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[ANN] MyBit ✦Decentralized Asset Management w/ AI & Smart Financing✦

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Decentralized Asset Management w/ AI & Smart Financing

ICO Portal: Please register on our website

What is MyBit?

MyBit is a decentralized asset management platform designed to add an ownership layer to the internet.  Our goal is to change how ownership is recorded to make the process of registration, transferring, and querying both cost-effective and fast.  By utilizing Blockchain technologies in our core application stack it creates a unique opportunity for managing assets and ownership which is more secure, efficient, and reliable than any other solution for digitalizing assets and ownership.  Similar to how the internet streamlined and secured the transfer of information (communication technologies), Blockchain enables for asset ownership (and transfer) & core business functions.  The Blockchain is often heralded as the world’s first internet-scale open platform for value-exchange.  By utilizing a decentralized model, a single point of failure risk is removed.  Data is governed and maintained by network participants (nodes) and all data is fully replicated across all network peers.  Also, Democratic principles are ingrained in the core (code) of the platform providing all participants with a voice regarding the future of the application.  This results in innovation at the foundational level.  

Phase 1 (Facilitating p2p transactions and securing personal assets)
The phase 1 release facilitates the process of registering physical assets onto the Blockchain so they can securely and easily be managed from one location.  Then MyBit extends that technology by offering Smart Contract powered trusts.  These virtual trust funds enable users to manage to whom ownership of their high-valued physical assets will be transferred in the event of death or other “trigger event.”  This greatly reduces the cost and complexity of setting up trusts to distribute one’s assets.

Phase 2 (Enabling both financing and revenue streams for AI)
The phase 2 release focuses on the emerging AI market.  AI is going to take a lot of jobs away from people and cost companies a large amount of capital to upgrade their systems and acquire expensive AI hardware. MyBit Enterprise is a solution for capital light companies that will need to invest large amounts into AI infrastructure and people whose jobs will be replaced by AI who still need a viable method to generate income.  The platform provides companies with viable financing solutions through tokenized fractional assets, enables new methods of income generation for the average person; and strives towards sustainability by managing this vast amount of data and activity with minimal resource consumption.

More information can be found on our Website: http://www.mybit.io

Our Story

We set off to develop MyBit because we saw many inefficiencies in current systems that could be resolved with a decentralized blockchain solution.  It all started with p2p commerce.  We could not get over how annoying it was to have to manually keep records and write up basic contracts that included the names of participating buyers/sellers, asset identification numbers (such as VIN of a car, drone, etc.), date of transaction, value, and so on.  We believed this was something that needed to be made much simpler and easier for people to streamline p2p transactions.

Then we identified the need to extend this functionality to manage the assets due to how expensive and inefficient the current model for governing Trusts and Wills is.  Why pay exorbitant fees and spend countless hours with lawyers to govern your assets when the clearly defined terms can be executed by irrefutable computer code that is guaranteed to execute exactly as programmed without reliance on a third-party prone to human error?

The Enterprise release is phase 2 of the platform and the idea came to be when one of MyBit's founders, Ian, was visiting Trent from BigchainDB in Berlin and heard him say AI DAOs no less than 100 times over the course of just a few days.  The elimination of human jobs as AI systems come to market has disruptive (not in a good way) impact on the average worker and companies alike.  We quickly identified Blockchain as a sustainable socioeconomic solution that gave companies a viable financing option and the average person a way to still generate income to supplement their replaced job.

ICO Details

Full information coming soon.  Anticipated launch date is the last week of March.  Escrows will be Brave New Coin & Collin Lahay from BitRated.  Early-bird incentives and money mechanics should be finalized very soon.  Please stay tuned for finalized details.

Token and Profit Sharing Model

Registering and transferring assets will incur a cost of 1 MyBit Token (0.01 ETH).  This fee will cover the Ether/Gas required to interact with the network.  Any excess will be distributed proportionately to token holders based on their holdings.

Smart Contract Trusts will incur a small monthly subscription cost to maintain.  This residual revenue will be distributed proportionately to token holders based on their holdings.

Funds Allocation

  • [li]10% Legal and Compliance[/li]
    [li]50% Salaries, Expenses, Rewards[/li]
    [li]15% Marketing[/li]
    [li]5%   Crowdsale Expenses[/li]
    [li]20% Reserves for Unexpected Expenses and/or Delayed Monetization[/li]

Anyone can participate during the crowdsale from March 1, 2017 to April 14, 2017.  To join, please register an account on http://www.mybit.io.  Currencies that will be accepted include BTC, ETH, ETC, Monero, Dash, and more to be added.

