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  • Where to get a pre-designed cryptocurrency investment business Website ? Copy of Copy of Pulsehyip.png Want to start a cryptocurrency business platform like bitconnect which has generating high revenue every year without meeting any loss ? You may think, Starting a cryptocurrency investment business website is much difficult nowadays. But actually it’s not! Yes, Don’t get worry, here the Pre-designed cryptpocurrency investment business model with the customization option. PULSEHYIP  —  PRE-DESIGNED CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SERVICE PROVIDER Pulsehyip offers a cryptocurrency investment business software to get your pre-designed cryptocurrency investment website with latest features and special cryptocurrency business add-ons like exchange, trading, lending, ICO business, digital token investment business. Simply saying, if you build your cryptocurrency investment business website with pulsehyip cryptocurrency investment software, then your investment website is resamples of bitconnect website. Benefits of buying a cryptocurrency investment business model with support of pulsehyip 1.Easy to use, user friendly, ready to install 2. Free demonstration while configuring the cryptocurrency investment business model 3. Support for the problems that you might have with the cryptocurrency investment business software 4. Implementing extra features and add-ons that you may need to add in your cryptocurrency investment business model 5. Customizing new templates or make design changes to your cryptocurrency business software Get free demo link Advertisements Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here You can hide these ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans. UPGRADE NOW DISMISS MESSAGE Share this: Press ThisTwitterFacebook1GoogleEmailLinkedIn1TumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype Related How HYIP bitcoin investment business script works for P2P exchange business success ? In "Best HYIP Script" Cryptocurrency investment business software will make you top business man in cryptocurrency investment business industry In "Best HYIP Script" What cryptocurrency investment business startup do to avoid scamming and hacking ? In "Best HYIP Script" BEST HYIP SCRIPT BITCOIN DOUBLER SOFTWARE BITCOIN HYIP SCRIPT BUSINESS HYIP SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY BANKING BUSINESS SOLUTION CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT SOFTWARE HYIP SCRIPT HYIP SOFTWARE ICO BUSINESS INVESTMENT INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT#BITCOIN#ENTREPRENEURS#STARTUPSBITCOIN HYIPBLOCKCHAINBUSINESSBUSINESS IDEASBUSINESS SOLUTIONCRYPTOCURRENCYDIGITALTOKENFINTECHHYIPICOINVESTMENTSCRIPTSTARTUP Published by pulsehyip Pulsehyip script provides complete high-secured HYIP investment business solutions on bitcoin, altcoin, other cryptocurrencies. it can be used as bitcoin doubler script. View all posts by pulsehyip Post navigation Previous Improve your cryptocurrency investment business platform By getting Cryptocurrency exchange business add-on – The new Innovations are arriving Leave a Reply Enter your comment here... About Pulsehyip Pulsehyip, which allows you to start investment & finance business applications. You can use HYIP script to bitcoin, altcoin & new cryptocurrencies.Visit on Website Pulsehyip.com Customize Edit Stats Skip to toolbar My Site Current site avatar Pulsehyip pulsehyip.wordpress.com Stats Stats Plan Free Manage Site Pages Add Blog Posts Add Media Add Comments Personalize Themes Customize Configure Sharing People Add Plugins Domains Add Settings + ADD NEW WORDPRESS Reader Streams Followed Sites Manage Conversations Discover Search My Likes pulsehyip @pulsehyip Sign Out Profile My Profile Account Settings Manage Purchases Security Notifications Special Get Apps Next Steps Help Write Log Out
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  1. nancey5334

    Bitcoin investment

    i know bitcoin itself is already an investment but i have 3 bitcoin sitting around and I'm looking for a quick 5% flip any idea??
