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Found 15 results

  1. Abstract The goal of this topic is to outline the process of investing into the Extreme SportsBook (XSB) crowdsale, how the XSB platform functions, as well as including the benefits it offers its users and investors. The Extreme Sportsbook platform is the first of its kind in providing the mechanisms that have been designed by our team to fully utilize ever facet blockchain technology has to offer. The accompanying features built into the client will offer additional incentives for global use and utility. The VIP presale will begin on November 1, 2017 when investors can create an account on https://www.xsports.io and generate deposit addresses for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies. The VIP presale price per XSB token is $0.25 USD. The public sale will begin on December 1, 2017, where the price per XSB token is $0.35 USD. VIP investors will be rewarded 10% of the total block value, evenly distributed among all presale investors. There will be an additional 100,000 XSB tokens set aside for initial network operations and security, until additional clients come online to ensure functionality, and chain health is established which will subsequently be publicly burned. The total number of tokens available for sale is capped at 18 million. The beta platform will go live on December 15, 2017. Introduction Sports betting has been popular since Roman times, with people wagering on the outcome of competitors in events of the day. With the birth of the Internet, came new opportunities for convenience and new areas of interest, and online sports betting was soon to emerge. However, the platforms used for wagering online have several inherent flaws in them, due to the technology used to power them. Participants wagering online are required to create accounts where password strength is the responsibility of the user. Social engineering is abundant, as most sites hire third-party support companies, or outsource their support, leaving the user vulnerable to theft and account hijacking. Then there are certain regional restrictions, which prevent everyone from enjoying the same online experience as one another. Aside from these critical flaws, there are other areas that these systems fall short in. For example, users must rely on a central authority for trust—the site operators—to pay out their winnings, which can introduce waiting periods and delays in payouts, or not pay at all. Compounding this is the possibility of site vulnerabilities leading to hacks, leaving users with no recourse or recovery of their funds. Lastly, there is no transparency or verifiable accounting mechanism in place. Blockchain technology with the proper application, as with the Extreme SportsBook platform, is the solution. Beyond providing a layer of complete transparency and removing the middle-man in favor of complete autonomous operations, an additional benefit of unbiased participation exists: our client and network can indiscriminately provide sportsbook services to anyone wishing to participate by simply downloading our software. There are no user accounts and passwords to remember, or socially engineer from a support agent. The XSB client itself, and the user’s unique keys (known only to you), are what authenticate each wager placed on the network, which also identifies them for paying out earnings on winning bets. XSB tokens are used for both placing bets, and receiving payouts automatically through the blockchain. As an additional incentive, the Extreme SportsBook network pays users in XSB tokens for providing additional network security by holding their tokens without spending them. This is a method known as "staking" or "Proof-of-Stake" (PoS), which replaces the traditional means used by other networks for security and consensus such as Bitcoin, which uses mining hardware for network support. Staking, Masternodes & Rewards The oldest and most commonly known method of consensus is called "Proof-of-Work" (POW), which is utilized by networks like Bitcoin. This entails using special hardware to find blocks which contain transaction data, and keep the blockchain moving forward. This method of consensus, while time proven, requires a great amount of electricity which translates into "hash power", or the rate at which you can calculate hashes in effort to find a solution, and not everyone is able to participate. Proof-of-stake is another method of consensus, where the XSB tokens in your wallet serve as hash power, and can run