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  1. We at bitssa.com believe that it is only the fear of the unknown that will keep people from getting into cryptocurrency. It is true that the majority has no idea what Cryptocurrency is all about, how does it work and what could be the possible advantages of investing in a cryptocurrency. And certainly, for any layman, such questions must be raising a lot of doubts in his or her mind for venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies. Humans have always believed in conventional wisdom since times immemorial. They have always opted for tried and tested methods but whenever the question of trying anything new and revolutionary arose humans have always trodden cautiously. It is only about time that people will realize the importance of investing in a highly advanced, sophisticated and secured value storing currency like cryptocurrency. We can say that it is only a lack of education that can be held responsible for people's ignorance and fear of cryptocurrencies. As far as unpredictability is concerned, who knows what the future hold for us. We may live for 10 thousand years on this planet or there could an apocalypse tomorrow. Same can be said about cryptocurrencies. All those investors who have reaped huge returns on their investments in cryptocurrencies must be wary of all the pitfalls of investing in it. The best advice is to do a thorough research before getting into cryptocurrencies. Instead of asking a question like what will people from getting into cryptocurrency? ask what is it that keeps people interested in cryptocurrency. Honestly, the answers are many to this question:a) Cryptocurrencies facilitate Quicker, cheaper, and secure bank transfersThe way we or even transfers money is so obsolete. Some bank transfers even take a couple of days to complete the transaction, with correspondent banks and nation-specific clearing intermediaries involved on both sides. However, by using digital currency, bank transfers could be completed in no time as they are cheaper, safer, and quicker when compared to the conventional transactions.b) An encouragement to global remittancesUtilizing digital currency, even private users can transfer money directly whoever they want through smartphones, of course, with the only rest fee being those taken by the exchange platforms. While conventional money transfer companies had to have carry principal just in case of any delay in international money transactions, capital requirements are very much necessary for companies who use digital currencies.However, minimizing the fee may make it simpler for small players to take steps in the remittance picture or for current players to make transactions possible in even small towns and extremely remote countries.c) Safe money for the poorDigital currencies can become a safe and secure way of payment especially in nations where the majority of the citizens do not hold bank accounts. While utilizing Bitcoin as another currency in such nations would expose people in the country to a particular amount of risk, but still, it would be a better one when compared to the current options especially in high-inflation countries. For instance, it is safer than stashing hard cash at home or purchasing precious jewelry.c) Discovering the potential of e-commerceSince virtual currencies allow customers to transfer funds just like an email or a message, online shopping soon turns into a much smoother and more straightforward process. Digital currencies can also let SMBs in developing nations to more interact on a global level in e-commerce.
  2. To say the least, Bitcoin and blockchain technology are indispensable. Bitcoin is a byproduct of Blockchain technology and both go hand in hand. However, if we talk about which is to stay longer then obviously Blockchain technology is to stay here in the long run. Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology which is going to transform the whole financial ecosystem. We can see that the Banking system is already incorporating the blockchain technology which is proving out to be a boon. In the wake of many financial crimes happening all across the globe, blockchain technology is going to revolutionize the financial industry. On the other hand, Bitcoin is a digital currency which is in the form of a digital ledger supported by the blockchain. Bitcoin is the byproduct of the hype created in the market and the trust created in it due to its high-security feature backed by the blockchain technology. Bitcoin which is highly volatile in nature is giving a lot of people reasons to doubt its sustainability. No one knows when the bubble might burst. Yet people are risking their money in it. But what the future holds for Bitcoin, that only time will tell. So, certainly, Blockchain technology will survive the tests of time.
  3. We at Bitssa.com believe that Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are the two sides of a coin. Fiat currencies are regulated and recognized by the Government of the day in most countries whereas Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon due to their global presence and acceptance despite being decentralized, unregulated and unrecognized by many Governments in the world. Fiat currencies are stable and mostly they are subjected to artificial inflation in order to control economies whereas Bitcoins are a very volatile currency as its demand mostly runs on the hype created in the market. If we were to draw parallels between the Cryptocurrency market and its functioning with any other market then it is certainly the stock market. Cryptocurrency behaves like shares. The increase in the market price is only due to the demand created for that particular cryptocurrency. Every year, people send almost 500 billion dollars in the form of remittances from developing countries across the globe. This is the amount that can exceed FDI. With international fee varying from 5 to 10 percent for transferring 200 dollars, the number is quite a burden for normal people. Now, the emerging technologies have the potential to assist people in transferring the amount fast and cheap. Utilizing digital currency, even private users can transfer money directly whoever they want through smartphones, of course, with the only rest fee being those taken by the exchange platforms. While conventional money transfer companies had to have carry principal just in case of any delay in international money transactions, capital requirements are very much necessary for companies who use digital currencies.Africa is one good example to show that the explosion of smartphone technology educated that even developing countries also eligible to lead when it comes to high-end technology. According to a source, more than 60 percent of commerce in Kenya is taking place through smartphone credits as a source of exchange. Everyone can store money and transfer credits to other users, but the only problem is that the fee is too high. Cashing out will cost nearly 20 percent even though the great embracement of the credits result in many customers spending the credits directly without having to pay large amounts in the form of fee.
