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  • Where to get a pre-designed cryptocurrency investment business Website ? Copy of Copy of Pulsehyip.png Want to start a cryptocurrency business platform like bitconnect which has generating high revenue every year without meeting any loss ? You may think, Starting a cryptocurrency investment business website is much difficult nowadays. But actually it’s not! Yes, Don’t get worry, here the Pre-designed cryptpocurrency investment business model with the customization option. PULSEHYIP  —  PRE-DESIGNED CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SERVICE PROVIDER Pulsehyip offers a cryptocurrency investment business software to get your pre-designed cryptocurrency investment website with latest features and special cryptocurrency business add-ons like exchange, trading, lending, ICO business, digital token investment business. Simply saying, if you build your cryptocurrency investment business website with pulsehyip cryptocurrency investment software, then your investment website is resamples of bitconnect website. Benefits of buying a cryptocurrency investment business model with support of pulsehyip 1.Easy to use, user friendly, ready to install 2. Free demonstration while configuring the cryptocurrency investment business model 3. Support for the problems that you might have with the cryptocurrency investment business software 4. Implementing extra features and add-ons that you may need to add in your cryptocurrency investment business model 5. Customizing new templates or make design changes to your cryptocurrency business software Get free demo link Advertisements Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an advertisement here You can hide these ads completely by upgrading to one of our paid plans. UPGRADE NOW DISMISS MESSAGE Share this: Press ThisTwitterFacebook1GoogleEmailLinkedIn1TumblrPinterestPocketTelegramWhatsAppSkype Related How HYIP bitcoin investment business script works for P2P exchange business success ? In "Best HYIP Script" Cryptocurrency investment business software will make you top business man in cryptocurrency investment business industry In "Best HYIP Script" What cryptocurrency investment business startup do to avoid scamming and hacking ? In "Best HYIP Script" BEST HYIP SCRIPT BITCOIN DOUBLER SOFTWARE BITCOIN HYIP SCRIPT BUSINESS HYIP SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY BANKING BUSINESS SOLUTION CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT SOFTWARE HYIP SCRIPT HYIP SOFTWARE ICO BUSINESS INVESTMENT INVESTMENT BUSINESS SCRIPT#BITCOIN#ENTREPRENEURS#STARTUPSBITCOIN HYIPBLOCKCHAINBUSINESSBUSINESS IDEASBUSINESS SOLUTIONCRYPTOCURRENCYDIGITALTOKENFINTECHHYIPICOINVESTMENTSCRIPTSTARTUP Published by pulsehyip Pulsehyip script provides complete high-secured HYIP investment business solutions on bitcoin, altcoin, other cryptocurrencies. it can be used as bitcoin doubler script. View all posts by pulsehyip Post navigation Previous Improve your cryptocurrency investment business platform By getting Cryptocurrency exchange business add-on – The new Innovations are arriving Leave a Reply Enter your comment here... About Pulsehyip Pulsehyip, which allows you to start investment & finance business applications. You can use HYIP script to bitcoin, altcoin & new cryptocurrencies.Visit on Website Pulsehyip.com Customize Edit Stats Skip to toolbar My Site Current site avatar Pulsehyip pulsehyip.wordpress.com Stats Stats Plan Free Manage Site Pages Add Blog Posts Add Media Add Comments Personalize Themes Customize Configure Sharing People Add Plugins Domains Add Settings + ADD NEW WORDPRESS Reader Streams Followed Sites Manage Conversations Discover Search My Likes pulsehyip @pulsehyip Sign Out Profile My Profile Account Settings Manage Purchases Security Notifications Special Get Apps Next Steps Help Write Log Out
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  1. Hello guys,In this thread, we want to discuss some problems with cryptocurrency trading, and tell you about the solution we have developed to help all traders to manage and monitor their crypto assets hassle free.Why is crypto trading hard? Too many exchanges, but only a few are good. The necessity of keeping numerous accounts. The lack of professional tools, risk management solutions. Missing opportunities - because you can't monitor the market all the time. Sounds familiar? Here is the list what our team has achieved already: Trading platform integrated with 20+ major exchanges and more than 8000 pairs. Apart from regular limit and market orders, you can use our shadow and conditional (Stop Loss & Take profit) orders. Exclusive arbitrage solution to take advantage of a price difference between exchanges. Track your trading performance and trade history across all your exchanges in a live generated portfolio. Why we share this project with you? It is simple. We would love to discuss what challenges do you face while trading your crypto. The platform is live and free to use. Everyone can give it a try in demo mode and then decide if they want to link their real accounts. We are open to answer any questions related to the platform and receive any feedback from you For this thread, we will post critical updates and some news about how our project is going on. We are looking forward to hearing from you join in an active discussion. You can learn more on our official website (bitsgap.com), or contact us directly at [email protected]
  2. Aiodex was launched in September 2018. Aiodex trading platform is warmly preferred by many in the crypto community because of its unique business model (and approach to fees), high data processing speed and multilingual support. Aiodex is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, hence deposits in fiat are not possible. Why Should I Open a Aiodex Account? Aiodex is not just a crypto exchange; it is an ambitious ecosystem that aims to run the crypto market in the most remarkable way. Aiodex is growing fast, adding more tokens and coins as well as trading pairs. Aiodex has an easy-to-understand user interface, good support and high liquidity. These features make having an account with Aiodex worth it. Key Features of Aiodex Security: Use of HTTPS, Google 2FA verification, SMS verification, cold wallet, personal account security and other five major security plans to ensure users trade their assets with security. Privacy: All our traders' information is fully secure and kept undisclosed. Free Listing: We will be listing coins that