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After a major support near 3k has been rejected a long-term uptrend should continue, although it is still likely that the range trading will take place before that. BTC needs to break above $4700 to continue rising towards next strong resistance around $5500



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Ripple – Perhaps a Good Buying Opportunity – Technical View

Ripple found strong support at $0.15 level. This support was tested multiple times although price failed to break below. 
...read more http://cryptopost.com/ripple-perhaps-a-good-buying-opportunity-technical-view/


Ethereum Buyers Could Start Jumping In – Technical View

After a heavy corrective move down, Ethereum rejected $200 psychological price level and immediately started to move higher breaking above the descending channel.
... read more http://cryptopost.com/ethereum-buyers-could-start-jumping-in-technical-view/


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The Founder Of Wikipedia Treats ICOs As Scams
Mr. Wales, the founder of the Wikipedia expressed his caution towards the cryptocurrency ICOs calling them a scam!
... read more http://cryptopost.com/the-founder-of-wikipedia-treats-icos-as-scams/

Zcash – A Long-Term Uptrend Continuation? – Technical View
Zcash formed a strong support at $140 that has been rejected 3 times! This could suggest that this coin is ready to continue it’s long-term uptrend and might produce a new all-time high already this year.

... read all http://cryptopost.com/zcash-a-long-term-uptrend-continuation-technical-view/

Trade Idea: 


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Bitcoin Daily – A Perfect Buy Opportunity? – October 6, 2017
At this point, the trend remains strongly bullish where institutional buyers might start jumping in like crazy. The nearest target is $5500-5600 area.

Trade Idea

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Good Trading To All!!!

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Bitcoin Daily – Sky Is The Limit – October 9, 2017
BTC remains the top choice for investors, proving that today once again, by providing investors with a healthy 5% growth today, while other major coins struggling and losing in value.


Bitcoin Outperforms All Major Coins – Chart Comparison
During past few days, Bitcoin has outperformed all major coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. In 48 hours BTC gained over 10% in value against USD and stays strong.

Pay For Education In Bitcoins

Blockchain Has Huge Potential – Demand For Education Increasing

Atomic Swaps – Trade Without The Middleman

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Bitcoin Could Correct Down
Bitcoin found the resistance near the previously made high at $4935. Currently, this level is being rejected, suggesting that a corrective wave down could follow.
Full Article: http://cryptopost.com/bitcoin-daily-correction-down-is-likely-october-9-2017/
Trade Idea: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/CPm2XnDZ-BITCOIN-MIGHT-CORRECT-DOWN/

FX Brokers Trying To Meet The Demand For Crypto Trading
One of the most popular Forex brokers, RoboForex has announced the addition of CFD trading for Ethereum and Bitcoin. CFD stands for contracts-for-difference and allows to buy or sell both ETH/USD and BTC/USD. Newly added instruments are now available for trading through either MT4 or MT5 trading terminals.
Full Article: http://cryptopost.com/fx-brokers-trying-to-meet-the-demand-for-crypto-trading/

Ardor Could Be Ready To Gain Some Value
Full Article: http://cryptopost.com/ardor-could-be-ready-to-gain-some-value/

Ripple Is The King
During the past week, Ripple outperformed all major coins, such as BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, ZCASH, DASH, NEM, MONERO.
Full Article: http://cryptopost.com/ripple-is-the-king/

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SYScoin Continue To Lose Value
Today SYScoin/Bitcoin rejected the 50% moving average at 0.000033 and continued to move lower. At the same time, downtrend trendline has been rejected supporting the downtrend continuation.

0XCoin Potential Free-fall Against Ethereum - ETH So Strong?
Looking at the 0XCoin VS Ethereum (ZRX/ETH), there is an evident downtrend currently taking place.

BTC All Time High!!!
Today Bitcoin had a massive gain of over 10%, moving from $4820 up to $5388. No doubt the trend remains heavily bullish, but there is a very strong resistance, and it should be very interesting to watch BTC/USD reaction around these levels.

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Ethereum Might Become The Top Choice For Investors
The overall volatility of the cryptocurrency market has increased during the past few weeks, especially for Bitcoin. BTC produced an all-time high at $5920 which could now act as a short to medium term resistance and potentially result in a correction down.