on almost any modern computer without the need for excessive power use. Every time your XSB wallet "finds" a block, you're rewarded with 2 XSB tokens. The longer you hold your XSB, the more likely you'll find a block and be rewarded. Masternodes act as service providers on the network facilitating instant transactions, private transactions (anonymous sending), and budget proposal voting. In exchange for passively providing these services, masternodes are rewarded 2 XSB per block. In addition, masternodes will also receive 0.1% of all wagers placed on the network. Masternodes will cost 10,000XSB. Transparency, Trust & Autonomy We want the network to be as transparent as possible for all users and the public. The blockchain is the perfect vehicle for carrying wager information and accounting. Our custom block explorer will identify all transaction types while preserving anonymity, to provide users with a complete view of data such as: • VIP bonus rewards from blocks • Masternode payments • Stake payments • Winning & Losing wagers • Burned XSB Our system is completely autonomous, providing everyone utilizing the services with a trustless solution. Blockchain technology paired with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, result in a "trustless" system of transferring information without any need for a central processor/website. Think of this as a system with no middle man or "site operator", where every bet/win/loss/payout/etc is recorded and verifiable by anyone who accesses the blockchain. If an event is cancelled, wagers are credited back to the Extreme SportsBook wallet they were sent from. When an event has completed and the outcomes are determined, winning wagers are paid out to the Extreme SportsBook wallet they were sent from. When wagers are initially placed, the XSB tokens used are burned. The reason for this is due to the fact that there is no central authority (wallet) receiving the wagers, and winning payouts are created during block generation. To prevent an incorrect supply count, this is all accounted for and reflected when querying the network through your XSB wallet or the block explorer. Determining Odds & Wager Timeframes Odds are determined using a parimutuel betting system. This means there is no "house take", and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets. This method is commonly used in horse racing, sports, and other events which are scored in a ranked fashion. The odds for an outcome of an event are determined once the period for wagering has been closed. This is typically 10 minutes prior to an event start time. With a fixed odds system the payout is determined and set at the time the wager is sold. Unlike many forms of casino gambling, in parimutuel betting the gambler bets against other gamblers, not the house. The science of predicting the outcome of a race is called handicapping. Consider a hypothetical event which has eight possible outcomes. Each outcome has a certain amount of XSB wagered: 1 60.00 2 140.00 3 24.00 4 110.00 5 220.00 6 94.00 7 300.00 8 80.00 Thus, the total pool of XSB on the event is 1028.00. Following the start of the event, no more wagers are accepted. The event is decided, and the winner is determined to be Outcome 4 with 110.00 wagered. The payout is now calculated. First, traditionally the commission (or take) for the wagering company is deducted from the pool, however in XSB it is unique as there is no commission taken, instead there is a block generation event that creates 0.1% of total wagers, this does not effect any of the players payouts; for example the calculation is: 1028 × 0.01 = 10.28. This amount is generated as a reward and distributed evenly to all of the Masternodes, The pool is now distributed to those who wagered on Outcome 4: 1028 / 110.00 = 9.34545454545, which is about 9.3 per 1 wagered. This payout includes the 1 wagered plus an additional 8.3 profit. Thus, the odds on Outcome 4 are 8.34545454545-to-1 (or, expressed as decimal odds, 9.34545454545). So in this example if each “outcome” was represented as singular bets, the person who bet on Outcome 4 would be paid 110 x 9.34545454545 = 1028 directly to their wallet, without any take from the “House”. Prior to the event, betting agencies will often provide approximates for what will be paid out for a given outcome should no more bets be accepted at the current time. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parimutuel_betting XSB Tokens Extreme SportsBook tokens are purchased at a rate of $0.25 USD per XSB during the VIP presale, and at a rate of $0.35 USD during the public offering. VIP registration will be available on https://www.xsports.io, and the equivalent in Bitcoin and Ethereum will be calculated and displayed for that day's rate, alongside a calculator for convenience to estimate how much XSB you will receive. There is a total cap of 18 million XSB for sale. There will be an allocation of 500,000 XSB for bounties available, as well as 100,000 XSB total to bootstrap the network with necessary masternodes and staking wallets, to secure the network during the early period. The 100,000 XSB, along with any rewards generated from their operation, will be burned and publicly verifiable as soon as new users begin to stake and set up their own masternodes. Budget Proposals & Voting The introduction of masternode features provide what is known as a "budget system", which basically allows members of the community and team to submit proposed monthly budgets, which will be in the form of XSB tokens generated in "super blocks". A super block is one which has an amount greater than the standard reward. These funds can be used for various purposes, such as overhead, employment of new developers to enhance the platform and associated properties, services provided by independent contractors or companies, or exchange listing fees. It's important to understand that proposals must be voted on and approved by masternode operators before any funds are distributed to the address contained in the proposal. This will enable continued development of the Extreme SportsBook platform, and provide additional funds as the community determines necessary. Security Eliminating the need for logins and passwords is a tremendous improvement over the existing solutions on the market and Internet today. Identifying and supporting functionality over the network solely based on key pairs, combined with the ability to secure your Extreme SportsBook wallet with a secure passphrase, is crucial to both security and convenience. By design, this also creates potential for expansion beyond the standard client, and allows for future use of the web-based version, which is entirely client-side and runs within a standard browser if desired. Road Map Our efforts initially will be focused on the platform and the base functionality, whileworking on the user experience for launch. Following the VIP sale, we will begin discussing our relationship with various exchanges for the community to trade XSB tokens on. After launch, based on the availability of funds and the level of success of the sale, we will be hiring additional developers to begin working on the mobile client. Future plans for the platform will all be discussed publicly through various communication channels such as Telegram and Reddit. Summary Sportsbetting has been a part of history, and as time progressed, so did the meansto place the bets. Extreme SportsBook is taking on the challenge of progressing this service even further with the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Utilizing these new advances in automation, we are able to offer a service that doesn’t rely on middlemen, making your wagers & winnings safer and quicker. We will also be able to offer a wider range of events to bet on (from classic sports to e-sports), without having to change services. There are even benefits to letting your XSB tokens stake and work for you, netting you additional tokens for each blockchain find. There’s no need to worry about security breaches with Extreme SportsBook, as there’s no user names, passwords, or information collected. Only the user’s unique keys (known solely to you), are what authenticate each wager placed on the network, which also identifies them for paying out earnings on winning bets. Remember, the VIP presale will begin on November 1, 2017. Create an account on https://www.xsports.io and generate deposit addresses for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrencies on that date! Website: https://xsports.io Whitepaper: https://ico.xsports.io/xsbwp1.2.pdf Telegram: https://t.me/xsbtoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/xsbtoken Email: [email protected]