  2. Bitcoin news!!!"Ethereum Creator Buterin Lambasts nChain’s Planned BCH Fork" http://cryptolauren.com/2018/08/22/ethereum-creator-buterin-lambasts-nchains-planned-bch-fork/
  3. BUENOS COIN URUGUAY CREATES COMMISSION OF CRYPTOCURRENCIES The Uruguayan Chamber of FinTech recently announced the creation of a Commission of Cryptocurrencies, looking to create a legal framework for the regulation of their use in Uruguayan territory. The initiative seeks to create a committee composed of several sectors of the community, such as consultants, entrepreneurs and companies to develop a legislative framework that promotes the growth of the cryptoworld in Uruguay, considering that the lack of regulations has been an impediment to its development. Also, far from pointing out limitations, the Uruguayan Chamber of FinTech invites us to consider the potential and opportunities that cryptocurrencies can offer for the State and citizens in general, considering them an efficient payment method and an opportunity to generate economic aids to the most disadvantaged sectors of the nation. In addition, the Chamber indicated that the development of the crypto community in Uruguay could provide valuable tools to fight against financial exclusion, although they don’t give too much importance to comment on the difficulties that the adaptation of cryptocurrencies could bring, such as the implementation of them in the daily life. Latin America everyday takes more in count the world of cryptocurrencies, for this reason, if you want to take on new projects we recommend that you don’t miss the development of our BUENOS COIN cryptocurrency, whose launch will change the world of cryptocurrencies in Argentina in a radical way. Wait for it. Website: https://buenos.io/ [email protected] Buenos is also making a mobile wallet. You will be able to manage your BUEN coin anywhere, anytime! The beta launch will take place in 2019. Do not miss it! Join the expert development team working around the clock on discord. https://discordapp.com/invite/uyFYVgB We want to know what you'd like to see from the coin in the future. Any suggestions? Comment below!
  4. Simply put, a masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is utilized to complete unique functions in ways ordinary nodes can’t. It can be used for features like direct send / instant transactions or private transactions. Because of their increased capabilities, masternodes typically require a sizable investment in order to run. But this is where incentivization comes into play, as masternode operators are rewarded by earning portions of block rewards in whatever given cryptocurrency they’re facilitating. No masternode is quite alike as each network has its own pros and cons, but with that said, every system approaches payouts in a different way. Some cryptocurrencies pay out rewards to masternode operators multiple times in a day, whereas other projects payout operators once daily. The benefit of this dynamic is that operators can still earn money and provide a service to the network without having to invest in expensive cryptocurrency mining gear. To help you understand more about Masternode, I will take a new coin that is using the Masternode mechanism is very optimized and complete now to generalize with you, it is co- GeekCash Masternodes are computers that run a GeekCash wallet and make decisions, such as locking transactions with InstantSend, coordinate mixing of coins, and voting on budget funding. Masternodes are required to have 10,000 GEEK collateral, a dedicated IP address, and be able to run 24 hours a day without a more than a 1 hr connection loss. Masternodes get paid start 25% and increased after each block, up to 80% of the block reward on every block, which is distributed to masternodes one at a time. Masternodes enable the following services: InstantSend (instant transactions). In contrast, Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes to confirm a payment. PrivateSend (anonymous transactions). In contrast, Bitcoin transactions are totally public and traceable. Only the identity of the addresses is anonymous. Decentralised Governance (masternodes govern, while the blockchain funds development). In contrast, Bitcoin is controlled by a few big miners and funded by 3rd party centralised institutions with self interests. Masternodes are also given voting rights on proposals. Each masternode has 1 vote and this vote can be used on budget proposals or important decisions that affect Geek. GeekCash - Install Masternode Tutorial https://codequs.com/p/SytaoR7k7/geekcash-install-masternode-tutorial
  5. As we all know that the Hybrid Stock Exchange is in the process of blockchain integration, as trailer was recently released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1u1JRqpg-k and a placeholder on their website https://hybse.com/, all these were included in this update: https://medium.com/welcome-to-dimcoin/hybse-trailer-is-here-12be44745d25. The landing page will following soon and hopefully the beta testing sometime in June. For those who don't know what HYBSE is, here is simple introduction of HYBSE is and what it does: Hybrid Stock Exchange is an online stock exchange platform that ofers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a platform where they can seek and access international capital from investors. Users can trade cryptonised currencies, securities and commodities. With HYBSE’s programming, the latest technology was fused with the wishes of ordinary traders and brokers. HYBSE is currently migrating to the blockchain protocol, since it has decided to conduct trading through cryptocurrencies. The mainstream equity markets are defined by over-regulation, red-tape, excessive fees and long waiting periods before trading can commence. Trading on the platform can be done p2p, eliminating the need for too many external intermediaries. The DIM Currencies are recognised and permitted as a medium of exchange on the platform. Issuers will have their securities cryptonised by HYBSE before they are listed. Cryptonised instruments will be transferred to DEPOTWALLET addresses allowing users to trade. HYBSE will also decryptonise shares when it is in the best interest of the DIM Ecosystem. The steps, means and costs of decryptonising can be viewed on the HYBSE website. A brief overview of HYBSE and the DIM Ecosystem: The DIM Ecosystem offers services such as cryptonisation (virtualization) of equity, trading in cryptonised shares and assets, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat currency exchanges, e-commerce, debit card purchases, business transactions, and commodity trading. HYBSE is part of the DIM Ecosystem and will allow trading of stocks, commodities, securities etc. on the blockchain. SME's can register to get their IBIN and list their assets on HYBSE. Sources: https://www.dimcoin.io/wp-content/themes/dimcoin/images/docs/DIMCOIN-whitepaper-summary.pdf https://www.dimcoin.io/ https://dim.foundation/ Big things are about to happen for all the DIM holders.