Token Distribution

  • [li]10% to Founders[/li]
    [li]20% to Foundation[/li]
    [li]70% to ICO Participants[/li]




Roadmap / Product Releases


Get Social (Official Links)

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mybit?trk=biz-companies-cym

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyBitDApp/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyBit_DApp

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/MyBit_DApp/

Slack: https://mybit-dapp.slack.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtLn7Vi-3VbsY5F9uF1RJYg

Medium: https:[email protected]_Blog


Russian https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1802271.msg17955025#msg17955025
Spanish [in-progress]
French https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1801972.0
Italian https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1799514.msg17932934#msg17932934
Portuguese [in-progress]
Hindi [in-progess]
Indonesian https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1803269.new#new


For full list please look at the following link: http://mybit.io/docs/Crowdsale_Bounties.pdf

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The pre-sale is going on now (closed) but you can PM DApptothefuture for details. 

The auto-buy script will be made available in the dashboard on the MyBit Site on June 28th. The minimum requirement to invest is 1 ETH,  with the minimum requirement to qualify for bonus being 25 ETH requirement and will run until July 17th when the TokenSale officially starts. This will lock in your investment, so you will not miss out if the ETH network chokes when the sale starts.


Web 3.0 Meets Energy

Intro to Web 3.0

Although nomenclature for the web continues to be opaque, its development over the years can be generally categorized into three distinct phases?—?each building on the one before it.

Web 1.0, or the “read” phase, was about connecting information and getting on the internet. Web 2.0, or the “write” phase, is about connecting people into a web of social participation and allowing them to publish content. The next stage, Web 3.0, or the “execute” phase is just beginning. It is about dissolving the frameworks of websites, web apps and owned data and replacing it with shared data that can be accessed by services and smart contracts that can present and process that data in meaningful ways to the user. Web 3.0 will be a “read-write-execute” web.

read more: https:[email protected]_Blog/web-3-0-meets-energy-76dcbef5bf89

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Official Details for the upcoming MyBit TokenSale have been released!

MyBit TokenSale: All the Details Here

Welcome Everyone! The MyBit TokenSale is fast approaching and we are now ready to share all of the details. Please note that due to the volatile nature of this emerging industry, details are subject to change. Our goal is to keep this document updated with any new information so it can be your golden source guide for the MyBit TokenSale.

Fundraising Milestones: There will be a hard cap of 26,875 ETHER and minimum requirement of 4,000 ETHER for this to be deemed successful. If minimum amount is not reached, all funds will automatically be transferred back to sender.

Escrow: Funds will be secured in a multi-signature wallet contract with 2 members of the MyBit team and 2 members from Brave New Coin who are acting as escrow to ensure the ongoing security of funds. Funds will be released as needed and approved by escrow to the MyBit Foundation (currently in the process of being registered in Switzerland).

Read more: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-tokensale-all-the-details-here-4b43e4fcae3c

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TokenSale code has been finalized: https://github.com/MyBitDev/TokenSale/blob/master/crowdsale.sol

The Auto-Buy Script will be made available on the dashboard tomorrow (June 28th) at 12:00pm GMT +0.  Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard to utilize it.  Any transactions sent prior to this time will throw so please wait.


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The auto-buy script is now available in the dashboard on the MyBit Site . The minimum requirement to invest is 1 ETH, with the minimum requirement to qualify for bonus being 25 ETH requirement and will run until July 17th when the TokenSale officially starts. This will lock in your investment, so you will not miss out if the ETH network chokes when the sale starts.


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Recent news

Join the bounty campaign!: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1808790.0

Token sale code finalized: TokenSale code has been finalized: https://github.com/MyBitDev/TokenSale/blob/master/crowdsale.sol

Official Details for the upcoming MyBit TokenSale have been released: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-tokensale-all-the-details-here-4b43e4fcae3c

Pre-registration is open: Go to https://mybit.io/tokensale and scroll down almost to the bottom, just above the last blue section.

The auto-buy script is now available in the dashboard on the MyBit Site. The minimum requirement to invest is 1 ETH, with the minimum requirement to qualify for bonus being 25 ETH requirement and will run until July 17th when the TokenSale officially starts. This will lock in your investment, so you will not miss out if the ETH network chokes when the sale starts. Visit https://mybit.io/tokensale

Keep up on the latest Mybit news and updates:

Join the MyBitTelegram News Channel: https://t.me/mybit_dapp]https://t.me/mybit_dapp
Join the MyBit Slack: https://slack.mybit.io/

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The auto-buy script is available in the dashboard on the MyBit Site. The minimum requirement to invest is 1 ETH, with the minimum requirement to qualify for bonus being 25 ETH. This will lock in your investment, so you will not miss out if the sale ends in pre-sale stage, or if the ETH network chokes upon main sale launch. This will run until July 17th when the TokenSale officially starts, or until the hard cap of 26,875 ETH is reached, whichever comes sooner.
Head on over to https://mybit.io/tokensale and secure your spot today.

