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  • Where to get a pre-designed cryptocurrency investment business Website ? Copy of Copy of Pulsehyip.png Want to start a cryptocurrency business platform like bitconnect which has generating high revenue every year without meeting any loss ? You may think, Starting a cryptocurrency investment business website is much difficult nowadays. But actually it’s not! Yes, Don’t get worry, here the Pre-designed cryptpocurrency investment business model with the customization option. PULSEHYIP  —  PRE-DESIGNED CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SERVICE PROVIDER Pulsehyip offers a cryptocurrency investment business software to get your pre-designed cryptocurrency investment website with latest features and special cryptocurrency business add-ons like exchange, trading, lending, ICO business, digital token investment business. Simply saying, if you build your cryptocurrency investment business website with pulsehyip cryptocurrency investment software, then your investment website is resamples of bitconnect website. Benefits of buying a cryptocurrency investment business model with support of pulsehyip 1.Easy to use, user friendly, ready to install 2. Free demonstration while configuring the cryptocurrency investment business model 3. Support for the problems that you might have with the cryptocurrency investment business software 4. Implementing extra features and add-ons that you may need to add in your cryptocurrency investment business model 5. Customizing new templates or make design changes to your cryptocurrency business software Get free demo link Advertisements Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here You can hide these ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans. UPGRADE NOW DISMISS MESSAGE Share this: Press ThisTwitterFacebook1GoogleEmailLinkedIn1TumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype Related How HYIP bitcoin investment business script works for P2P exchange business success ? In "Best HYIP Script" Cryptocurrency investment business software will make you top business man in cryptocurrency investment business industry In "Best HYIP Script" What cryptocurrency investment business startup do to avoid scamming and hacking ? In "Best HYIP Script" BEST HYIP SCRIPT BITCOIN DOUBLER SOFTWARE BITCOIN HYIP SCRIPT BUSINESS HYIP SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY BANKING BUSINESS SOLUTION CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT SOFTWARE HYIP SCRIPT HYIP SOFTWARE ICO BUSINESS INVESTMENT INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT#BITCOIN#ENTREPRENEURS#STARTUPSBITCOIN HYIPBLOCKCHAINBUSINESSBUSINESS IDEASBUSINESS SOLUTIONCRYPTOCURRENCYDIGITALTOKENFINTECHHYIPICOINVESTMENTSCRIPTSTARTUP Published by pulsehyip Pulsehyip script provides complete high-secured HYIP investment business solutions on bitcoin, altcoin, other cryptocurrencies. it can be used as bitcoin doubler script. View all posts by pulsehyip Post navigation Previous Improve your cryptocurrency investment business platform By getting Cryptocurrency exchange business add-on – The new Innovations are arriving Leave a Reply Enter your comment here... About Pulsehyip Pulsehyip, which allows you to start investment & finance business applications. You can use HYIP script to bitcoin, altcoin & new cryptocurrencies.Visit on Website Pulsehyip.com Customize Edit Stats Skip to toolbar My Site Current site avatar Pulsehyip pulsehyip.wordpress.com Stats Stats Plan Free Manage Site Pages Add Blog Posts Add Media Add Comments Personalize Themes Customize Configure Sharing People Add Plugins Domains Add Settings + ADD NEW WORDPRESS Reader Streams Followed Sites Manage Conversations Discover Search My Likes pulsehyip @pulsehyip Sign Out Profile My Profile Account Settings Manage Purchases Security Notifications Special Get Apps Next Steps Help Write Log Out
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  1. Solidity is a programming language for writing smart contracts. It is known to be quite similar to Javascript and exceptionally easy to pick up for anyone who has previous JS experience. We are master at solidity programming language. Essentially, think of it as a way to control a bank account with code. With Solidity, we can write applications that simulate a crowd funding campaign, a lottery, a loan, or any other type of financial applications. Alwintechnologies — The team of experts giving full suite of blockchain development services such to deploy coin development, smart contract development through solidity, crypto assets exchange, Initial coin offering services, token creation, token exchange etc..
  2. Blockchain and since its introduction into the world has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it has so much unlimited world – changing potential. There is a push for the world to accept and adopt the use of cryptocurrency fully but there are several factors which has been a problem in selling the blockchain idea to me. The first problem is that cryptocurrency is complex to comprehend, obtain and use. Secondly, in terms of micro payments, the established blockchain networks are too slow. Thirdly, currency is a deep social franchise yet no markets have emerged to provide a utility for daily exchange. These issues have for long been a barrier for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by all. Alfa-Enzo is a unique platform whose aim is to ensure a distributed operating system by using a peer to peer technology. The provision of a standard unmatched distributed commerce ecosystem that will solve the problems in the blockchain technology will be used to achieve this. The creation of the Alfa-enzo foundation is a breakthrough to reach effective solutions to the biggest problems that have riddled the crypto space over time. The platform seeks to launch its EON main net, which is set to be the world’s first DOS (Distributed Operating System) that will run on a peer-to-peer topology. Alfa-enzo is a fifth-generation social network, a Blockchain built on the principle of Proof-of-Activity. This means the value for the activity. That is, if the user is active in the life of the social network, confirming the transaction thereby, he receives for it socially confirmation in the form of remuneration. ALFA-ENZO TOKEN SALE There will be an initial coin offering by Alfa-enzo which will begin on 16th November 2018 and end 30th December 2018. Alfa-enzo has her own token with the symbol NZO. During the ICO Alfa-enzo tokens will be sold at the price of 1 NZO = $0.01. Minimum contribution allowed is 1 ETH while maximum contribution allowed is 400 ETH. Alfa-enzo has their softcap targeted at $5 million and hardcap at $20 million. Latoken Exchange will host the Enzo (NZO) Initial Coin Offering and also list the NZO tokens after end of ICO. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Public offering: 60% (12.6 billion NZOs) Foundation: 25% (5.25 billion NZOs) Airdrop: 5% (1.05 billion NZOs) Team: 10% (2.1 billion NZOs) ALFA-ENZO USE OF FUNDS Development: 60% (7.56 billion NZOs) Business: 20% (2.52 billion NZOs) Research: 15% (1.89 billion NZOs) Legal: 5% (0.63 billion NZOs). THE ROADMAP 2017: MVP complete, Patents Filed (Blackpaper), Whitepaper released and Design complete. 2018: Initial Token Offering, Alfa Feature-complete, AWS Ethereum Templates, API integrations. 2019: Launch Marketplaces, Launch Valet Light Wallet, Develop Push Model and Develop AR Engine. 2020: Launch Push, Monetize Platform, Grow Global User Base and Open Source. 2021: Develop Hardware, Develop Fluid OS, Develop Fluidity Contract and Builder. THE ALFA-ENZO FOUNDATION Tony K. Tran: Founder and CEO Quyen T. Phan: COO and Chief Evangelist James Dron: Vice President, Ads Products. Mai Ann: Vice President, Media Angie N. Trinh: VP, Human Resources (Interim) Thomas S. Nsikakabasi: Chief Evangelist, Africa Linh P. Vu: CFO Andy Truong: Vice President, Global Markets. ADVISORS AND INVESTORS Ridgley L. Kuang Manh Duong Eddie Hong Horizon Ventures NETWORK LEADS Gina Darling Marie Madore Vicki BayBee Jessica Cake Shanzay Hayat Catch24 Crystal L. Dannie Riel Website: https://www.alfaenzo.io/home Whitepaper: https://www.alfaenzo.io/libs/pdf/whitepaper.pdf#zoom=25 Telegram: https://t.me/alfaenzoio Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlfaEnzoOfficial Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/alfaenzofoundation/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/enzonetwork Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfKqraAZ5rQDVqX9i1XaUQ?disable_polymer=true Authored By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet Address: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
