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⚒ Syscoin - 2.1.3 Released! Decentralized Marketplace & Multisig Platform!

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Most Recent News: Syscoin 2.1 Released and New Payment Processor!

Syscoin: Business on the Blockchain
Syscoin Team Slack | SYS Slack Request Invite | Syscoin Reddit

Syscoin 2.0 is a cryptocurrency based the Syscoin 1.0 originally launched August 14, 2014. This thread is a continuation of this thread, which was the Syscoin 1.0 launch thread. Syscoin is unique fintech asset that offers much more than simple currency transfer. Syscoin provide an entire marketplace ecosystem built around the SYS token but cross-compatible with Bitcoin (BTC) as well. Unlike many coins the features below are not on the roadmap they are live and in production launched April 30th, 2016 as version 2.0. Value from the 1.0 chain as of block 880510 was migrated to the 2.0.



Syscoin 2.1 Features

* Blockchain Pruning – Provides improved scalability to the core syscoin blockchain by efficiently pruning expired service data to minimize blockchain bloat for full nodes.
* Unique Aliases / Syscoin Identities – Syscoin Aliases are now unique across the network; a change from Syscoin 2.0 where variable-case aliases were permitted.
* Alias Portability – Optional passwords attached to aliases provide for portability and restoration options not possible on Syscoin 2.0 including the ability to recover an account simply by using the related Alias password.
* Marketplace Moderation – Two tiers of marketplace moderation both user-defined via SafeSearch and team-defined via a 3 tier system. The moderation system allows for a more public-friendly marketplace with options for SafeSearch restricted items.
* Private payments via ZCash – Syscoin users can now leverage ZEC as a direct payment option, which natively includes enhanced privacy.
* Multiple payment options – Offers can now be paid for in any currency supported by the marketplace and supported by the merchants. Rather than one specific currency, payments can be now be made using all three supported blockchains (SYS, BTC and ZEC).
* Multi-signature Transaction Support across all Syscoin services – Aliases, Certificates and Offers, now support multi-signature transactions, enabling a whole new class of use cases for Syscoin services.
* Bitcoin 0.13 Core Update – As outlined in the launch of Syscoin 2.0, the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest bitcoin technology is essential for Syscoin to thrive; thus, we planned on keeping up to date with the latest Bitcoin core. Keeping up-to-date will be accomplished by upgrading the Syscoin 2.1 update to Bitcoin’s latest core 0.13.99.
* Escrow Support on External Payments – Escrow was previously only available on offers purchased using Syscoin. With Syscoin 2.1, Escrow will now be available on offers purchased with any currency accepted, SYS, BTC or ZEC.
* Private Alias Data – Aliases now include a private field which is visible only to the owner of the alias, allowing for private data storage on the blockchain.
* Default Settings – There is now support for default Alias and default price-peg selection, increasing wallet usability. All service screens now also include the option to view all services the wallet owns or view services by individual Alias.
* Dynamic Fees – Fee information is now stored in the Alias rates peg allowing for dynamic fees specifically for Syscoin services. This enables different fee structures with different pegs and gives merchants more flexibility in pricing.
* Shipping Notification System – Optionally allows merchants to notify customers that an item has been shipped.
* Feedback and Rating System – A 5-star feedback and rating system can now be provided for Merchants, Customers and Arbitrators, ensuring an accurate representation of reputation history for all parties.
* Easy unlock for encrypted wallets – Easy unlock mechanism for improved usability w/encrypted wallets.
* Hide Sold Out/Expired Offers – Hide items that have are sold out or expired from wallet listing screens.
* Search within category – Search within a specific category rather than always searching all categories.
* Suggested categories – A standardized set of categories across the Syscoin marketplace, or use your own.
* Offer geolocation – Optionally add geolocation to offers.
* Inflation reduction - Mining schedule advanced from 6% inflation to 1.5% inflation.
* General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Syscoin 2.0 Features

* All features use blockchain technology
* Decentralized Marketplace
* Name Aliases for easier addressing
* Full Affiliate system for reselling, reseller discounts, and more
* Private selling
* Encrypted Messaging
* Digital Certificates on the blockchain which can be directly sold on the Marketplace
* Decentralized price pegging
* Third party arbitrated escrow for secure transactions and buying with confidence

We have much more development planned throughout 2016 and beyond as well. Please check out our ROADMAP which we're constantly updating.




Latest Wallet










Download Syscoin 2.1.1 on Github Now!