are voted by the community and in the future we aim to have most cryptocurrencies listed so you can trade all in one place. Low Fees & No Hidden Fees: All our fees are transparent, upfront and listed when you make a purchase. The trading and withdrawal fees will be held as low as possible. High Performance: To ensure stability we will take Bank-level standardized servers to operate flawlessly even when experiencing huge traffic. Ease of use: User-friendly interface allows Aiodex to provide users with convenient transaction services, including automatic deposit and transfer. Limited Verification: To create an account and begin trading you will only be asked to provide your email address. Verification is only required for large withdrawals over the daily limit. Advanced Trading Tools: Our platform provide statistical analysis tools when you make trading plan. Referral Program: Invite your friends and earn up to 80% of the commissions on their exchange transactions. How to Open a Aiodex Account: Step 1: Go to the Aiodex website The Aiodex website is https://aiodex.com/ There are 2 very important points to note here. The first is the locked padlock sign before the web address in the address bar of your browser. If this sign does not show, do not go any further. This sign is accompanied with the word “secure” on some browsers. Also, notice the “s” in front of “http.” These are signs that show you are on the right website and not a phishing website. The second point is that once you confirm you are on the right website, bookmark the website on your browser. In that way, you will always be sure to head to the right place when you go through the bookmarked link. Step 2: Register Those who already have a Aiodex account will click “log in” but to open a new account, you click “register.” After clicking “register,” the website takes you to this page: Here you fill in the appropriate details. Most people use an email different from their personal everyday email to be more secure. Then, you create a password. The good password is expected to contain small letters, cap letters, numbers and a sign or mark (like, ?%#). Most people have challenges remembering their password when it is like this, so it is advisable to write it down on a piece of paper and keep somewhere (like in the middle of a favorite book), just in case. When all the fields are properly filled, click “register.” Step 3: Verify Your Account After all fields are properly filled, a notification is sent to you from Aiodex to verify your email. From the mail in your inbox, a link will send you to Aiodex where you will be able to log in as a user. Step 4: Enable 2-Factor Authentication 2-factor authentication is a security measure that ensures only you have access to your account. It takes place via a phone app known as Google Authenticator (available on android and iOS) which connects with your Aiodex account and constantly generate random numbers every 60 seconds that serve as the key to access your account. Without 2-Factor Authentication, your account is not considered secure and hence it is necessary to activate it. After this, you will be ready to start trading. Sometimes during log-in, the authenticator code can be deemed incorrect. This is due to network lag. In those cases, all you have to do is to wait for about a minute before trying the same code again. At times, it could take 2-4 minutes before the code is accepted. This is due to network lag and is no reason to panic. However, if after trying several times for 10 minutes, you are still unable to get in, then you should contact Aiodex Support. Step 5: Deposit Funds Into Your Account Click on “Wallet” --> “Deposits”, as show below: This will take you to the “Deposit” page which looks like this: When any coin is picked, like BTC in the above image, an address to send the deposit to shows up. It is important to send the cryptocurrency to the right address. For example, sending GEEK to an BTC address will result in loss of funds. When a deposit is received and pending, when the deposit is completed, it is tagged “completed” and then you can trade with it. The time taken for a deposit to be completed varies. It usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes because of network congestion, it can take more. Once you see the deposit as “pending,” you can be sure it will be completed even if you log out of your account. Buying, Selling, and Trading Cryptocurrencies on Aiodex Once you’ve deposited funds in your Aiodex account, you’re ready to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies! How to Place An Order On Aiodex Go to “Exchange” and then “Basic” as shown below: This is where an order is made. Aiodex has crypto pairs with GEEK, BTC, AEG, META, LPC, NORT, XSN, SCC, TRTT… and USDT. You can easily pick a pair you would like to trade (from the top right list) and make an order. In the image above, the pair selected is GEEK/BTC. This means to buy GEEK with BTC or sell GEEK for BTC. There are 3 types of orders: limit order, market order and stop-limit: • The limit order is where you set which quantity you want to buy or sell and the price, then wait for the market conditions to make it possible. • The market order is where you set only the quantity to buy or sell instantly at the current price. • The stop-limit is an order to sell a set quantity if the price goes below a preset price. After putting in all the figures to buy or sell, be sure to check through before clicking “buy” or “sell,” especially paying attention to the appropriate number of zeros. Mistakes here are usually very costly. You can see your orders and trade history under the “Open Order” How to Withdraw Funds from Aiodex Withdrawals are just as easy as deposits. Click on “Wallet” --> “Withdrawal”, as show below: Then it will take you here: Just as in deposits, choose any coin you own that you would like to withdraw. Then you input the address you would like to withdraw into. Remember to make sure you are sending the right cryptocurrency to the right address. You input the amount and submit. Once you submit, you will see the status of the withdrawal on a list on the right side of the screen. Once completed, the withdrawn funds should be in the appropriate wallet. How Much Are Aiodex Fees? One of the standout feature of the Aiodex trading is its low fees. The trading fee is 0.1%. Aiodex Customer Support Aiodex has 24/7 customer support, available in 19 languages namely; English, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, and more. The customer support does help users recover lost funds when possible. In phishing attacks, fund recovery may be impossible. Phishing is when a fake and fraudulent website or link disguises as the real for you to be tricked into entering your account details and have it stolen. Conclusion Although Aiodex is a blockchain assets trading platform, the platform has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to capture the needs and wants of crypto traders. It is also simple enough to lure newbies into crypto trading. Creating an account and trading cryptos on Aiodex is as simple as we’ve shown above. Ready to start trading? Head to Aiodex now. Happy trading! Source viva: https://medium.com/@DanielJenkinson/how-to-use-aiodex-trading-a-beginners-guide-fa2a1592bc08
