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.500 loan from swing line to downsouth

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Just a reminder that you have yet to pay back any of this loan 


Original due date 18 July 2015 payment of 1.1 was expected


PM was sent that you would nee another week new due date was 25 July payment of 1.265 was expected.


Asked for another week via PM new due date was 1 Aug payment of 1.45475 was expected



New Due date is coming up 8 AUG payment expected 1.6729625 


I see that the wallet I sent the original funds have 4.3 BTC sitting I am expecting payment in full on the 8th 

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hahah lol you mean i hate scams . hope it would not be one of them .  :( waiting for the end of day to the the result

The comments like i deleted are not called for and have no place here. Please refrain from posting such comments.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.