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  1. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app A report says that some experts confirmed about the decline, which has affected ethereum more than bitcoin. ICO-funded start-ups and cashing out their capital before the market takes an even further downfall. CEO of the BitMEX- Arthur Hayes, commented this that- he believes nervous VCs will soon begin to move out of their ICO tokens and ether holdings, as this he predicts will ultimately drive the ethereum price below $100. Though, according to Mati Greenspan (he is the senior market analyst at eToro), the assessment is not up to par. Greenspan believes that the trend in the crypto-market this week is related to variations in the value of local currencies in emerging markets. Exchange rates in evolving markets have been opposed to the strength of the dollar. The dollar getaway produced the value of evolving market currencies to plummet, and Greenspan said there were signs that - blockchain activity surged - indicating that the call-back blowout to cryptocurrency. In fact, when the currency depreciates, investors in these markets tend to increase their cryptocurrency holdings, but because of all its shortcomings, the dollar remains the preferred reserve currency for most investors around the world. As the US tightens its economy and avoids strong inflation, they are taking action to strengthen the dollar. Since the US dollar is the global reserve currency, many smaller economies are heavily dependent on a stable exchange rate with the US dollar, Greenspan wrote. In addition, since the US dollar is currently considered a stable reserve, people really don't inducement for people as funds are deposited in digital assets. Further, he added in the report that as the week passed, it seems that cryptocurrencies have been acting negatively to the rising and falling USD. This means that they have been acting a lot like traditional commodities. Generally, it happens that when USD price increases assets like gold and oil go down. And over the week as the dollar is rising rapidly, on the other hand, digital gold and real gold have fallen.
  2. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.app Bitcoin is currently in danger of slipping below $6,000, and many traders fear that the top-ranked cryptocurrency may test $5,000 or even $4,000 given the lackluster sentiment that is prevalent in the market. However, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe this isn’t the end and that the temporary price pains will soon give way to another boom. Bitcoin Akin to Internet Stocks Speaking to CNBC, Meltem Demirors of CoinShares compared Bitcoin to the internet stocks that captured the imagination of many in the late 90s and early 2000s. According to Demirors, if indeed the BTC bubble has burst, then real growth can begin to occur in the market. Demirors expects a situation where projects begin to build real utility on top of the cryptocurrency framework. By so doing, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can start to regain their actual value. Cryptocurrency Market Lacks Momentum At press time, BTC has declined even further, holding slightly above the $6,000 price mark. The top-ranked cryptocurrency has slipped by more than six percent in the last 24 hours as it looks in danger of falling below $6,000. The narrative is that if a price bounce does not occur soon, BTC will most likely test $5,000. At that point, experts like Bitmex’s Arthur Hayes believe that the price will bounce to a new all-time high of $50,000 by year’s end. In the interim, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a severe momentum dearth. The emergence of many positive developments in the last few months has done nothing to turn the tide of the year-long price decline. The total market capitalization has fallen below $200 billion and is currently a little above $192 million.
  3. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap Cryptocurrency–While some media outlets continue to slam cryptocurrency over the frequent hacks and overall risk of investing through susceptible exchanges, enterprising insurance companies have seen a solution: offer protection against hacks for just pennies on the dollar. Particularly for users with large funds stored on exchange, whether through accumulation or the need for a quick avenue to liquidity, insurance provides a peace of mind against the ever present, and increasingly frequent news of platforms being compromised. Insurance Backed Cryptocurrency As Bloomberg writes, the emerging desire for safeguarding funds on exchanges, particularly as more casual users enter the space of cryptocurrency, is driving more interest towards offering insurance against hacks and other monetary losses: The murky landscape of cryptocurrency and lack of regulation has thus far kept away major players like AIG from announcing their presence in backing cryptocurrency startups and exchange funds, particularly with high profile episodes like Mt. Gox and the BitGrail lawsuit making regular headlines. In addition, Bloomberg points out the vast amount of greed filling the ICO space, creating a minefield for insurers over what would constitute a scam, theft of user funds, or just poor investment choice. However, insuring a volatile industry comes at a cost: despite the severe risk underwriters are taking in the event of another Mt. Gox, the improving landscape of exchange security in addition to better industry watch-dogging is leading insurers to bet they can avoid major catastrophe, while charging serious premiums, Allianz, a European-based financial services company, has been on the forefront of crypto-based insurance. For the past year, the company has been offering individual coverage on digital-coin theft (such as the kind that could occur through personal hacks or exchange compromises) and has recognized the future of crypto-based insurance. Christian Weishuber, a spokesman for Allianz, had this to say on the issue, Potential for Manipulation The next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency insurance, albeit one that comes at significant risk to the underwriter, is in backing crypto-based startups and businesses. While the novelty of insurance backing by cryptocurrency companies has created a lack of standardization across the industry, particularly as underwriters scramble to decide upon a risk/reward-based premium, others fear that companies will use the partnership for over-stated leverage. Investors and consumers may be tricked into believing that a claim of partnership with an insurance group makes all funds on an exchange safe. Or worse: ICOs might begin adopting insurance backings that do little to cover investor funds, while claiming the opposite. Jackie Quintal, a practice leader for London-based Aon, vocalized the fear for advertising misuse in relation to emerging insurance policies, “Quite honestly, it’s something insurers are aware of and cautious about too. They don’t want an advertisement to say, ‘We are insured with ABC insurance company’ and for it to be inaccurate or misleading. It’s definitely a concern.” While giving the option for individual investors to insure their funds is a benefit to the industry, especially given the regular occurrence of exchange hacks, it also neglects the innovation of cryptocurrency to do more in educating users about securing their coins.