  3. have a look at the Arround project. So much to offer in the advertising industry website: https://arround.io/ whitepaper: https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-en.pdf
  4. In the world today we have seen there is little opportunity to access quality AR-focused content and this has led to the difficulty of individuals creating their own AR experience for both family and friends. This has been an issue despite the desire of people to engage with quality AR content and also willingness of business to adopt AR as a new kind of marketing platform. Today I will discuss the fantastic solution to this issue. A team of high intelligent professionals with years of experience has observed this issue closely and came up with an amazing idea, one never seen before called Arround. The team will be launching an AR social, an augmented reality focused social network which puts users in control of their AR experience. With Arround, users will have an endless opportunity to access AR applications, view, share and also create their own AR content easily by using their smartphone. Arround platform uses GPS and spatial recognition technologies to provide first class augmented reality experience, providing a unique way of viewing the world around us. ARROUND SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Arround has a platform which comprises of four key elements which are specially connected via blockchain, combining to create a complete, amazing AR ecosystem that will make it possible for the project to succeed. The ecosystem includes AR maps, AR store, AR social and AR Adnet. • AR Social is the Arround social network that is available for both iOS and Android. It can be downloaded for free in Google Play and Apple’s App store. • AR Maps links directly to the advertising solution and social network. • AR AdNet provides an outlet for brands, organizations and offline retail stores to engage in advertising, marketing and information campaigns in augmented reality. • AR Store provides an opportunity for users to conduct sale and lease of transactions of content and services which the unique Arround platform offers. Around has a business model in which the Arround platform and ecosystem created will be based on. The business model is outlined below; • Prices inside the Arround system will be in fiat currency • ARR tokens will be used for payments for ads and purchase inside the system. • There will be discount, bonuses and rewards for performing different tasks from advertisers. • There will be automatic fees payments from the Network Development Fund (NDF), smart contracts will be used for all payments. • There will be income payment for premium content by advertisers and users. TOKEN SALE Arround has her own token which is based on ERC20 smart contract on Ethereum blockchain and will be traded on exchanges. Arround token has the symbol ARR token. These tokens will be used for all forms of transaction on the Arround platform and also participate in auctions for long term lease of advertising space. Also, ARR token will be required as a deposit for the maintenance of ARROUND blockchain node. There will be a total of 3, 000, 000, 000 ARR tokens which will be made available for sale to the general public. Also there will be different stages of token sale. The first stage which is the pre-sale starts 27th February, 2018 and ends 1st May, 2018 and 45, 000, 000 tokens will be available for purchase at a bonus of 50%. Pre-sale is targeted at USD $1, 000, 000. There will also be a private sale in which a minimum purchase of 1 ETH will be accepted. There will be main token sale which will last from 15th September, 2018 till 15th November, 2018. Soft-cap is targeted at USD 5 million while hard-cap is targeted at USD 30 million. Tokens will be sold at a price of 1 ARR = $0.035. All unsold tokens after the ICO will be burned. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Token sale (pre-sale and token sale): 48.3% Fund for community development and liquidity (CDF- includes advisors, partners etc.): 22% Support fund for the holders of the Master nodes (NDF): 10% Team: 10% Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token sale: 8.2% Bounty: 1.5% ARROUND ROADMAP 2016: initial idea to create a communication platform based on augmented reality, optimization of the project’s business concept and presentation of idea and feedback. 2017: technical specification of the project, first major partner, 36.6 which runs the biggest pharmacy network in Russia and investment into the development of MVP. 2018: release mobile app iOS and Android, launch first campaigns with partners, 36.6 and the Atrium shopping mall and release of the alpha version, seed the platform with content and open the doors to targeted users. 2019: port ARROUND to ODG Augmented Reality Glasses and Microsoft Hololens, launch advertising campaigns with large pharmacy chains across Europe, engage advertising agencies on the platform and develop self-service module for ad agencies to build their own AR content. 2020: the first auction in the secondary market for the sale of advertising space inside the platform, launch of SDK, attracting third-party developers to the platform, expansion to new markets: China, Japan, Korea, Europe and launch of a pilot project with a partner in the US. TEAM Neil Bryant: CEO Arkady Yasashny: CFO Dmitry Orekhov: CMO Artem Haritonov: CTO Alexandr Sokolov: CSA Eugene Dobrovolsky: CBDO Kate Bublik: Digital marketing expert Andrey Molchanov: CSPO Fedor Gladovsky: Sr. Web Developer ADVISORS Temur Shakaya: Strategic Partnership Advisor Igor Karavaev: Advisor, Investor Relations Alexander Shulgin: PR and Community Advisor Nathan Christian: ICO Advisor Website: https://arround.io/ Whitepaper: https://arround.io/content/file/arround-whitepaper-en.pdf ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3014006.0 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArroundPlatform Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Arround-2052833448334195/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arround/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arround_official Medium: https://medium.com/@arroundsmm Written By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
  5. When you are going to an ICO agency or company, here is the complete list of the goal of work for launching an ICO. 1. ICO consulting 2. Smart contract 3. Coin & Token 4. Whitepaper 5. Roadmap creation 6. Bounty programs 7. Affiliate referral program. The main reason how it is possible to find the best initial coin offering consultant. I know a company, which can help you with best-consulting services. They have outreached many ICO’s to over 50 million people. You can reach out directly to me at Whatsapp (or) Live chat to message directly for any queries.