Coinomi 3rd-party Multi-wallet
Google Play Android App | Android Application package(APK)

Bittrex | Poloniex | BTC38 | Alcurex | Tux Exchange

Mining Pools
Syspool | Give Me Coins | BitcoinPool | MMPool | F2Pool

Block Explorer

Payment Gateways
Bittylicious | Coinpayments



aJAA22P.pngORBO5KW.pngebgscBP.png9KLsB9I.png ED2ugu2.png

Syscoin DirectBTC Feature Demo Video

Syscoin v. OpenBazaar

Syscoin on Wikipedia

News Archive

* December 20th, 2016 - Syscoin 2.1 Released and New Payment Processor!
* August 26th, 2016 - Early blockchain player looks to expand platform
* June 3rd, 2016 - CoinTelegraph: "Syscoin is like eBay": Interview with Developer of Decentralized Marketplace Cryptocurrency
* May 21st 2016 - Syscoin 2.1 and Blockmarket Updates
* April 2nd, 2016 - Bitcoinist: Syscoin Releases Final 2.0 Beta, Cuts Supply by More than Half
* April 30th 2016 - Syscoin 2.0 is Live!
* March 14th 2016 - Syscoin Official Microsoft Azure Development Partner
* February 29th 2016 - Syscoin 2.0 Final Public Beta Now Available!
* Ancient News Archive

** This thread is a continuation of a previous, now closed thread. **


Syscoin 2.1 Whitepaper Knowledge Contest
Win up to 1.5 MILLION Syscoin in prizes!

Contest begins in Syscoin slack #general channel 12/29 @ 20:00 UTC!
Countdown here:

As part of an incentive program to get people to read and understand the underlying technology of the Syscoin 2.1 core we introduce a question-and-answer style contest where we will give away up to 1.5 million Syscoin to those who answer first. The questions will be based on information given in the Syscoin Whitepaper and will be held in the Syscoin slack #general channel. Questions may be timed so if no answer is given within the time limit the next question will be asked. Timing can vary between 1 and 4 hours and winners are selected based on whoever answers first. Only one winner per question. Winnings will range from 10k SYS (around $90 USD) all the way up to 250k SYS (around $2250 USD) per question.


Learn more about the innovative blockchain features introduced in Syscoin 2.1!


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Just in case you missed the news:

Syscoin 2.1.2 release is available at github (click me)
Syscoin 2.1.2 release is also available on the $SYS website (or click me)

Multisignature Aliases in 2.1.2 allow sharing messages or payments with a group. MS Alias Trees coming in 2.1.3 can share with branches.


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From the Syscoin Blog:


We’re excited to announce that today we’re releasing the Syscoin Core 2.1.3 with Segwit fully activated in line with the timeline communicated in our last post. This release is a MANDATORY update. In addition to this new core release we’ve also had a suite of product offerings powered by Syscoin, built by Blockchain Foundry certified and released to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
 For more info, please see the Blockchain Foundry Blog where most of our updates will be posted going forward, as explained in our last post.
Download Syscoin 2.1.3 for MacOSX
Download Syscoin 2.1.3 for Windows
Download Syscoin 2.1.3 Source Code (for Linux builds)


Blockchain Foundry Blog Post: Blockchain Foundry Integrates Offerings Powered By Syscoin with Microsoft Azure; Syscoin Core 2.1.3
Microsoft Azure's official announcement: Syscoin joins the Azure Ecosystem
Yahoo Finance article: Blockchain Foundry Integrates Syscoin Blockchain Offerings with Microsoft Azure
Coindesk Press Release: Blockchain Foundry Integrates Syscoin Blockchain Offerings with Microsoft Azure


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From the Blockchain Foundry Blog post: https:[email protected]/announcing-blockmarket-desktop-beta-4-4f8132a0f798


Announcing Blockmarket Desktop Beta 4!
We are pleased to announce Blockmarket Desktop beta 4! You will find many improvements in this wallet as it gets close to our release-quality bar we set on the onset of development. We would like to reach a target of 80% in terms of bugs fixed on our bug list before we release BM Desktop to the public on mainnet. Beta 4 fixes a majority of the high-priority issues reported thus far. We hope to achieve 80% target with this release as we continue to pursue a security audit on the finalized code. While the community is working through the

  1. (, we are working on integrating paging, scrolling and categorized views, escrow and encrypted wallet support. Beta 5 will be feature-complete and barring any major showstopping bug, we will be on the way to releasing our latest major commercial product for Blockchain Foundry!


Read more: https:[email protected]/announcing-blockmarket-desktop-beta-4-4f8132a0f798

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