  4. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap The positive trend continues, now we must start to ask ourselves if a bull run is really imminent here? As the markets continue to recover and move up to figures not experienced since April, we should start to look the implications of this. Since Bitcoin is currently paving its own way up, we must assume that the rest of the markets will follow suit soon, especially given that Bitcoin dominance currently stands at 46.7%. Whilst we can’t guarantee it, we do have a very good feeling here. The markets look like they could surge soon and if they do, prices will fly. Please remember that this is not investment advice, we can’t guarantee a market surge, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for one. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $8,001.14, up 3.95%. Bitcoin is making gains and has now passed the $8,000.00 mark. Finally, $10,000.00 is in sight. We must consider this – since Bitcoin is way dominant at the moment, it has the markets by the horns and therefore is now in a great position to pull prices up, marketwide. As Bitcoin makes its way to $10,000.00, the markets will follow, it’s as simple as that (though like we said, we can’t guarantee that Bitcoin will reach $10,000.00 from the outset). Ethereum, at the time of writing is valued at $472.63, up 1.48%. Ethereum is still well undervalued, but at the very least it is now starting to move in the right direction, no doubt following the lead of Bitcoin. If a bull run takes off, prices of around $800.00 are not unrealistic for Ethereum and therefore as we move closer to August, we could begin to propose that Ethereum might even see $1,000.00 again. Unlike its neighbours, XRP is struggling to actually progress. At the time of writing, XRP is valued at $0.455, down 0.38%. XRP is in tricky waters, riddled with lawsuits and of course, the on going Coinbase saga. Unfortunately because of this, we don’t imagine an XRP surge taking off just yet. Even if the markets do swing upwards, XRP might only reach $1.00. Obviously a far better price than we are seeing today, but way off the previous all time high of XRP at just shy of $4.00.A
  5. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap News has emerged that HashFlare, a cryptocurrency cloud mining service, has decided to terminate its bitcoin mining service. For now. Payouts are lower than maintenance fees With bitcoin struggling throughout 2018 thus far, HashFlare is citing a lack of profitability in their bitcoin mining operation and has decided to close up shop for the time being. In a statement that was published on the company’s Facebook page, they said – “We have made every possible effort in order to resolve the problem that has arisen – for instance, we have considered a variety of technical solutions, which would have allowed us to lower expenses related to maintenance and electricity. However, due to the general instability of the market, the actions we have taken could not significantly influence the current situation.” The statement also claims that users have faced a situation where payouts have been lower than maintenance fees for the past 28 days. At this point, the company decided to terminate their bitcoin mining service “in accordance with clause 5.5 of our Terms of Service, which are required to be accepted when creating a purchase and are the basis of concluding the contract.” Operating at a loss A report produced by analysts at Morgan Stanley claimed that bitcoin miners would find themselves operating at a loss if the price of bitcoin dropped below $8,600, which happened in mid-May of this year. In a separate move that many find difficult to see as coincidence, HashFlare also introduced new know-your-customer and anti-money laundering rules that have restricted unverified customers ability to withdraw funds. At the time of writing many customers have their funds trapped in the HashFlare system, and as you can imagine, these recent developments have not gone down too well. Many customers of HashFlare’s bitcoin mining service are claiming that the company has simply taken their money, bought mining hardware, and canceled the contracts of those who have invested just as the price of bitcoin is starting to rise. In theory, this would leave HashFlare in control of the mining hardware, and free to collect 100 percent of the profits, with no client payments to make. It will be interesting to see if HashFlare decides to restart their bitcoin mining service if and when the price of bitcoin rises again to a level where profit is viable. Until that point, the company that operates out of Edinburgh, Scotland, is no longer a part of the bitcoin mining business.
  6. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.ap Grayscale Investments put out its first Digital Asset Investment report, showing record-breaking stats for its business. The firm raised $250 million in new assets during the first six months of the year, the strongest pace of inflows ever for such a period. Bitcoin is trading down more than 45% since the beginning of the year, and the market for digital currencies has shed billions. But for one crypto investor, this bearish backdrop has been coupled with a spike in investor interest. Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Barry Silbert's Digital Currency Group — which launched in 2013 — put out its first Digital Asset Investment report, showing a steady growth of net inflows into its funds during the first half of 2018. According to the report, the firm raised $250 million in new assets during the first six months of the year, the strongest pace of inflows ever for such a period. The majority of the interest this year, 56%, came from so-called institutional investors, according to Grayscale's report. Such a figure could indicate the space for digital currencies is shaking off its scrappy roots as a retail-majority market. At the same time, over 300 crypto funds have launched to invest in digital assets, according to a report by Autonomous NEXT released this week. The report found the market for initial coin offerings has continued to grow this year and Wall Street firms are moving quickly to adopt technologies related to crypto, echoing Grayscale's findings that institutions are more interested in the market.
  7. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A Dynamic Auto Crypto Bot which trades on Signals automatically without manual intervention. http://crypto-autobot.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.app Seems like that anticipated trip to the Lambo dealership will have to be put off for later. According to the co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, Authur Hayes, the rally that bitcoin has experienced this week was accompanied by healthy volumes, making it possible for higher levels to be reached. However, prices could reverse and test the US$5,000 level again. “I don’t actually think we’ve seen the worst. I think this is a very strong rally on good volume and we definitely could see $8,000 … $9,000 … and maybe just shy of $10,000 … we’ve been here before where we rallied from $5,800 to a high of $9,000 level but didn’t quite crack $10,000. I think similar action will happen this time and I would like to see us test $5,000 to really see if we put a bottom in,” Hayes told CNBC’s Fast Money. In his view, Hayes expects that after finding a strong support level, the flagship cryptocurrency could then rally to $50,000 by the end of the year. Hayes also disclosed that he expects more volatility after the end of summer. “Given that it’s a summer and everyone is in the Hamptons, or the French Riviera or in Asia at Bali, I think people are taking a little bit of a chill time… come back in Q3, Q4 is when I think the party is going to start again,” Hayes said. The remarks by Hayes are in contrast to some of the bullish sentiment floating around indicating that bitcoin had bottomed out. On Tuesday, for instance, Digital Currency Group’s founder, Barry Silbert, stated that bitcoin bears had run out of steam. FUD not Working Anymore? According to Silbert, one of the reasons that was giving him confidence was the fact that Jerome Powell, the chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, had criticized cryptocurrencies but this did not place downward pressure on prices. “When the chair of the Fed says negative things about bitcoin, and Howard Marks [Oaktree Capital’s co-chairman] says negative things about bitcoin, and Ken Griffin [Citadel’s founder and CEO] says negative things about bitcoin, and bitcoin doesn’t move, I think that’s a bullish sign,” Silbert said. The Charts are Calling the Shots Others who have expressed bullish sentiment include the managing director of Forex Strategy at BK Asset Management, Boris Schlossberg, who predicted that the bitcoin price could break above $8,000 soon. Schlossberg pointed out that at this point technical analysis was driving the price of bitcoin rather than the fundamentals. Avenue Capital Group’s co-founder, Marc Lasry, also predicted an upward movement for bitcoin and expects the flagship cryptocurrency to hit the $40,000 mark in the next couple of years.
  8. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub Smart phone android mobile trading apps just install this apps & start receiving signal on your mobile apps ,Crypto Trading training,Crypto automated trading bot which does trading automatically in your account & Crypto trading signals with consistent profit for more join this telegram channel www.crypto-autobot.com https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app
  9. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?...yptosignals.app Even though we're in a bearish crypto market, there's some good news for Litecoin cryptocurrency holders. Not only was the digital currency added to Robinhood, but the Litecoin Foundation has also acquired a 9.9% stake in a German bank. It will offer new crypto payment solutions, and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee called it a "huge win-win," according to CoinDesk.com. Because of the optimism, there's been some bold LTC price predictions recently released… Marie-Antoinette Tichler of C2Legacy Technologies believes that by the end of the year, LTC prices will reach $250. From today's (July 13) price of $78.02, that's a potential profit of 220.43% Now here's a closer look at the top cryptocurrency stories of the day… The Top Cryptocurrency Stories for July 13 Major League Baseball is jumping into the crypto market. The MLB will partner with blockchain startup Lucid Sight to launch a baseball game this summer. Users must purchase Ethereum to play, and they will then be able to trade digital avatars tied to specific moments in games. With attendance dropping at ballparks this year, this could be a clever campaign to keep fans interested. It also could help send Ethereum prices higher, thanks to an increased demand. If You're Not Making Millions of Dollars with Cryptocurrencies… you could be. Click here to discover the coin that will soon be BIGGER THAN BITCOIN… and how to claim YOUR cryptocurrency fortune while you still can. The crypto revolution is just getting started. At least, that's what Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan had to say on Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR). He said that only about 8% of Americans own cryptocurrencies. He believes based on how many people own cell phones around the world, the crypto market can grow 60% from where it is right now. One man really believes in Bitcoin. A crypto bull in Australia is betting $8.5 million AUD that the price of Bitcoin will exceed Berkshire Hathaway's price by 2023, according to CCN.com. Currently, one share of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK-A) is trading for $288,000 per share. If he's right, he will win $1.2 billion AUD.
