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CashBackCoin LTD - cryptocurrency asset management service

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CashBackCoin LTD - cryptocurrency asset management service

CashBackCoin LTD is a decentralized, self-regulatory financial payment network created for users who want to be independent of third parties such as banks or governments.

Every day blockchain enters all spheres of our life more and more and it is obvious that in the near future it will completely replace the existing systems of economic management. This is proved by the fact that in 2017 cryptocurrency and blockchain in general aroused great interest among investors, resulting in a huge capitalization of this market.

But despite all the positive aspects, this area contains quite a lot of nuances, including quite high financial risks due to the high volatility of the market, as well as legal risks, because cryptocurrencies in general, due to the lack of a regulatory framework and regulation as such, some investors may find it a minus.

Against the background of these factors, it is better to trust true professionals who know the market well and understand how you can earn money on it. Such professionals make up a team CashBackCoin Ltd.

About the company

CashBackCoin Ltd was founded on August 3, 2018. London United Kingdom, 6 Suite, 5 Percy Street. №11499354
The project started on 1.09.2018
The staff of CashBackCoin Ltd. includes professional traders who earn money on cryptocurrency trading on the exchanges BitMex, Bitfinex, Bitsamp and others. CashBackCoin Ltd participates in large ICOs, thereby receiving an income, part of which it gives to its investors. The company also has a venture Fund with high capitalization.
The project operates on a private blockchain based on Ethereum, SmartContract is responsible for accruing profits to investors and distributing them with its own CBC coin, which CashBackCoin LTD buys back with any amounts, currently only in BTC. In the future, it is planned to implement the purchase of Ethereum and other 5 coins from the top list of CoinMarketCap. Also, the development of various payment systems is actively carried out.

Investment plan

CashBackCoin LTD provides the opportunity to earn by investing. All you need to do is to replenish your investment account with a desired amount. Depending on the amount deposited, the platform will automatically determine which tariff plan should be activated.
There are four tariff investment plans available. Each of them brings a floating profit, its size varies up to 40% per month, starting from the second investment plan, the investor receives a fixed percentage of profit.

Different tariff plans differ in several parameters, namely:

the required amount of investment;
percentage of additional guaranteed profit;
freezing period of the body investment.

The minimum investment amount is $10, the maximum is $100,000. However, there is no minimum threshold for withdrawal.


As an example, consider the third investment plan.
To activate it, you need to make an investment from $1001 to $10,000 inclusive. For example, take the estimated investment of $5000. According to the investment plan, the investment body will freeze for 120 days (4 months), while the investor receives a floating profit every day, which can be up to 1.35% (according to my observations, the average floating income per day from an investment is 1.15% ) and guaranteed additional profit, which will be 0.1%. By simple calculations, we learn that by investing $5000, we will receive on average 1.15% + 0.1% = 1.25% every day, which is equal to $62.50. This means that after about 80 days, we will go to breakeven, i.e. we will refund our $5,000, and at the same time, do not forget that another $5,000 will remain in our account in the form of an investment body and will bring us a profit of another 40 days, which will be $2500 more.
As a result, by investing $5,000, in 120 days (4 months), in the end result, we will get 150% of net profit, which is equivalent to $7,500 in monetary terms. And per year, when investing $5,000, a profit can reach 450%, which is equivalent to $22,500 of net profit in monetary terms.

Who wants to pre-calculate how much profit there will be by investing a certain amount in this project, you can follow the link to the PROFIT CALCULATOR in this project, in the same place you will find my referral link by which you can register in the project.

Referral program

CashBackCoin LTD has a 7-level referral program. Every time an investor who has joined your referral program makes an investment, you get a profit, which depends on the level of the referral network of the investor and the amount invested by him.

If a person is registered through your link, he is considered your first level referral. When someone registers with the referral link of the person who occupies the first level, he becomes your referral of the second level, and for the person whose link he used for registration - referral of the first level and so on.


In the personal account of CashBackCoin LTD, in the My Team section, all the necessary information is available at all levels for investors that are included in your referral program.


The CashBackCoin LTD referral program has a great advantage that distinguishes it from most similar projects. You can register in CashBackCoin LTD only with a referral link. Anyone who promotes his link can be sure that the registration will be carried out on it.

How to start earning with CashBackCoin LTD?

All you need to do is follow the affiliate link to the company's website and go through a simple registration procedure. After that, select the desired investment plan and make the necessary amount. Then the platform begins to do its work, and you get passive income. It's simple.

If you have questions about the work of the company, you can always count on the help of highly qualified technical support, whose specialists will answer all questions as soon as possible and help you understand the intricacies of the platform.

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Yes, you are right, there are not so many reviews yet, as the project has recently started its work. However, it's been a while since I've made my first investment in this project, so I can say that at the moment the company has shown itself very well, in terms of honesty and reliability. I have withdrawn money many times, I will reach the breakeven pretty soon)

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It’s just subjectivity. Moreover, the project is constantly progressing in terms of ease of use, this has already been noticed since it is not the first day that I know them. They place new buttons, add new features to the menu - the work is humming and this to some extent inspires confidence.

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As for me, the main thing is to go to zero, and then how it goes. If you earn something - well. No - it means no luck) By the way, need to try to develop some kind of investment plan and estimate roughly how much you can go to breakeven.

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