  6. iliyas1774


    Hello Friends Here comes a great opportunity!!! Welcome to HDXchange, HDX is a cryptocurrency exchange which has come up with groundbreaking solutions and offers never before seen or heard. We have prioritized profit distribution to a level which no other exchange has ever done. Our bonus schemes and offers will give a life-time benefits to our investors. All our ICO investors will get 40% of the future exchange revenue and we are providing Peer-to- Peer transaction architecture which brings the trading commission fee to 0%. In addition to that, we have five different cryptocurrencies for you to choose from which are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. We firmly believe that we can expand ourselves only when people associated with us grow. We have ensured that our schemes multiply the benefits among the investors and token holders manifold. We are very enthusiastic to announce the launch of our ICO which is scheduled to go in five different phases, starting from April 20th 2018 till May 30th 2018. Here are the benefits that we are doling out to our investors and token holders. ICO SCHEDULES DATE PHASE USD/HDX TKN QTY BONUS ICO DAYS April 20th – April 26th Presale 0.30 3 MILLION 40% 7 April 29th - May 5th 1st Round ICO 0.50 5 MILLION 30% 7 May 8th - May 14th 2nd Round ICO 0.70 7 MILLION 20% 7 May 16th - May 22nd 3rd Round ICO 0.90 8 MILLION 10% 7 May 24th - May 30th 4th Round ICO 1.00 10 MILLION 0% 7 Here is the limit of token purchase in different phases of ICO:- Phases Minimum Purchase Maximum Purchase Presale 100 Tokens 10000 Tokens 1st Phase 100 Tokens 5000 Tokens 2nd Phase 100 Tokens 3000 Tokens 3rd Phase 100 Tokens 3000 Tokens 4th Phase 100 Tokens 3000 Tokens Registration Bonus - 20HDX Tokens(FOR FIRST 5000 REGISTRATIONS ONLY) 20HDX tokens will be immediately allotted to your account once you register for HDXchange and this is absolutely complimentary. We want to encourage people to buy our tokens in a way that benefits them. We aim to achieve a client base which verifies all the claims we are making. This is a bid to build confidence and strengthen relationships with people who are backing us. We are distributing this as a token of acknowledgment and want people want to know that we value their consideration. Referral Bonus - 8% Instant BTCThis is indeed one of its kind deal and has never before offered by any exchange. We are offering 8% of referral amount in Bitcoin instead of our own tokens, which will be instantly credited to your dashboard. For example, if another user referred by you is purchasing 500HDX tokens, you'll get 8% of the total purchase in Bitcoins. The bitcoins that you earn can be instantly withdrawn through "Dashboard" on the website. ICO sale bonus- 40%,30%,20%,10% and 0% Another unparalleled scheme is provision of additional tokens throughout the ICO duration. If you purchase tokens during pre-sale you'll get 40% additional tokens. For example, if you buy 100 tokens during pre-sale, you'll get 140 tokens in total. The same formula is applied in the subsequent offers. Next ones are 30% during the 1st phase of ICO, 20% during the 2nd phase, 10% during 3rd phase. There will be no additional tokens provided during the last phase of ICO. HDX has high values and we believe in overall growth of economy and society. Our team has years of experience in different domains and we have channelized all our knowledge and prowess into this project. We have conjured resources that are hard to come by and utilized them in the most efficient manner. Our toil has finally rendered a product which we all wanted to create and we are overjoyed to share our story among HDX extended family. We wish that the efforts we put in will bear fruitful results and years of success. Register now and get 20HDX Tokens: https://hdxchange.io/ Referral Bonus 8% BTC (Only on first purchase of your referred person). And you can withdrawal BTC it or can purchase HDX. Join Telegram Community: https://t.me/hdxchange Re: Welcome to HDXchange April 10, 2018, 03:54:33 AM #2 Not have bounty translation? Re: Welcome to HDXchange April 10, 2018, 08:37:32 AM #3 Quote from: Mikada on April 10, 2018, 03:54:33 AM Not have bounty translation? They haven't launch their bounty campaign, so you can waiting for it in the next time Re: Welcome to HDXchange Quote from: Mikada on April 10, 2018, 03:54:33 AM Not have bounty translation? HDX has introduced its Bounty Program which will provide Bitcoins instead of HDX tokens. If the person referred by you purchases HDX tokens under some specific purchase brackets, you will be earning a predetermined sum in Bitcoins. These purchase brackets are as follows:- 500 - 1000 HDX Tokens = 5% BTC 1000 - 5000 HDX Tokens = 8% BTC 5000 - 10000 HDX Tokens = 10% BTC 10000 HDX Tokens onwards = 15% BTC If your referral's purchase falls under any of these purchase brackets, you will be eligible for the bounty program instantly as well as the 8% referral bonus GET THE BEST NOW!!! .