  4. Bitssa_Alpha

    Why bitcoin is not a currency?

    We at Bitssa.com are of the view that Bitcoin is not a currency due to the following reasons:Not Asset-backed: Firstly, Bitcoin is not an asset-backed currency just like any other fiat currency backed by gold or oil such as the USD, GBP, Euro, or INR. However, Bitcoin can be considered to be backed by the trust it has in the market due to the hype created on the internet attributing to its high-security feature. Again this is not a real asset.Not centralized: Secondly, Bitcoin is not a centralized currency. It has a global presence. Unlike, the fiat currency, the bitcoin is not country specific.Not regulated: Bitcoins are not regulated by any bank or Central/Federal Government. This is a mandatory feature for granting a currency status to a coin or money-bill.Not a Legal tender: Bitcoin is not a legal tender bearing the signatures of a Banker or Finance Minister of a country providing it legal sanctity to buy or sell products and services. However, there are exceptional cases where Bitcoin is accepted for payment on certain e-commerce websites.Highly unstable: Another very important criteria for not granting currency status to Bitcoin is that it is highly unstable and moreover volatile. If seen from the angle of any fiat currency such as dollar or pound, they are highly valued since they are stable and causes the consumer to trust blindly in its value as a currency. Whereas, Bitcoin is not as trustworthy as far as its value is concerned. Its value may appreciate and depreciate by 30-40% in a matter of a few months. In principle, an accepted currency must fulfill three functions: to be a means of exchange and payment, a unit of calculation and a means of preserving value. According to a comparison between gold, CHF and bitcoin (but also valid for all other cryptocurrencies), there is no economic argument to classify bitcoin as money.
  5. Bitssa_Alpha

    Bitcoin Ban In India

    We at bitssa.com believe that India will accept Bitcoins sooner or later. In his budget speech of 2018, Indian FM Arun Jaitley rightly pointed out that "Cryptocurrency is not a legal tender" which means it is not like any other regular fiat currency which can be used for buying or selling products and services. However, this does not mean buying cryptocurrency is illegal in India. It is just a matter of time when the Indian Government will seriously consider the option of giving legal status to Bitcoin in India. There were some real fears on account of which the RBI came out with certain guidelines against the use of bitcoins such as terror-financing, black money laundering owing to the unregulated and decentralized character of bitcoins. But, terror-financing and money laundering also happen through Hawala-channel via cash. So, bitcoin is not solely responsible. If we consider the volatile nature of Bitcoin, imagine the kind of remittances it will generate if it was made legal in India adding to the GDP of the country. Bitcoin is a byproduct of a revolutionary technology (blockchain) which is here to stay for good. There are speculations that in the coming years Cryptocurrency will replace cash money. And we hope that is soon to happen.
  6. Bitssa_Alpha

    What is the future of Bitcoin

    We at Bitssa.com believe that of course, nobody has seen the future. And that is why it is extremely important to learn and understand the hidden factors which could cause Bitcoin’s price to increase in the years to come. There are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that were introduced after Bitcoin but failed to gain the traction and apparently have stayed in the dark. This is enough for us to understand the fact that Bitcoin is very much different from other cryptocurrencies whose value rose to thousands of dollars from literally nothing. Understanding what this means is important for a fruitful investment in Bitcoin.
  7. Bitssa.com which is operated and controlled by Alpha Fortress Limited are a dedicated team of experts willing to bring the best all the cryptocurrency world to the traders on our website and make it more efficient and easy to use for the traders so that they can keep trading for more benefits and can avail enhanced level technology in the near future. Our team is constantly working on how to provide more benefits and safety to the traders. Soon we will be adding the new cryptocurrencies to our website and will keep the traders updated on what new is coming up. Our vision for bitssa.com is to bring the best cryptocurrencies to it and make the trade better for the traders. It will allow the traders to grow their investment in a better and more efficient way. We also plan to bring the best supporting system for traders so that they have solutions to every problem they come across immediately. We are very much visionary in enhancing the value of our traders and our relationship with them as a family. We at bitssa.com would like to thank all the traders who are connected to us from the starting of the website and are constantly trading with us. We will also like to thank them for putting in good words to the people surrounded by them and bringing them to the trading platform with us we are constantly working to keep the family growing as traders and company. Thanks a lot for your co-operation and kind pursuance we look ahead for better future of all of you trading at bitssa.com.