  6. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  7. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  8. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  9. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  10. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  11. Heroictaiwo


    The XERA exchange is going to transform the way cryptocurrencies are traded, offering traders and investors a seamlessly integrated solution for their cryptocurrency investing. Click here to know more>>> http://bit.ly/2PRyiY5
  12. What are some ICO startups ideas that frequently fail – how to avoid them Startups are NOT about coming up with a brilliant idea and becoming an overnight success as many articles might have you believe. Entrepreneurship in fact is much more about testing and learning... faster than your competitors. Most startups fail. But much of that failure is avoidable. ICO startups considered few things: Viable business concept or idea Business model Executive Team Market Niche Competitive Landscape Timing Capital. All of the above are startup easily failed to create an ICO. Because fundraising with cryptocurrencies is booming. Startups & entrepreneurs are effortlessly earning fund through an ICO. But, necessarily just you have to needed ICO website mandatory for your business. And the ICO Development Company is keeping methodology that helps entrepreneurs avoid failure for creating an ICO. Get a FREE ICO platform consultation on Whatsapp (or) Live chat >>>
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    In the world today, people who different kinds of pets in their homes. A research made by the American Veterinary Association stated 81 million US families have owned at least one pet and by 2025 it will increase to 100 million. International veterinary market including medical and rehabilitation services was estimated at $27 billion in 2017 with a total annual growth according to Business Research Company. Despite this, there is shortage of veterinarians in densely populated cities which is about 60% and up to 40% in Europe according to a report by the United States Department of Agriculture. We have seen the cost of pets and livestock increase by 73% with 17% of veterinary doctors working part-time and 23% cannot get a job for more than a year due to population and place of residence. This shortage of veterinary care and increase demand for food has resulted to sharp increase in zoonotic disease like toxoplasmosis, avian influenza and bird salmonellosis, leptospirosis campylobacteriosis and SARS virus. There is an unending search for a way to cover the growing demand for veterinary care and IT technologies using blockchain, telemedicine and artificial intelligence is turning veterinary care around. A team of experts has closely observed the veterinary world, analyzing all issues it faces and came together with a brilliant and extra-ordinary idea, one never seen before called PETLIFE. Petlife is a unique and great project which will be specially created for farms, farmers, pet owners, industrial producers of poultry and meat and also veterinary care providers which includes private practitioners and clinics. There will be applications for Ios, android and web-version which will incorporate advantages of blockchain and telemedicine like personal account, module for medical councils, electronic prescription, electronic medical report, vet’s schedule, veterinary reports, billing cryptocurrency and fiats systems, video consultation, online chat, “second opinion” service and PACS systems for MSCT and MRI images. Petlife uses blockchain to create an international veterinary telemedicine marketplace to conduct remove consultations online, resolves issue vet shortage issue and veterinary care quality. With Petlife, veterinarians in Asia, Northern America and Europe will be united. The Petlife veterinary telemedicine platform works 24/7/365. Petlife will be introducing up to 30 veterinary specializations and also areas like radiology, therapy, oncology, surgery and rehabilitation. Petlife offers so much benefit has it creates a great avenue for Vets to consult animal owners to give solution to vaccination, suspected twisted gut, itching skin, poisoning with household chemicals, post-surgery conditions and treatment of parasitic infestations. With Petlife medical data which are required for qualified medical assessments like lab results, medical reports, CT scans, X-ray, ultrasound, MRI tests and medical reports can be sent. Petlife has key features which includes remote consultation, schedule, emergency care, videochat, data security and billing system. See whitepaper at https://icopet.life/white-paper-en/ for more information about these features. PARTNERS Petlife has great partners including Russian Veterinary Association, Association “VetSafety”, Panda Vetclinic, Flagmanvet, Zimozi Solutions, NexGenSm and Unicsoft. HOW PETLIFE WORKS With the Petlife platform, people get to choose their vet either general practitioner or specialists and mode of communication which can be online chat, telephone call or video conference. Next is consultation whereby veterinary record, history of diseases, prior tests and prescriptions will be analyzed by the Vet and also questioning the patient. When done, a detailed report, electronic prescription will be prepared before recommendation is given. Treatment related data which are introduced by the vet or pet owner are stored in the electrical medical record. THE PETLIFE TOKENOMICS Token name: PETL Designation: utility token Emission volume: 143, 000, 000 Maximum amount of tokens available for public sale: 92, 000, 000 Price of 1 token: 0.163 USD Minimum purchase: not Details: ERC-20, Ethereum-Based Token Number of crowdfunding rounds: 4 Stages or crowdfunding: presale, Retail sale S1, Retail sale S2, Retail sale S3+ Softcap USD: 4, 000, 000 (EUR 3, 500, 000) Hardcap: 15, 000, 000 USD (13, 170, 000 EUR). The petlife tokens will be sold in three different stages to investors at different discount rates. The first stage which is the pre-sale stage commences on 29th October 2018 and ends 15th December 2018. A total of 21, 000, 000 PETL costing 3, 550, 000 USD (17, 142 ETH) will be made available for purchase a bonus of 30%. The second stage of the petlife token sale known as retail sale S1 commences on 10th January 2019 and ends on 10th February 2019 with a total of 21, 250, 000 PETL tokens costing 3, 500, 000 USD (17, 346 ETH) at a bonus of 15% made available for purchase. The third stage known as retail sale S2 begins 15th February 2019, ending 15th March2019 with a total of 19, 000, 000 PETL which cost 3, 250, 000 USD (15, 510 ETH) at a bonus of 5% readily available for purchase. The last stage of the Petlife token sale known as retail sale S3 will start 17th March 2019 and last till 29th April 2019 and a total of 28, 000, 000 PETL tokens costing 4, 700, 000 USD (22, 857 ETH) at 0% bonus will be made available for purchase. There will be no additional emission of tokens