  10. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Extreme volatility has characterized the price of cryptocurrencies. That is a well-known fact to any novice or expert investor. Indeed, an unwritten rule in the world of cryptos is to warn the public about excessive risks and high price volatility associated with their trading. However, in a world with such a significant risk/benefit ratio, the opportunity for a quick return is always present. This has allowed several people to make a name for themselves thanks to their accurate predictions. During 2017 many of these analyses influenced the markets. Team Bullish won then. But 2018 is another story. So far this year, Bitcoin has had a bearish streak that makes people doubt the accuracy of analysts. There is usually a kind of safe zone in these calculations: a band that establishes a certain price range to avoid over-accurate predictions. So far, however, one prediction has “abused” this safe zone. Speaking to The Express, Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN, commented on his predictions about Bitcoin With a range from 2k way up to 100k, these statements are likely to give Mr. Chambers the title for the most bearish and bullish man in the crypto sphere at the same time. However, it is important to take such statements with a pinch of salt. Clem Chambers is a very prepared man, and he obviously knows what he’s talking about. He just combined short-term with long-term predictions in one same statement. As an illustration, this graph shows the behavior of the bitcoin price during the last week. Clearly one could say that the price of bitcoin today has a bullish behavior Despite saying that Bitcoin can reach 2k in short/medium term (somewhat unlikely given the cost of mining), Mr. Chambers is a member of the bullish team. For the well-known analyst, Bitcoin in the medium/long term can be part of the economic revolution that crypto enthusiasts are waiting for:
  11. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Realizing the advantages of Bitcoin ATM when compared to the traditional ones Opening remarks Thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto’s efforts, that are paying off in this manner. The Bitcoin along with the Blockchain Technology is bringing transformation in the industry where its popularity has reached nooks and corners of the world. It is certainly no surprise that the top members of the elite family are trying to find out the inventor behind this technology who has completely shifted people interest from the central banks which were under their control towards the cryptocurrencies which are solely under the people jurisdiction. Bitcoin has spurred a number of cryptocurrencies who claim to be solving the issues of the current Bitcoin network. The initial coin offerings and the application of the blockchain technology in a number of applications are turning out to be a boon. The blockchain era seems to be like an industrial revolution in the financial sector. Bitcoin along with many other cryptocurrencies, now, are actively being used as a currency rather than an investment asset, due to the number of provisions provided by the payment gateway service providers by integrating the Technology with a number of merchants both offline and online. Bitcoin ATM Now the investors, as well as traders, don’t need to follow intense procedures of the cryptocurrency exchanges in order to buy Bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs are here, for our rescue. Buying the future cryptocurrency has been made very simple and fast due to the Bitcoin ATMs that are installed in a number of countries around the world. The user needs to follow 6-7 steps in order to purchase Bitcoins. One must not get confused with traditional ATMs which are connected to the banks. These Bitcoin ATMs are connected to the Blockchain Network and just adds or removes the number of Bitcoins at a public address in the network. Bidirectional ATMs are also available which provide the interconversion between Fiat currency the Bitcoin. Money Transfer The ease of use of access has been increased by the Bitcoin ATMs. This would surely help people to consider it as a currency. They can even be used for money transfer through the world. At one end of the world, a person can send convert the cash into Bitcoins and send those Bitcoins to the receivers wallet. The receiver then can similarly go to any Bitcoin ATM and convert his Bitcoins into cash. This hassle-free process has lesser transaction fees when compared to the heavy transaction duties levied upon by companies like MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer. According to statistics for 2017, there are almost more than 800 Bitcoin ATMs in the United States alone. The merchants that provide space for the Bitcoin ATMs earn about $300 on an average per month. The only drawback in the Bitcoin ATMs is the high transaction fees of 16% when compared to the traditional fees of 7.5 %. Privacy and anonymity (Bitcoin ATMs) Genesis Coin along with General Bytes are some of the leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturers around the world. Bitcoin ATMs are preferred over LocalBitcoins because they provide higher anonymity to the users as they don’t have to meet someone and interacts only with a machine. They even provide privacy to the users as they do not have to deal with huge cryptocurrency exchanges for their conversions. Any problems that arise due to the technical faults of the ATM can be reported to the respective ATM providers in order to reimburse the loss. Hence it is highly secure. Bitcoin ATMs are available only during the business hours unlike the cryptocurrency exchanges which are available 24/7. However, they are still preferred because almost 40% of the world population doesn’t own a bank account which is a prerequisite in order to transact cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Conclusion It is obvious that with more number of Bitcoin ATMs in working condition the transaction fees is bound to reduce. This will also be a great benefit to the long-term cryptocurrency investors, as they do not have to abide by the legal compliances of an exchange, and can just buy Bitcoins and Hodl them without the intervention of any intermediaries. The accessibility of the cryptocurrencies is bound to increase with these Bitcoin ATMs. ATMs for other cryptocurrencies also would soon be available in the market. With all these advancements happening in cryptocurrency space at such a rapid pace, the centralized banks have no resort but to accept the fact that this is the future economy
  12. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Clem Chambers, the chief executive officer of financial markets website ADVFN, has recently made a bullish case for Bitcoin as he sees the flagship cryptocurrency climb back to its all-time high, and potentially hit $100,000 in the future. Spiking to tabloid news outlet Express at the CryptoCompare MJAC Blockchain Summit in London, Chambers stated The blockchain will be the way of the future which will be like the internet was to the generation before. Bitcoin will probably be part of that future in the long term. Will bitcoin go back over from its previous high? It will probably hit $2,000 before it hits $20,000. But will it hit $20,000? I think so. Will it hit $100,000? I think that’s quite likely. Clem Chambers At press time, CryptoCompare data shows the flagship cryptocurrency has dropped 1.87 percent in the last 24-hour period, and is currently trading at $6,500 after bouncing from the $6,000 mark. While various analysts currently find it hard to make price predictions as high as $100,000, various bullish signs have recently emerged for the cryptocurrency, including an increase in trading volumes, and a rise in anxiety related to a potential trade war between the US and China. Chambers’ bullish case, however, noted that cryptocurrencies are filling a vacuum in the world, and “will generate an economic lift.” He stated: There’s a shortage of actual money in the world. That’s what people, I don’t think, have worked out. They are not creating enough money to make the world go around. The cryptocurrencies are filling that vacuum. Because that’s an economic suction going on there and the cryptocurrencies are filling that vacuum. Clem Chambers The CEO isn’t the only influential personality making bullish BTC price predictions. As CryptoGlobe recently covered, the co-founder of popular cryptocurrency exchange BitMex has restated he sees the flagship cryptocurrency hit $50,000 by the end of the year. Wall Street analyst Tom Lee has maintained a $25,000 price prediction for months, and despite making a wrong call on a potential surge after this year’s Consensus conference, he remains bullish as the cryptocurrency’s price has “historically traded at two and a half times its mining cost.”
