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Found 10 results

  1. Pindify Corporate Video _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pindify Intro _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Interview In this 40 minutes video, Pindify founder, Christopher Wallin chats with Johan Lindgren Chief Operation officer about the music world and the vision for Pindify as it goes global. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Pindex Token ICO</title> </head> <body> <img src="https://pindex.uci.global/pindex.jpg" style="width:100%;height:100%;" alt="" /> </body> </html> Official Announcement Page: https://pindify.com/market/cards/pindify-token Official Crowdsale (ICO) Page: https://pindex.uci.global
  2. Welcome to iQuant (IQT) Chain Coin Hunting Campaign iQuantChain will launch its ICO from 25th September 2017 20:00pm to 25th November 2017 20:00 pm on its website http://www.5iquant.org. We invite you to take part in our bounty campaign: Free register on our website and split 1,000,000 IQT together Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friends Invitation Ranking You will get the token of IQuant Chain(IQT) for free by participating in any campaign. Detailed Information about the Campaign 1. Free registration and split 1,000,000 IQT together http://www.5iquant.org When ICO starts, all people who have registered on our website successfully will split our 1,000,000 IQT reward together. Your reward will be sent to your wallet after our ICO. 2. Free IQT giveaway if you invite your friendshttp://www.5iquant.org All the people who registered in our website will get an Invite Link. You can copy and send it to your friends. If they register successfully through your link, you will get 2 IQT for free. 3. Invitation Rankinghttp://www.5iquant.org We will have a ranking list of all registers according to the number of friends you invite successfully, and give rewards for free to the top 20. No.1 100 IQT for Free No.2 70 IQT for Free No.3 50 IQT for Free No.4—No.20 20 IQT for Free 4. Coin Hunting Campaign By following ways of share the contents of this post and providing the links to our Telegram customer support account, you can get free IQT once we confirm it, and you do anything you want for the rewarded IQT, even sale it on exchanges. Last campaign started from 14th September to 22th September. Then new campaign will start from 23th September to 29th September. We will check your bounty at the end of the campaign. Our Telegram customer account is IQT_group. Requirements a.Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Telegram group or channel, which has more than 100 fans can participate in the campaign, and the account couldn’t have negative evaluation; b.Share at least once a day; c.You can only have one account in every social software, other accounts are invalid; d.Copy this article on Twitter or Facebook or both, or you can repost or retweet the article on Facebook account or Twitter account; e.Join the IQT Telegram group, post links of posting or reposting, follower screenshot, universal Ethereum Wallet address to our customer supporter @IQT_group (daily or weekly), she will check your bounty at the end of the campaign. f.If you have other channels to share and promote, we welcome! Please contact our customer supporter in Telegram. We will also give you the bounty according to your followers. Account which has 100-500 Followers: reward free 2 IQT per day. Account which has 501-1000 Followers: reward free 5 IQT per day. Account which has 1001-2000 Followers: reward free 10 IQT per day. Account which has 2001-3000 Followers: reward free 15 IQT per day. Account which has 3001-4000 Followers: reward free 20 IQT per day. Account which has 4001-5000 Followers: reward free 25 IQT per day. Account which has 5001-8000 Followers: reward free 30 IQT per day. Account which has 8001-10000 Followers: reward free 40 IQT per day. Account which has 10001-15000 Followers: reward free 50 IQT per day. Account which has more than 15000 Followers: reward free 60 IQT per day. If you share for 7 continuous day without deletion, you will be rewarded with an additional free 50 IQT. The main difference between us and other bounty activities is that the IQT has been listed on the exchange and can trade. https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=IQT_BTC https://www.coinexchange.io/market/IQT/BTC https://www.allcoin.com/markets/IQT-BTC/0/ https://etherdelta.com/#IQT-ETH iQuant(IQT) Chain Mission and Vision iQuant(IQT)Chain is currently the only successfully landed project in which world top-class quantitative platform applied in block chain fields. Meanwhile it is the first to realize one-stop intelligent automatic trading of global actual financial assets and digital currency by integrating block chain and smart contract technology with innovated application of artificial intelligence. iQuantChain will be used to establish a decentralized, safe, convenient, intelligent and globalized quantitative trading platform which seamlessly connects global digital assets with actual financial business. For example, the actual financial assets represented by stocks, futures, share option and foreign exchange and the global digital currency represented by BTC and ETH will be put together, the first time in the world, for trading on one integrated platform by iQuantChain. 5iquant will provide comprehensive, intelligent, simplified and one-stop quantitative automatic trading service for ordinary investors as well as professional investors around the world, thus jointly promoting new financial development for global block chain. More changes will be added in the future. Of course, we will continue to develop to be listed on more exchanges.Stay turned. For more information, please go to our official website. http://www.5iquant.org Telegram customer account IQT_group Telegram Group invite link https://t.me/joinchat/Gb_-Vgv8qJWw_ZNdh9nMZA Telegram Channel link https://t.me/iQuantChain Facebook Iqt Chain https://www.facebook.com/iqt.chain Facebook Page iQuantChain Twitter iQuantChain https://twitter.com/iQuantChain Slack https://iqt-group.slack.com Github IquantChain https://github.com/IquantChain Reddit IQTChain https://www.reddit.com/user/IQTChain Medium IQT_Chain https://medium.com/@IQT_Chain