  8. CrowdIF is launching its full-featured futuristic crypto trading platform in two hours from now! Mark your clocks for Monday, July 30, 12 noon UTC! The platform will allow all of you to earn from a variety of available programs. To understand all possible earning channels, please visit https://www.crowdif.com/earn BUT THE BEST NEWS: You don't have to wait till the platform launch to start building your profit stream. In fact, you can do that today! The platform allows you to start building your team today itself. All you have to do is to share your referral link with your contacts on social media and all other platforms. Everyone who joins CrowdIF using your referral link will automatically be added to your team. CrowdIF is offering referral benefits upto 5 levels deep! So all the work that you do today, will start benefiting you immediately as soon as the platform is launched. Your complete team is visible through the 'Team' link on the left side of your profile dashboard after login. Over there, you will start seeing the result of your efforts immediately. So don't wait, take initiative and start building your dream team NOW! Join this Links..http://bit.ly/2vCLjbQ
  9. Malik

    the best money investment

    Our dreams can be fulfilled with money management. In our routine life this is the must for all. To get better standard of living you need it. Only more earning can not solve your problem but it should be properly managed. For this you should use your experience or hire a firm for your organization. Your output is based on your inputs. Your hard-work can provide you more achievements. This is very true but this concept is passed away. It is no more now. Most of time lots of great entrepreneurs do same mistakes. They earn lot but not having knowledge of this thing can fail them in the end. For that financial advisors and accountants are required. They can really guide you and suggest you for your betterment. In short you can say that this all about the best money investment. More financial freedom is required to get more luxury and better living. This thing can be achieved this way. If your every penny is properly calculated it can help you even worst situations. The popular one is smarter you work better you gain. How one can work smartly? The answer is your free flow cash movement can lead you to the success. You need to find out best money investment. One better option is stock trading. If it is done properly you can rock. baraut Baghpat, India https://moneyonlineinvestment.com/_/the_best_money_investment/r299502_Who-knows-the-best-money-investment/baraut Baghpat-India.html
  10. richard83


    Project Legend: Octoin is an international company, created at the beginning of 2006. Octoin is found as the synergy of the professional Traders Team from UK and Singapore, as well as by the business owners of the largest mining pools of North-West China. Thanks to this emerging the main goal of Octoin became possible: the integration of the capitals for professional trading at maximum volumes, investments at the trusted ICO companies. Also, usage of the most effective technologies for mining of not only the main cryptocurrency, but also the whole range of most promising altcoins. During this year, the international team of Octoin have been joined by the leading experts from: UK, Germany, Poland, France, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey. The experience and knowledge exchange, team work for the mutual result have lead to reaching the leading position at the market of cryptocurrencies. In June 2017 there was taken a decision of opening the doors of Octoin to the wide audience of users: investors, traders, miners. Moreover, Octoin got open to the large societies of people who follow the cryptocurrencies, blockchain and also, to the network marketing leaders. Marketing: Investment Portfolio Trading: The user’s statuses influences the profit from investments to Trading and ICO. Also, the statuses influence the time periods, options: “Insurance rate” and “Closing the portfolio before the end of the investment period”. Chosen cryptocurrency for the investment portfolio means a lot as well. The profit for investment portfolio is accrued on a daily basis. Investment period is from 30 to 150 days. The profit percentage changes according to the period. Timing 30 DAYS PORTFOLIO BRINGS STANDARD PROFIT 60 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 5% 90 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 10% 120 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 12,5% 150 DAYS PORTFOLIO INCREASES DAILY PROFIT FOR 15% OCTOIN has got 7 statuses: USER Is given to everyone at the completed registration process. ASSISTANT Partners with Assistant status get 3% of additional daily profit. SUPERVISOR Partners with Supervisor status get 5% of additional daily profit. MANAGER Partners with Manager status get 7% of additional daily profit. LEADER Partners with Leaders status get 10% of additional daily profit. DIRECTOR Partners with Director status get 15% of additional daily profit. PARTNER Partners with Partners status get 20% of additional daily profit. Minimum amount of deposit: 10 USD Maximum amount of deposit: 100 000 USD Average monthly profit: from 26% to 32% depending on the status Type of payments: manual return of deposit at the end of investment period Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash Early portfolio closing The payment for the service of “Early closing of investment portfolio” is 30% of the daily profit for the specific portfolio. The charge fee for the early closing of the portfolio (before the 30 days are over from the moment of opening portfolio) is 20% from the invested amount. There is no any extra charge if portfolio is closed after 30 days. Rate Insurance Additional service “Rate Insurance” is protecting the investments of the users from the unexpected drops of the rates of cryptocurrencies. OCTOIN is for the secure investments! The service “Rate insurance” is allowing to fix the rate of the cryptocurrency