  7. As a trade war is going on between US and China, it is affecting prices of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrencies are in great agony due to the uncertainty of the prices. The bitcoin has come below $7,000 for the first time after a brief period of two months. Read full info here: https://coinpedia.org/news/bitcoin-steeps-7000-professed-major-fall-cryptocurrencies-prices/
  8. IRS has guidance on Bitcoin or cryptocurrency taxation. However, it treats cryptocurrencies as property for tax purposes.Check Detail Info here: IRS’s guidelines on Cryptocurrencies
  9. Regulation lies at the centre of cryptocurrency —- while government of various countries ban ICOs, social and search giant also commenced following the ban the foot. But the leading financial services organisation, Mastercard is supporting cryptocurrencies as long as they are backed by GovernmentRead more here: MasterCard Supports Only Government Backed Cryptocurrencies
  10. This world is connected by love. A life started from the blood inside the mother, all species brings in their bonding, has long been needs to share between people have been formed, in other ways such as money, spirit, help, etc., "love" has been shared so. "Share" as the candle lit up the human faith. In our time, there are a lot of people who spent most of their wealth to charity in the hope that help the whole humanity: Bill Gate, Warren Buffett or Mark Zuccurberg is the example of donations of these people have been rescued every million people and people who are they help to continue to share them with other people. But not all goodness is put in place, there are bad guys hiding under the shadow of "love" with their evil heart, they take advantage of the good to benefit personal without help those who deserve. Although so many people try to manage their sharing to make sure it is used in the right place, however bad guys appear everywhere and such bad things can not exist in this beautiful world. And the Giftcoin project was born to create a place where every good thing will come to its rightful place. WHAT IS Giftcoin?? This is a revolutionary new system designed to revolutionize charitable donations. With the belief that the field of charity is seriously committed, it is equally important to build trust with donors. The blockchain ledger technology will bring transparency and openness to all project activities, charities can easily check and verify their contributions, it will restore confidence in how the system contributes, by making the system more accessible to the public and allowing more individuals to participate. In addition to direct personal sponsorship, Giftcoin also has a project funding function, which allows donors to set goals and milestones for the project, allowing the community to feel valued by the community. with events rather than personal generosity. This means that if the project fails to achieve its goals, such as building a school for poor children or a hospital in a difficult village, funds can be returned to homes. donate so that they can participate in other projects in the future without losing hope. With Giftcoin, there will be a ledger distribution and it will allow the sponsors control fund distribution is the distribution, users will also have a simple choice between and widely adopted to choose a program donate monthly where they will have the choice to fund the movement continuous without losing the connection. Fostering trust is a very important issue, and it requires the participation of all to begin and achieve maturity. Past donor activities have been used to take place in unclear areas, where donors do not have direct access to or full knowledge of where their donations are sent to. Giftcoin is a technology that restores the credibility of the process, donors have a clean place to contribute their assets, and on the opposite side of the hard-hitting people will really get the help they need to improve their lives GiftCoin activity how? The first will have an application for switching a small fee, money that will be the rest of the expenditures in to Giftcoin you can use it to donate and make a difference without to spend money your. This money will be undertaken in the when you shop and even you will feel that, in fact, you were donating. The company will use the contract smart to completely transparency about the people who received the contributions. This will encourage more people use more donated, because this is something that really prevented many people from donating their money. You will have the card and then you might donate to the organization you want and follow the money to see if it is being used as you said it. All the process was developed to encourage people to contribute more money and help the causes of important matters to them. Development team of Giftcoin: A mind-set project is indispensable to qualified members. Let's go to some people in the project to understand more about them. Alex Howard Charity Founder & Visionary In 2004 Alex founded The Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world leading integrative medicine clinics with patients in 40 countries, and now run as a UK charity. More recently he founded online self development platform Conscious Life. He has been recognised by the Parliamentary Review. Tim Bichara Product