  3. Here are the quick updates on Bitcoin volatility as price gets more fluctuates and cryptocurrency market as garbage. Find a detail info here: Quick updates-Cryptocurrencies are Garbage & regulation solve Bitcoin Volatility
  4. Hi All, All we know bitcoin is upcoming top most cryptocurrency . Currently, bitcoin investment business is one of the leading business. Bitcoin investment business is a great way for business people to generate high profit. HYIP bitcoin investment script serve to build reliable and secured website for your business. With help of bitcoin HYIP investment business script, you can start your reliable investment business solutions for every flexible business ideas. Bitcoin HYIP Investment Business Script to launch your own hyip investment platform on bitcoin. Ready made HYIP bitcoin business script as software package is ready to install & easy customize. Check out the website to know more info about HYIP bitcoin business script
  5. Crypto Currency exchange & Margin Trading Platforms are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange Cryptocurrencies for other digital currency or traditional currency like US dollars or Euro. For this you need to trade professionally and make use of trading tools and Coin-banks are what that can fulfill your needs. What you need to do? Firstly you need to login to https://coin-banks.com/, then you need to press the create account button enter the existing required details such as name, contact number, email id and password of your choice followed by clicking on the open free account option to create an account. After clicking on the SIGN UP option, you get this dialogue box stating that the Registration Process is in progress after which CoinBanks will send you an con link formation link on your registered email id. Why I like coin-banks trading? Make transactions quicker than other systems Always availability for transactions Make transactions from anywhere in the world Make safer transactions Perform transactions without interference of any third party Purchase any kind of asset using bit coin Trade Bitcoin for USD, Euros, or other fiat currencies. Besides Bitcoin, there are a lot of other Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies. You can use your invested funds into Coin-Banks to trade all of these currencies. This allows you to trade multiple currencies. Although Bitcoin is the biggest and most known Cryptocurrency it is not the only one Monitor all transactions from home PC or from Smartphone. Communication with the crypto currency exchanges is commonly done using a standard web browser, over a secure SSL connection Following is an overall idea as my experience with coin banks that will let you know more about this: In terms of Privacy: You access the system by entering a username and password. Security Resources in the Coin-Banks website and access to the site system is secured and controlled by a security system that enables access only to those services that are required by the system. Information transferred between the site and your personal computer is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryption Certificate. In terms of liquidity and limit: Coin-Banks offers the most liquid exchange in the world, allowing users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGO, Ethereum Classic, EOS, Dash, Iota, Ripple, Zcash, and Santiment against USD or BTC with minimal slippage. No official buying limits set by Coin-banks. You Can buy as little as $10 worth of bitcoins. In terms of Speed: The speed at which your bitcoins are available will depend on payment method. But usually Buys made with cash deposit generally deliver bitcoins within 1 hour. In-person Coin-Banks are fast and easy to organize. In terms of Payment Methods Accepted: coin-banks users are free to buy and sell using any payment method. The payment methods available to buyers will depend on what’s available in your location. There is availability of Wide range of payment methods to choose from. In terms of Customer Support: Coin-banks offer support via email. In fact as my personal experience with coin-banks the Support is usually quick to respond to all issues. Coin-banks offer forums where you can request help from other users of the platform. In terms of Reputation and Regulation: Can You Trust Coin-banks? Coin-banks is one of the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges, and the largest one today. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. it is Not a scam. It terms of fees charges: Fees are generally pretty low, its approximately around 1-2% What makes coin-banks different than others? If you wish to open various accounts is would adulterate your capability to trade when you choose and if you needed your funds to trade a different currency then you would have to wait to sell and receive your funds form one before you can trade the next. What do you think why would you use a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are known for being secure and provide a level of ambiguity. Transactions in Cryptocurrencies cannot be fake or overturned and there lean to be low fees, making it more consistent than conservative currency. Their decentralized nature means they are accessible to everybody, where banks can be restricted in which they will let open accounts. As a new form of cash, the cryptocurrency markets have been known to small investment can become a large sum over night. But the same works the other way. People look to invest in cryptocurrencies should be conscious of the instability of the market and the risks they take when buying. Because of the level of obscurity Cryptocurrencies offer, they are often associated with illegal activity, particularly on the dark web. Users should be careful about the connotation when choosing to buy the currencies. As my personal speaker point of view, coin-banks is a solid cryptocurrency exchange. They are in my opinion the safest one to use. It is one of the godfather of all exchanges because they have been around for so long. I gives Coin banks an extra layer of credibility bacThey also support more Fiat because currency so if you are from Europe, Kraken might be the exchange just for you. In precise it’s a cleanest and easy to use platform.