  3. AltExch es una nueva plataforma (Exchange) que pondrá a disposición herramientas y recursos que pueden aumentar su potencial de ganancias, rendimiento y comprensión. Tiene una interfaz única para el comercio de criptomonedas. Con esta plataforma de intercambio global, los usuarios intercambiarán cualquier criptomoneda a través de un único punto de acceso desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento... cualquiera aumentara las ganancias sin importar si el trading es su profesión o un nuevo interés repentino. AEX TOKEN AltExch también presentará un token funcional (AEX). Con AEX Token, las personas comprarán y venderán sus activos digitales en AltExch. Cuantos más activos tenga en la plataforma de intercambio, más ganancias obtendrán, lo que significa más ingresos para los titulares (holders) del token. Parte del ecosistema AltExch incluye: - Criptomoneda de intercambio ALTEXCH - Monedero multi moneda con cambio. - API de intercambio - Margen de las operaciones - Crypto Binary Trading - AEX Token - Ingreso pasivo de por vida A igual que en Binance, esta nueva plataforma tambien contara con un programa de referidos, por los que puedes generar ganancias pasivas de por vida. El ICO oficial para el token AEX comenzará el 15 de noviembre de 2018 (9:00 AM GMT). Pero puedes beneficiarte antes (airdrop)... Porque hay una bonificación para aquellos que actuen rapido... Puedes obtener 100 tokens GRATIS cuyo valor es de $10. Solamente necesitas crear una cuenta GRATUITA con AltExch Trading Platform. Registrarse
  4. AltExch is a new platform that will empower traders and investors with the tools and resources that can increase their profit potential, performance, and understanding. It has a single interface for crypto trading. With this global exchange platform users will be trading any cryptocurrency through a single point of access from anywhere at any time... anyone would raise profits regardless if trading is their profession or a sudden new interest. AEX TOKEN AltExch will also be introducing a functional token (AEX). With AEX Token people will Buy and Sell their digital assets in AltExch, The more assets the exchange platform has, the more profit will be made, which means more income returns to the token holders. Part of AltExch ecosystem includes: Cryptocurrency Exchange ALTEXCH Multy currency Wallet with exchange Exchange’s API Margin Trading Crypto Binary Trading AEX Token – Lifetime Passive Income The official ICO for the AEX Token will start Nov 15, 2018 (9:00AM GMT). But you can benefit earlier... Because there is a bonus for those who take position right now... You can get 100 FREE Tokens Worth $10. You just need to create a FREE account with AltExch Trading Platform Below. Register Here Note: Please feel free to read AltExch review
  5. Love the referral package offered by www.triangulartrades.com. I make money and still make money by introducing my friends.
  6. Kenny

    Three Way Trade

    After losing some precious bitcoins I have finally met a genuine platform to trade, www.triangulartrades.com have been very reliable.
  7. Hello community, After a long time of effort and dedication I have the pleasure of sharing with you the launch of: Synapsebot Synapsebot is a platform that unifies all Exchanges and information sources in a single control point, centralizing all resources of the Crypto Trading sector in a single interface for all audiences. You can register here > https://www.synapsebot.com/ I would appreciate some feedback from the community. Anyone interested in testing advanced features of the Pro version for a longer period of time, please contact me. Greetings and thank you!
  8. Aegeus is now listed and tradable as of today on Aiodex. Also, Aiodex is currently offering some incentives for early registrants and referrals. The first 300K users will be refunded 100% of the transaction fees until January 1, 2020 and referrals can earn up to 80% commission from their exchange transactions. For more information, hop on over to Aiodex.com and check them out.
  9. Is there something I can do with my tokens? I mean buy or trade my BTC’s for something real. Guys, if any of you know any such live/upcoming projects do let me know here thanks !
  10. Hello community, After a long time of effort and dedication I have the pleasure of sharing with you the launch of: Synapsebot Synapsebot is a platform that unifies all Exchanges and information sources in a single control point, centralizing all resources of the Crypto Trading sector in a single interface for all audiences. You can register here > https://www.synapsebot.com/ I would appreciate some feedback from the community. Anyone interested in testing advanced features of the Pro version for a longer period of time, please contact me. Greetings and thank you!
  11. Hello community, After a long time of effort and dedication I have the pleasure of sharing with you the launch of: Synapsebot Synapsebot is a platform that unifies all Exchanges and information sources in a single control point, centralizing all resources of the Crypto Trading sector in a single interface for all audiences. You can register here > https://www.synapsebot.com/ I would appreciate some feedback from the community. Anyone interested in testing advanced features of the Pro version for a longer period of time, please contact me. Greetings and thank you!
  12. Dear friends, I would like to start this thread to share my daily view on crypto markets, providing you with news, reviews, updates, educational materials and technical analysis.Hope it will be beneficial for everyone from beginner investors to experienced traders.
  13. I can never understand why I can't buy stuff like Oil, Corn, or maybe take Steel for an example with Cryptocurriencies?