  13. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Since the start of the second half of 2018, Bitcoin has been on a mini-revival. Clem Chambers, the CEO of the financial market platform, ADVFN, believes BTC reach $20,000. He identified shrinking global money supply and the emergence of favorable regulations as the catalyst for another massive price run. Bitcoin Can Still Reach its All-Time High Speaking at the CryptoCompare MJAC Blockchain Summit, Chambers provided his take on the prospects of BTC saying Will bitcoin go back over from its previous high? It will probably hit $2,000 before it hits $20,000. But will it hit $20,000? I think so. Will it hit $100,000? I think that’s quite likely. Chambers brings up an interesting point about a likely price slump in the future. Experts like David Garrity, the CEO of GVA Research, believes that the current price gain is only a relief rally. The fact that custodial tools and adequate regulations have yet to emerge might set BTC up for another price dip. Global Money Shortage Will Fuel Bitcoin Utility Recently, a macroeconomist, Peter Tchir advised cryptocurrency enthusiasts to be on the lookout for the motive behind any price prediction. According to Tchir, many people deliver BTC price forecasts without any relevant analysis to back up their claims. Chambers based his prediction on the fact that there is a global money shortage problem. According to Chambers There’s a shortage of actual money in the world. That’s what people, I don’t think, have worked out. They are not creating enough money to make the world go around. The cryptocurrencies are filling that vacuum. Because that’s an economic suction going on there and the cryptocurrencies are filling that vacuum. It will generate an economic lift. Chambers has identified Bitcoin and blockchain technology as having pivotal roles to play in the future of the global economy. People like Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak believe that BTC is the currency of he future. Chambers echoed this same sentiment, saying: The blockchain will be the way of the future which will be like the internet was to the generation before. Bitcoin will probably be part of that future in the long term. Switzerland and Malta Likely Responsible for the Recent BTC Price Upswing Bitcoin has lost more than 60 percent of its value since the start of the year. it is, however, on a something of a mini-revival, gaining 10 percent in the last seven days. Favorable news coming out of both Switzerland and Malta have been identified as the likely reason for the recent gains. There are reports that Switzerland is set to offer conventional banking services to cryptocurrency companies. Such mainstream business support is likely to galvanize institutional investors into the market. In Malta, the country’s Parliament yesterday (July 4, 2018) passed three blockchain laws, becoming for the first nation to create a proper regulatory framework for the industry. Do you agree with Clem Chambers’ BTC price prediction? What is your end of year price prediction for the top-ranked cryptocurrency? Keep the conversation going in the comment section below Images courtesy of Twitter (@ClemChambers) and CoinMarketCap.
  14. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store It seems like it was just yesterday that we told our readers how to buy Litecoin (LTC), when prices were climbing over $100 on Nov. 29, 2017. LTC prices then skyrocketed 275% to $375.29 per coin on Dec. 18, 2017, but are now below $100 again. With retail crypto investors wondering if they should still hold on to their coins, we wanted to see what a group of experts had to say. Some are bullish on LTC, but we're also going to share what the bears have to say so you can know what multiple analysts think. Let's start with the lowest Litecoin price prediction of the group… Litecoin Could Trade for $85 by Dec. 31, 2018 On Finder.com, the most bearish LTC prediction was from Joseph Raczynski of JoeTechnologist.com. "At some point this will become redundant when there are upgrades to other similar coins. I think it will still move higher in the future, but long term, not as much," Raczynski told Finder.com. Litecoin is viewed as the silver to Bitcoin's gold, but as more coins with advanced features enter the market, many are worried LTC will go out of favor. However, Coinbook CEO Calvin Weight believes LTC prices could rise to $165 per coin by Dec. 31, 2018. Stunning: New innovation will be like "adding twin turbos to the Bitcoin engine" – and could send its price to $100,000. Learn more… From yesterday's (July 2) prices of $84.49, that's a potential profit of 95%. "Litecoin is a hidden gem that is going to get more recognition by the end of the year," Wright said. And while a 95% profit sounds impressive, the next two analysts are even more bullish on Litecoin…
  15. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel A peer-to-peer electronic system in order to transfer and store value said the WhitePaper. Appearances are deceptive and the definition of Bitcoin is not as simple as it seems. Bitcoins are sent or received, this is known as a transaction. Transactions need to be confirmed and validated in order to facilitate their addition in the current Blockchain, which is done by some of the nodes of the network itself, who are known as miners. They take a set of unconfirmed transactions and add it to the network after verifying them. The verification of the transactions requires the computing power. Hence, as the Blockchain Network increases in its size, the difficulty of verifying the transactions and adding to the blockchain also increases which has led them to use complex and expensive mining equipment specifically designed for such purposes. Bitcoin mining If someone wishes to earn Bitcoins by mining them, it can be done in two ways. Mining Bitcoins personally by purchasing a whole set of mining equipment or simply joining a Cloud Mining pool without purchasing any equipment. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with both the choices. If a particular user opts out, to mine Bitcoins personally, then he needs to care for the mining equipment and all the maintenance issues that are related to it. This method will cause inconvenience to the all the other miners, as it will result in the addition of a new miner to the network, which will automatically increase the difficulty of solving the complex mathematical algorithm. But the advantage here is that the whole Bitcoin reward which the miner gets can be used completely for himself without sharing it with anyone. On the other hand, if one chooses to join a Bitcoin mining pool by paying some amount of subscription fee then he doesn’t need to worry about the mining equipment at all. All the mining procedures and complexities are taken care of by the mining pool itself but only a share of the reward is credited to the Bitcoin wallet, constantly, depending on the subscription. This method is better, as the complexity of the mathematical problem is constant, as no new minor has directly joined the network. But due to the monopoly in the mining industry, by some of the mining pools, is proving to be a threat to the decentralized nature. Nevertheless, both the choices entice their set of consequences. Mining personally Setting up a Bitcoin miner is challenging task. One needs to consider a lot of factors before purchasing the Bitcoin mining equipment. The cost, hashrate, as well as the efficiency of a Bitcoin mining rig, must be taken into account prior to its purchase. Hash rate is nothing but the number of guesses or hashes per second, the equipment is capable of. As it is all about earning Bitcoins and indirectly incur profits, the cost of the mining rigs must be feasible enough. The amount of electricity that the mining rig consumes and the specific amount of Bitcoins it is capable of mining per month must be taken into consideration in order to calculate the efficiency of the mining. Purchase of mining equipment During the initial days of the Bitcoin mining, normal GPUs ( 800 MH/s ) and, to some extent, CPUs ( less than 10 MH/s ) were sufficient in order to verify the transactions by the miner. But since 2017 after the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and exponential growth in its Blockchain network, these equipments have become obsolete. The Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA, 750MH/s) were then used for mining. It is nothing but a customizable integrated circuit on which large volumes of processing chips can be attached for Brute-Force computations. Following which the most advanced Bitcoin miners known as ASIC miners were introduced with the computational powers in gigahashes as well as terahashes per second. Along with the mining equipment the respective power supply needs to be purchased. Obtain a bitcoin wallet and secure it After the purchase of the mining equipment, prior to initiating the mining process, one needs to provide the Bitcoin wallet address in order to store the Bitcoins mined. Having a two-factor authentication for the wallet as well as storing it offline in a Pendrive is highly preferred. Settle on a mining pool and start mining The confusion at this point is surely arising, when one is mining Bitcoins personally then why does he or she need to join a Bitcoin mining pool? Mining Bitcoins solely, is literally of no use, as it does not lead to any profits at all and the mining equipment brings nothing but an electricity bill. Hence it is always preferred to join a mining pool and get the respective amount of reward based on your contribution to mining. Bitmain is regarded as one of the biggest mining pools in the world.
