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50million NETA Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop

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50,000,000 NETA is divided into 2 parts: 25,000,000 Public Airdrop, 25,000,000 Targeted Airdrop to TCASH holders. 

25,000,000 Public Airdrop

Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants' entries. For example: Your number of Entries is 1% / 100%, you will receive 1% of the 25,000,000 NETA equal to 250,000 NETA Tokens.

Detailed Rules: 

Signup Link: https://wn.nr/mpEDYZ

1. Follow EtherFlyer and NETA official twitter account:

- https://twitter.com/etherflyercom  1000 Entries

2. Retweet activity tweet:

- https://twitter.com/etherflyercom/status/1069437773038288896   1000 Entries

3. Join the Telegram group of EtherFlyer and NETA

- https://t.me/etherFlyer  1000 Entries

- https://t.me/netareumofficial  1000 Entries

4. Register an exchange account (import or create new) in EtherFlyerexchange(EtherFlyer.com). 1 Entry but necessary for getting the airdrop

5. Refer friends for extra entries

Each friend Get 1000 extra entries for anyone who complete at least one action via your sharing link

Attention: Entries are checked manually. Fraudulent items will be flagged as inappropriate. You will be banned. Entries will be revoked. Multiple accounts on one IP address are forbidden.

6. The airdrop will start on 3th December 2018, ending date for airdrop activities is 10th December, 2018.  

50million NETA Token Giveaway for Public Airdrop and TCASH Holders!!

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