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[Giveaway] 50 Free VIU (7.5$Value)

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According To Their Previous Finished ICO Price
1 ETHereum = 2000 VIU
That Makes 1 VIU = $0.15 For Each One SINGLE Token !

Join Now Before It's Crowded

- You'll Be Basically Earning This EASY Way -
1 Referral = 50 VIU (Worth $7.5)
1 Uploaded Video = 100 VIU (Worth $15)

Also You Can Make Your Can Monetize Your Videos
You Can Put Custom Pay Per Watch For Each Of Your Videos
Basically The Audience Will Have To Pay You Using VIU Tokens To Unlock Your Content & Watch It

This Is Like The SteemIt Video Version

The Potential Of Earnings I Unlimited With Viuly If You('re A Good Content Provider

My Advice For You Is To Accumulate As Much As You Can Because It Won't Last For Long To Get These VIU For Free
Wait Till Month 6 OF 2018 Because There Is Major Updates At That Time Which May Take The Price Per 1 VIU Token to $3.00+ So Easy




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