  16. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel At press time, the father of cryptocurrencies has jumped by $500 in just 24 hours. Yesterday, the coin had fallen to its lowest point in months, and was trading at $5,800 for most of the day. Many analysts were skeptical about potential recovery, and were certain a bear period was likely to mar bitcoin’s progress for weeks or even months on end. While it’s impossible to say if this jump is part of a short-term or long-term period of improvement, investors and traders are likely breathing a sigh of relief now that the currency has once again moved into the $6,000 region. These last two weeks have been a series of hurdles for bitcoin, which fell to about $6,200 from $6,800. This price itself was a dismal misfortune considering bitcoin had been trading for roughly $7,600 the week before, but to fall to $6,200 was considered a major turning point, and not in a good way. From there, the currency couldn’t make up its mind about what it wanted to do, or where it wanted to go. As a result, several swings from $6,100 to about $6,300 continued over the next several days, and yesterday’s drop to $5,800 was considered the final stake through the heart. At press time, the next step to take would be a rise towards $7,000, but one source mentions there are several hurdles to surpass before bitcoin can reach this position. At one point during the early morning hours, bitcoin was trading for as high as $6,500 on some exchanges, though it appears the currency has retraced its steps a bit, meaning it’s not out of bear territory just yet. The source also mentions that bitcoin is likely to experience solid resistance at the $6,700 mark. Indeed, many analysts’ predictions of $20,000 or even $40,000 by the end of the year are appearing unfounded, considering the growing volatility and regulatory scrutiny we’ve witnessed throughout the year. Sadly, several other analysts say the future looks bearish, and can no longer justify the words of their peers. Technical analysts Fawad Razaqzada, for example, states, “I can’t base my analysis on anything other than technical information, and right now, the charts are looking very bearish. Therefore, as things stand, I have no reason to expect bitcoin to go to those crazy levels again.” One of the biggest bulls for bitcoin has been Fundstrat’s Tom Lee, who has remained adamant that bitcoin will end the year at $25,000. Robert Sluymer – an associate of Lee at Fundstrat – says he can no longer agree with his counterpart, and believes his prediction to be incorrect. “You have what is happening and what could happen, and I think if you are using technical [analysis]– and you have to be very truthful about what is happening – then we have a downturn in place,” he explains. “From my perspective, price is news, and [bitcoin]needs to show evidence of turning to reinstate bullish calls.” On the other hand, CEO of BitMex Arthur Hayes believes bitcoin’s drop to $6,000 is part of a natural correction period, and suggests the coin will end the year at $50,000. “I believe that a cryptocurrency that can go up to $20K and have a correction down to $6K within a six-month period has reached its bottom,” he affirms. “The cryptocurrency is one regulatory decision away from $20K or even $50K by the end of 2018.”
  17. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel n the battle of regulation, people usually tend to believe that the traditional finance world is unaware of the positives and negatives cryptocurrency has. Well this doesn’t seem to be the case with Tony Richards, the head of the Payments and Policy Department and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) who while speaking to Australian Business Economists Briefing on June 26, 2018 revealed he has been researching Bitcoin since 2013, created a Bitcoin wallet in 2014, and has even used the digital currency at a cafe. Keeping an eye on the “new kid” Mr Richards confessed that he is not an expert on cryptography and related technical matters but as an economist, who understands currencies and payments issues, he has been following developments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He has provided his insights on Using Bitcoin, the blockchain technology and the price of a Bitcoin. According to him, he had used bitcoin in 2014 as part of his job to analyse new payment methods and having a first-hand experience of them. Regarding the technology, to quote Mr Richards “Even if one is quite sceptical of whether Bitcoin will have a significant role in the economy in the future, I think it is hard to avoid some admiration for its design” With respect to price, his views were, that the run-up in prices over Bitcoin’s history has reflected demand from three main groups of early adopters. 1) those who were attracted by the innovative design and technology of the Bitcoin system 2) those who were looking for anonymity in their payments (including for shadow-economy or criminal activity) 3) those who we might call ‘crypto-libertarians’. Also, read: Don’t Get Fooled by “Meme-Based Cryptocurrency” Says Nick Tomaino to Investors His opinion as a central banker Mr Richards ended his briefing where he said that his speech shouldn’t be considered as that he has addressed the merits of cryptocurrencies as investments. He mentioned that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are yet to establish themselves as reliable stores of value and if one decides to trade or use virtual currencies he is taking on a lot of risk with no alternative if things go wrong. He also cautioned the audience regarding the risk associated with volatility of bitcoin prices as well as the security of exchanges dealing in them. To quote him “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are also currently not very useful as a medium of exchange for everyday purchases. These risks acknowledged, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers are fascinating developments both from payments and a broader economic perspective. “The Reserve Bank will be continuing to study their implications and we are very interested in continuing to interact with entities, both large and small, that are active in this area.” Mr Richards also said cryptocurrencies do not appear to raise any major concerns for the Bank given their very low usage in Australia. And on the topic of whether the Reserve Bank should introduce a new form of digital cash – an eAUD – he said it appears unnecessary at this stage. Will the stance of Reserve Bank of Australia remain the same or will it reconsider bringing cryptocurrencies to status quo with the Australian Dollar? Do let us know your views on the same
  18. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, till date, has been quite possibly the biggest mystery the world has ever faced. Even more so big than the mystery of aliens and the whole UFO scenario. In fact, the anonymity behind Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, is what has caused many people and traditional industry experts to raise several issues of credibility and have thus given several negative statements about it. There have been both pros and cons discussions about whether maintaining anonymity was in fact a good decision or not, but here I would not be discussing these reasons and benefits, but look at the possible candidates who fit into the profile of Satoshi Nakamoto and could in fact be the real person or entity behind who the creator of Bitcoin really is. The NSA There have been several suggestions and claims about the National Security Agency (NSA) being the mastermind behind the Bitcoin software. There are claims about US security and intelligence agencies setting up such a software so as to provide faster funding to US, Canada and British intelligence missions and activities all across the world. They believe it to be a second version of dollar, i.e. dollar v2.0. This would mean that Satoshi Nakamoto is in fact not a single person but could be a team of cryptographers and coders of the NSA. Because this largely sounds like a propaganda theory to create misunderstandings and such, there is little to no evidence for such claims. In another report, there have been claims stating the NSA has itself identified the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, thus making the whole ‘NSA is Satoshi’ claim just a big mess up. Craig Wright A brilliant computer scientist, entrepreneur, Craig Wright made waves in the media having claimed that he had exceptional and phenomenal proof to actually prove that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. This came after reports came about about the Australian Federal Police raiding Craig’s house. However, when the time actually came to put forth the proof to prove his claims of being Satoshi, Craig eventually was a stand up guy and said that he could not do so because he did not have the courage for it. There have even been claims about people stating that they met Craig at some conference in Amsterdam about three years before the world even came to know about what Bitcoin is, and at that time, Craig had been introducing himself as