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jonas drako

Confirmed - StarCoins , BattleShip, Space Game, FaucetHub Payment, Proof

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StarCoins.ws <<<Super Crypto FaucetGame>>>
Level UP your SpaceShip and fight with other players.
You get paid to play a Space Game, Collect Resources, Battle etc.
How to start - choose your race and you get your planet.
From the start, you have very little amount of resources.
You need to buy all resource buildings and Battleship, but you don't have enough Deuterium to buy a ship or resources buildings. So, you must start collecting Deuterium.
How to get Deuterium - go to "Resources" screen - where you can earn Deuterium from short links, offerswalls, CPU Miner and from referrals.

Note: No investment needed, the game is very simple and pays well.

There is tab there name (STAR RAIN) it's like Rain-Pool every hour, they give Reward to active players.

BattleShips are used in : 
– Battlezone where you can compete with other players for supremacy. 
– Dark System where you can compete with NPCs for big rewards.
– Space explore to earn Darkmatter. 
– Expeditions & Jobs where you earn daily rewards. 
– Daily bonus.
The ships have 4 stats - Shield Power, Weapon Power, Speed and Rapid Fire.

-Deuterium (D): you get from  BattleZone, Short Links, Offer Walls, Mining and 25% Referral;
-Energy (E): buy and then use Solar Plant, collecting energy is free or exchange in Resource market;
-Crystal (C):  buy and then use Crystal Mine, collecting crystals, this cost you some energy(E) or exchange in Resource Market 
-DarkMatter: you get from BattleZone, Space Explore, Jobs, exchange in Resource market and use Dark Matter Reactor;
Remember: DarkMatter is needed for withdraw.
-Metal: required upgrade your shield power.

DM Reactors:
It's like an investment that you pay (Deuterium) and after30days you will get in return from 110% to 150% what you invested.
After 30 days, the reacto will die and you have to buy another DM Reactor.

You need a Battleship to work on Jobs!!
Every jobs has requirements, pick one and wait for the time run.
For me, my favorite is Project Ophelia: Reward: 20 DM and 45 XP.

This is an Auto-Faucet. Choose the CryptoCoin and the timer you want look at the requirements and Start to explore! 
Remember:  You need to let the page open! FaucetHub Instant.

Referral Program: 
-you get 750 Deuterium for every user referred by you;
-25% on every Deuterium Claim (jobs/shortlinks/space expeditions);
-10% on every OfferWall Task;
-5% on webminer earnings;
-5% when user upgrade his account (soon!).

Withdraw Options:
-Export: here you can withdraw to FaucetHub;
-Resource Market: here you can exchange your Deuterium for resources like DarkMatter, Crystal, Energy and Metal;
-Scrap Merchant: Here you can sell/destroy your battleships to gain some of the resources back, but the amount is greatly reduced 35-75% of the original costs.

Minimum withdrawal: 250 BTC satoshi or equivalent amount in Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash.
Note: Add the wallets adresses from FaucetHub.

Register here:


Non- Referral Link:  https://starcoins.ws

Do not use any VPN service to register on StarCoins.WS or risk getting banned
Thank you in advance. Happy Earnings.

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