lacks Momentum At press time, BTC has declined even further, holding slightly above the $6,000 price mark. The top-ranked cryptocurrency has slipped by more than six percent in the last 24 hours as it looks in danger of falling below $6,000. The narrative is that if a price bounce does not occur soon, BTC will most likely test $5,000. At that point, experts like Bitmex’s Arthur Hayes believe that the price will bounce to a new all-time high of $50,000 by year’s end. In the interim, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a severe momentum dearth. The emergence of many positive developments in the last few months has done nothing to turn the tide of the year-long price decline. The total market capitalization has fallen below $200 billion and is currently a little above $192 million.
  23. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap Cryptocurrency–While some media outlets continue to slam cryptocurrency over the frequent hacks and overall risk of investing through susceptible exchanges, enterprising insurance companies have seen a solution: offer protection against hacks for just pennies on the dollar. Particularly for users with large funds stored on exchange, whether through accumulation or the need for a quick avenue to liquidity, insurance provides a peace of mind against the ever present, and increasingly frequent news of platforms being compromised. Insurance Backed Cryptocurrency As Bloomberg writes, the emerging desire for safeguarding funds on exchanges, particularly as more casual users enter the space of cryptocurrency, is driving more interest towards offering insurance against hacks and other monetary losses: The murky landscape of cryptocurrency and lack of regulation has thus far kept away major players like AIG from announcing their presence in backing cryptocurrency startups and exchange funds, particularly with high profile episodes like Mt. Gox and the BitGrail lawsuit making regular headlines. In addition, Bloomberg points out the vast amount of greed filling the ICO space, creating a minefield for insurers over what would constitute a scam, theft of user funds, or just poor investment choice. However, insuring a volatile industry comes at a cost: despite the severe risk underwriters are taking in the event of another Mt. Gox, the improving landscape of exchange security in addition to better industry watch-dogging is leading insurers to bet they can avoid major catastrophe, while charging serious premiums, Allianz, a European-based financial services company, has been on the forefront of crypto-based insurance. For the past year, the company has been offering individual coverage on digital-coin theft (such as the kind that could occur through personal hacks or exchange compromises) and has recognized the future of crypto-based insurance. Christian Weishuber, a spokesman for Allianz, had this to say on the issue, Potential for Manipulation The next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency insurance, albeit one that comes at significant risk to the underwriter, is in backing crypto-based startups and businesses. While the novelty of insurance backing by cryptocurrency companies has created a lack of standardization across the industry, particularly as underwriters scramble to decide upon a risk/reward-based premium, others fear that companies will use the partnership for over-stated leverage. Investors and consumers may be tricked into believing that a claim of partnership with an insurance group makes all funds on an exchange safe. Or worse: ICOs might begin adopting insurance backings that do little to cover investor funds, while claiming the opposite. Jackie Quintal, a practice leader for London-based Aon, vocalized the fear for advertising misuse in relation to emerging insurance policies, “Quite honestly, it’s something insurers are aware of and cautious about too. They don’t want an advertisement to say, ‘We are insured with ABC insurance company’ and for it to be inaccurate or misleading. It’s definitely a concern.” While giving the option for individual investors to insure their funds is a benefit to the industry, especially given the regular occurrence of exchange hacks, it also neglects the innovation of cryptocurrency to do more in educating users about securing their coins.
  24. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap The positive trend continues, now we must start to ask ourselves if a bull run is really imminent here? As the markets continue to recover and move up to figures not experienced since April, we should start to look the implications of this. Since Bitcoin is currently paving its own way up, we must assume that the rest of the markets will follow suit soon, especially given that Bitcoin dominance currently stands at 46.7%. Whilst we can’t guarantee it, we do have a very good feeling here. The markets look like they could surge soon and if they do, prices will fly. Please remember that this is not investment advice, we can’t guarantee a market surge, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for one. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $8,001.14, up 3.95%. Bitcoin is making gains and has now passed the $8,000.00 mark. Finally, $10,000.00 is in sight. We must consider this – since Bitcoin is way dominant at the moment, it has the markets by the horns and therefore is now in a great position to pull prices up, marketwide. As Bitcoin makes its way to $10,000.00, the markets will follow, it’s as simple as that (though like we said, we can’t guarantee that Bitcoin will reach $10,000.00 from the outset). Ethereum, at the time of writing is valued at $472.63, up 1.48%. Ethereum is still well undervalued, but at the very least it is now starting to move in the right direction, no doubt following the lead of Bitcoin. If a bull run takes off, prices of around $800.00 are not unrealistic for Ethereum and therefore as we move closer to August, we could begin to propose that Ethereum might even see $1,000.00 again. Unlike its neighbours, XRP is struggling to actually progress. At the time of writing, XRP is valued at $0.455, down 0.38%. XRP is in tricky waters, riddled with lawsuits and of course, the on going Coinbase saga. Unfortunately because of this, we don’t imagine an XRP surge taking off just yet. Even if the markets do swing upwards, XRP might only reach $1.00. Obviously a far better price than we are seeing today, but way off the previous all time high of XRP at just shy of $4.00.A
  25. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap News has emerged that HashFlare, a cryptocurrency cloud mining service, has decided to terminate its bitcoin mining service. For now. Payouts are lower than maintenance fees With bitcoin struggling throughout 2018 thus far, HashFlare is citing a lack of profitability in their bitcoin mining operation and has decided to close up shop for the time being. In a statement that was published on the company’s Facebook page, they said – “We have made every possible effort in order to resolve the problem that has arisen – for instance, we have considered a variety of technical solutions, which would have allowed us to lower expenses related to maintenance and electricity. However, due to the general instability of the market, the actions we have taken could not significantly influence the current situation.” The statement also claims that users have faced a situation where payouts have been lower than maintenance fees for the past 28 days. At this point, the company decided to terminate their bitcoin mining service “in accordance with clause 5.5 of our Terms of Service, which are required to be accepted when creating a purchase and are the basis of concluding the contract.” Operating at a loss A report produced by analysts at Morgan Stanley claimed that bitcoin miners would find themselves operating at a loss if the price of bitcoin dropped below $8,600, which happened in mid-May of this year. In a separate move that many find difficult to see as coincidence, HashFlare also introduced new know-your-customer and anti-money laundering rules that have restricted unverified customers ability to withdraw funds. At the time of writing many customers have their funds trapped in the HashFlare system, and as you can imagine, these recent developments have not gone down too well. Many customers of HashFlare’s bitcoin mining service are claiming that the company has simply taken their money, bought mining hardware, and canceled the contracts of those who have invested just as the price of bitcoin is starting to rise. In theory, this would leave HashFlare in control of the mining hardware, and free to collect 100 percent of the profits, with no client payments to make. It will be interesting to see if HashFlare decides to restart their bitcoin mining service if and when the price of bitcoin rises again to a level where profit is viable. Until that point, the company that operates out of Edinburgh, Scotland, is no longer a part of the bitcoin mining business.
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