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Burning&Airdrop Summarizing positive LinkerCoin(LNC) news

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Burning 20 Million LNC on 30th, July!!!!
If you join Linker coin Telegram,   we airdrop LNC to you!!!!


1. Total issued: 500 Million LNC    www.linkercoin.com

2. Burning 20 Million LNC every month – total of 200 Million LNC
-> Burning 40% of the total issued LNC

3. Purchasing a total of 10 Million LNC
-> Will be burned or airdropped

4. BITNARU, Linker Coin foundation’s own exchange currently in operation
-> Based in Korea -> Global Exchange expected to debouche in Europe www.bitnaru.com/exchange

5. Cross Airdrop
-> Planning on cross airdrop with BubbleTone(UMT), TaklimakanNetwork(TKLN)

6. Bitcointalk Airdrop Bounty currently up and running


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