as the total 143, 000, 000 PETL is final. All unsold tokens will be eliminated after the final token sale stage. Returned tokens will also be eliminated. Founders and team will implement their tokens in 1.5years 0.5$ or 50% more than the market price. Only accredited investors in the United States will get tokens sold to them. THE PETLIFE TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Token Sale: 62% Reserve Fund: 17% Advisors: 4% Team Founders: 15% Bounty: 2% ROADMAP February 2017: Idea-telemedicine May 2017: Business plan October 2017: Release of web platform (alpha version) February 2018: Beta version concept February 2018: Clinical protocols March 2018: Change (blockchain in veterinary medicine) July 2018: Reviews from veterinary community after clinical testing protocols. July 2018: MVP September 2018: Launch of Petlife November 2018: Pre-ICO December 2018: Blockchain alpha version of web App December 2018: MVP marketing company January 2019: ICO January 2019: Monetization of MVP March 2019: Blockchain beta version of web App March 2019: marketing Company of final product. April 2019: Clinical testing of iOS Android and web App April 2019: Blockchain bête version of iOS and Android app. May 2019: Monetization of final product July 2020: Break-event point 2022: Full payback THE PETLIFE TEAM Andrey Fedorov: M.D. and CEO Marina Kuzmicheva: Co-founder and CMO Vlad Diachenko: CTO Sandr Nosachevskiy: CFO Victor Savostyanov: Head of Strategic Partnership Department Anton Fedorov: Head of Clinical Support Department Julia Bakatova: Head of Customer Support & Community Samvel Igityan: Full Stach & Developer Natalya Dormidontova: Designer Maria Milay: Design Illustrator Daria Ladyaeva: Content Manager Arina Kutai: Community Manager Anastasia Andriashkina: Community Manager Kseniya Gorshkova: Community Manager THE PETLIFE ADVISORS Bogdan Fiedur: Technical Advisor Jillian Godsil: PR Advisor Georgina Izatt: Equine Expert, Advisor Savio Gomez: Strategic Advisor Georgy Sandarovsky: Marketing and Investment Advisor You agree with me that the Petlife project is indeed one the world has long waited for to solve all the painful issues the animal health care sector and veterinary doctors have faced for so long. I strongly recommend this project to all, have a close look at the website and whitepaper for more detailed information about the Petlife project and also don’t forget to invest. You can connect with the team and other participants across the globe through the different Petlife social media platform links provided below. Website: https://icopet.life/ Whitepaper: https://icopet.life/white-paper-en/ Telegram: https://t.me/petlife_ico_rus Twitter: https://twitter.com/PetlifeICO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Petlifeicorus/ Authored By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
  14. The world continues to see the constant growth in the use of blockchain technology as more countries and private individuals accept and adopt its use. In the past few years, we have seen lots of companies and individuals spring up with unique and brilliant ideas that use the blockchain platform. Recently, I was going through the internet for innovative ideas and I came across the MPCX project which has proven beyond reasonable doubt that it is one that will affect the world in the best positive way. Since the introduction of cryptocurrency, we have seen the growth in the number of investors. These investors can be categorized into ordinary and innovative investors. Both category of investors are faced with problems with the ordinary investors facing the problems of availability of transparent and high quality digital wealth management services, insufficient widening of use cases for cryptocurrencies. The innovative investors are faced with issues of lengthy verification processes in establishing its crypto exchange accounts, difficulties in establishing banking relations to work with cryptocurrencies, lack of high quality investment services for mass affluent financial industry, limited access to alternative investments for mass and mass affluent clients, lack of knowledge and experience in investing in cryptocurrencies, lack of transparency and risks related to scams, corruption and data manipulation and slow innovation and digitalization of the traditional financial industry. A team of brilliant and high intelligent experts with over 45 years of experience with finance came together with a unique idea called MPCX which is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. With MPCX the need of entities and individuals in areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, banking, crypto research and ICO promotion and crypto lending will be serviced. MPCX offers a blockchain decentralized ecosystem that will manage innovative investor’s portfolios of crypto assets. MPCX will be developing a platform which will be in three different stages. The first stage will begin in January 2017 and last till December 2018 during which digital wealth management platform will be developed. Between December 2018 and November 2019, the cryptocurrency exchange will be developed. December 2019 to July 2020 will see the development of the digital banking and regulated wealth management platforms. MPCX as a unique project will develop a platform that will be of immense benefit to the world offer wide range of unique services including cryptocurrency exchange for the top 100 coins, safekeeping and crypto wallet solutions, crypto P2P lending, ICO analytics, MPCX ICO promotion platform, digital wealth management services, an MPCX trading terminal, payments and certain banking solutions and lastly a number of unique crypto products including investable crypto indices, Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM), P2P crypto lending strategies, crypto ETNs and AI crypto funds. THE MPCX TOKEN DETAILS MPCX has her own token called XDMC token which will be fully used in the MPCX platform for the payment of services. Below are the details for the supply of XDMC tokens Token Name: XDMC Supply Type: Fixed Token Type: Utility Token Total Supply: 999, 950, 416. Pre-ICO Price, XDMC / 1 ETH: 30, 998 Forecasted Pre-ICO upside, times: 20X Minimum Investment, ETH: 0.10 There will be a Pre-ICO during which 60, 720, 000 XDMC (6.07%) tokens will made available for sale and this will commence 7th May 2018 and last till 17th June 2018. Then MPCX will have three rounds of ICO stages for sale of XDMC to the public. First round of the ICO will make 22.45% (224, 502, 081 XDMC) tokens available for sale to the public. Second round of the ICO will have 19.10% (190, 966, 929 XDMC) tokens available for purchase. While the third and last stage, there will be 12.73% (127, 331, 286 XDMC) tokens for sale. A total of 40, 000, 000 XDMC (4%) is available for bounty program where MPCX project will be promoted to attract investors. The MPCX team will receive 198, 639, 670 XDMC (19.86%) tokens while 157, 760, 450 XDMC (15.78%) tokens will go for platform