  6. Hi Friends, I need your help. I want to start a business based on bitcoin investment. I need to create reliable and high secured website for my bitcoin investment business. I confused to choose the high featured script for my business. I would like to know who is the best service provider for my bitcoin business. Can anyone help me?
  7. BITOTAL INTRODUCES TTT THE CRYPTOCURRENCIES TRADING INDEX A tradable asset based on the 20 biggest cryptocurrencies available After 9 months of work and testing we are finally ready to fill in what we believe was an hole in the cryptoexchange trading market. Simplify trade behaviour of investors who are looking to take profit from the Newage economy. An Index which can be seen similar to Nasdaq QQQ or Dow Jones SP500 where an average value is given to a selection of companies shares. In the TTT environment you buy or sell simultaneously the 20 largest for capitalization alternative coins. After we achieved our first goal we discovered the enormous potential that the used algorythms may have not only in the financial market but also in the real world and in the daily life. We decided to build a new technology that use the Crypto financial market to create passive income and that can also be implemented in a credit or savings card. ALGORYTHMS Most of the cryptocurrencies traders nowadays use bots to autotrade the market. Some others use charts and indicators like Bollinger or Fibonacci.TTT algorhytms have no association with any of those tools.By trading simultaneously BTC and altcoins we create a situation where we'll have 50% of chance of a positive trade, 25% neutral and 25% negative.That can be easily explained by the fact that we have the possibility that Bitcoin price rises which is positive, that altcoins average price rises which is also positive.If no market movement will occur than we have a neutral situation where no gain or loss are made.Only in the case that both markets declines in the same time we will have a negative trade.This market movement gains or losses are reflected into the TTT20 Index and into our coin. THE TOKEN We needed a secure decentralized environment where to mine our coin and therefore we have choosen for Cryptonote ®.CryptoNote provides users with a completely anonymous payment scheme.Digital transactions sent to the network are untraceable by using the public keys of other members in the ring signature. The creator of the transaction is eligible to spend the amount specified in the transaction but his identity will be indistinguishable from the users whose public keys he used in his ring signatures.The code creates multiple unique one-time keys, derived from the single public key, for each p2p payment. Designed to mitigate the risks associated with key re-usage and one-input-to-one-output tracing. Every address for a payment is a unique one-time key, derived from both the sender's and the recipient's data.There will be 10 million premined TTTcoins available in the Bitotal ecosystem and 90% will be available during ICO. Unsold tokens will be allocated to our reserves and no extra coins will be mined. INITIAL COIN OFFER With this announcement we would like to bring to your attention the official start of the TTT initial coin offer set for the 1st July 2017. The Bitotal ecosystem will consist of three phases.Phase 1 will build the Account Module of our website's back-end and includes the first initial Bitotal coin offering (ICO) round.Phase 2 will begin after the first ICO round and will focus on developing the User Dashboard and Trading Modules.Phase 3 will focus on managing the projects and converting them into successful solutions.Initial price of the Bitotal coin is set to $1 each and will be fixed during the 15 days of the 1st ICO round.2nd round start price will be calculated from the average of the sold or unsold coins in round 1.During the 15 days of this second round the price per coin will only increase and for any reason decrease.The price at the end of the 2nd round will be the start price of the 3rd round.This latest round will last 30 days instead of 15 days.Instead of giving discount by the purchase of the first coins we raise the ask price.Also in the 3rd round the price will only increase and that will depend on demand but this time also at the TTT20 Altcoins Market Index. CONTACT We would like to answer all the questions investors may have regarding this project. However we can't tell much more than what allready stands on our website: http://www.bitotal.com Feel free to contact our members about developments, support, sharing informations, innovation, bounties and everything you may think it will enrich our common goal to create passive income. About: http://www.bitotal.com/about.html Charts: http://www.bitotal.com/charts.html Whitepaper: http://www.bitotal.com/whitepaper.pdf ICO: http://www.bitotal.com/ico.html Trade: http://www.bitotal.com/trade Sign up: http://www.bitotal.com/trade/register.php Contact: http://www.bitotal.com/contact.html Follow us on Twitter for latest news and insides: http://www.twitter.com/tttcoin #bitotal https://twitter.com/hashtag/bitotal #tttcoin https://twitter.com/hashtag/tttcoin #AltcoinsIndex https://twitter.com/hashtag/AltcoinsIndex #ttt20 https://twitter.com/hashtag/ttt20
  8. prevalence

    would anyone happen to know why its more prevalent that even hackers who use cryptocurrencies who steal like 300 million dollars or more tend to be located in third world countries but never in the united states or canada???????? doesnt it strike anyone as odd that these guys usually are in eastern europe, africa, china, russia, maybe the middle east........ would it be simply because in the united states and canada all cryptocurencies tend to be monitored regardless of it being monero or the wallets being used assuming it was even monero and not bitcoin?????? im all ears you guys. rsvp.