in USD at the moment of the payment of the investment portfolio. Thanks to the insurance you are protected from the losses. The daily profit will be shown in both: cryptocurrency and USD. Everyday the user can choose in which out of the two currencies to take the most profitable income. Closing of investment portfolio after its full completion is possible in USD or in cryptocurrency of investment in accordance to its current rate at the moment of portfolio creation. The payment for service “Rate Insurance” is spread during the whole period of portfolio validity period. It is 30% of the daily accruals for the specific invest portfolio. This payment is taking only for the risks which Octoin is baring. Mining: Deposit minimum amount: 10 USD Deposit maximum amount: 100 000 USD Average monthly profitability: 35% Types of payments: Manual Deposit is included in the payments Payment systems: PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash Investments in mining are profitable Advantage when paying by OctoinCoin Rental period Octoin makes profitable the rentals of mining capacities for a long time. The longer is rental period the less is the rental payment of the miningcapacities. 30 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 0% 60 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 3% 90 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 5% 200 DAYS RENTAL. DISCOUNT - 10% Partners Trading Program USER 3-2-1% from the partner’s deposit ASSISTANT 3-2-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Supervisor 5-2-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Manager 5-3-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Leader 7-3-1-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Director 7-5-3-1-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit Partner 10-5-3-1-1-1-1% from the partner’s deposit Partners Mining Program: USER 3-1-1% from the partner’s deposit, 3-2-1% from profit ASSISTANT 3-2-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 5-2-1% from profit Supervisor 3-2-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-3-1-0.5-0.5-0.5 from profit Manager 5-3-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-5-3-1-1-1 from profit Leader 7-3-1-1-1-0.5-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 7-5-3-1-1-1 from profit Director 7-5-3-1-1-1-0.5% from the partner’s deposit, 10-7-5-1-1-1% from profit Partner 10-5-3-1-1-1-1% from the partner’s deposit, 15-10-5-3-1-1% from profit P2P-exchanger is a platform of free exchange of cryptocurrencies inside Octoin. Each registered user can place as new exchange order all cryptocurrencies that he/she has got and all the money, which he/she has got on the balance. There is a calculator to make the process of order creation easy and simple. It will show the current rates of all the currencies and calculate the amounts. __________________________________________________ __________________ Learn more
  11. RecCoin is one of a kind reward token that is your ticket to guaranteed daily payouts for life. RecCoin is a Waves Platform token and bonus payouts are sent daily in WAVES which can be traded for BTC, LTC or more on the internal exchange. Daily bonus payout based on the number of RecCoins you hold which can be verified here. The RecCoin ICO / crowd sale is live. RecCoins are available during one of a kind crowd sale to introduce IRL mining contracts. Because of the unique and rewarding structure of this offer, a conservative hard cap, and 100% distribution at our goal this opportunity won't last long. IRL mining is investments in smart recycle. It give you opportunity to double your investment in first 4-6 months. For a limited time all IRL mining contracts includes free RecCoins as an added bonus. You will receive a daily bonus payout for life for every RecCoin you hold in addition to the money you earn with IRL mining. [WEBSITE] [TELEGRAM] [TWITTER] [REDDIT] [AFFILIATE PROGRAM]
  12. Nowadays, developed countries are no longer using large amounts of cash but instead use forms of ATMs and credit cards. And even credit cards, the ATM also revealed the disadvantages of these forms are still under the management, it is the bank. And the next trend is the rise of the electronic currency. As technology grows, people increasingly invent convenient ways to save time and money, according to their own needs. Electronic money, also known as cryptocurrency, is a form of exchange that uses cryptography to secure transactions and control new currency units that are created. Accordingly, electronic money can be exchanged directly with an Internet connection device without the need of an intermediary financial institution, so the transaction fee will be greatly reduced. With electronic money, you can use it anywhere in the world and your account will not be frozen. Of course, you can use electronic money to buy everything and convert it into cash when needed. Even electronic money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem ... is also a source of financial investment efficiency. Over the years, e-money has shown its strong growth through market capitalization and an increase in the value of this currency. A unit of cryptocurrency can be equal thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is often regarded as an asset rather than a currency. Can you use one Bitcoin to go to the market to buy vegetables? Of course not. But you take it to invest it seems to be more reasonable. Investors and miners are holding cryptocurrencies rather than using them to purchase goods and services . Users have no incentive to trade or sell them, since once they are traded, owners lose their investment position. In addition, low liquidity is a concern for those who own them. The solution is a credit model in which volatile crypto-assets act as collateral while credit is granted in a stable currency. ABOUT MONEYTOKEN PROJECT With MoneyToken, There Is No Longer Need to Sell Your BTC And Lose Investment Position When You Need Cash or Stable Currency. What problem does MoneyToken