development. There will be a vesting period of three years for tokens allocated to the team every six months around 17% of tokens will be allocated. BONUS THE MPCX TOKEN DISTRIBUTION ICO tokens: 60% Team and Advisors: 20% Platform Future Development: 16% Bounty: 4% THE MPCX FUNDS DISTRIBUTION Marketing: 49% Developers: 22% MVP: 20% Legal Fees and Salaries: 9% THE MPCX ROADMAP The roadmap of MPCX is structured in three stages. STAGE ONE: Digital Wealth Management (DWM) Platform. Q1 2017: research and the idea validation Q4 2017: first infrastructure solutions with crypto assets. December 2017: start of ICO preparation process. May 2018: Pre-ICO hard cap 1000 ETH July 2018: 1ST ICO round hard cap 12, 500 ETH December 2018: Digital smart investment mandate, 3 crypto indices, AI crypto fund, Crypto ETNs, Custody and wallets. STAGE TWO: MPCX Cryptocurrency exchange and Trading December 2018: 2ND ICO round hardcap 25, 000 ETH Q2 2019: Digital crypto exchange Q4 2019: MPCX Trading terminal STAGE THREE: MPCX Banking, Regulated Wealth Management and P2P Crypto lending 3RD ICO round hardcap 40, 000 ETH Q2 2020: Payment and Banking Solutions Q2 2021: MPCX Crypto P2P Lending Platform. THE MPCX TEAM Iurii Riabykin, CFA, MCSI: CEO, Founder Phil Millo: Founder Alex Kozak, LLM: CLO, Co-Founder Md. Sadel Ferdous, PhD: Chief Technical Advisor Roman Korinevski: Marketing Executive Sumit Kumar Pradhan: Community Manager Amy Orivel: Head of Governance Compliance Andrew Shishkin: Head of Development Nikita Peshkov: Lead Software Developer Stacy Fatkina: Software Developer Kirill Redin: Chief Information Officer Indeed the MPCX project is one the world has waited for so long. I strongly encourage all to have a close look at this project today and make the right decision by investing in it. Let’s reach the moon together with MPCX. Please visit the MPCX website and whitepaper for more information about the project. Also, connect with the MPCX team and other participants across the globe through the MPCX different social media platforms whose links are given below. Thanks for your time. Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3443279.80 Website: https://mpcx.co/ Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gKlwCkRAS_2y3gqyda_DfoZayHw-Qfe9/view Telegram: https://t.me/MPCXPlatfromCommunity Twitter: https://twitter.com/MPCXPlatform Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MPCXPlatform/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mpcx-digital-wealth-management-platform/ Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/MPCXPlatform/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJrgPLexmtA4hA6ux5GTpQQ/featured?view_as=subscriber Authored By: teejayrichard2 Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet Address: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
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    have a close look at the lipchain project today which has so much to offer. See all detailed information from the links given below; website: https://www.lipchain.io/ whitepaper: https://www.lipchain.io/assets/pdf/white_paper.pdf
  16. What is GAG Cloud Tabot Mining? GAG Cloud Tabot Mining is a website dedicated to making Bitcoin mining easier to understand and more accessible for beginners. Cloud mining is the process of buying CPU power from dedicated data centers who use their own equipment to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) on your behalf. It’s super simple - Your mining rigs are already set up and running. As soon as you’ve set up your account, you can start to mine your first coins using our Bitcoin cloud mining service! On a larger scale, we hope to contribute to the development of mining services and subsequently to the development, establishment and adoption of Bitcoin, both as a currency and as an economic system. This is an investment in high technologies with high risk. You are renting a computing technic for holding up the bitcoin meshwork. Why do we use it? The main advantage of this approach is that you don't need to have in-depth knowledge of mining hardware, nor buy expensive and hard-to-obtain devices. Renting 'hash power' (usually measured in Gigahertz per second or GH/s) also means you don't have to deal with the heat and noise that comes with a DIY mining project. Mining contracts are technically available for all major cryptocurrencies and you can visit your online dashboard at any time. The simple interface combined with GAG Cloud Tabot Mining's solid reputation has meant that at times the company cannot keep up with demand for mining contracts. We strongly believe that we can make mining affordable and profitable for everyone willing to join cryptocurrency revolution. What methods of payment are accepted? Due to the owner's desire for anonymity and in order to stay within the law, direct deposit of funds by bank transfer isn't supported. You can, however, buy contracts with Bitcoin and via a lot of other cryptocurrencies. Why do we invest? Cloud mining is very profitable and i highly suggest it everyone doing so. You can recommend and invite friends also. You will receive an easy 5% for the whole amount your friends or clients will make. This only has pro’s and no con’s. Since you can referr friends and then invest so you wont have to make an think about it. Good evening, I'm talking about this new cloud mining. It was created by the GAG mining farm and the CEO is Italian. No increase in difficulty and no maintenance costs. They are virtual mining contracts. For now there are plans for BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH When you buy the plan, for example, ETH tells you that you will take "0.001" a day but it is indicative ... In the sense the amount of ETH is always re-evaluated based on the equivalent value of the ROI that is daily Proof of deposit If you want to test it: https://www.cryptofarm.tech/register/refer/giadone Platform updates: 1) KYC (identity verification with file uploads and manual approval) N.B. without completing the procedure you can not access the dashboard 2) Re-investment of the crypts matured directly on the platform 3) Automatic conversion EUR / Crypto and vice versa with automatic update every 2 minutes by taking the values from Coinmarketcap 4) Cost of the packs specified also in crypto 5) New payment method that allows you to use multiple types of crypto and that allows you to send multiple payments to complete the invoice (so you can also pay in round) 6) Daily ROI expressed in EUR and in crypto on the packs (this is also updated every 2 min) 7) Total Earnings at the end of the pack expressed both in EUR and in crypto (this too is updated every 2 min) 8) 2FA Google Authenticator 9) Limitations for withdrawals (min and max) Proof of Daily Return Out of pure curiosity I did a test of withdrawal ... I was told that the withdrawals are 100% manual for a security issue. They use high gas in fact it was almost instantaneous and the withdrawal fees are 3% I have received the withdraw ISTANTLY!