  2. Hi Investor! Glad to announce the opening of a new cloud mining service LiteMiHub, the project is focused on the earnings of Litecoin with a profit of 1% to 5% per day. https://litemihub.com/?ref=3926 Program Plan: 1% Daily: $1 to $299 1.2% Daily: $299 to $499 1.6% Daily: $499 to $999 2% Daily: $999 to $1999 3% Daily: $1999 to $4999 5% Daily $4999 and above *************************** Free 1LM/s (1,000 LM/s) after sign up. *************************** Deposit: Min $1.00 = 1LM/s Payment accept: Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Namecoin, Blackcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero and in the future the number of ways will increase. *************************** Withdraw: 0.03 Litecoin Only Litecoin specialize in this currency. *************************** Affiliate program: Has 4 levels of the following conditions Level 1 - 4% Level 2 - 3% Level 3 - 2% Level 4 - 1% All active user will purchase for your power SIGN UP: https://litemihub.com/?ref=3926
  3. Hey guys Just wanted to see if there was anyone else investing on this platform? So i have invested $1100 and it has paid me back almost everything in 2weeks! They offer 2 options on your investment, 3.6% and 4.7% depending on how many weeks you choose. So far so good for me and everyone else on it according to there facebook page. Take a look and let me know what you think, i see plenty positive reviews for the past 3 months. https://goo.gl/t9gvob
  4. XMLGold.eu / 它是如何运作的? 通过 XMLGold.eu 将一种数字货币兑换为另一种数字货币是简单的 & 自动化的 & 即时的。 只需 1) 选择兑换方向, 2) 输入您想要兑换的金额, 3) 点击“兑换”按钮。 就是这么简单! Bitcoin => PerfectMoney EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-perfectmoney-eur/ Bitcoin => PerfectMoney USD: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-perfectmoney-usd/ Bitcoin => Bank Transfer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-bank-transfer-eur/ Bitcoin => Bank Transfer USD: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-bank-transfer-usd/ Bitcoin => AdvCash EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-advcash-eur/ Bitcoin => AdvCash USD: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-advcash-usd/ Bitcoin => Payeer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-payeer-usd/ Bitcoin => Payeer USD: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-payeer-usd/ Bitcoin => SEPA Transfer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-sepa-transfer-eur/ Bitcoin => ePay EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-epay-eur/ Bitcoin => ePay USD: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-epay-usd/ Bitcoin => Litecoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/exchange/bitcoin-to-litecoin/ https://www.xmlgold.eu/zh/
  5. XMLGold.eu intercambia dinero entre procesadores de manera económica Exchange. XMLGold es una compañía la cual brinda el servicio global de intercambio de saldos entre procesadores y lo mejor de todo es qué esta web nos ofrece este servicio a un costo muy bajo a diferencia de otros sistemas similares. XMLGold.eu / ¿Cómo funciona? Intercambiar de una moneda digital a otra es fácil , automático e instantáneo con XMLGold.eu. Simplemente: 1) seleccione la dirección de intercambio; 2) introduzca la cantidad que desea cambiar; 3) haga clic en el botón de "Intercambio". ¡Es así de simple! Link de registro a XMLGold: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/account/register/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5a7YYfDcoOQ Cambio de PerfectMoney EUR a Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/perfectmoney-eur-to-bitcoin/ Cambio de Bitcoin a Bank Transfer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/bitcoin-to-bank-transfer-eur/ Cambio de SEPA Transfer EUR a Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/sepa-transfer-eur-to-bitcoin/ Cambio de SEPA Transfer EUR a Payeer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/sepa-transfer-eur-to-payeer-eur/ Cambio de AdvCash EUR a Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/advcash-eur-to-bitcoin/ Cambio de Bitcoin a PerfectMoney EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/bitcoin-to-perfectmoney-eur/ Cambio de Bitcoin a AdvCash EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/bitcoin-to-advcash-eur/ Cambio de SEPA Transfer EUR a PerfectMoney EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/sepa-transfer-eur-to-perfectmoney-eur/ Cambio de Bank Transfer EUR a Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/bank-transfer-eur-to-bitcoin/ Cambio de Payeer EUR a Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/exchange/payeer-eur-to-bitcoin/ https://www.xmlgold.eu/es/