solve? The problem has been obvious for some time - spending crypto assets today removes the ability of holders to benefit from any future growth in value; holders who buy low need to hold on to their in order to benefit from selling high. This is where MoneyToken steps in - the MoneyToken platform allows you to borrow liquid funds instantly, based on the current value of your cryptocurrency asset holdings. You take out a loan, collaterized with more volatile assets such as Bitcoin or Ethereum In return you receive an agreed loan amount in a stable currency. After loan repayment you will receive your whole collateral back even if collateral has many times increased in value. With MoneyToken you're able to receive liquid funds and stay in your crypto position all at the same time. MoneyToken - A Blockchain based Financial Ecosystem which consists of: MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoin, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH; MTC - MoneyToken’s own stablecoin; MoneyToken decentralized Exchange service. WHO BEHIND THE PROJECT? The team behind MoneyToken project can be considered an advantage for the project. The team is relatively big compared to other startups and ICO projects and consists of experienced and skilled people. There are photos and LinkedIn accounts provided next to the members to prove that they are real people, as many suspicious projects refuse to showcase their members. Apart from developers, who take care of technical side of the project and developing the sole platform, there are people responsible for maintaining the contact with the community and potential investors, while the whole advertising side and marketing strategy is also in good hands. The following is the information of some key members. The rest of you can see more details at their official website: Founder Advisors ICO INFORMATION Token symbol: IMT Token Price: 0.005 USD Total raised: 3,548,563 USD Token for sale: 10,120,000,000 IMT Token supply: 22,490,000,000 IMT Soft cap: 4,500,000 USD Hard cap: 40,000,000 USD Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH Bonus: Private sale weeks 1-6: 40% Pre-sale day 1: 30% Pre-sale weeks 1-4: 25% Token sale day 1: 20% Token sale week 1: 15% Token sale week 2: 10% Token sale week 3: 5% Token sale weeks 4-5: 0% Note: The Retail price of IMT inside platform will be $0,05, it is 10 times higher than the token sale price, it will be increasing over time and never lower than the token sale price. The funds received from the Retail sales of IMT will be transferred to the MoneyToken safety fund to protect lenders interests. PROJECT EVALUATION Advantages The idea of the project is quite good. MoneyToken allows you to borrow high liquidity by mortgage your electronic money. MoneyToken owns a team of experienced founders, developers and consultants in the field of financial, IT and blockchain technology. This is one of the factors that determine the success of the project. MoneyToken accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH as payment method. Safe, efficient, convenient and fast For miner: Avoid cash flow issues or invest in more equipment, without losing your existing mined cryptocurrency. For traders and investors: Hold on to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio and use leverage to make further investments or increase your liquidity. For ICOs: Quickly access cash, without all the red tape, for short term business needs. For exchanges: Meet extra cash needs while hedging exchange risks and leveraging your crypto assets. DisadvantagesThere will be competitors in technology and solutions such as: ETHLend, LendOIT, CoinLoan,... Hope MoneyToken always hold the leading position as today. CONCLUSION If you are seeking a promising ICO for investment purpose then you can participate in the MoneyToken ICO. The project is very well prepared from the technical and business side, with very extensive and transparent whitepapers and roadmap. I find that the project is very potential and worth investing. I will participate in this project to contribute to the development of the platform, I hope that the project will continue to grow, wish the project succeed! USEFULL LINKS Website: https://moneytoken.com/ Whitepaper: https://moneytoken.com/doc/MoneyTokenWP_ENG.pdf Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3407082.0 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MoneyTokenOfficial/ Telegram: https://t.me/moneytoken Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoneyToken Medium: https://medium.com/@moneytoken Github: https://github.com/MoneyToken/ Author: Bitcointalk username: kld_hp Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1014734
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  18. Today i decided to make that post for Kucoin Share (KCS), so i can bring to people my knowledge about this promising coin. First i will start saying that Kucoin is an exchange that started working on August and is based on currency. It was the first exchange that listed red pulse (RPX) the first NEO based coin. Kucoin has it,s own token, KCS. Kucoin exchange charges a 0.1% fee for every trade, 0.1% for buyer and 0.1% for seller. The 50% of the fees collected are shared among the KCS holders daily based on some calculations. These calculations are based on the daily volume of the exchange. Fees collected are the half of the exchange's volume. Then they calculated the % of your KCS holdings. KCS you own/total supply (100.000.000)= share you own. The amount of the money you get is the fees that are collected multiply by the share you own. For now maybe this amount to be less that you expected, but Kucoin is targeting for big things, to be on top 10 exchanges. So as exchange's volume increases , your daily income increases too. Keep in mind that KCS price can be increased and your profit will get bigger. Also your profit every day is shared not in USD but in all coins Kucoin Exchange has, and this number is increasing every week. Last but not least is that you also get KCS every day from fees, so every next day your % of your holdings will be increadsing rapitly and also the daily profit. Example: If you buy 1000KCS. Price:$1.35 Total price: $1350 Current volume: $22.000.000 Fees collected: $110.000 so 50% is $55.000 Daily profit: 55000×1000/100.000.000=$0.55 If you want to start earning daily before price goes up you can check my link below and of course you can pm me if you have any questions: https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E3LlnZ