  17. There is a continuous struggle in the world today to make living a lot easier so people can live in good health. We see government and even private individuals spend so much money yearly on research just to discover better and improved ways to treat all forms of sicknesses so as to make everyone live healthy. One of the problems the health sector faces is that millions of people across the world fail to medications which doctors rightly prescribed resulting in staggering financial and personal costs. A statement by the World Health Organization states “increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments”. Also the World Health Organization issued a report that only about 50% of people living in developed countries properly take medications administered to them. Statistics also shows there is approximately $700 billion in additional healthcare costs which results due to worldwide drug non-adherence, it is twice the cost of treating a patient with low adherence to patient with high adherence, it cost as much as $2,000 per patient for non-adherent patient in additional doctor visit alone. A team of experts noticed this issue and came together with a unique and brilliant idea called Curaizon which offers complete healthcare ecosystem giving support to patients by reducing drug non-adherence. Curaizon is a UK-based company which has developed the CuraServe which is a unique solution that will improve drug adherence, bringing game-changing benefits to both patients and healthcare providers. Curaizon has three unique ecosystem which includes CuraServe, CuraView and CuraData and all these which make up the curaizon ecosystem helps to lower healthcare costs and advance medical research. CURAIZON ECOSYSTEM CuraServe: this part of the ecosystem uses non-intrusive reminders to communicate with patients. With the CuraServe family members can support patients and also support healthcare providers with a real-time view into patient behavior. CuraView: this integrates with health services legacy systems, ensuring all patient data is current. It also provides real-time feedback to electronic medical record. CuraData: this collects unique and valuable data. The CuraData also holds only demographic and adherence data and it is available through the CuraToken. THE CuraToken Curaizon has her own token called CuraToken which is an ERC-20 Ethereum-based utility token used to access medical adherence data via the platform of Curaizon™ called CuraData™. CuraToken is a utility token with the symbol (CTKN). The CuraToken will give holders access to Curaizon proprietary and anonymized medical data on the blockchain. With CuraTokens people can easily access Curaizon’s technology. These tokens provide real time analysis on patient behavior and adherence. That’s not all, CuraTokens through a token reward facilitates partnerships with medical and pharmaceutical organizations. With CuraToken, blockchain technology use will be enabled to manage authentication, confidentiality and accountability by giving everyone access to be in control of personal data, providing protection, security and compliance with all upcoming, required regulations which includes GDPR. Below are the token details of Curaizon Ticker: CTKN Token Type: ERC20 Platform: Ethereum Available for sale: 250,000,000 CTKN (50%) Softcap: 1,000,000 USD Hardcap: 25,000,000 USD Coin Price: 0.2 USD ICO Price: 1 CTKN = 0.20 USD Accepting: ETH CuraToken Pre-Sales: 1 June 2018 - 8 June 2018 CuraToken Public Sales: 8 June 2018 - 8 September 2018. Please visit https://ico.curaizon.com/users/sign_up and get signed up to acquiring your tokens at a bonus rate. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION Sale: 50% Partner & Project: 15% Reward program, bounty & advisors (divesting restricted for up to 6-months): 20% Team (divesting restricted for up 12-months): 15% USE OF FUNDS Technology development: 50% Marketing: 15% Operations: 10% Business development: 20% Administration: 5% ROADMAP January 2016: Curaizon™ begins development of drug-adherence technologies Development of CuraServe™ begins in collaboration with Gateway Technolabs January 2017: UK Demonstration CuraServe™ demonstrated to National Health Service June 2017: CuraServe™ Testing Internal testing & Review October 2017: CuraServe™ Dashboard Creation For patents, providers and health services November 2017: Token Offering Preparation Offering preparation begins February 2018: Launch CuraData™ Alpha First phase of CuraData™ available August 1ST , 2018: Token Pre-Sale 50% of tokens go on sale with bonus August 31ST , 2018: Public token sale Remaining tokens are sold in public sale November 2018: Launch CuraData™ Beta Live integration with Curaizons™ data February 2019: CuraData™ official release commercialization of platform offering full access to our big data and advanced analytics March 2019: Curaizon™ completes clinical trials and launches CuraServe™ Curaizon’s adherence technology, CuraServe™, is made available to national health services. April 2019: Roll out to key EU, ME & Commonwealth markets Curaizon™ rolls out its adherence technologies to target markets, gaining traction creating mass data. July 2019: CuraData™ platform experiences huge growth As the user-base increases, our data dramatically expands and matures, providing significant growth in value 2020: CuraData™ 2.0 Fully integrated and full feature data trading and collaboration platform with patent numbers estimated 90+ million TEAM Nicholas James Rumble: Chief Executive Officer Chris Matey: Chief Operating Officer Mark Nathan: Chief Financial Officer Darran Trute: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Luke Lerdal: Chief Data Officer (CDO) Andrey Verbitsky: Tokenomics Expert Pencho Gavazov: Director of Business Development Kristaps Kuhalskis: Creative Director IcoBox: ICO Campaign Partner Gateway Technolabs: Software Development Innohead: Big Data and Predictive Analytics Timengo: IoT, Cloud and security experts. CLX: Tier-1 CPaaS provider ADVISORS Rory McCrea: MB BS, MSc, MECGP Sarah Chilvers: BSc, RGN, RHV, MBA, DProf Paraxel: Biopharmaceutical service provider Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4401662.0 Website: https://curatoken.curaizon.com/ Whitepaper: https://curatoken.curaizon.com/wp-content/themes/curatoken/White_paper.pdf Litepaper: https://curatoken.curaizon.com/wp-content/themes/curatoken/Lite_paper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/curaizon Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ILiK_Q7VBLOByz_7mMUgsQ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/curaizonltd/ Written By: teejayrichard Bitcointalk url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1265803 Wallet: 0x937fe2c8bd616344a9Be33fDEC04D6F15f53c20F
  18. Hello! After being from some time in the world of cryptocurrency, building and raising projects for us and other entrepreneurs or passionated peoples, we decide to start a cloud mining platform, and that is DrMiner.io. Our platform is new, still under development but right now is fully functional and the machines(ASIC and GPU) are running and waiting. You can learn more about us here: DrMiner.io What we have to sell? Hashpower! We are mining with Antminer S9-Hydro, Antminer S9i, Antminer D3, Antminer L3+, Antminer L3++, GTX 1080TI We are not selling the "hashpower" we are selling a portion of what the machines produce More to find on our website. Contact: Email: [email protected] Skype: borbely.andrew