  6. XMLGold.eu / Comment ça marche ? Échanger une monnaie numérique vers une autre est facile & automatique & instantané avec XMLGold.eu. Il vous suffit de: 1) sélectionner le sens de l'échange; 2) d'entrer le montant que vous souhaitez échanger; 3) et de cliquer sur le bouton ' Échanger '. C'est aussi simple que cela ! Échanges PerfectMoney EUR pour Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/fr/exchange/perfectmoney-eur-to-bitcoin/ Échanges Bitcoin pour Payeer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/fr/exchange/bitcoin-to-payeer-eur/ Échanges PerfectMoney EUR pour Bank Transfer EUR: https://www.xmlgold.eu/fr/exchange/perfectmoney-eur-to-bank-transfer-eur/ Échanges AdvCash EUR pour Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/fr/exchange/advcash-eur-to-bitcoin/ Échanges SEPA Transfer EUR pour Bitcoin: https://www.xmlgold.eu/fr/exchange/sepa-transfer-eur-to-bitcoin/ Plus: www.xmlgold.eu
  7. MADCOIN (MDC) Social Links : website : https://madcoin.life | twitter : https://twitter.com/madcoinlife | Meduim : https://medium.com/@madcoin Official LOGO : WHAT IS MADCOIN ? Is a decentralized, open source digital currency, made in Morocco, and will be a currency to pay for tourist services in the future, Our team is working to create an online market to provide tourist services for those Who wishing to visit Morocco like hotel reservations , restaurants, Locals, transport, massage places .. (More information will be added soon ) Specifications 2,5 Minutes per block Max Supply : 10 000 000 MDC Algorithm : Scrypt Block Reward : 10 MDC (HALVED EVERY 840 000 BLOCKS) Madcoin Explorer Soon (Work On It) Pool : http://www.findblocks.com/ stratum tcp://beardedpool.fr:3433 stratum tcp://thecryptopool.com:3433 or stratum+tcp://pool.bilbotel.fr:3433 Example code : -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.bilbotel.fr:3433 -u WALLET -p c=MDC,stats If you use NiceHash or ASICs, use this : -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://pool.bilbotel.fr:3434 -u WALLET -p c=MDC Don't forget to put in your password : c=MDC Compare your stats on : http://pool.bilbotel.fr/bench Peer List (addnode) : http://pool.bilbotel.fr/explorer/peers?id=1890 Exchange : 15 ---> 25 days after launched Download : Windows Wallet : https://github.com/madcoin-project/madcoin/files/1338744/madcoin- Linux , Android and OS Wallet Soon Source In Github : https://github.com/madcoin-project/madcoin ---------------------------------------- madcoin.conf example : daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=rpc_user rpcpassword=password rpcallowip= rpcport=9333 FREE REWARDS : Get 10 MDC WHEN YOU FINISH THIS FEW STEPS on Gleam https://gleam.io/mZZRm/20-mdc-reward --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like the idea behind the currency, please join our communities , We will add a road map , whitepaper and more important informations , so stay tuned
  8. BuySellVouchers.com now accepts Bitcoin & Litecoin! Buy & Sell different kind of E-currencies, Vouchers, Gift Cards, Paymers, Coupons by Bitcoin & Litecoin at BuySellVouchers.com About BuySellVouchers.com We are Trading platform for different kinds of Vouchers, Gift Cards, Paymers, Coupons. BuySellVouchers is a commercial market place that brings the buyer and seller directly. The use of a platform is easy and it's free. BuySellVouchers.com offered products: VoIP Betamax, Betamax/Dellmont Credit Transfer, Dellmont, FastVoip, Poivy, 12Voip (betamax), Voipdiscount, Skype Credit, Skype Credit Transfer, VoIPClub, Nimbuzz, Fring, Fring Credit Transfer, Nymgo, Rebtel voucher, Rebvoice ... Payment System Cashu, Cashu Credit Transfer, Virtual Credit Card, Webmoney paymer, Perfect Money Vouchers, Onecard, Neteller Transfer, Bitstamp, BTC-E Code, BTCC-Voucher, Skrill, LiqPay, FilsPay... Gift cards Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, Plati.ru Gift Certificate, Spotify, Microsoft Windows Store Gift Cards, Steam Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Newegg Gift Cards, Rue 21 EGift Cards, TJ MAXX GIFT CARD, Xbox gift Cards, StarBucks e Gift Cards, Sports Authority Gift cards, BassBuds Egiftcards, Saks Gift Cards, Hollisterco e Gift Cards, Pandora 30$ gift codes, Cabela’s Gift Cards, Sears eGift Cards, GAP eGiftCards, Talbots Gift Cards... Games Battlefield, PC, PlayStation, Ultimate Game Card, WOW, Xbox 360, Poker, Second LIFE, Zynga Game Cards, Rixty... Prepaid Vouchers FaceBook Vouchers, GoDaddy vouchers, Google AdWords, Dubli VIP Vouchers, Amtrak Travel Vouchers, BingAds Coupons, Norton Internet Security vouchers, Payasugym.com Vouchers ... Download / File Hosting Services Rapidshare, Alldebrid, Freakshare, Turbobit, Bitshare, Mediafire, 4shared, Letitbit, Netload.in, Mydownloader, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Real-debrid ... Mobile communications Orange France, Prepiad Cell Phone Cards, Smart Load ... You can suggest new products to add on the market. Support will check your suggestion anyway! BuySellVouchers.com offered withdrawal methods: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money EUR, Perfect Money USD, AdvCash EUR, AdvCash USD, Payeer USD, OkPay EUR, OkPay USD, MoneyPolo EUR, MoneyPolo USD, EPay USD. Our company is a reliable and comes from Europe, and will operate according to the highest European trading principles. Welcome to build your business, to generate revenue on our platform! Bigest and most effective electronic products market/ platform! About 240 products in 65 categories. 