  14. SUMMARY The CurryCoins Liquidity Aggregator (https://currycoins.com) connects directly to the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to seamlessly transact across platforms, through a single account, on a single interface. Cryptocurrencies are distributed and managed by our system, removing the need for tracking and moving funds to different exchanges. Our price discovery algorithm automatically identifies the best price for any particular trade size, ensuring our users always get the best price the market has to offer. Our engine aggregates and stores data from each exchange, which is neatly presented on a single dashboard where users can trade, analyze, manage, and transfer their assets. We are currently connected to three of the top crypto-crypto exchanges in the world, namely, Binance, Bitfinex & HitBTC, with several other exchanges to be added later. CURRENT PROBLEMS Being a retail cryptocurrency investor isn't as easy as it sounds. While it's possible to understand and effectively use cryptocurrency as a means of payment or store of value once, in hand, interfacing with the fragmented exchange ecosystem can often be cumbersome and risky. Users have to maintain diverse portfolios over multiple exchange accounts, with no easy way to track investments. Worse still, in a dangerously volatile market, having funds spread across exchanges diminishes the agility with which an individual can adjust their portfolio. Finally, traders often have to send funds to and from various exchange accounts which shave off returns, and the unforgiving nature of the technology (irreversible transactions, for example), remove any margin for error. Cumbersome to navigate and maintain accounts on dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges Reduced agility in trading, as different assets are often on different exchanges Costly to constantly send funds between exchanges No access to profitable opportunities (arbitrage for example) without a coding background. THE SOLUTION It's important to remember that the cryptocurrency boom has been driven, first and foremost, by the retail investor; as the market matures they justifiably demand a better user experience and a more level playing field. The core idea behind CurryCoins is to take a major step forward in that direction. Our users no longer have to navigate a sea of cryptocurrency exchanges and can instead, focus on exploring a whole new set of profitable opportunities that open up with easy cross-platform trading. THE FEATURES Agility in trades: When a big move happens, one exchange often leads the others in terms of price and volume. However, unless users have readily available funds spread across different exchanges, they can’t take advantage of this information. By leveraging our common pool of funds, users will never be caught on the wrong foot by having the ability to switch exchanges with the click of a button Portfolio & Fund Management: We eliminate the need to track and micromanage funds across exchanges completely so that you can analyze your portfolio, track, trade or transfer your funds from a single platform Arbitrage opportunities: Arbitrage opportunities come and go in the blink of an eye. Sometimes selling and buying must even occur simultaneously. Our platform makes it possible to visualize arbitrage opportunities so you can make calculated decisions and begin profiting from a whole new set of trading strategies Price Discovery Algorithm: Users are provided with an ‘Automatic’ trading option which finds and executes trades at the best price across exchanges, hence saving users the time and trouble required to traverse through the various exchanges in a bid to get the most favourable deal Security: Our platform’s security deploys a top of the line security architecture, and has been vetted multiple times. Additionally, we have no single point of vulnerability since the user’s funds are spread across hot wallets, exchanges, and cold storage; each of which requires a separate, precise process to interface with. THE TECHNOLOGY Fault-Tolerant: Our instances are distributed across the world, ensuring that if one is attacked, the others automatically step in to compensate for the loss. This ensures that the platform has maximum uptime. Scalable: Our platform scales both vertically and horizontally, dynamically adding instances across the world in response to increasing traffic Adaptable: The platform round-robins through each instance when updating software, allowing us to quickly add or remove features and patches. REWARDS AND BOUNTIES As you’ll be among the first users who get to test our platform, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. We’d like you to tell us about any feature, design or functionality changes you’d like us to alter or incorporate. We’re all ears; reach out to us via email, or through any one of our social media channels listed below. The cornerstone of our community management and marketing strategy is ensuring our customers feel like they're dealing with a platform and team you can trust and reach out to at a moment’s notice. Drop us a line and we’d be more than happy to talk about any other incentives or reward programs that you’d like to see. As a token of appreciation for your participation, we currently offer the following incentives and rewards: • 0% trading fees for Alpha so you can try our platform • A Bug Bounty Program with a minimum reward of BTC worth 100USD • A Monero (XMR) Mining Contest using Coinhive where the top 2 miners get all of the XMR mined during the alpha phase • Referral rewards so you can earn rewards for each friend who signs up and trades • Trading rewards where the top 5 users who have the maximum traded volume at the end of the alpha phase will have their accounts credited with $120 worth of BTC each Facebook - CurryCoins Twitter - @Curry_Coins Telegram - CurryCoins Medium - @currycoins TUTORIAL VIDEOS We’ve prepared some video tutorials to walk you through our website and delve into each of its tools and features that you’d need to know about to get started with CurryCoins and make the most out of your experience. Here are the links so you can watch some videos and start trading: Making a Deposit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGrAZ4jvGFU Placing a Withdrawal Request - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxevOhXN_dk Placing a Market Order - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUcPoVmH8R4 Placing a Limit Order - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXpTl_LoPq0
