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    CryptoCoderz Presents Hirocoin

CryptoCoderz are working feverishly to finish up and then polish up what we have launched for this community.
We are excited for what the future holds and are honored to develop for this project. 
Thank you all! We look forward to hearing from everyone.
Much content and updates coming soon! http://cryptocoderz.com/hirocoin.html

    Download Hirocoin


Compiled by "CryptoCoderz"

Source Code

Previous BitcoinTalk Thread
Current: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1370703.0

   Official Current Website: http://cryptocoderz.com/hirocoin.html

    Official Website

Great Security Features
Hirocoin uses the best security features available in crypto to secure the safety of those who use us. We aim to keep using the best and will incorporate new or improved solutions into Hirocoin.

   Nite's Gravity Well is now becoming popular with many altcoins. This offers rapid response and recovery from multipools who can leave coins with very high difficulties and long block times. This proves to be very good at dealing with the effects of multipools on small coins, which explains its sudden rise in popularity.
   Automatic Checkpointing stops blocks being orphaned and transactions being reversed. 51% attacks result in the loss of time, money and confidence. This protection broadcasts checkpoints rather than a core developer hard coding them into the source. As a result this is also finding its way into more coins who cannot safeguard their blockchain without it.
   Time Travel limitation reduces the ability for attackers to try and force on very old blocks or very new block to try and change difficulty adjust behaviour. The ability to warp the blockchain time and also been limited. Blocks submitted more than 15 minutes outside of the blockchain's time will be rejected and other nodes cannot affect blockchain time by more than 14 minutes.

Fully Featured Development

Hirocoin has been carefully developed and has gone through a thorough check list to make sure that all required work has been completed before launch. Some of the key items are outlined below.

pchStartMessage - This is a unique set of numbers used to communicate between nodes. Often this is left the same as the original software leaving the nodes trying to connect other non-native networks.

ECDSA keys - These are the keys used to send out messages to the nodes on the network. Some may remember when numerous coins displayed notifications to upgrade to the latest version of Litecoin.

sendalert - This function allows us to send messages to the network in case of an emergency. This can only be used if you have the private key which is as likely to be guessed as a private key for an address, so never.

DNS Seed Node - This is used by nodes to find others on the network meaning that when you turn Hirocoin on it connects to he DNS Seed node to find other Hirocoin clients without any manual effort.

Unique Testnet Genesis Block - Unique genesis blocks have been created for the mainnet and testnet. It is possible to run a test network of Hirocoin without the need for any code modification.

QR Code - Hirocoin has built in QR code support so you can generate QR codes from within the software for use on websites, posters or where ever else you want to display them.

Vital Statistics

    60 Second blocks

    Dynamic Reward Inverse to Difficulty Min 40 HIRO Max 400 HIRO

    Subsidy at 840,000 block (~1.6 years)

    Total Coins 672m

    Client Port 9348

    RPC Port 9347


Hiro Markets:  https://www.coingather.com/exchange/HIRO/BTC

More: Play: Play: https://sector5.xyz

The Team: Who is the crypto Coderz?

Brazil Join Brazil's Crypto Exchange The Mighty Bluetrade

Yobit welcome you

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