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Update for BitConnect members With Bitcoin Stored on BitConnect

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Update for BitConnect members With Bitcoin Stored on BitConnect


Due to Upcoming Forking, there will be interruptions of Bitconnect service from 31st July to 3rd August 2017 for safety of community member's fund. Bitconnect will provide deposit and withdrawal options for both Bitcoin and Segwit protocols. Member will have the option to access the fund using both options.


The "Good" news is that you will have access to your fund with both blockchains after 3rd August 2017. There is no need to worry about your Wallet because Bitconnect has already made a back up of all the community members fund.


 We will like to inform all our community that from 31st July to 3rd August 2017 there will be interruptions to following BitConnect services:

BitCoin Deposit/Withdrawal: Will not be working

BitConnect coin Deposit/Withdrawal: Work as usual

BCC Exchange: Will not be working

BitConnect Lending: Will not be working

Interest payment: Will not be working

During this time you will only be able to deposit and withdraw Bitconnect coin.

Unfortunately, as we are not sure how the community will react with the upcoming fork and considering every member's security the Bitconnect platform will not be operational during this period. However, Members will have access to the Website news and the Dashboard panel which will be operating as usual.

The Team


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