Satoshi Nakamoto. Things just keep getting more and more mysterious! Dorian Nakamoto Having such close resemblance to the name Satoshi Nakamoto is what makes Dorian to come under the scanner for this creation. This Japanese American systems engineer in California actually has the birth name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. This revelation is what makes this whole thing even more interesting. The string anti fraud quality of the Bitcoin platform suggests that whoever is the father of Bitcoin really did hate centralized banks and the rich government and is in fact a libertarian. Dorian’s daughter has claimed to having seen such qualities in her father following his lay off from his work, that too twice. However, as any other case would have it, Dorian denies even having heard about the currency before reporters and the media started hounding him about it. Hal Finney The first person other than Satoshi Nakamoto to make a transaction over the Bitcoin network was Hal Finney. He has been a pioneer of Bitcoin from the very beginning and has also contributed towards developments and optimizations of the platform. Upon conducting tests about the similarity of Hal and Satoshi’s writing styles in their research papers, a world famous writing analysis consultancy came up with many close similarities between the two. To protect himself against being made a figure of redressal and complaint filing resulting any issues with the Bitcoin software, Hal Finney must have decided to go public under another name but since a man can very hardly change his inherent writing style that is developed ever since their childhood, he could not very well mask his writing style and create stark differences between the two. Moreover, some suggest that since Dorian Nakamoto lived just a couple of blocks away from Hal Finney, Dorian’s name could have been an inspiration for Hal to cook up the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. However, as always, Hal has always denied such link ups. Elon Musk Last but not the least, quite possibly the latest person under the scanner for allegedly being Satoshi Nakamoto is everyone’s favorite business magnate, engineer and investor Elon Musk. These claims have been mostly because Elon is a technical expert and does really have the calibre to build something this revolutionary. Basing upon his previous financial software and the work he has been furthering especially at Tesla and his other investments, people have convinced themselves that Elon is Satoshi. However, yet again, because of the lack of any concrete proof no one has been able to prove this 100% and Elon himself, with a smile, denied all such claims in a tweet.
  19. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freecryptosignals.app Crypto Trading Mobile APPS now receive Crypto Signals on Mobile Google Play Store Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given telegram channel Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This is not a theory from some apocalyptic wingnut. It's a recent observation of the Bank for International Settlements, a Switzerland-based central bank for other central banks. If blockchain-based technologies and cryptos are used on a large scale, particularly for processing transactions, the BIS predicts it will overwhelm the current capacity of the net. It's like flooding a reservoir with so much water that the dam bursts. "The associated communication volumes could bring the Internet to a halt," the report states. Here's a summary of the BIS report: -- Crypto Mining Uses Too Much Computer Power And Energy. "Individual facilities operated by miners can host computing power equivalent to that of millions of personal computers. At the time of writing, the total electricity use of bitcoin mining equalled that of mid-sized economies such as Switzerland, and other cryptocurrencies also use ample electricity. " -- Lack Of Trust Can Crash A Digital Currency. "Trust can evaporate at any time because of the fragility of the decentralized consensus through which transactions are recorded. Not only does this call into question the finality of individual payments, it also means that a cryptocurrency can simply stop functioning, resulting in a complete loss of value. " -- The System Is Highly Inefficient. "Cryptocurrency technology comes with poor efficiency and vast energy use. Cryptocurrencies cannot scale with transaction demand, are prone to congestion and greatly fluctuate in value. Overall, the decentralised technology of cryptocurrencies, however sophisticated, is a poor substitute for the solid institutional backing of money." -- Cryptos Add Another Element Of Systemic Risk. "It remains to be seen whether widespread use of cryptocurrencies and related self-executing financial products will give rise to new financial vulnerabilities and systemic risks. Close monitoring of developments will be required." Could widespread use of cryptos and blockchain applications lead to another 2008-style meltdown? The jury's still out on that, although the sheer volume of computing and energy use is well documented. "The report may also revive concerns that for all its ingenuity, blockchain transactions will get harder and harder to protect as it scales up," according to a report by Bloomberg. Does this mean that blockchain is doomed as a large-scale technology? Probably not, since nearly every technology gets faster over time. The BIS report notes that blockchain may have a promising future in niche applications such as cross-border payments. Remember "Pong," one of the first video games? It was slower than an actual game of tennis. But today's gamers move at the speed of light. Technology evolves, but you need to be patient. Blockchain networks aren't built in a day.
  20. Join- https://t.me/btctradingclub For more Bitcoin Crypto Currency news Latest Update Crypto Currency Training Auto Trading Crypto BOT & Crypto Trading Signals join above given Telegram channel Despite recent price woes, experts are predicting that Bitcoin will double in value by the end of the year. Bitcoin Price Stagnant, but Not for Long As of late, uncertainties with regard to regulations and the seizure of Bitcoin in legal cases like Mt. Gox, which led to the unloading of coins on exchanges, has caused some stagnation. This means that, according to experts, the short-term crypto forecast is expected to remain relatively static — though not for long. “I believe Bitcoin’s price will continue to fluctuate between $6,500 and $8,500 in the coming weeks,” David Hanson, a blockchain expert and CEO of the gaming platform Ultra, told the Independent. He continued: “In the medium-to-long term, Bitcoin’s value should go up, as big institutions enter the crypto space in a bid to gain first-mover advantage, further legitimising the market.” This idea that institutional investors will provide a boost to the digital currency (and altcoins) is shared by other figures in the space, who are looking at the cryptocurrency to break the $10,000 barrier again in coming months. Despite the drop from almost $20,000 in December, and the fact that the number one crypto has not gone above $10,000 since March (though it came awfully close in early-May), more people and companies alike are getting interested in the coin — and this is set to show, according to Iqbal Gandham, the U.K. managing director of eToro. “As the regulatory landscape clears up we can expect far more investors, including big ticket institutions, to make their first cryptocurrency investments,” he said. He went on to say: “For the first few months of this year, the crypto industry has been jogging along at a relatively slow pace, waiting for the opportunity to stretch into a sprint. This may just be that moment.” Bitcoin Predictions Look to 95% Gains by Year End At the beginning of the year, following the register of all time highs for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the end of 2017, price predictions were very positive. Tim Draper, an early backer of Tesla, Skype, and SpaceX, and one of the most high-profile Bitcoin investors, said that it could hit $250,000 by 2022. Although Draper did not disclose the method he used to calculate his forecast, a comparable number was provided by Horizon Kinetics’ Murray Stahl, who argued that the digital currency could be worth the value of all the currency in the world. He believes this is the case because fiat money can be ‘debased,’ but there will be only 21 million Bitcoins ever made. Another person with positive price predictions is Alistair Milne, the self-described ‘Bitcoin evangelist.’ Milne has stated that he believes Bitcoin will reach between $35,000 and $60,000 by the end of 2019. Following Milne’s lead, similar numbers were suggested by a panel of crypto experts put together by price comparison site Finder.com, who originally stated that Bitcoin would hit $33,000 by the end of this year. This week the panel released a revised figure, bringing the prediction to less than half the initial outlook at just $14,638 — but those are still great gains on Bitcoin’s current price of just under $7,700, according to CoinMarketCap.