  19. Join the ICO of the world’s first DAO governed community DEX. Claim 75% of platform revenue every month. AboutEOSInterest network: EOSInterest.networkis building the world’s first DAC/DAO smart contract governed, dividend sharing, anonymous multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The dual utility platform integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal. Dividend sharing: EOSInterest introduces a revolutionary dividend sharing model with native token holders. Accordingly, EOSInterest (EOSiNT) token holders can claim 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month. Use cases of EOSiNT token: Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX and pay trade commissions in EOSiNT token Trade their cryptocurrency tokens in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month. Community governance: Community voting and dividend distribution governed by Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) andDecentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) smart contracts. Specifications: Dual platform: EOS Interest platform integrates a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an autonomous AI guided trade engine. Anonymous: Tor- enabled multi-chain DEX enhances anonymity. Scalable: Scalability is achieved through linking decentralized wallets with an efficient centralized order matching system. Liquidity: Immediate liquidity of the platform is guaranteed through an Index fund. Autonomous trade engine trails EOS index and trades EOSiNT index fund through a combination of trading tools. Trans fee Minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session. Dividend sharing: 75 % of platform revenue every month, shared with the token holders Dividend issued in EOS and can be withdrawn anytime. Sign up and register for the Pre-sale Starts on Nov 20, 2018 40% discount: https://eosinterest.network/ ICO Pre-Sale Dates: November 20th , running until December 10th. Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount) Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT. Personal maximum cap: 1 btc ………………….. ICO Main Sale Dates: December 20th to January 31, 2019 ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1. Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000 ………………….. Airdrops: Airdrop form: https://goo.gl/forms/xfGPWuNbn3TbBboD3 Submit the completed airdrop form and claim 30 EOSiNT( 30USD)
  20. Join the ICO of the world’s first DAO governed community DEX. Claim 75% of platform revenue every month. AboutEOSInterest network: EOSInterest.networkis building the world’s first DAC/DAO smart contract governed, dividend sharing, anonymous multi-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The dual utility platform integrates a Tor enabled Multi-Chain DEX with an AI guided trade portal. Dividend sharing: EOSInterest introduces a revolutionary dividend sharing model with native token holders. Accordingly, EOSInterest (EOSiNT) token holders can claim 75% of monthly earnings of the dual utility platform, by staking their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX during the corresponding trading month. Use cases of EOSiNT token: Trade EOSiNT token as a trading pair in the EOSInterest. DEX and pay trade commissions in EOSiNT token Trade their cryptocurrency tokens in the DEX and receive a refund of 50% of platform fee in EOSiNT tokens at the end of each 24 hour trading period Stake their EOSiNT tokens in the DEX and receive 75 per cent of monthly combined earnings of the platform during the corresponding trading month. Community governance: Community voting and dividend distribution governed by Democratic Autonomous Organizations (DAO) andDecentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC) smart contracts. Specifications: Dual platform: EOS Interest platform integrates a multi-chain decentralized exchange with an autonomous AI guided trade engine. Anonymous: Tor- enabled multi-chain DEX enhances anonymity. Scalable: Scalability is achieved through linking decentralized wallets with an efficient centralized order matching system. Liquidity: Immediate liquidity of the platform is guaranteed through an Index fund. Autonomous trade engine trails EOS index and trades EOSiNT index fund through a combination of trading tools. Trans fee Minting: 50% of daily platform fees rebated in EOSiNT tokens at the end of every 24-hour trading session. Dividend sharing: 75 % of platform revenue every month, shared with the token holders Dividend issued in EOS and can be withdrawn anytime. Sign up and register for the Pre-sale Starts on Nov 20, 2018 40% discount: https://eosinterest.network/ ICO Pre-Sale: Dates: November 20th , running until December 10th. Pre-ICO token price: US $ 0.60 per EOSiNT (40% discount) Total tokens available for pre-sale: 1 million EOSiNT. Personal maximum cap: 1 btc ………………….. ICO Main Sale: Dates: December 20th to January 31, 2019 ICO token Price: US $ .80 ( first two weeks) -US $ 1. Total token available for main sale: 5.5 million Personal maximum cap: 0.5 btc ICO hard cap: US $ 5,000,000 ………………….. Airdrops: Airdrop form: https://goo.gl/forms/xfGPWuNbn3TbBboD3 Submit the completed airdrop form and claim 30 EOSiNT( 30USD)
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    Investing project Eth2x is a new generation open source cryptocurrency fund. It provides up to 9% daily profit. https://eth2x.com/index_eng.html
  22. What is Karatcoin all about? Karatcoin is a blockchain-based project that focuses on the development and growth of mining from selected gold mining companies. Karatcoin allows open and public authentication of all asset documents stored in a decentralized database through a protocol designed in the EOS Blockchain by integrating IPFS (Inter Planetary Files System) to track all authentication paths through the custody chain. OUR PRODUCTS From our product portfolio customers can maintain a form of savings as well as an investment in cryptocurrencies. That investment is suited to their individual needs, from the most aggressive who want to trade our cryptocurrency, to the most conservative that wants to accumulate a safe-haven asset like gold. Additionally, in order to beat inflation, our customers will be protected by our Certificates that have both a fixed maturity and semi-annual coupons paid in KCG. Our products will be available in a marketplace developed inside our blockchain, and it will also be the first to have a comprehensive product portfolio along a DPoS consensus that will allow a triple advantage in validation speed, safety, and rewards for cryptocurrency holders. KARATCOIN FEATURES Our objective is to create a groundbreaking organization that blends the centralized and decentralized worlds perfectly. Our ambition is to create a multipurpose project destined to become a major market player that embraces constant and evolutionary growth. No Geo-restrictions Once the gold has been turned into gold tokens (KCG), you can redeem it to fiat or to physical bullion gold through the withdrawal smart contract at any time in anywhere, without geo-restrictions. Store Physical Gold You can safely store Physical Gold asset in the vault. Each KCG (Gold Token) represents 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold securely stored in Safehouse Vaults, which means the gold is safe from political influence and increase its value over time. DPoS Consensus Karatcoin Blockchain uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism which is the fastest, most efficient, most decentralized, and most flexible consensus model available. These delegates are assigned to run the network and are rewarded with block rewards. In addition, fees will be used as returns for stakeholders instead of miners. With 10 seconds validation block time, the Karatcoin network will be one of the fastest in the industry. Backed By A Real Asset Karatcoin is less volatile than other cryptocurrencies because it’s indirectly linked to a real asset, which is gold, with an owned blockchain. Earn Fixed Revenue Karatcoin offers a safe investment product which is a gold certificate. Gold Certificate gives you coupons every six months with an interest up to 6%. Each Gold Asset Certificate has a value of 1,000 USD. Gold Certificate Coupons are paid automatically (in KCG) through smart contracts every six months. Gold Mines Profit KCX (Karatcoin Blockchain Token) will give the owner the right to vote all Karat Foundation activities, including choosing a gold mine that will be financed and for the active interest that will be felt from the funds given to the selected mine. Function: Unlimited geo - Once gold is converted to gold coding, you can change it in any country. Shipping costs and related taxes are minimized to raw materials at origin. Physical Gold - Physical gold material can be stored in an arc and to maintain a gold certificate in your pocket on Karat Blockchain, gold is safe from political influence, and finally made increase the value of it. DPOS Consensus - This fee will be used as a refund to investors, not to operators. This will increase