Specialist Tim is an entrepreneur and CPO. He was the co-founder of fintech start up Q App (Acquired by Yoyo wallet in 2016), as well as product consultancy Nimble Mobile. His awards include Times 2015 top 10 disrupters to watch, Startups 100 two years running and two interactive BAFTAs. Jon Beddoes Enterpreneur & Investor Jonathan embarked on his entrepreneurial career at age 15 when he started a web hosting company. Since then he has founded several successful businesses including a leading software monetisation platform and Techtopia, a creative campus and tech incubator. In 2014, he co-founded Safer Technologies (a security software company) which was acquired by Avast Software in March 2017. Along with many other members of the project, they have the confidence to bring GiftCoin to a bright future. Some of the project partners: ICO information and token allocation method: More infonation: - Website: https://www.giftcoin.org/ - Whitepaper: https://www.giftcoin.org/GiftCoin_Whitepaper_v1_3.pdf - Telegram: https://t.me/GiftcoinCrypto - Facebook: https://facebook.com/GiftcoinCrypto - Twitter: https://twitter.com/GiftcoinCrypto — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Success comes from ideas, starting with enthusiastic people and flying high by the whole community -Author: Hoangvuhk3110 -Link Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1805177
  11. I have made some profits in 2017 on buying and selling BTC and ETH, and I was looking to find some more complex opportunities about cryptocurrencies, in general. We all know that many industries started to accept digital currency as a method of payment for their services, but how about making money on it? Unfortunately, I'm not a computer genius, so mining BTC is not an option for me. I came across this website - www.beetoom.com - this company is said to be the first trading environment that exclusively uses Bitcoin! Basically, you deposit BTC - trade on markets - and withdraw profits in BTC. This sound very good to me, since you can benefit twice: from BTC price movement and from capital markets in the same time! I have opened a demo account to check the platform, as I have a little experience with MT4 and MT5. In my opinion, they have a way better and intuitive platform that also allows you to check the other traders' activity and so on, and it's very helpful for a guy like me. I am thinking to actually open a real account and start business with them. Does anybody knows about Beetoom, or have friends that are already trading with them? THNKS!
  12. The worlds ultra-rich invest their wealth into the cryptocurrency marketplace, although indistinct of term cryptocurrency says Wealth Report survey by Knight Frank. Read detail info here: Cryptocurrency marketplace
  13. Here is a huge list of airdrops and bounties currently going on. I'll try my best to keep it curated with others I find and remove expired links. I put the best and easiest ones to sign up for at the top, other than Refereum, which is at the bottom, due to needing telegram as well as the nature of the bounty. You need an erc20 wallet for most, metamask or something similiar, and a few require telegram in order to register for the airdrop. Other than that, none of these required any posting on social media or so forth(did have to follow a few, but if that isn't your thing just move on to the next one :)) I have included links without referrals as well for all that are applicable (which is most), I would be greatly appreciative if you used the referral links, but understand some people don't like that. In which case feel free to use the plain links. https://codepen.io/userboi/full/yvBBNE/
  14. What is mobilink? WEBSITE : https://mobilink.ioWHITE PAPER : https://mobilink.io/Mobilink-Whitepaper.pdfREFERRAL : https://mobilink.io/dashboard/signup.php COINTELEGRAPH: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/biggest-ico-ever-mobilink-coming-soon-jan-2018TELEGRAPH : https://www.t.me/mobilinkcoinMOBILINK Network is the 1st Decentralized Mobile Telecom Provider and has now launched the MOBILINK-COIN, making it the only border-less and decentralized telecom network, using Ethereum Smart Contract based blockchain technology with our unique algorithm to calculate Ad revenue sharing and Proof of Work.MOBILINK-COIN will eliminate all mobile monthly fees to users, by replacing your current mobile SIM card with a MOBILINK-SIM Card. The revenue that’s currently generated from user’s monthly voice/data service fee will be replaced by revenue from digital advertising. In fact, revenues generated from digital mobile ads per user are forecasted to be more than 235% of mobile monthly fee revenues by 2021. This will allow MOBILINK-Network and its COIN holders to earn more in MOBILINK-COINS than what they would currently pay in monthly mobile service fees. For more information check our website and whitepaper Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MOBILINKICO/bitcointalk account: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2614818.msg26607277#msg26607277linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobilinkcoin/
