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5 Winners .01 BTC Raffle

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Another Raffle this time there will be 5 winners the prize will be for .01 each. So we are giving away a total of .05

How it will work.

  1. Must have a post count of 5.
  2. Post in this thread.
  3. Multiple posting is NOT allowed and they will be deleted before the drawing.
  4. Must have an avatar on your profile.
  5. And must have a bitcoin wallet address listed on your profile. Winnings will be sent to this address so be sure you control it.
  6. This thread will lock on the 29 July 2016.
  7. I will take the post count minus the original post and use https://www.random.org/ to draw a random number 5 different times to find the winner for a winner.
  8. Each winner will win .01

I will post a Youtube video in this thread showing what numbers are drawn.

NO you don't need to pick a random number......if your number is your post number. So if there are 100 post a number 1-100 will be randomly picked using this website random.org

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Count me in & may your generosity serve you well. 

In fact, should I win, I'll preserve that amount in my account & you may call upon it in your hour of need. By my estimate, I can fund my children's future university education just from the interest:)!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.