  15. Aiodex is a trading paltform created on the basis of Blockchain Technology and will be launching in the next few days. Aiodex has learned a lot from these platforms like: Binance, Binance, Bithumb, Huobi, OKEx … to improve the interface, security, speed of transaction, … Here are some of my objective comments on Aiodex: 1. The interface — Delicate from simplicity Aiodex has a nice interface, eye-catching for users. User-friendly interface allows Aiodex to provide users with convenient transaction services, including automatic deposit and transfer. 2. Security & Privacy Like other trading platforms, Aiodex uses security methods such as : Use of HTTPS, Google 2FA verification, SMS verification, cold wallet, personal account security and other five major security plans to ensure users trade their assets with security. Privacy: All our traders’ information is fully secure and kept undisclosed. 3. High Performance To ensure stability, Aiodex will take Bank-level standardized servers to operate flawlessly even when experiencing huge traffic. 4. Limited Verification To create an account and begin trading you will only be asked to provide your email address. Verification is only required for large withdrawals over the daily limit. 5. Free Listing Unlike some other exchanges, Aiodex implements the free listing policy for coin based on votes from its own community. Some coin was chosen by Aiodex: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, GeekCash, LighPayCoin, Aegeus,… Out of the selected coin, Aiodex has chosen GeekCash as the main coin for the transaction. "GeekCash is a new digital currency, based on Bitcoin and Dash, that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. GeekCash uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. Exactly, GeekCash is a community governance, cooperation and growth to decentralized economy." 6. Low Fees & No Hidden Fees Aiodex is committed to all fees are transparent, upfront and listed when you make a purchase. The trading and withdrawal fees will be held as low as possible. 7. Referral Program — Up to 80% commission for players Aiodex has a referral program that can speak attractive to all players compared to other exchanges: Aiodex will suspend the free one-month bonus program when you invite one more member. Instead, the system will give you 20% -80% commission from their transaction fee for 7 years. The value will be calculated starting from the date the member you invite sign up. Starting from the first year is 20%, after each year increased to 10% from the first day of next year. For the 300K members who are enjoying the transaction fee refund policy, if they are one of your invited members, you will receive a commission until the system start charging their transaction fees. For example, if the new system start charging from 2020–01–01, you will start receiving commissions and since it is the second year then you will receive 30%. Please come here for more information ☞ https://aiodex.com/?ref=5b45a599c7165734d36bb3fc Conclusion Based on these features / programs can see the community of interest and wait until Aiodex launch. In my opinion Aiodex will be the new wind in the world of cryptocurrency. You can find more information about the project on the following: Discord: https://discord.gg/RvhvdZq Facebook: https://fb.me/aiodexofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/aiodex_official Telegram: https://t.me/aiodex_official Website: https://aiodex.com Thanks for Reading. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
  16. Bitssa.com which is operated and controlled by Alpha Fortress Limited are a dedicated team of experts willing to bring the best all the cryptocurrency world to the traders on our website and make it more efficient and easy to use for the traders so that they can keep trading for more benefits and can avail enhanced level technology in the near future. Our team is constantly working on how to provide more benefits and safety to the traders. Soon we will be adding the new cryptocurrencies to our website and will keep the traders updated on what new is coming up. Our vision for bitssa.com is to bring the best cryptocurrencies to it and make the trade better for the traders. It will allow the traders to grow their investment in a better and more efficient way. We also plan to bring the best supporting system for traders so that they have solutions to every problem they come across immediately. We are very much visionary in enhancing the value of our traders and our relationship with them as a family. We at bitssa.com would like to thank all the traders who are connected to us from the starting of the website and are constantly trading with us. We will also like to thank them for putting in good words to the people surrounded by them and bringing them to the trading platform with us we are constantly working to keep the family growing as traders and company. Thanks a lot for your co-operation and kind pursuance we look ahead for better future of all of you trading at bitssa.com.
  17. New All-in-One Trading tool > ZERO commissions Hello community! I would like to inform you of a new tool that will soon be on the market: https://www.synapsebot.com/ It is a platform that allows to operate in all the Exchanges from the same point of control, centralizing resources and allowing to carry out more advanced strategies. We are a transparent Startup and we want to do things right. We have been analyzing the sector for years and this is the tool we have created. The launch is in September, if you register now you will enjoy a free month of the Pro Version. Greetings!
  18. DIGITEXFUTURES - Zero fee Crypto Trading + Win 100,000 DGTX Tokens! Go to Website: DGTX Early Access DGTX Early Access
  19. Gold Bits Coin is the best cryptocurrency trading platform. Gold Bits Coin Cryptocurrency trading can be enormously beneficial. Cryptocurrency is based on knowledge sharing on a distributed platform. The entire transaction history is for everyone to see. Those who believe in Cryptocurrency claim it to be the next big thing in the history of mankind. The mere fact that Cryptocurrency is beyond the control of any government body gets it a lot of eyeballs. This would mean that the commercial activity of economies working on Cryptocurrency shall be privatized absolutely. We are pleased to announce that Gold Bits Coin is now listed on CoinMarketCap. This is an exciting milestone for us as our Coin continues to gain volume and our GBC community continues to expand. We are also listed into Decentralized crypto exchanges DDEX and IDAX. It allows GBC investors to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets such as conventional fiat money, or different digital currencies. Visit us at : https://goldbitscoin.com/
  20. For the last years, Blockchain technology has been spreading incredibly. Blockchain won millions of hearts of heart because it is more reliable, more transparent and faster than the traditional system. As the Blockchain system is spreading with a good reputation, the crypto world is also spreading with the Blockchain technology. It is told that “Crypto has the bright future” and we are also witnessing of the result too. Every day, many new cryptocurrencies and ICO are starting their journey with Blockchain technology. Traders are involving with crypto trading, investors are going for crypto investing because of the bright future of cryptocurrencies. Many new people are coming to the crypto world. Investors learning about crypto, crypto investing policies, crypto trading etc. For getting knowledge about cryptocurrency, people are visiting many websites because they need to discuss cryptocurrency. Newbies are joining crypto platforms because they need knowledge. But while visiting through this platform to that from, People are getting scattered. Also, people are facing the problems like data privacy, data vulnerability, data exploitation, unfriendly user interface etc. So, it is a now a most wanting demand for crypto people to have a platform where there will be no security or data issue and where all crypto seeker can be altogether without being scattered. My dear readers, Today I’m going to talk about Hilo platform that aims to solve all those issues creating a crypto community network and Hilo aims to connect all crypto seeker into a platform to discuss cryptocurrency. Introduction to Hilo : Hilo platform is created by the Tela Network Foundation. Hilo makes a social platform with the Blockchain technology for crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts. Hilo