security, reduce power consumption and speed up the testing time (10 seconds). Generate Fixed Income - Gold Certificates are reliable investments. Our certificates give you 2 half year coupons with up to 6% income. Advantages of Gold Mining - Choose the gold mine to finance and engage in interest-based activity from financing sources for selected mines. Features on the DApp of Karatcoin: Fast execution 10 technical indicators Detailed market analysis Vote for gold mines There are 50 leading electronic currencies Update news Secure encryption SHA512 85 currencies are supported Direct communication with Blockchain in the Web: Manage your gold products Check out Blockchain transactions Direct deals Cross platform available Karatcoin Token Token symbol: KCD Standard: ERC-20 Token type: Utility Total token: 1,000,000,000 1 KCD = 0.1 USD Soft Cap: 3M USD (raised) Hard Cap: 25M USD TOKEN ALLOCATION SALES Karatcoin (ERC-20 Standard Token) will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc., and provides easy-to-use integration. START Sep 3, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) NUMBER OF TOKENS 24,000,000 KCD (24%) END Nov 11, 2018 (11:00AM GMT) TOKENS EXCHANGE RATE 1 KCD=$0.1 ACCEPTABLE CURRENCIES Paypal, Stripe, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DASH, DOGE, ETC, QTUM, TRX, XEM, XMR, XVG, ZEC MINIMAL AMOUNT $100 FOR more information about karatcoin visit the links below Website: https://karatcoin.co/ ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4932340 Whitepaper: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf Telegram: http://t.me/KaratcoinGroup BCT Author Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2389088;sa=summary
  23. thankyoulord


    The organicco project is one i will gladly encourage all to be part of today. so much to gain from this brilliant idea. website: https://organicco.uk/ whitepaper: https://organicco.uk/content/site/Organicco_whitepaper_R8sm.pdf
  24. A team of experts who for over 10 years have developed some green technologies for the purpose of transforming unwanted materials into useful saleable products set up a great and unique company called Organicco Ltd in February 2018. The company did not just create demands for the technologies; they also generated markets for the natural capitals. Organicco Ltd is the only company on planet earth that delivers technology to solve problems and also purchase the by-products. Organicco Ltd has over 120 years of combined experience in many aspects of financial management, engineering, manufacturing and project management. Having a strong team made of experienced project managers, engineers, fabricators and excellent back office staff, Organicco has been able to deliver so many projects in UK, Canada, Ireland, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Also they have projects opportunities being developed in Greece, South Africa, New Zealand and Portugal. Organicco being focused on green technology related products, will use funds raised to develop projects via Organicco subsidiary companies so as to create natural capitals like organic fertilizers for food production, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuels. Funds which the Organicco company will raise during their ICO will be used to develop some projects in the green and agri-tech industries both in Canada, UK and South East Asia. These funds realized will be used to develop the organicco projects using technology solutions like ecoHERO and also ecoDRYER which will be used to produce Organicco fertilizer and also animal feed from unwanted commercial organic materials. Organicco will also produce small quantity of biomass fuels from mixed waste materials using ecoREDUCER technology. Renewable fuels and energy will also be produced from unwanted organic materials. Organicco will also develop easiPayer which is a low cost and fast international payment platform that is based on blockchain technology. Organicco has a unique mission to constantly add or improve features to their range of products, continually establish and maintain the position as a leading provider of technology for the creation of natural capitals from unwanted organics and also keep a long lasting relationship with all clients. Having an aim to always be on the right side of current and future regulations, Organicco’s objective is to deliver a good return for their investors whilst managing its risks to best possible standards. Organicco aims to make arable farming a lot more friendly environmentally, supporting natural food production with better yield. They strongly believe there is no waste in nature, thus aim to eradicate organic waste, converting them to useful products with no or very small by-product in the most environmentally friendly manner possible on earth. EasiPayer It is a low cost international payment platform which has been specially designed to replace letter of credits and invoice factoring which is fast, safe and easy to use. A transaction fee of 0.5% and 1.5% for fiat currency exchange are charged on the EasiPayer platform. ORGANICCO TOKEN DETAILS Token name: Organicco Token. Ticker: ORC. Type: ERC-223(Ethereum Blockchain). Total supply: 120 000 000 ORC. Softcap: £3 500 000 GBP. Hardcap: £35 000 000 GBP. Token Sale: 10.04 - oo. Accepted purchase: GBP, BTC, ETH. Price: 1 ORC - £0.40 - 0.50 GBP. Country: UK ORGANICCO TOKEN SALE 12 million organicco tokens will be available for sale during the organicco Pre-ICO at £0.40 GBP and £0.50 GBP during the ICO crowd-sale. All who purchase and hold organicco tokens during the pre-ICO stage will get a discount of 20% during the ICO crowd sale. The crowd sale begins April 10th, 2018 and ends after 30 days or when the organicco tokens are all sold out. To participate in the organicco crowd sale please visit the website on https://organicco.uk/cms/how-it-works for more information and instructions. ORGANICCO FUNDS DISTRIBUTION Marketing / PR: 0.8%. R&D fuel, new product launch: 7%. Manufacturing improvements: 7%. Salaries, expenses, insurance, legal: 3.8% Green-tech project development: 42.2%. Capital guarantee: 10.9%. easiPayer assets backing: 28.2%. ORGANICCO TOKEN ALLOCATION Partner Sale: 19, 200, 000 ORC Crowd-sale: 72, 000, 000 ORC Referral program: 4, 800, 000 ORC Founding team: 24, 000, 000 ORC ORGANICCO ROADMAP January 2017: OTL was born January 2017: Montreal Pilot Unit Order February 2017: Recruitment March 2017: EcoDRYER Order Receipt April 2017: Installed EcoDRYER May 2017: Moved To Workshop July 2017: Client Due Diligent August 2017: OTL Website Launched September 2017: Client Design Freeze December 2017: Boxford EcoDRYER Delivery February: Organicco Was Born March 2018: EcoHERO RHI Claim April 2018: Pre-ICO Launch May 2018: ICO Phase 2 May 2018: Pilot Unit Delivery June 2018: EcoHERO Installation July 2018: EcoHERO Plant Contract September 2018: Methanol Plant Feasibility September 2018: Form EasiPayer Team December 2018: EcoHERO Plant 1st Phase. ORGANICCO TEAM MEMBERS Jon Ure: Managing Director Vipul Patel: Financial Director Paul Herrbach: Canadian Partner Gopal Jeyasundra: Chief Technical Director Parwana Ahamadi: Finance Assistant Bing Hu: Senior Blockchain Developer Pirasath Indrakumar: IT Engineer Jesson Escat: Fabrication Engineer Rasheed Bello: ICO/ Blockchain Advisor No doubt, you will agree with me that the Organicco project is one the world has long waited for and will surely be a huge success. I strongly encourage everyone to have a close look at the website and whitepaper of Organicco for more information about the great and unique project. Also, join their different social media platforms for more information about the project and its unique benefits. ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3379079 Whitepaper: https://organicco.uk/content/site/Organicco_whitepaper_R8sm.pdf Website: https://organicco.uk/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/organiccouk Twitter: http://twitter.com/organiccouk Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/IcJVAAuEHotRC2YmSi0vTg Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfAUtJt8G_VzQYOYlZlxMQ Authored by: ogtejiri Bitcointalk link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132 Wallet address: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6