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Smart contracts Development. ICO Agency

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ICODA is the ICO Digital Agency which offers all the instruments for the best promoting of your project. This is a team of professionals who accompany your ICO at all stages: pre-ICO, ICO, and post-ICO are chaperoned by ICODA services. Our experience allows us to claim that your project will get high-professional comprehensive assistance and advancement.

What experience are we talking about? We have been working on the crypto market since 2016 and you could suppose that it is not such a great experience. But we have raised 10+ international projects up. Total revenue from ICODA team's projects exceeds $100 million.

We develop various Smart Contracts for ICOs:
› For specific token
› For pre-sale, sale
› For crowdsales with bonuses, discounts, pauses, manual price changes
› For crowdsales with vesting, buy-back, dividends
› For escrow services
› Custom solutions

The functional is discussed individually

Security Audit of smart-contracts:
› We have audited more than 10 smart-contracts
› Each contract is audited by two independent experts to exclude the possibility of mistake




E-MAIL: [email protected]

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Choose the best  full stack smart contract developer with these features

  1. Create smart contracts or crowdsale contract and test everything about programming endeavors on ethereum. 
  2. Plan crowdsale contract which versatile, hearty administrations that will keep running at scale. 
  3. Highlights customization and keep up a persistent reconciliation pipeline. 
  4. Enhance code quality through composition unit tests, computerization and performing code audits. 
  5. Up-time checking of servers and different apparatuses.

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