  19. Hashware

    Be Christmas Smart

    Hi Users, The festive period is upon us all, we need to be smart in making decisions that would cause a great change next year. As we all are aware, Bitcoin is about to hit the $20000/BTC mark, which is a lot looking back at months when the price used to be $3000/BTC. You might want to cash in your Bitcoins now to make profits to spend for celebrations that can be avoided, It’s just next year. You wouldn’t want to know how much it’s going to cost next year. From my calculations, Next year would be the best time to cash in your Bitcoins in your BTC wallet. By this predicted time, it’s price should have hit $30000 - $50000/BTC which would bring in huge profits Because selling your bitcoin in a short time will lead you to have a regret. You will notice if you sell your bitcoin at low(I still think at $15000/BTC now is still low) price it will not give a profitable value but, if you are going to hold and wait for a long run of your bitcoin since its value is not fixed you could earn a lot of profit on it. If bitcoin reaches $20000/BTC it will have to be because the fiat currencies of the world are tumbling to worthlessness via a hyperinflation type scenario and bitcoin is the safe haven, which if you know anything about the current monetary systems of the world, you know this is inevitable. (there have been 3800 fiat currencies throughout history and EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE has crashed to worthlessness; a value of zero) Why would you then sell all of your sound money (Bitcoin) for a bunch of fiat money that is inevitably becoming worthless? I don't understand the logic in doing that. If bitcoin ever reaches $20000 per bitcoin, you will NEVER see me selling for fiat paper money. You may however see me having a shopping spree at Furniture, Bedding, Jewelry & More or http://TigerDirect.com or Computer Parts, Laptops, Electronics, and More! I will be buying things I want with my bitcoin profits DIRECTLY WITH BITCOIN, not selling my bitcoin for paper fiat. Hopefully by then there will be many more options, perhaps even Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more will be accepting bitcoin for goods and I can have my shopping spree there. Point being, selling bitcoin for dollars seems counterproductive. Why convert your paper fiat currency into sound value storing superior bitcoin, only to sell all of your superior bitcoin back for worthless antiquated fiat currency again? Why not just spend the bitcoin itself to buy what you want instead of taking a loss by converting back into dollars which will inflate away eventually anyway? I hope you make the right decision and continue investing in Bitcoins, and if you need a guide or assistance in placing profitable bitcoin investments, reach out to me via Quora. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year … Wish you all more wealth and health. Stevie Hash [email protected]
  20. CHIMAERA ⸺ WHITE PAPER ⸺ BOUNTY PORTAL ⸺ BLOG ⸺ TOKEN SALE MAIN ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD IMPORTANT LINKS https://chimaera.io/ https://bounties.chimaera.io/ Bounty Campaigns Bitcointalk Signatures & Avatars Twitter Translations Articles Telegram Reddit Starts: October 15th, 2017 at 00:00:01 UTC+0 Ends: At the end of the main token sale (TBD) Bounty Rewards Three and a half percent (3.5%) of the total CHI supply is available for the Bounty Campaign. Rewards are from this 3.5% of the total CHI supply, and not shares in a company. As we surpass $15,000,000 during the token sale, with the allocated bounty of 3.5% (~15 million CHI), this is valued at over $1,700,000 at the token base rate (2,000 satoshis/CHI). Should the CAP be reached during the token exchange period, total bounties will exceed $11,000,000. Whoever participates in the campaign will share in that potential $11,000,000. As most campaigns only have around 200 or so participants, that’d be $55,000 in CHI! Help us Help You! General Information and Rules Bounty portal updates are not real time, but are updated every few hours No spamming or accounts that have been used for spam All activity must be in good faith Violation of any rule may lead to a reduction in stakes/tokens or total ban Removal from a specific campaign may entail a reduction or complete removal of all stakes/tokens One appeal is possible, but Chimaera decisions are final Plagiarism or claiming someone else’s work as your own will result in a complete ban without appeal Members with negative trust here in the Bitcointalk forums are not eligible to join any campaign Each bounty campaign has further specific rules and requirements Stakes/tokens will be recorded and that information made available in the bounty portal for the Twitter and Signature/Avatar campaigns. Complete information for all campaigns will be available shortly after the close of the campaign. Stakes/tokens will be redeemable shortly after release tl;dr Play nice. Please note that the most important rule is that people participate in GOOD FAITH. If you’re showing good faith, and we see that you’ve not “strictly” met a requirement, we’ll very likely overlook that. That doesn’t mean ignore the requirements, because that wouldn’t be in good faith. But, it does mean that if you slip up a bit, we’re not going to pull out the banhammer and start screeching about rules. How to Participate Copy and paste the below template into a new post in this thread and fill it in. Bitcointalk user name: (username) Twitter handle: (@username or NONE) Translation: <name