  15. Memetic coin (MEME) was called Pepe coin. Master nodes are also referred to as Master Toads by Memetic / Pepe coin users. READ THIS BEFORE INSTALLING - video shows sending 15,010 coins, that was a mistake. You have to send EXACTLY 15,000 coins. Memetic Master Node - Ideally this is run on a 2CPU Linode. What the stack script does: Step 1: Installs docker Step 2: Installs MN's from github: https://github.com/CryptoHawaii-com/m... This will create (2) master nodes: 1. Seeding server on port 29377 2. Master node on port 29387 *all rewards goto you for helping out with the seeding. What you need to do: 1. Wallet - create master node - IP of your node:29477 2. Fund the received address with 15,000 coins (it may or may not charge you) it'll be live after 15 confirmations. - Send EXACTLY 15,000 coins - otherwise, you will get errors. (our video walkthrough was wrong to send 15,010 coins) 3. Get config and input in the 1-time entry URL @ the IP of your server - After you input the key the website will never work again (if you make a mistake you'll have to reinstall) 4. Click on your MN to start receiving payments. Notes : Help us out, sign the petition for Hawaii to allow Coinbase: http://cryptohawaii.com If you want assistance email [email protected] If you found this helpful don't be shy to donate: MEME/PEPE : PWpvpjXvEuMEA42d1vGhZDMsoFCcHE9Aar BTC : 1DMjyW6V5enMPhzDQBR9QeU3Rt8B6EFjUK ZEN CASH : znUe52p5ZCrfFGLNBsJPgvdJMRcgeytoiQ2 LTC : LVh26vHmUirETSYmymkGJTCFyhNRACvuEL ETH : 0x777ace7f2fbbbf29ad86d0a00e759953970393aa
  16. Hashware

    Be Christmas Smart

    Hi Users, The festive period is upon us all, we need to be smart in making decisions that would cause a great change next year. As we all are aware, Bitcoin is about to hit the $20000/BTC mark, which is a lot looking back at months when the price used to be $3000/BTC. You might want to cash in your Bitcoins now to make profits to spend for celebrations that can be avoided, It’s just next year. You wouldn’t want to know how much it’s going to cost next year. From my calculations, Next year would be the best time to cash in your Bitcoins in your BTC wallet. By this predicted time, it’s price should have hit $30000 - $50000/BTC which would bring in huge profits Because selling your bitcoin in a short time will lead you to have a regret. You will notice if you sell your bitcoin at low(I still think at $15000/BTC now is still low) price it will not give a profitable value but, if you are going to hold and wait for a long run of your bitcoin since its value is not fixed you could earn a lot of profit on it. If bitcoin reaches $20000/BTC it will have to be because the fiat currencies of the world are tumbling to worthlessness via a hyperinflation type scenario and bitcoin is the safe haven, which if you know anything about the current monetary systems of the world, you know this is inevitable. (there have been 3800 fiat currencies throughout history and EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE has crashed to worthlessness; a value of zero) Why would you then sell all of your sound money (Bitcoin) for a bunch of fiat money that is inevitably becoming worthless? I don't understand the logic in doing that. If bitcoin ever reaches $20000 per bitcoin, you will NEVER see me selling for fiat paper money. You may however see me having a shopping spree at Furniture, Bedding, Jewelry & More or http://TigerDirect.com or Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, and More! I will be buying things I want with my bitcoin profits DIRECTLY WITH BITCOIN, not selling my bitcoin for paper fiat. Hopefully by then there will be many more options, perhaps even Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more will be accepting bitcoin for goods and I can have my shopping spree there. Point being, selling bitcoin for dollars seems counterproductive. Why convert your paper fiat currency into sound value storing superior bitcoin, only to sell all of your superior bitcoin back for worthless antiquated fiat currency again? Why not just spend the bitcoin itself to buy what you want instead of taking a loss by converting back into dollars which will inflate away eventually anyway? I hope you make the right decision and continue investing in Bitcoins, and if you need a guide or assistance in placing profitable bitcoin investments, reach out to me via Quora. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year … Wish you all more wealth and health. Stevie Hash [email protected]
  17. Cryptocurrency investment fund https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2075838.0;topicseen About us First blockchain fintech company that bridges blockchain and cryptocurrencies to traditional capital markets. Ability to accelerate development of the blockchain sector through traditional capital markets while creating long-term value. Experienced team and advisors who have been integral to the success of several billion dollar companies. innovative consulting/sales process creating multiple touchpoints and priming clients for future revenue opportunities. Low working capital requirements allows maximum profitability on SaaS solutions therefore maximizing profit with very low OpEx. Healthy balance sheet provides flexibility to pursue further blockchain opportunities. Whitepaper Link:https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io/technical-documents/ https://twitter.com/CIF_team https://twitter.com/CIF_team https://www.facebook.com/cryptoimprovementfund https://t.me/CIF_team