aims to ensure a secure platform where all crypto people will be all together and they will discuss cryptos. Hilo is a social platform for people who involved with cryptos like crypto traders, crypto investors, crypto enthusiasts etc. Currently, There is no social platform where people can learn about cryptos with friends or having a discussion about cryptos. Hilo has a plan to make Hilo platform for shared learning about cryptos with friends where people can track their friends, manage their portfolio, discover new coins, and where people can easily catch up on all things about crypto. Problems in Current Crypto Platform: Hilo is not the first platform about crypto. There are many crypto platforms are available all over the world but there are so many problems that are why Hilo comes to making the best social platform about crypto. Here is the list of top major problems in existing crypto platforms: 1. Data Security Issues: : The most common problem in traditional crypto discussion platform is data security. Data is the most important tool of a user but in the traditional platform there are found problems of data vulnerability, even sometimes users are facing data hacking issue. Sometimes, some platforms are used to exploit user’s data which is a very much critical issue. 2. Centralized Platform : Top crypto discussion platforms are running their platform with the centralized system where user’s data is not protected. In the decentralized system, there is a third party. So, there are high chances of being exploited. Also, many times, Users become the victim of hacking because of the centralized system. 3. Fragmented Information : Most of the traditional crypto discussion platform is not having all information’s about Crypto-asset. That’s why crypto-assist information’s are fragmented and scattered to many websites, platforms or in many software’s. As all information’s are not found in a single platform, new users face the trouble of getting a clear knowledge about crypto-assist. 4.user unfriendly interface : Most crypto-assist based platforms are lacking a user-friendly interface which provides a bad experience to the user. Sometimes, Because of this user-unfriendly interface users lose their interest in crypto-assist. 5. Communication Issue : Crypto-influencers are always away from the new users. they are involved with the wider community where there is barrage to get in touch with new crypto enthusiasts. Solutions by the Hilo platform : 1. Data security : Hilo knows the importance of user’s data that’s why Hilo build up such an amazing platform where these problems of data security. Users don’t even have to think about their data. Being a decentralized platform, there no issue of data vulnerability or data exploitation. 2. Decentralized platform : Hilo is a decentralized platform where is no third party. As being the decentralized system, it’s quite safe and it keeps hackers away from the user. Here are no data privacy issues. 3. All Information’s in A Single Platform : Hilo makes such an amazing platform thus users don’t feel the necessity to check other platforms to get information about crypto-assets. It provides huge information’s to the users thus they can get the clear idea about crypto-assets. 4. User friendly interface : Hilo has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use. One must be pleased with the user-friendly interface in their platform. Let’s have a look about to their interface: Discover : Hilo has a great looking interface with the discover menu. It is divided by 3 options called Buy, Sell and hold. The user can use it upon one’s demand. Newsfeed : Through the Hilo, newsfeed user will be able to look up new coins and new cryptos. They can easily be updated with new crypto-assists through the newsfeed function. Assists : Through the assists function, users can easily look up the performance of a crypto which usually helps them while trading or investing. Communication : Hilo also has a function which is called communication which is one of the most important things for crypto enthusiasts. through the communication function, the users can communicate with each other. 5. No Communication Issue : Hilo believes that communication is a major factor in crypto-assets. Hilo provides an amazing communication system through their communication faction where users will be able to do the following: • Direct Messaging • Private Messaging • Public Chat • Group Chat Hilo ICO : Hilo has its own token called Hilo which is very much important while using HILO. HILO token will be needed while using Hilo platform. Here are the details about HILO: Token Name: HILO Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HILO Token for Sale: 250,000,000 Token Price: $0.02 Soft Cap: $3,700,000 Hard Cap: $10,000,000 Token Distribution : Roadmap : Team : More About Hilo : To know more about Hilo please visit: Website: http://www.hilo.io/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HiloCrypto/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiloCrypto Telegram: https://t.me/HiloCrypto Whitepaper: https://hilo.io/whitepaper Conclusion : Hilo has really taken right decision to make a crypto-community because it is the most wanting demand. Crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts will be benefited using this platform. I’m an optimist that Hilo will take the crypto discussion to an extra level. My Profile : Bitcointalk Username: mike2004 Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2217918;sa=summary Telegram: https://t.me/mike949 ETH Address : 0x40507ae5c6A7422cC64916d27b46aBfcA6918E4b Bounty0x Username: mike2004 This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x.
  21. You should consider a number of things when determining the best Bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange for you: How safe is the website and server? Secure exchanges are better. How is the liquidity? The higher the exchange’s volume, the better. What are the exchanges fees? The lower the better. How is the exchanges customer support? What trading pairs are available? How many different payment options does it have? Is the exchange beginner friendly? Here’s some information on some of the most popular crypto to crypto exchanges. Binance Binance is one of the newer exchanges but has impressed its customers on several occasions. They have some of the highest trading volumes on several of their trading pairs, and an enormous amount of coins available for purchase. It is based in Hong Kong, with offices located in several other countries such as Japan and China. It is available to all countries and US states. Recently, Binance has introduced SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users), that takes 10% of all trading fees the exchanges earns, to give back to the users in the event of a hack. Kucoin Kucoin is also a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange based in Korea, that has a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for sale. It has its own token similar to Binance known as Kucoin shares, that award its holders a percentage of the exchanges total trading fees. Kucoin’s trading fee is .1%. Kucoin holds contests and other promotions similar to Binance making it a great exchange to have an account on. Kucoin is an interesting exchange as many of the altcoins listed on the exchange are exclusive or on a small amount of exchanges. Changelly Changelly takes a different approach to being an exchange. Instead of letting users store their cryptocurrency on their exchange, they