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1. Login Website 
2. Register
3. Check email for activation 
    registration link
4. Login
5. Click Buy ICO Here › select STC 
    Amount › Order Now
6. Type promocode : firstweekpromo › 
    check out › complete order
7. System automatically go to 
    coinpayment.net › select payment 
    method › complete checkout. 
8. Check exact amount BTC › copy 
    address for transfer/paid. 
9. Open your Bitcoin wallet › paste 
    address › check BTC amount exactly 
    show at coinpayment › transfer
10. Go back ico website & check email
11. Click service › my service › see 
      status : pending or active › check 
      service › done

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Step buy STC at Website

Buy STC at ICO website for saving or minting/ staking

1. Visit website as
2. Login
3. Click Support > tickets > open ticket
4. Fill in form at
    subject : My STC Address
    Related Service : select STC amount
    Type message :        
    Hello Sir, here is my STC Address
    Paste your STC address
5. Submit
6. Check email
7. Check STC Wallet

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How to Minting/Staking STC Coin

1. Visit STC Website
2. Scroll below & 
3. Click Download › wallet list › 
4. Download file 
5. Install on your PC & run
6. Click file then Extract
7. Check & see stc stake address at 
8. Done

Next step for transfer STC from SustainCoin Wallet. 

9. Copy your STC Stake address
10. Open your SustainCoin Wallet
11. Select send › STC amount › paste 
      STC Stake address
12. Check your STC Stake Wallet › 
      overview › minting › done
13. Minting/staking START RUN by 
14. Wait n see till MINTING REWARD 
      min. 30 days n max. 90 days


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