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Special offer: AdvCash USD withdrawal commission 0% + 2% bonus

At the moment, AdvCash USD withdrawal is available with 0% commission! And that is not the only good news, in addition to 
0% commission we give 2% bonus! Make the best use of the present moment!

More: www.ecoin.eu

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Romania's Oldest Bitcoin Exchange Is Shutting Down Next Week.


BTCxChange, the first Bitcoin exchange in Romania launched in 2014, will close down starting May 1.
See more: https://www.ecoin.eu/en/news/article/669/cryptocurrency-exchange-BTCxChange-will-end-its-work/

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The first bitcoin wallets have been created for the Lightning network

With the launch of Lightning Network,the application developers for the bitcoin network also have livened up. The applications IOS and Android have appeared. LND Think Wallet lets you send and receive bitcoins, scan transaction details, open new channels, and create deposits in the Lighting wallet. The developer is the company Union7 Labs, Inc.
At Google Play ,two Lightning wallets are offered - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet and Atom Lightning Wallet.

See more:https://www.ecoin.eu/ 

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