set up conversion transactions. Users select an input and output currency and an amount. In the above example, I selected .1 BTC and an opposing amount of ETH is automatically determined at the going rate. Then, Changelly provides an address to send the Bitcoin to, and asks for an address to send their Ethereum to. This effectively cuts out one step and swaps currencies in real-time. In exchange for their services, Changelly charges .5% on transactions. Fiat currencies such as the US Dollar and Euro can be used, but have slightly higher fees. Pretty cool! Aiodex Security: Use of HTTPS, Google 2FA verification, SMS verification, cold wallet, personal account security and other five major security plans to ensure users trade their assets with security. Privacy: All our traders’ information is fully secure and kept undisclosed. Free Listing: We will be listing coins that are voted by the community and in the future we aim to have most cryptocurrencies listed so you can trade all in one place. Low Fees & No Hidden Fees: All our fees are transparent, upfront and listed when you make a purchase. The trading and withdrawal fees will be held as low as possible. High Performance: To ensure stability we will take Bank-level standardized servers to operate flawlessly even when experiencing huge traffic. Ease of use: User-friendly interface allows Aiodex to provide users with convenient transaction services, including automatic deposit and transfer. Limited Verification: To create an account and begin trading you will only be asked to provide your email address. Verification is only required for large withdrawals over the daily limit. Advanced Trading Tools: Our platform provide statistical analysis tools when you make trading plan. Referral System: With each member invited, you will receive an additional one month free trading fee. Follow Aiodex at: https://discord.gg/RvhvdZq https://fb.me/aiodexofficial https://twitter.com/aiodex_official https://t.me/aiodex_official Read More: https://medium.com/@DanielJenkinson/top-cryptocurrency-exchanges-in-2018-reviews-3ac5b0214635
  22. In the crypto world, the exchange is a great part of it. The exchange is one of the mediums which gives people the power to exchange their currencies and provide liquidity. Liquidity is directly linked to attracting people. To attract people into crypto, what an exchange can do, how it will work, benefits these all need to be improved or changed to make crypto a better place. Introduction to Liqnet Liqnet is a crypto exchange project which has set out with a very different and unique goal. Liqnet has seen the evolution of crypto exchange and how it changed. There's still an idea which is yet to be made a reality. Liqnet is here with that idea with a goal of changing how the crypto exchange should be. Liqnet is a crypto exchange with a unique idea of connecting various exchanges liquidity in place. They want to create an exchange that will show a currency's order book from various exchanges all in one place. They want to create a different kind of liquidity for crypto and make trading easier than ever. Not only the liquidity, Liqnet also aims to make this platform providing various benefits which can't be found in traditional exchanges. Traditional Exchange The traditional exchange is more complicated. To trade various currencies and to take the best profit, one has to register in different exchange site. The fee, charge and many things to do in various places. Sometimes the transfer fee takes away all the profit. Even after all these, there are still some problems left thus it might even lead to an extreme loss. One of the common problem in traditional exchange is the lack of proper volume. A currency might be listed in various places. But there might not be enough volume, people who want to buy and so on. This hampers the experience of trading. Then there's the way too big spread in the order book. This is also one of the problems which many traders suffer. There are big players in crypto. They buy a lot of currencies at a different price. To make the highest profits out of their buying and selling, they always have to buy at the best price. And sometimes when there are huge buying or selling of currency, it changes the whole market of that currency. That's why there are people who are scared of investing too much as they believe it might lead to a loss. Also, there's also the work of always monitoring different sites for getting the best price. It's a lot of work to get profit from crypto trading. Liqnet Exchange and its solution Liqnet exchange is planning on connecting various exchanges all in one place. Liqnet will have the classic trading option but there will also be an extra mechanism of trading from various exchanges made with LEN technology. In simple words, they are going to take the API of various sites and connect them and make one single order book which is taken from those connected exchanges. So what's so special about connecting various exchanges in one place. One cryptocurrency can be listed in various places. It's safe to say the prices on various exchanges will vary from each other. So to get the best price, one actually has to go through all the exchanges. In the middle, there will be fees and charges which no one wants to take. So if Liqnet connects all those various exchanges in one place, it will cut out extra fee and charges and the best thing is one gets the desired price. Altering the market with trading isn't uncommon. However, the risk to this is unwanted. So to prevent this, Liqnet LEN technology or the connecting of various exchanges at one can prevent this from happening. As one will be buying from various exchanges the risk of market-altering is low and also the spread between the price will be a small one. Liqnet exchange itself will have some unique benefits and services. These can help one trading and provide liquidity. Liqnet is combined the with power of LEN and this helps creating a unique ecosystem and great service. Combined with LEN, Liqnet essential part will be these: • Collecting Data and use them to improve the Platform • Autonomous and Flawless Trading for better trading experience • Automated system to keep track of funds and transaction and prevent any kind of loss These three are the core of Liqnet when combined with LEN. With these they will provide the ultimate experience in trading which will be flawless and profiting. What's more Liqnet product is not only the exchange website itself. They plan on adding some more thing and make Liqnet not only the best platform for liquidity but also the best platform for trading. Except the website, some of their other products will be • Fully functioning desktop Liqnet app for faster trading • Liqnet exchange on android and iOS mobile app to help one exchange whenever they desire • An online wallet with the unique feature of exchanging crypto direct to fiat with just a single click. This is for helping one obtain the fiat liquidity and to hold cryptocurrency. • The power of receiving crypto as payment with for different work with a unique service with the aim to reduce the risk, fraud and fees. This is how Liqnet wants to solve traditional market drawbacks and make it better and more efficient. Services of Liqnet Being an exchange platform, Liqnet will provide some interesting services. Those services are • First thing, the classic exchange. The solid experience of trading and can be done with any exchanges. • The service of Forex is inside Liqnet. One click to change one currency to another. Mainly