1170 successful transactions per day and + 25305 users every month! Trusted since 2014 Support: https://www.buysellvouchers.com/en/support/index/ www.buysellvouchers.com
  9. Top 5 traded cryptocurrencies now

    Top 5 traded cryptocurrencies now Bitcoin: Bitcoin has now hit the record of $3000 above, which is trading at very high end in cryptocurrency market. Ethereum: Based on smart contract, Ethereum seems to be the second largest cryptocurrency, which is now trading at the value of $300 and above Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin cash has become the counting name among the most traded and top cryptocurrency. It is remarkable to say, at very less span of time Bitcoin Cash has achieved great user attention. Litecoin: It is booming as the growing cryptocurrency. The value of which is increased by 5.94% on 9th august according to coinmarketcap Ripple: Ripple is in the race of coming as the 3rd largest cryptocurrency. Read complete article: Top trading cryptocurrencies
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  11. XMLGold.eu XMLGold is an e-currency exchange company. With XMLGold.eu, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following: AdvCash EUR AdvCash USD Bitcoin C-CEX USD CoinMate EUR Ecoin-code-USD EPay EUR EPay USD Litecoin Payeer USD Payeer EUR PerfectMoney EUR PerfectMoney USD Online Bank Transfer EUR MasterCard EUR MasterCard USD XMLMoney USD XMLMoney GBP XMLMoney EUR In the semi-automatic mode: Bank Transfer EUR Bank Transfer GBP Bank Transfer USD SEPA Transfer EUR XMLGold offers Bank transfer all around the world! Thanks to the professional team working at the market of e-currencies since 2006, the XMLGold company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner. *XMLGold - Our service is meant for those who want to safely and profitably change an e-currency. *XMLGold provides the necessary security. All transactions are protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption. One of the main advantages of XMLGold is the user-friendly interface. Its simplicity and convenience makes it easier for everyone to use. "Get Nothing more, only what you need " - that was our motto behind "XMLGold". XMLGoldis an exchanger that is serving online, one of the most trusted partner of the PerfectMoney through the years. With the genuine services that is offered by XMLGold gains them the highest trust score in which garners an overall summation of 7400. XMLGold provides an automatic and instant exchange between Perfect Money and other e-Currencies, digital and crypto currencies. XMLGold also offers a MasterCard in the currencies of EUR, USD, which can be loaded with PerfectMoney with lowest cost of fees on the market. More advantages: XMLGold offers the profitable Referral Program which gives you an opportunity to earn 10% of our profit on each transaction made by the user who have you referred using your Referral Link! Click here to know more about our Referral System: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/referal/index For more information, news, special offers and other information, follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XMLGold Twitter: https://twitter.com/XMLGold Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/100721726186009427572 If you have questions, you can contact Customer Support: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/support/index Customer support working hours: Daily from 9:00 till 21:00 ( + 1 GMT) www.xmlgold.eu
  12. RektEx.com an exchange made for pumping We've created a whole exchange just for pumping. RektEx.com People without a pump group can follow us on twitter @pumptrust People with a pump group should contact [email protected] to find out how we work with other pump groups to help them make more money People who just want to chat about pumping can join t.me/thecryptogame
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