of language or NONE> Articles: <Yes/No> Telegram ID: (username or NONE) Reddit: (username or NONE) The bounty portal maintains campaign data, and you must also register there in order to receive your bounty shares. It is located at: https://bounties.chimaera.io/. Next, follow the directions for each campaign that you wish to participate in as detailed below. Bitcointalk Signatures & Avatars This campaign is open to all Junior Members and above. How to Participate Follow the campaign rules at the top of this page and the Signature campaign rules below Go to the bounty portal and sign up for the Signature campaign there https://bounties.chimaera.io/ Rules BBcode for signatures is in the bounty portal To receive avatar rewards, change your avatar to the CHI logo from here for a bonus (see rewards below). You must participate in the signature campaign to participate in the avatar campaign. Post at least 10 qualifying posts per week No more than 20 posts per week will be counted towards the campaign No more than 5 posts per day will be counted towards the campaign Do not spam or you will be removed from the campaign Posts must be constructive Posts must not be abusive of other Bitcointalk members Posts in this bounty thread will not be counted The following boards are off limits for this campaign: Politics & Society, Off-Topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners & Help Signature Campaign Rewards Bitcointalk members that complete the campaign in good faith will share in the total available bounty. The list below details how many shares members earn for each valid post and for using the Chimaera avatar. Signature rewards (per post): Junior member: 1 shares Member: 2 shares Full member: 3 shares Senior member: 4 shares Hero member: 5 shares Legendary member: 6 shares Avatar rewards (per week): Full member: 6 shares Senior member: 8 shares Hero member: 10 shares Legendary member: 12 shares Twitter The Twitter campaign requires tweets or retweets (and preferably some nice comments). People with large or influential Twitter followings are encouraged to contact us directly. Account Requirements At least 4 months old 100 or more genuine, active followers (this will be checked using status people) How to Participate Meet all the account requirements Post here in the bounty thread as detailed at the top of this post Go to the bounty portal and enter your Twitter user ID Follow @Chimaera_Tech Include these hashtags in tweets: #Chimaera, #ICO or #TokenSale (1 or both is fine) Retweet Tweets and retweets must remain on Twitter for at least 1 month after the end of the main token sale campaign Post your tweet links here in the Bounty thread at the end of each week starting 00:01 on October 15th. Please do this once a week so we can verify effectively. Provide a link to your account with https://fakers.statuspeople.com/ so we can more easily verify your followers Twitter Campaign Rewards Rewards are calculated per tweet/retweet with a cap of 4 tweets per day. Of course you may tweet more than 4 times per day, but the reward will be the same. 100 to 500 followers: 1 shares 501 to 1,000 followers: 2 shares 1,001 to 3,000 followers: 3 shares 3,001 to 5,000 followers: 5 shares 5,001 to 10,000 followers: 7 shares 10,001+ : 9 shares Translations This campaign is for translating the Announcement thread and maintaining it, e.g. answering questions in the thread, etc. For our white paper and website, professional translators that have translated technical documents, marketing materials, websites, and/or white papers are invited to post in here as well. The Announcement thread only needs to be maintained until the end of the token sale. In your post in this thread, please include some reference links to your translation portfolio. We will assign shares based on the amount and quality of work. Our aim is to ensure that your efforts are very well rewarded. Articles The article campaign includes blog posts, news articles, YouTube videos, and other media. This is a very wide open category where you can be creative and publish almost anywhere, such as on LinkedIn, Steemit, Medium, YouTube, your blog or news site, or just about anywhere that people will see it. All submissions will be graded for quality, message, and reach. Industry professionals may contact us in confidence. Quality Quality is for the quality of the submission. For example, blog posts must be reasonably free of grammar and spelling errors, while videos must have decent production value, e.g. good audio quality. Submissions that fall below acceptable quality criteria will be rejected. Message Message means that you’ve created a positive image for Chimaera. The Chimaera Project has substantial technological advancements and innovations, and isn’t just another “me too” project. That being said, there are some natural consequences to using a blockchain: Payment gateway Asset store Chimaera includes these, but is much more than just those simple benefits. Some points in your message that you may want to include are: Human Mining Provably Fair Gameplay Possible to offload portions of games onto the blockchain entirely Possible to create fully decentralised games, such as Huntercoin Chimaera will evolve as a complete ecosystem Game Channels Decentralised Autonomous Universes And more... The white paper covers many more topics that you may wish to include in your message. You don’t need to cover technical details, but your message needs to be positive. Reach Reach is graded according to how many people you can reach. For example, a YouTube channel with 100 subscribers will not receive as high a grade for Reach as one with 100,000 subscribers, etc. To increase your reach score, you may wish to promote your article or video on Twitter, Facebook, various forums, etc. Don’t spam to promote your article though. Use good judgement. Also, when submitting your finished article, include links where you have promoted it so that we can give you a higher score. Reach is probably the most important criteria. Professional