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Did you know the source code for the MyBit Testnet demo has been released on github?: https://github.com/MyBitDev/TestNet-DemoApp
MyBit - Ethereum DApp - TestNet Demo


Head on over to https://mybit.io/tokensale to register and secure your spot today!

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The MyBit token sale has so far raised 2,858.289372 Ether. The minimum threshold has been surpassed. The 25% bonus is still active until 9,375 Ether reached! MyBit has enabled contributions in the following cryptocurrencies other than ether:
- bitcoin
- augur
- ethereum classic
- monero
- dash

Get your share of MyBit here: https://mybit.io/tokensale

MyBit: Unlocking IoT Revenue
https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-unlocking-iot-revenue-c48ac139803b

MyBit Releases P2P Investment Platform Demo Prior to Tokensale

MyBit token sale launches energy investment platform

Coins.best has given MyBit an 8.4 out of 10 rating!

Next Generation Energy: How MyBit aims to Accelerate the Microgrid Revolution
https:[email protected][email protected]d-revolution

Web 3.0 Meets Energy
https:[email protected]/web-3-0-meets-energy


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MyBit Use Case: Smart Real Estate
https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-use-case-smart-real-estate-c673d2c3c7c5

New Startups Fuel Growth in the Energy Blockchain Ecosystem

MyBit and Blockchain Identity Management
https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-and-blockchain-identity-management-e44e277c71cd

Emerging Markets will Jump Straight into Decentralization
https:[email protected][email protected]f7b11bc0510

3 Blockchain Startups Decentralizing The Future of Finance

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Unlocking Billions in IoT Revenue
TokenSale July  17, 2017 to August 15, 2017
TokenSale Details: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-tokensale-all-the-details-here-4b43e4fcae3c
MyBit in 30 Seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SjB3G23VeU

Website: http://mybit.io
TokenSale: https://mybit.io/tokensale
Whitepaper: https://mybit.io/docs/MyBit_Whitepaper_v0.13.pdf
Video: https://youtu.be/wvpnMJQkhAo
Ropsten Testnet Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pWrhNw9HGo&feature=youtu.be
CoinInterview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oplnZGuVKos&t=667s
Telegram: https://t.me/mybit_dapp
Slack: https://slack.mybit.io


MyBit enables the crowdfunding of revenue generating machines (IoT Assets).  So anyone can buy a percentage stake in a device that generates revenue and in return receive a portion of revenue the machine produces.  This inverts the financing model and revenue flow to create a more scalable and democratic model which unlocks hundreds of billions of dollars in investment opportunities previously reserved for large centralized institutions to the average person.  All of this is managed by Ethereum smart contracts to automate processes, maintain security without the need for middlemen, brokers, and other forms of intermediaries, and reduce friction in the overall p2p investment process.  This result is a new investment ecosystem where more opportunities are available and investors can keep a larger portion of their money due to leveraging technological efficiencies.

How does it work? We often here the term decentralized ownership.  What MyBit does is enable ownership of a specific IoT asset to be easily distributed among several owners (investors).  With the rise of the upcoming machine economy, our vision is to have machines owned by people all over the world, rather than centralized parties maintaining ownership and the resulting revenue streams.

Let’s look at an example. Alice wants solar panels that cost $20k and only has $5k to allocate towards them.  Traditionally she would have to go to a lending institutions (bank) and apply for a debt-based instrument (loan) which results in the bank actually owning the solar panels and Alice owing the bank.  Since solar panels generate revenue, there is no need for debt-instruments since investors can profit from this opportunity without Alice having to owe any third-party (financially).  Instead, Alice can crowdfund the remaining 75% (or $15,000) from investors all over the world.  If the full amount needed ($20k) is not raised in the set time-interval (typically 30 days) then all funds are returned via the smart contract to investors.  If the funding goal is reached then the raised capital is automatically sent to the hardware installer/manufacturer which eliminates the risk of Alice misusing the funds.  Once installed, the Solar panels are connected to the MyBit platform via an oracle that pulls usage and payment data from the hardware so everything is transparent and can easily be tracked and audited by investors and third-parties.  When the solar panels generate revenue (in this case feed-in tariffs or selling back to the grid) investors receive a portion of the profits proportionate to their ownership stake.  Operational and maintainence costs can either be priced into the initial funding target or be deducted from revenue as a percentage.

Use Cases (Additional Verticals)

This can be applied to: All of the following use cases involve partnering with an IoT hardware provider to integrate MyBit which prevents our open-source application from being successfully cloned and brought to market under a different brand.  

- Renewable Energy: To accelerate adoption of the decentralized energy grid, land and homeowners can crowdfund ownership of the solar panels.  Investors in return receive profit sharing from feed-in tariffs and excess energy production sold back to the grid (or p2p in the future).  

