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Found 6 results

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  4. Have you ever seen a program like this? It is the latest program based on the mining platform. You will receive FREE 30 GH/s after sign up. The mining platform is: 50% for Bitcoin mining 50% for USD mining. By the way you can choose 100% mining for bitcoin or USD depend on you. Important! If your aggregate deposit (reinvestment from the balance, a deposit with Payeer \ AdvCash \ Bitcoin, the percentage of capacity from your referrals) is less than 6 USD, then the output will be blocked by the system. In the event that the aggregate deposit is more than or equal to 6 USD, no restrictions are imposed on the withdrawal. Deposit: Minimum deposit is 1Gh s or you can deposit as low as $1.00. $1.00 = 6.67GH/s $10.00 = 66.70GH/s If using Bitcoin, there is no limit. As long as it reaches a total of 1GH/s Withdraw: The minimum withdrawals are: $2.00 / 0.001 btc Payment: Instant Payment if you pay with Payeer / Advcash. Bitcoin will take 3 confirmations. Profit: Profit estimates are 2.2% daily. Reference: You will receive 3 levels. However if they become an active user, you will receive additional power from their deposit. Level 1 - 12% GH/s Level 2 - 6% GH/s Level 3 - 3% GH/s Register Now: Https://btcstorm.cloud/?ref=85
  5. Hi! I'm starting a new project! Everyday I will post the most important news from the cryptocurrency world, so that we can gather all informations in one place and talk about it. If it is not enough for you, for more cryptocurrency news visit my facebook fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Dowbit/ Feel free to share you opoinions! Let's start: Cryptocurrency news – August 7th 1. Bitcoin skyrockets over $3300 2. Experts in India recommend discouraging cryptocurrency use 3. 150 new Bitcoin ATMs to be installed in Ukraine 4. Korean mall bans BTC and ETH mining 1. Another . Cryptocurrency not only went over psychological level of $3000 but today it’s worth more than $3300. The price advance also pushed bitcoin’s collective market capitalization past the $50 billion mark for the first time. Some analysts forecast further growth mentioning levels of $4000 or even $5000 by the end of the year. SegWit activation is almost guaranteed fostering further Bitcoin development. To the moon and beyond or the bubble will burst? What is your opinion? Source: Bitcoinist 2. The multi-ministerial panel created by India’s Finance Ministry has reportedly recommended that the government take urgent steps to discontinue or discourage the use of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin in the country. The panel also proposed that the government should regulate any commercial establishments and intermediaries if they continue using the digital currencies. The use of digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, continues to grow rapidly across India. If the government doesn’t proceed according to the recommendation it would help in boosting cryptocurrency value and development Source: CoinTelegraph 3. 150 Bitcoin ATMs will be installed in Ukraine this year, including 20-30 machines set to be installed on the streets of Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, by the end of the summer. Currently, there is only one BTM in Ukraine according to Coinatmradar. What is important the device - Cryptomat does not require user identification. Ukrainians will be able to purchase cryptocurrencies using local currency the hryvnia. Source: news.bitcoin 4. An electronics retail marketplace in South Korea has reportedly taken the unusual step of banning vendors from mining bitcoin in their stores. Yongsan Market, based in Seoul, has told merchants that they aren't allowed to mine cryptocurrencies – bitcoin and ether, specifically – because of electrical costs, rising temperatures and the risk of fire. The unusual decision is notable given the size of the market (the site boasts thousands of retail storefronts), and is a reflection of the growing popularity of small-scale cryptocurrency mining. Source:Coindesk See you tomorrow!
  6. Foreign ICO Ambassador Needed

    Hi All Wise Consulting Limited is releasing their ICO on the 30th of May 2017. The ICO system is already operational with the Digital Interchange Module(DIM) Coin ready and viable. Therefore, Wise Consulting is looking for consulting ambassadors from major countries around the world to join them on the ICO project. As this is crowd funding, the ambassadors will be paid at the end of Initial Coin Offering. Possible ambassadors can find more information by emailing us at [email protected]