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Free 0.002 bitcoin

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Free Bitcoin 0,002 With Verification of Identity Card in Coins.id, which Have Not Have ID Card, Here's A Way.

Bitcoin is now worth IDR 48 Million, of course very tempting? Especially if Bitcoin is free, although not up to 1 BTC, but if it can only 0.002 Bitcoin free want? The only way to verify the identity card, easy is not it? For those who do not have ID, I'll tell you how. So keep in mind my writing is about How to get free Bitcoin just by verifying ID cards.


The steps to get 0,002 free Bitcoin is very easy.
For those who already have ID card.
1. Sign up on this https://coins.id/m/join/zswlkz


2. After signing up, complete your account data.


3. To be able to 0.001 more so that the total free Bitcoin to 0.002, you must prepare your ID card, clear SCAN, later it is for us to upload. Then also prepare a photo of your selfie by holding your ID.


4. The verification process takes up to 2 X 24 hours, so be patient. If your verification card has been approved, then the result will be like this. 0.001 free Bitcoin from registration, and a 0.001 free bitcoin again from approved verification.


5. And this is already landing Bitcoin Free, instantly instant without any cuts.


6. It turns out getting a free bitcoin 0.002 is very easy.

And as per my promise, I will tell you how to who do not have ID.

> I also do not have ID, because my e-ID card not yet, just do recording. So I borrowed my brother's ID card. Then my brother ordered selfie hold her ID card. Then we register on this https://coins.id/m/join/zswlkz
> If you have already registered with your own data, first edit the data in your account in accordance with the data on your brother ID or the person you borrowed his ID.

Then to maximize your income from this free Bitcoin, invite others to join and register on this website. Later if your friend has verified and approved, then you will get a free bonus Bitcoin 0.001 again.
look at mine.


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