  18. The Yapese, who lived Western Pacific located between Guam and Philippines called Yap, used the Rai of Yap as their cryptocurrencies dating 1,500 years ago. Check out: Rai of Yap
  19. Professor Schmuel Hauser, chairman of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) draws several regulator’s concerns regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Find detail info here:Israel Securities Authority
  20. New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority announces regarding the ICOs and the cryptocurrencies services. Cryptocurrencies and token must act according to the fair trading Act 1986. Since, these are not the financial product and services in the trade. Source of the Article: New Zealand’s FMA
  21. Pindify Corporate Video _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pindify Intro _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Interview In this 40 minutes video, Pindify founder, Christopher Wallin chats with Johan Lindgren Chief Operation officer about the music world and the vision for Pindify as it goes global. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Pindex Token ICO</title> </head> <body> <img src="https://pindex.uci.global/pindex.jpg" style="width:100%;height:100%;" alt="" /> </body> </html> Official Announcement Page: https://pindify.com/market/cards/pindify-token Official Crowdsale (ICO) Page: https://pindex.uci.global
  22. Welcome to iQuant (IQT) Chain Coin Hunting Campaign iQuantChain will launch its ICO from 25th September 2017 20:00pm to 25th November 2017 20:00 pm on its website http://www.5iquant.org. We invite you to take part in our bounty campaign: Free register on our website and split 1,000,000 IQT together Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friends Invitation Ranking You will get the token of IQuant Chain(IQT) for free by participating in any campaign. Detailed Information about the Campaign 1. Free registration and split 1,000,000 IQT together http://www.5iquant.org When ICO starts, all people who have registered on our website successfully will split our 1,000,000 IQT reward together. Your reward will be sent to your wallet after our ICO. 2. Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friendshttp://www.5iquant.org All the people who registered in our website will get an Invite Link. You can copy and send it to your friends. 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Requirements a.Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Telegram group or channel, which has more than 100 fans can participate in the campaign, and the account couldn’t have negative evaluation; b.Share at least once a day; c.You can only have one account in every social software, other accounts are invalid; d.Copy this article on Twitter or Facebook or both, or you can repost or retweet the article on Facebook account or Twitter account; e.Join the IQT Telegram group, post links of posting or reposting, follower screenshot, universal Ethereum Wallet address to our customer supporter @IQT_group (daily or weekly), she will check your bounty at the end of the campaign. f.If you have other channels to share and promote, we welcome! Please contact our customer supporter in Telegram. We will also give you the bounty according to your followers. Account which has 100-500 Followers: reward free 2 IQT per day. Account which has 501-1000 Followers: reward free 5 IQT per day. 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The main difference between us and other bounty activities is that the IQT has been listed on the exchange and can trade. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=IQT_BTC https://www.coinexchange.io/market/IQT/BTC https://www.allcoin.com/markets/IQT-BTC/0/ https://etherdelta.com/#IQT-ETH iQuant(IQT) Chain Mission and Vision iQuant(IQT)Chain is currently the only successfully landed project in which world top-class quantitative platform applied in block chain fields. Meanwhile it is the first to realize one-stop intelligent automatic trading of global actual financial assets and digital currency by integrating block chain and smart contract technology with innovated application of artificial intelligence. iQuantChain will be used to establish a decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and globalized quantitative trading platform which seamlessly connects global digital assets with actual financial business. For example, the actual financial assets represented by stocks, futures, share option and foreign exchange and the global digital currency represented by BTC and ETH will be put together, the first time in the world, for trading on one integrated platform by iQuantChain. 5iquant will provide comprehensive, intelligent, simplified and one-stop quantitative automatic trading service for ordinary investors as well as professional investors around the world, thus jointly promoting new financial development for global block chain. More changes will be added in the future. Of course, we will continue to develop to be listed on more exchanges.Stay turned. 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  23. Here are the quick updates on Bitcoin volatility as price gets more fluctuates and cryptocurrency market as garbage. Find a detail info here: Quick updates-Cryptocurrencies are Garbage & regulation solve Bitcoin Volatility