journalists, bloggers, YouTubers, and other new media professionals are encouraged to participate. Feel free to contact us directly. Articles Campaign Rewards The rewards will vary, but will be based on the following general guidelines. Chimaera staff judgements will be considered final. Rest assured, that we will be more than fair. Low quality/reach: 5 to 10 shares Average reward: 50 shares Excellent: 400 shares Professional-level and/or high reach: Varies widely, but could receive upwards of 1,000 shares Articles must remain published at the time bounties are awarded. Please watermark your work by inserting a link to your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube channel, or another resource where we can contact you to verify in case someone else attempts to steal your work. If you are an industry professional, feel free to contact us in confidence. Article submissions do not need to be posted in the Bounty thread, but feel free to post your hard work here for others to see. Telegram Join and participate in our Telegram channel to earn additional shares. Join our Telegram here. We’ll be posting contests and events for additional rewards in our Telegram channel, so hang around, chat with us, and get rewarded for having some fun! Please note that rewards for contests and events will be balanced so as not to unfairly disadvantage efforts in other campaigns. Rules Avoid profanity and attacking other users No spamming ads or promotion of other products/services Good faith discussion is encouraged We have no issue with comparisons to other projects as long as the discussion is in good faith Only 1 account per person Have 30 posts in the Bitcoin Talk forums Being active in the channel is expected Telegram Rewards The first 50 in our Telegram will receive 20 shares each << This has been reached. Active members will be additionally rewarded in the channel for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others << This is still available. For any questions or clarifications, feel free to post in here. Also, try getting in touch with us in Telegram and we may be able to answer you more quickly there. Reddit Chimaera will be using Reddit for its forums and general communications suited to forum formats. We’d like to encourage Redditors to join us, ask questions, and discuss Chimaera and blockchain gaming. You can find /r/Chimaera at: https://www.reddit.com/r/Chimaera/ We’ll be posting contests and events for additional rewards in /r/Chimaera, so hang around, chat with us, and get rewarded for having some fun! Please note that rewards for contests and events will be balanced so as not to unfairly disadvantage efforts in other campaigns. Rules The sub’s rules are in addition to our bounty campaign rules. See the sidebar and announcement for those. Follow Reddit’s rules, e.g. no brigading, etc. Don’t downvote threads or posts unless they don’t contribute to a good discussion Post here in the bounty thread as detailed at the top of this post Subscribe to /r/Chimaera Post good discussions Don’t spam. All spam will be mercilessly removed. Be nice to other Redditors Don’t feed the trolls, but let us know. We’ll ban them. Tell us about yourself or interests in the “Introduce yourself” thread here Reddit Rewards Our aim is to foster good discussions and reward participants. Just as with the Telegram campaign, positive posts and contributions will be rewarded fairly. The first 50 people to subscribe to /r/Chimaera will receive 20 shares each Active Redditors will be additionally rewarded in the sub for good questions and discussions, and especially for helping others NOTE: Please post links and updates for your participation in this thread so that we can verify information against the bounty portal. This will assist us in catching any potential bugs, should there be any. Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets fully credited for their efforts. Also, further bounties may be added, so please check back here often. Further, we will try to ensure that the campaigns are balanced. This may require adjustments, so we reserve that right. We will make every effort to ensure that the campaigns are fair to everyone.
  21. There might be a new sport that would be included in the Olympic Games and it is eSports! The idea is for people to compete in a series of games just like how they compete with online players. There would be problems towards this event’s success but if succeed, expect games without violence! Read the whole news: https://www.bitcoinsportsbetting.co.uk/news/will-future-olympic-events-finally-feature-esports-matches/
  22. Many, including people who own businesses have mixed reactions towards bitcoin. Some say that it could be the future while others are calling it a bubble that would soon burst and be gone as fast as it arrived. Investing in bitcoins and other crypto currencies has a lot of risks but if you stick long enough, you would then see how it pays off. One example is when you invest today; you would not know how much it would be worth after few days, weeks or months! Sure, there would be setbacks but don’t let it stop you, bitcoin prices are unstable but it always finds its way up. It is true that they are decentralized and you are responsible for your own coins; make sure you secure them properly!
  23. Bitcoin first started out as an unknown currency that makes use of block chain technology. Its original plan is to make all of the payments instant without the need to pass through third party services. That means everything is instant! It sounds too good to be true but it puts you in control of where you can spend money, there is no limit. In sports betting, you sometimes have to wait in line before you can place your bets and don’t forget the need for you to physically be present on the location but with bitcoin betting, you could do it at the convenience of your personal space and it only needs few simple clicks of the computer mouse or your mobile device. There is no need for anybody to go out; you can easily get rewards in an instant.