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  1. Support Team INCOCHAIN ICN in EtherCamp Hackathon with HKG https://hack.ether.camp/public/incochain ICN.Tokens (created yesterday for exchange for HKG or HackerGold)Price 0.100 HKG Cap/HKG 1,000,000 Sold 650 Available 10,000,000 ICN INCOCHAIN is a project that is creating smart contracts for world trade. The combination of existing incoterms, or standardized international commercial terms, smart contracts and blockchain technology is where we are taking the industry – to completely paperless and mobile applications. Be it import or export, air, ocean, rail, or trucking, there is a lot of paperwork. This project clearly defines the obligations and risks of buyers and sellers and offers a dashboard system in a decentralized manner yet it can be utilized cross sector, be it international and maritime law, cargo insurance, banking and accounting, customs and government (including duties and taxes), warehousing, and transportation sectors. Prototypes include: Live Time Cost Calculator (hard currencies and crypto via oraclizing), Prototype of short stack of incoterms, (i e INCOCHAIN Smart EXW), INCOCHAIN block explorer (for tracking and tracing shipments on blockchain)External sources and contributors Donate Chainy ETH: 0xc2BE1C765D622BcFa3ab30bEdb508b633aB79217 (verify on link below, also BTC) https://chainy.info/ Chainy.info – Everex Team https://chainy.info/ Alex Kakunov, Everex Team https://everex.one/ Jim Whitescarver, DivvyDAO – Join Today – Go to “Participate with Divvy” at bottom or check out the “Toolbox” in the menu! http://divvydao.org/ DivvyDAO “Toolbox” – Contributors and COLLABORATORS and BLOCKCHAIN GURUS – The Entire DivvyDAO Team! Camp INCOCHAIN video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7WluRv0kqY&t=11s Camp INCOCHAIN Deliverable (Track and Trace Smart Contracts) https://slack-files.com/T20QKLQTD-F3F4HM18X-6a9347fdc2 Weekly Meeting – INCOCHAIN User Manual for Deliverable https://slack-files.com/T0CTBDBQ8-F3DA6GB08-f01e0aef50 Tags: Banking Commerce contracts Ethereum Fintech Forwarding Freight HackerGold HKG Singapore smart Trade Transportation World