  24. Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platforms are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange Cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or traditional currency like US dollars or Euro. For this you need to trade professionally and make use of trading tools and Coin-banks are what that can fulfill your needs. What you need to do? Firstly you need to login to https://coin-banks.com/, then you need to press the create account button enter the existing required details such as name, contact number, email id and password of your choice followed by clicking on the open free account option to create an account. After clicking on the SIGN UP option, you get this dialogue box stating that the Registration Process is in progress after which CoinBanks will send you an con link formation link on your registered email id. Why I like coin-banks trading? Make transactions quicker than other systems Always availability for transactions Make transactions from anywhere in the world Make safer transactions Perform transactions without interference of any third party Purchase any kind of asset using bit coin Trade Bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat currencies. Besides Bitcoin, there are a lot of other Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. You can use your invested funds into Coin-Banks to trade all of these currencies. This allows you to trade multiple currencies. Although Bitcoin is the biggest and most known Cryptocurrency it is not the only one Monitor all transactions from home PC or from Smartphone. Communication with the crypto currency exchanges is commonly done using a standard web browser, over a secure SSL connection Following is an overall idea as my experience with coin banks that will let you know more about this: In terms of Privacy: You access the system by entering a username and password. Security Resources in the Coin-Banks website and access to the site system is secured and controlled by a security system that enables access only to those services that are required by the system. Information transferred between the site and your personal computer is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryption Certificate. In terms of liquidity and limit: Coin-Banks offers the most liquid exchange in the world, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGO, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, Iota, Ripple, Zcash, and Santiment against USD or BTC with minimal slippage. No official buying limits set by Coin-banks. You Can buy as little as $10 worth of bitcoins. In terms of Speed: The speed at which your bitcoins are available will depend on payment method. But usually Buys made with cash deposit generally deliver bitcoins within 1 hour. In-person Coin-Banks are fast and easy to organize. In terms of Payment Methods Accepted: coin-banks users are free to buy and sell using any payment method. The payment methods available to buyers will depend on what’s available in your location. There is availability of Wide range of payment methods to choose from. In terms of Customer Support: Coin-banks offer support via email. In fact as my personal experience with coin-banks the Support is usually quick to respond to all issues. Coin-banks offer forums where you can request help from other users of the platform. In terms of Reputation and Regulation: Can You Trust Coin-banks? Coin-banks is one of the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges, and the largest one today. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. it is Not a scam. It terms of fees charges: Fees are generally pretty low, its approximately around 1-2% What makes coin-banks different than others? If you wish to open various accounts is would adulterate your capability to trade when you choose and if you needed your funds to trade a different currency then you would have to wait to sell and receive your funds form one before you can trade the next. What do you think why would you use a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are known for being secure and provide a level of ambiguity. Transactions in Cryptocurrencies cannot be fake or overturned and there lean to be low fees, making it more consistent than conservative currency. Their decentralized nature means they are accessible to everybody, where banks can be restricted in which they will let open accounts. As a new form of cash, the cryptocurrency markets have been known to small investment can become a large sum over night. But the same works the other way. People look to invest in cryptocurrencies should be conscious of the instability of the market and the risks they take when buying. Because of the level of obscurity Cryptocurrencies offer, they are often associated with illegal activity, particularly on the dark web. Users should be careful about the connotation when choosing to buy the currencies. As my personal speaker point of view, coin-banks is a solid cryptocurrency exchange. They are in my opinion the safest one to use. It is one of the godfather of all exchanges because they have been around for so long. I gives Coin banks an extra layer of credibility bacThey also support more Fiat because currency so if you are from Europe, Kraken might be the exchange just for you. In precise it’s a cleanest and easy to use platform.