it would be the pair of BTC/USD • B2BX is somewhat connected to Liqnet. They are not a product or service but a potential in future. Roadmap This is their official roadmap however it might change based on the amount of raised fund on ICO. Team LEN Token and ICO LEN is the token name of Liqnet exchange. LEN token can be used in some ways. A common way of using LEN would be to use as trading fees. With LEN, one can trigger a very small amount of trading. For hardcore traders, it's a good way to spend them. Other than that one can trade them in exchanges. LEN Holders can get some get some interesting perks. One of them is getting the power of voting for listing. The use of the token is very interesting. Liqnet will hold an ICO for raising fund to make the platform even better. Liqnet ready have a product. But even so to make the product better and to add more services, it will be necessary. Here some details about their ICO • Token Symbol: LEN • Token Standard: ERC20 • Total Supply: 63,746,032 • Price of Token: $1 • Accepted Funds: BTC,LTC, ETH, XRP and more • Soft Cap: $20,000,000(already have a product) • Hard Cap: $50,000,000 Conclusion To make trading more efficient, Liqnet has an excellent idea. Already having a product gives them an extra edge from other projects. It already has great potential. After the whole product is complete, there's no doubt it will attract many people to it. Find out about Liqnet on these links Website: https://liqnet.io Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiqNet.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/LIQNET_official Telegram: https://t.me/liqnet_official ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3736633.new#new Whitepaper: https://liqnet.io/static/docs/Liqnet_WhitePaper_en.pdf My Profile: Name: Mohammad Sakib BTT Username: Sakib0194 BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1841935;sa=summary Telegram Profile: https://t.me/Sakib0194 ETH Address: 0x8c26fD54c42B06593258b86b9D0F91CC9e5E64e5
  23. Obittrade

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    ObitTrade is a high quality trading platform consisting of professional traders and investors. It is interest- free, secure and the best long-term investment platform! It is purely crypto trade-based with no middlemen and no interest, no mining whatsoever. trust management of highly liquid cryptocurrencies. a monthly income from 7% to 12% of trade outcomes. detailed financial statements. Investment program of limited time for 540 days. In order to gain Profit, you must transfer Bitcoin to your trading wallet. Profits received will also be added to your Accrued wallet. Whether you are a professional trader or a beginner, you can earn between 0.28% - 0.45% accrued profit of your working capital portfolio trading amount.
  24. The present trading system has the following problems and some of those existing problems are: • Motivation, the simplification of the financial data analyst. • The disruption of human-intensive research. • The consumption of tie. • The presence of inefficiency. • Overload of information. • News and events with unstructured data. HERE ARE SOME OF THE AVAILABLE SOLUTIONS THAT COULD BE PROVIDED. There could be a solution to the problems listed above and the solution could be provided through • ### The presence of a research assistant which will be able to answer trading questions which a trader or an investor has to ask about the market. The mechanism of trade riser’s token will be able to keep track and compensate financial analysts for the datasets of questions, validation of data, the checking of accuracy, suggestions and examples of report creation. • ### The improvement of a research process. The availability of an opportunity. The presence of a research assistant. A research marketplace. • ### The use of an improved technology. The blockchain will be used. The processing of a natural language. An artificial intelligence that will be trained by a decentralized system. The questioning and answering system for a financial data. Taking into full consideration, the participants. Taking into consideration the features of the platform which includes: the editing of the community, a research marketplace, the editing of an enterprise. Contributions made by independent quantitative research analyst. Questioning the production of data. Contributions made from analyst research producers who are independent. • ### The use of blockchain technology. The blockchain was chosen for these reasons: • A clear system of records. • The cutting of costs. • A critical mass research. • ### The reason why they choose to use their own XTI. Here are some of the reasons why this XTI was chosen: The credibility of the community. The issues of payments. Management of a monetary supply. • The Purpose of XTI. To fulfil the aim of research purposes. For stakeholders. • The Mechanism of XTI. The supply of XTI. The refund of XTI. • THE MARKET FIT OF THE CURRENT PLATFORM. The intention of the platform is to be able to transform a powerful fully-fledged research assistant which will be able to accompany every corner of the trading and investing space. • The Sources of Data. TradeRiser will have the following features: An economic calendar, an FDA drug approval calendar, an earnings calendar, an economic calendar, an economic data, the availability of news events data, press release data, a relevant social media data, an action price data, a commentary of an analyst. • Available Challenges. The presence of subjective contents. The review of a Trade Riser team. The calculation of profile score. Forbidding plagiarism. Availability of ethical standards. Solve the problem of conflict of interest. THE RISKS OF XTI. Project associated risk. Cryptocurrency associated risk. Regulatory risk. THE BENEFITS OF XTI TOKEN. • An access to the editing of the community of TradeRiser and a research marketplace. • An individual can become a financial analyst if the criteria’s are met. • An individual can become a content producer if the criteria’s are met. THE TOKEN SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF XTI. 50% will be used for crowd sale. 15% will be for distribution to communities for ecosystem incentivization. 25% will be for the founders of community, advisors and employees. 5% will be for bounty and referrals. 5% will be for strategic partnerships and a future development. THE DISTRIBUTION OF FUNDS. 60% will be for the development of products. 20% will be for marketing, PR and sale. 8% will for partnerships. 4% will be for international expansion. 5% will be for general administration and operations. 3% will be for legal issues. The target for crowd sale is $23,000,000. The total amount in existence is 500,000,000 XTI. XTI token type is ERC20. The accepted purchase method is BTC and ETH. It will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and Ethereum smart contract. Website: https://www.traderiser.com Whitepaper: https://www.traderiser.com/sites/default/files/TradeRiser_WhitePaper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/traderiser/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradeRiser-157017521786333/ Telegram: https://t.me/traderiser Medium: https://medium.com/traderiser Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCzmJKMP8n4lotbSst52xzw Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3835944.0 Authored by: geeboy88 Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1874835 Eth Address: 0xdcef7d27bbaae609accdaf43ccf41b042beaffb4
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