  9. Beta-version release and sale’s announcement of MERCATOX a brand new platform on the market. We would like to present universal market platform https://mercatox.com. It is a unique creation in the world of digital money, based on multi-language platform. It combines automated trading, payment service, Peer-to-Peer sharing based on "smart contracts" and many other features. We are planning to provide not just a service with different abilities, but create a new financial market in the digital world. Nowadays we surrounded by different kinds and types of electronic money systems. We connected them all on a single platform. About MERCATOX and our plans - Mercatox is a modern service for accessing e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. Mercatox is convenient and advantageous platform for trade, exchange of various currencies, which can be used by both experienced traders as well as beginners. - Lending traders. Mercatox will allow traders to raise funds for margin by trading on the stock exchange as well as for investors to invest and earn income on the loan. - E-wallet with a wide range of payment instruments for personal and commercial use. - Trading platform for commercial partnerships for the franchise within the «White Label» format - Peer-to-peer exchange of electronic currencies, where users can exchange any digital title signs (all the world banks, payment systems, virtual, gaming, cryptocurrency and more). Transactions on P2P exchange are done through the service secure transactions via Mercatox or smart contracts Ethereum, bypassing the platform wallets. mercatox.com - Beta version We have been working on the platform for last 7 months. We have completed the first stage of the platform development and launched a beta version. We are inviting interested parties to participate in the open beta-testing service. First 100 beta testers will receive $5 bonus (one of the currencies). there are following features available at the moment : – Trading on the Exchange using most popular currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Payeer, PerfectMoney, OkPay, Ya.Money (more to be added) – 2 types of orders: Limit and market – Two step authorization; white IP addresses list – Two level affiliate program Beta testing will last approximately 2 months. During this period of time the second phase of the first part of the project development will be gradually implemented: margin trading, lending, new order types, the API for developers, part of the payment service functions (electronic wallet for private accounts). The beta version will give an idea about some of the features and capabilities, and confirm the uniqueness of our platform. At this moment everyone has the opportunity not only impact the functionality and principles of the platform, but also receive bonuses. A separate bonus is paid for any system vulnerabilities found. If you find any errors and vulnerabilities, please send information to [email protected] The size of award will depend on the severity and magnitude of the error. About beta https://mercatox.com/news/beta-version-release MERCATOX crowdfunding campaign Crowdfunding platform will begin on November 20, 2016. We are starting the crowdsale campaign in order to raise funds to finance the marketing strategy and the further development of the platform. During this round, we are distributing 5% of platform shares. An additional 5% of the shares have already been sold to a professional investor, who has invested funds in prelaunch of the platform. Crowdsale will continue for 30 days - until December 20, 2016. Minimum required amount of this rounds - 100 BTC. The first participants of the crowdfunding will receive next bonuses: - First three days buyers - 10% bonus - Buyers from 23.11 at 30.11 - a bonus of 5% - Buyers from 01.12 at 08.12 - a bonus of 1% Upon successful completion of this crowdfunding campaign «MERCA» title units (tokens) will be issued and distributed between the investors in proportion to the investment, including bonuses of the first buyers. After the platform release (at the end of December 2016.) «MERCA» will be eligible currency on the stock exchange. With the development of the project, «MERCA» holders will receive dividends (part of the company's profits) in proportion to the platforms income. At the beginning of the platform active promotion will start and will contribute to the rapid development. Funds received during crowdfunding will be used for software revision and completion of the second phase of development. During the open beta test run (which is already taking place) we will complete the planned stage and will be ready for commercial release. Read more about crowdsale https://mercatox.com/crowdsale Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1662702.0 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mercatoxcom/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/MercatoxCom