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Angel Crypto

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Angel Crypto – invest in cryptocurrency!

Angel Crypto is a cryptocurrency investment service. Its team has developed profitable products for investors with different financial opportunities and knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. Angel Crypto offers ready-made solutions with a high level of profitability and optimized risks.

About Angel Crypto

It becomes clear that blockchain will enter all spheres of our lives in a short period of time, replacing the existing model of macroeconomics and ecosystem in general. That is why, in 2018, cryptocurrency and blockchain are considered one of the most promising areas for investment.

Nevertheless, this sphere contains a lot of uncertainties, associated with the regulation of cryptocurrency as well as the economic risks. In this case, it is better to entrust this to professionals, who have thoroughly studied the market and know how to make good investments.

Such cryptocurrency market experts make the Angel Crypto team. They work in three areas of investment:

the best crypto traders work as trusted administrators and increase investors' capital on liquidity crypto markets (PAMM accounts);

investing in ICO is one of the most promising areas. There is a special ICO showcase created on the website, which contains only checked projects with working blockchain products;

investments in the creation of the future ICO projects (Angel Start-Up Equities) – each client of the company has the opportunity to participate in the creation of a project, which might become a future development and another breakthrough of the start up era.

The Angel Crypto team consists of pioneers and evangelists of the crypto world who are interested in their clients getting their steady income regularly, and also in the development of digital assets.

All convenient tools that help estimate the investment profitability are integrated in the Angel Crypto platform. In order to calculate the profitability, you can use the ROI calculator. The experts, traders and analysts of the company will conduct the market analysis, select the most liquid cryptocurrencies and perspective ICO for you. And the investors in this case only need to receive their passive income.

There won't be any long conversions of cryptocurrency into fiat with huge fees. The money can be withdrawn in the needed fiat straight away in a convenient way.

Advantages of working with Angel Crypto 

The main and the most important advantage is the possibility to have stable and passive income. You don't need to search for cryptocurrencies yourself or register in the endless number of cryptocurrency exchanges, while being afraid that they might get hacked or you might get scammed because of a usual hype disguised in an attractive ICO.

Angel Crypto clients can also enjoy the following benefits of the company.

Affordable minimum deposit – profiting on cryptocurrency is possible once you deposit only $250. Thus the platform is available even for beginners. And experienced investors can test the investment service with a small sum of money.
You can make a deposit with bitcoins, by using a credit card or a bank transfer.

With the help of the platform, you can diversify your funds and invest immediately in several areas, managing investments through your Profile account on the website.
Intuitive Profile section with all the necessary tools for analysts;
Guaranteed money withdrawals within 7 days according to the regulations. Money can be withdrawn immediately after you receive it in your account.
Each investment project is thoroughly and broadly analysed by several experts.

One of the most popular areas is PAMM accounts. So three options with different levels of potential profitability and risks has been created. Thus, the company can meet the requirements and desires of every investor.

Speaking of disadvantages, it is necessary to point out only the modest selection of ICO. However, it is not the company's fault. Every day dozens of new ICO emerge on the market, and their tokens and coins often do not even get included in the lists of the lesser-known exchanges. Investors lose their money. In order to give the clients the maximum protection, the company offers only the best ICO with high ratings, proven teams, roadmaps, and white paper (technical documents).

How to start working with Angel Crypto?

In order to start profiting from cryptocurrency, you only need to open a Trading Account on the official website. This will require a valid phone number and an email address. After the authentication and the verification of information, you personal Profile becomes available. It is sufficient to top up your account in any convenient way. It will only take 15 minutes. Then you need to choose investment assets and that's it.

If you have any questions, please contact the technical support. On working days the clients can address questions in the online chat, available directly on the website. Consultants will quickly respond and help you solve all the problems. You can also find answers to your questions in the FAQ section.

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I've checked all your offers in the Showroom section, there're more than 20 different names and all of them are unknown to me. And generally, in the current environment when cryptomarkets are experiencing drawdowns, and I should remind you that the general capitalisation has decreased in 4 times this year, it's quite difficult to plan anything. I think you missed the appropriate chance at least 1,5 year ago. Maybe back then your offer could be interesting for me.

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If you're following the news, then you'll probably agree that the current situation actually reminds of a drawdown, i.e. after the well-known growth, the cryptomarket underwent a correction phase. The most popular cryptocurrencies actually dropped this year, but this decrease has stopped in the last several months which lets us call the current levels as the support levels. According to the rules of technical analysis, you should expect a further growth. This forecast is supported by the significant changes in the regulation of the stock market and recognition of crypto-currencies as means of payments that are used by the world leading countries. The latest facts: In November, ICE launches a global cryptocurrency platform, Bakkt, which will be followed by Boerse Stuttgart; bitcoin ETF is waiting for the approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – it goes in addition to the existing regulated bitcoin futures on CBOE and CME.

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It might be so. I used to trade bitcoin/dollar and when this tendency became irrelevant, my trust in the idea about this recognition also, let's say, weakened. Although by the end of the year your risk appetite tends to grow, so anything's possible.

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And I wonder how these conversations can affect the success of the ICO launch? Correct me if I'm wrong, but how can a potential growth of bitcoin affect all these in fact unknown start ups? Isn't it easier simply to buy bitcoin and wait?

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