  21. Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology has been attracting a large number of Wall Street executives to the industry. The latest addition is the former financial regulator, Gary Gensler, who was the Chairman of Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2009-2014. He will be teaching a course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about the potential of Blockchain. While JP Morgan has mostly been in the news for its CEO’s views on cryptocurrencies, the company’s former head of the global energy trading desk Daniel Masters believes that the crypto markets will be much bigger than their present state in the future. New funds are cropping up to benefit from this. A few are being opened by millennials with very little knowledge of how Wall Street functions. It shows that the new breed of investors believe that trading cryptocurrencies is different than trading stocks, commodities or Forex. We also agree that there are subtle differences that need to be applied if one has to be successful in trading virtual currencies. BTC/USD Bitcoin has again entered a period of consolidation near the $9,200 mark. We had suggested booking partial profits at $9,400 in our previous analysis. Considering the tight consolidation, we recommend traders book partial profits around the $9,200 mark itself because if prices turn down from the current levels, they can easily fall towards $8,300 levels. In a medium-term time frame, we believe that the BTC/USD pair will become range bound between $6,000 and $12,000. This is such a large range that it can be traded with no difficulty. The aim should be to buy at the supports of the range, closer to $6,100 and close positions near the resistance levels of the range at $12,000. Between these two levels, the virtual currency can remain highly volatile. For the current trade, the stop loss on the remaining position can be kept at breakeven. ETH/USD Ethereum continues to move up without an entry opportunity. Sometimes, we may have to miss a few trades because they don’t offer us a good risk to reward entry level. Never run after a trade with the fear of missing out. The moving averages are close to a bullish crossover, which is a positive sign. A rally to $745 is on the cards. We anticipate strong resistance at the $745 levels. The price may either correct or consolidate, depending on the underlying strength. In case of any correction, the ETH/USD pair can decline to $500 where it will find support from the moving averages. We shall either enter on a consolidation or a dip. BCH/USD Bitcoin cashhas performed as we expected. It is zooming ahead, duplicating its past patterns. It has comfortably crossed our second target objective of $1,300 and is on its way to our third target of $1,600. Traders who follow us are sitting on an 85 percent profit because we had suggested long positions at $779. We propose booking profits on 25 percent of the open position at the current prices. This leaves about 25-40 percent of the original position open. We are not closing the complete position because, if $1,600 level is scaled, the next stop is $1,800 and $2,000. However, the BCH/USD pair has a history of vertical rallies followed by an equally sharp plunge. Therefore, please protect the position with a suitable stop loss. Never let greed cloud correct reasoning. XRP/USD Ripple has formed back to back inside day candlestick patterns on April 21 and April 22. This shows that the bulls and the bears are confused whether to carry the digital currency higher or lower. If the price breaks out of $0.93777, the XRP/USDpair should rally to $1.08399. On the other hand, if it breaks down of $0.79933, we might see a fall to the 20-day EMA at $0.7. The cryptocurrency may remain volatile in the large range. Therefore, traders should keep a trailing stop loss to protect their gains. XLM/USD Stellar has started a new trend but is facing resistance at the $0.4 levels. The positive point is that it has been holding above the break out levels of $0.36 levels for the past four days. If the XLM/USD pair doesn’t sink below the $0.36 levels, it remains on target to move towards $0.47, where traders should book profits on another 25 percent position. The target objectives are only probabilities arrived at using technical analysis. They are not met all the time, and that’s why we always need to be ready for any course of events and protect the positions with a suitable trailing stop. LTC/USD Litecoin broke out of the downtrend line and the 50-day SMA on April 20. On April 21, the price again slid back below the downtrend line but found support at lower levels. This is a positive sign, and it shows that the buyers are willing to buy on dips. But the LTC/USD pair has not picked up momentum after breaking out. It is struggling to clear the $160 levels. If it doesn’t move up quickly, it can again fall to $140. On breaking out of $160, it can rally to $178 levels. Hence, the aggressive traders can buy at $160 and keep a stop loss of $140. They can book partial profits at $180 and trail the rest higher. The 20-day SMA has flattened out, but the 50-day SMA is still falling. This shows that the buyers are slow to return to this digital currency. Therefore, please keep the position size only about 50 percent of usual. It’s a risky trade. ADA/BTC Cardano failed to cross above the overhead resistance of 0.000035 on both April 20 and April 21. It formed a doji candlestick pattern on April 22 and is following it up with another small range day today. The next leg of the up move will start on a break out above 0.000035, which can carry it to 0.000045 levels. We have Recommended holding the remaining position with a trailing stop loss. On the downside, the ADA/BTC pair has support at 0.000030 and below that at the 20-day EMA. Traders can trail the stops based on their risk tolerance level, but don’t allow the position to turn into a loss. NEO/USD NEO is struggling to break out of the $80 mark. It is facing stiff resistance from the downtrend line and the horizontal line at this level. And in our previous analysis, we had suggested booking partial profits at the $80 mark and raising the stops on the rest to breakeven. On April 21, the NEO/USD pair fell but remained above our stop loss. It found support at the 50-day SMA. For the past four days, the prices have been consolidating near the overhead resistance, a bullish sign. The moving averages are close to a bullish crossover, which is another positive development. A breakout above $80 levels should start a new uptrend, which can carry the digital currency to $94 and then to $140 levels. Considering the large profit potential, we have recommended holding the remaining position with a trailing stop. EOS/USD Traders who follow us have been holding EOS from the $7.5 levels. It has started a new uptrend and is trending inside the ascending channel two. It has exceeded our first target objective and is trading near the second target objective of $12. We suggest booking profits on another 25 percent of the open positions at the current levels and trailing the remaining with the stops just below the support line of the ascending channel two. The EOS/USD pair will continue to rise inside the channel and can reach $13 levels if the sentiment remains upbeat. We anticipate strong resistance just above the $14 mark. So as the price moves up, traders should tighten their stops further. The cryptocurrency will lose momentum only if it breaks down of the channel.