- Smart Property: Smart Locks can be installed on existing brick and mortar properties or be integrated into the design of new properties so govern rent/lease payment.  If payment is not made, then the space is locked and only the owners who control the other keys can open it until payment is made.  This enables property both commercial and residential to be crowdfunded and revenue to automatically be distributed to investors without a third-party payment processing/management company involved.

- 3d Printers: We envision 3d printers to become widespread over the next decade throughout malls, shops, and other venues.  Under the 3d-printing as a service model, investors can crowdfund these assets and be paid on a per usage basis.

- Drones: Drones will have a major role in many commercial use cases, but we believe delivery and transport of goods will be one of the core areas that will come to market first.  People will be able to purchase stakes in these delivery drones and upon completion of each delivery they will receive revenue sharing.  As different models for monetizing drones take shape, MyBit will be flexible to integrate into any that are economical for the network.

- Cryptocurrency ATMs: To stimulate the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, ease of access is a core component.  By crowdfunding ATM ownership it enables exponentially more units to be installed and operational across the globe.  Investors will make money off of the spread and usage fees for transacting.

- Self-Driving Vehicles (Consumer): Self-driving cars are going to displace a lot of jobs.  We find it vital that the average person has the option to partake in the ownership and revenue sharing of these vehicles instead of centralized financing institutions controlling every aspect.

- Automated Machinery (Commercial): Farming machinery, construction, delivery, etc. can all leverage MyBit.  It is beneficial to companies that want to upgrade machinery and infrastructure to utilize MyBit to reduce costs to enter into this market.  Simultaneously, it unlocks billions of dollars in stable investment opportunities to investors.

- Smart Homes IoT Devices / Machine as a Service (Business Model): This will definitely take time to implement, but we at MyBit predict a disruptive transformation into micro-economies and vast adoption of micro-payments.  In this scenario, the financing model is turned upside down.  Instead of purchasing a device to use limitlessly (traditional – how it is now for the most part) , devices will be free to the consumer (crowdfunded by investors), and they will pay per usage.  A major barrier to entry with this is insurance and accountability for assets.


See section 3 of the white paper: https://mybit.io/docs/MyBit_Whitepaper_v0.13.pdf







Blog: https:[email protected]_Blog
- Utility of the MyBit Token: https:[email protected]_Blog/utility-of-the-mybit-token-9335903966a2
- MyBit Strives to bring Blockchain Mainstream: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-strives-to-bring-blockchain-mainstream-1af9a92701c1
- MyBit and Blockchain Identity Management: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-and-blockchain-identity-management-e44e277c71cd
- MyBit Use Case: Smart Real Estate: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-use-case-smart-real-estate-c673d2c3c7c5
- Unlocking IoT Revenue with Ethereum: https:[email protected]_Blog/mybit-unlocking-iot-revenue-c48ac139803b
- Next Generation Energy: https:[email protected][email protected]rogrid-revolution-34c797593ed7
- Web3.0 Meets Energy: https:[email protected]_Blog/web-3-0-meets-energy-76dcbef5bf89

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Soft cap of $1.3 Million reached for MyBit: https://mybit.io/tokensale

Still on the fence about getting in or not? The 25% bonus is still active, and there are now 2 days 15 hours left to get your stake. Check out some of the articles below for more information on this great opportunity!
Is Revenue Generation On Blockchain The Wave Of The Future? Test Case 1: MyBit
Most common occupation - Truck Driver.  How are we going to counter unemployment caused by Autonomous Vehicles? Democratize ownership of these machines.

Renewable Energy, Investing and Blockchain – A Match Made in Heaven?

Enterprise level investing possible for everyone through blockchain

MyBit launches ICO to decentralize renewable energy

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ETH Balance:    4,382.67828959055 Ether
Final 1 day 11 hours to get in on Mybit, and the 25% bonus is still active at this time! Navigate to:

Still undecided? Check out the whitepaper

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Forbes Article: Why Blockchain Is The Future Of The Sharing Economy
Mybit, the blockchain powered platform connecting investors to future-proof projects, is a good example to a company that utilizes this idea. The company’s vision is to democratize the ownership of machines and its resulting revenue streams instead of letting them fall into the control of centralized financial institutions. The platform will be applicable to drones, self-driving cars, smart homes, autonomous machinery, 3D printers and more.
The increasing need for clean energy has influenced the platform to choose solar panels and energy generation as its first initiative. Through its initiative, MyBit is presently on a mission to accelerate the adoption of decentralized grid among the masses.
Read the full article on Forbes

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Final 12 hrs of tokensale, 25% bonus still live. Get yours here: https://mybit.io/tokensale
ETH Balance:    4,866.6105936531 Ether
MyBit on Cointelegraph just over 12 hours left to contribute to the ICO tokensale on ethereum  

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