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Facebook announces new engineering chief for blockchain technology team

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One of the most popular social platforms of recent times, Facebook, announced its most recent appointment of a new engineering director for blockchain developments.

The new position of the company put the senior engineer Evan Cheng as the director of the department focused on the distributed ledger.

Notably, Cheng used to be in charge of the programming languages and runtimes section on Facebook for three years and previously was a manager in Apple's engineering department for 10 years, where he acquired most of his expertise in the field and went into blockchain technology.

In addition, it should be mentioned that Cheng has made a great effort in his work as a blockchain technology advisor for many startups and initiatives, such as Zilliqa and ChainLink.

As it was previously reported, last May the company formed a group dedicated to the evaluation of the distributed ledger. At that time, David Marcus, the head of the messaging platform became the team manager.

This news comes in the middle of new measures of advertising permission on cryptocurrencies in the social platform.

This new announcement can be a new door that opens for Buenos Coin, since this change of Facebook policies greatly expands the opportunity to make more people know this cryptocurrency and its advantages.

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