  22. The St. Louis Federal Reserve has published an essay critically evaluating the notion of cryptocurrencies that are issued by central banks. The article is highly dismissive in presenting what it describes as “the non-case for central bank cryptocurrencies,” concluding that “a central bank will not issue cryptocurrencies in the sense of a truly decentralized and permissionless asset that allows users to remain anonymous.” St. Louis Fed Argues That Cryptocurrency Comprises Unique Monetary Form In presenting their argument, the research paper’s authors, Aleksander Berentsen and Fabian Schar, first seek to define the unique qualities of bitcoin and articulate the properties that differentiate cryptocurrencies from other monetary forms. Berentsen and Schär argue that different monetary forms are characterized by three dimensions: representation, transaction handling, and money creation. The paper asserts that “the distinguishing characteristic of cryptocurrencies is the decentralized nature of transaction handling, which enables users to remain anonymous and allows for permissionless access.” “In theory,” Berentsen and Schär assert that “a central bank could easily introduce a central bank cryptocurrency.” It is proposed that central banks “could attach additional value components to fractions of existing cryptoassets, such as Bitcoin.” The authors also suggest that “Ethereum’s ERC20 or ERC223 token standards [can] be used to create new fungible tokens that are compatible with the Ethereum blockchain’s infrastructure”, or […] “Finally, a central bank can develop a brand new blockchain.” The paper poses all “approaches are fairly straightforward to implement and would allow for the issuance of a central bank cryptocurrency on a public blockchain.” Decentralization as Defining Quality of Cryptocurrency Despite the many means available through which a central bank could issue a cryptocurrency, the authors state that “the key characteristics of cryptocurrencies are a red flag for central banks. That is, no reputable central bank would have an incentive to issue an anonymous virtual currency.” The article presents several bases for the assertion that the fundamental property of cryptocurrency is at odds with the functions of central banks. Firstly, the authors argue that “The reputational risk would simply be too high,” pointing to the risk of “a hypothetical ‘Fedcoin’ used by a drug cartel to launder money or a terrorist organization to acquire weapons.” Central Bank-Issued Cryptocurrency Unrealistic Furthermore, Berentsen and Schär propose that “commercial banks would rightfully start asking why they have to follow KYC (‘know your customer’) and AML (‘anti-money laundering’) regulations, while the central bank is undermining any effects of this regulation by issuing an anonymous cryptocurrency with permissionless access,” adding that “Once we remove the decentralized nature of a cryptocurrency, not much is left of it.” The article argues that a central bank-issued cryptocurrency would comprise “virtual money that is centralized and issued monopolistically by a central bank is electronic central bank money,” concluding that “calling such a centralized form of virtual money a cryptocurrency is misleading.” Ultimately, the paper argues in favor of central banks issuing a virtual money, advocating for such to be made available to businesses and citizens. St. Louis Federal Reserve “Welcome Anonymous Cryptocurrencies” Regarding central bank cryptocurrencies, the authors conclude that “In general, we don’t think that a central bank should be in the business to satisfy the demand for anonymous payments. We believe that such a demand can and will be perfectly satisfied by the private sector, in particular through cryptocurrencies.” Berentsen and Schär add that “History and current political reality show that, on the one hand, governments can be bad actors and, on the other hand, some citizens can be bad actors. The former justifies an anonymous currency to protect citizens from bad governments, while the later calls for transparency of all payments. The reality is in between, and for that reason we welcome anonymous cryptocurrencies but also disagree with the view that the government should provide one.”
  23. Nasdaq-listed technology firm Xunlei has become the subject of multiple class-action lawsuits from investors who purchased the company’s digital token, Linktoken. Xunlei is accused of misleading investors to disguise an initial coin offering (ICO) through which Linktoken was distributed. Xunlei CEO Rejects ICO Allegations The chief executive officer of Xunlei, Chen Lei, has rejected accusations that the company misled investors in order to illegally conduct an ICO in China. Xunlei’s Linktoken was distributed to users in exchange for a contribution of idle internet bandwidth, according to South China Morning Post. Chen Lei has claimed that the Linktoken distribution did not comprise an ICO due to the company not raising any funds through the issuance of the tokens, and due to Linktoken comprising a utility token that is not allowed to be traded. “By making a public offering, really you need to use it to raise money. We have never used a coin to raise any money at all, that’s never our intention,” Mr. Lei stated. In October 2017, Linktoken was launched in conjunction with other efforts by Xunlei to enter the booming blockchain industry. Whilst the distribution of the Linktoken appears to have been the catalyst for many weeks of sharp bullish action, the value of Xunlei’s stock has more than halved since posting 500% gains and setting record highs of $25 USD in November 2017. Xunlei’s Stock Plummets Since then, the price of Xunlei’s shares had plummeted to approximately $10 by early April, prompting some U.S.-based investors to seek action against the company for allegations of giving false and/or misleading statements regarding the legitimacy of the company’s cryptocurrency-related activities between October 2017 and January 2018. Among other allegations, investors have pointed to the requirement that they purchase hardware from Xunlei in order to share bandwidth and claim the digital tokens in return. Chen Lei has refuted the allegations,Stating “We are a small capital company, so our stock price does fluctuate, but I don’t think there’s any basis for the lawsuit because we’re operating in China and it is the Chinese law and regulations that we need to observe,” adding that “the definition of [an] ICO has to be interpreted in the Chinese market.” Mr. Lei also indicated that Xunlei is currently in the process of hiring legal counsel to refute the allegations Chen Lei Claims to Support Regulatory Action Against ICOs Chen Lei also criticized initial coin offerings and advocated for greater regulatory action to be taken against such, stating “ICOs are terrible, and give a bad name to blockchain technology. Governments should clamp down on these practices – a crackdown is the only way blockchain can rebuild its reputation.” Mr. Lei added: “We have been very straight on our business practices – we do not sell tokens.” China’s National Internet Finance Association (NIFA), a self-regulatory body established by the People’s Bank of China and authorized by China’s State Council, conducted an investigation into Xunlei’s token distribution, concluding in January the company had evaded regulations through conducting an “initial miner offering.” NIFA stated “In the case of Lianke issued by Xunlei, for example, the issuing company in effect substitutes Lianke for the duty to pay back project contributors with legal tender, making it essentially a financing activity and a form of disguised ICO. In addition, with frequent promotional activities and publishing of trading tutorials, Xunlei has lured many citizens without sound discernment into IMO activities.” Xunlei Shares Bounce After Blockchain Launch Despite the controversy and ongoing class-action lawsuits, Xunlie’s stock has bounced in recent days following the company’s announcement that its “Thunderchain” blockchain platform designed to facilitate the development of decentralized applications has been launched. Xunlei’s shares (XNET) are currently trading at $13.46, after retracing from highs of $14 on the 20th of April.
  24. Securities investors may be able to get more exposure to the bitcoin market soon as one of the leading mining producers, Canaan, is thinking about going public. Everyday people may soon be able to mine cryptocurrency right on their smart TVs, if the company has its way Canaan Rules out IPO on Chinese Stock Exchanges? Canaan Creative Co. Ltd, the Chinese company behind the Avalon lineup of hardware equipment which produces ASIC mining chips and rigs, is reportedly considering launching an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong or the US markets. The company has faced difficulties with getting its stocks listed on mainland Chinese marketplace in the past and now feels that the process in its home country is just too long. Co-chairman Jianping Kong said: “We … prefer listing outside mainland China as we are in a global business.” Canaan also claims that the harsh approach toward bitcoin taken by the government has nothing to do with its decision to look abroad. Kong added that they may later pursue a secondary listing in China by issuing depository receipts. Mining TVs Besides a potential IPO, the company which reportedly brought in over 1 billion yuan in revenues last year, has further expansion plans. N.G. Zhang, Canaan founder and CEO, revealed that he employs around 200 in Beijing and Hangzhou, mostly in R&D, and is looking to hire more. Canaan might use its chip development know-how and capabilities to create an unexpected new lineup of products. These can include home appliances such television sets that mine cryptocurrencies “while you sleep.” Other developments include chips to power artificial intelligence (AI) applications and of course new hardware for mining other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin. The manufacturer is expected to benefit from the Chinese government’s initiative to promote local technology companies to rid its economy of its dependence on foreign suppliers at a time of growing international tensions and talk of trade wars. “As an integrated circuit company, we are supported by government policies,” Kong commented.