Ethereum VS Bitcoin – Double Bottom Formation

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Bitcoin Double Top Might Result In Correction or Reversal?
As a result of a heavy uptrend started a month ago, on the 13th of October Bitcoin produced an all-time high, reaching $5880. At the price of $5880 for a Bitcoin, there is a double resistance based on Fibonacci retracement levels.
... read more: http://cryptopost.com/bitcoin-daily-massive-resistance-rejected-october-15-2017/

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Byzantium Hard Fork Went Into Effect On Ethereum Network
This Monday Ethereum’s Byzantium hard fork was activated, which has initiated phase one of the Metropolis protocol upgrade, which has been planned since 2015. This upgrade brings 9 Ethereum Improvement Protocols in order to improve Ethereum network’s security, privacy, and scalability.

Cryptocurrency Mining Without Consent
Every month, hundreds of millions people visit websites that stealing the processing power of their computers, which is used for mining cryptocurrency.

CryptoRuble – Meet The Russian National Cryptocurrency
Nikolay Nikiforov, the Russian Minister of Communications stated that national-issued cryptocurrency is going to be launched. The Russian coin will be called “CryptoRuble”.

The Dubai Government Plans To Launch Own Cryptocurrency
United Arab Emirates government, in the city of Dubai, has recently unveiled a plan to launch their own cryptocurrency called “emCash”. emCash will be based on a blockchain and will allow paying for various services, including those provided by the government. Citizens will be able to access it through a digital wallet called emwallet on their smartphones.

Bitcoin Daily – Resistance Is Holding – October 16, 2017
Bitcoin still holding the resistance at $5880 and continues to consolidate within the $400 price range, $5480-$5880. At this point, the probability for correction remains high, although it’s not very clear where Bitcoin will stop if the wave down will be the case.

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Siacoin Presenting A Buying Opportunity?

Most already familiar with a Siacoin, which is a decentralized cloud data storage service similar, but not the same as Amazon S3 or Dropbox or Google Drive. It is similar because they all offer a cloud storage, although Siacoin is private and totally decentralized. In addition to that its a way cheaper than most used online cloud storage services.
So does it has a potential for a wide use in the near or a long-term future? Hell yes! This project could become something big, something huge.

... read more: http://cryptopost.com/siacoin-presenting-a-buying-opportunity/

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Bitfinex Bans US Clients
At the end of the Summer Bitfinnex officially announced that their trading platform will be closed for USA users. The decision has been made because of poor regulations of this sector by the US government. The Bitfinex officials emphasized that New York’s BitLicense regulations require cryptocurrency related businesses to comply with state regulations as well as policies imposed by the government, which is completely unnecessary.

Biometric Cryptocurrency Come To The Market
A new biometrics-based cryptocurrency has been created and currently, it is available to buy. It called AMLBits, and was created by NAC Foundation. NAC Foundation claims that its the first cryptocurrency that would be able to comply with requirement laid out in the Patriot Act, specifically with “Know Your Customer” and Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

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Perhaps Litecoin has provided the most consistent and steady growth amongst all coins. After reaching the highest high at $94 on the 2nd of September it corrected down strongly and lost 64%. Although this is a very strong correction down compared to most coins.

Litecoin is the most correlated with Ethereum, having an 82% correlation over the past 90 days. And yes, Ethereum also looks very strong and together with Litecoin could be the top choices for investors in the coming months. They are true candidates for the highest potential gain and the current price, which stands at $60 does look very attractive indeed.

The potential upside targets are based on Fibonacci retracement levels and are 

... read more http://cryptopost.com/litecoin-has-substantial-growth-potential/

The overall volatility of the cryptocurrency market has increased during the past few weeks, especially for Bitcoin. BTC produced an all-time high at $5920 which could now act as a short to medium term resistance and potentially result in a correction down.

While Bitcoin investors are fixing profits after a healthy gain, the best alternative investment, for the time being, seems to be Ethereum.

Technically speaking ETH has found a strong support at $280 level and after some range trading, it finally broke above $310 resistance. This move could trigger an explosive growth and thus become more and more attractive for buyers.

At the same time other pairs in relation to ETH showing weakness, adding confirmation to the ETH strength.

... read more http://cryptopost.com/ethereum-might-become-a-top-choice-for-investors/

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