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Serenity to Change Financial market trading.

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Financial trading can be very volatile and risky since it has high returns.  Consequently, many traders both and experienced or not lose money or are swindled. But through Blockchain, Serenity financial is changing the story, by protecting traders from Reckless or fraudulent deals. “The demand for escrow arises from the fact that many Forex brokers have no regulation. The reputation of all brokers is compromised because of the actions of certain companies, while traders who work with unlicensed brokers risk losing their money. As a result, there’s an issue of trust between traders and brokers. Moreover, even if a broker is licensed in one or several countries, the funds of a client from a third country still aren’t properly protected, since they have no one to appeal to in case of a dispute. Serenity offers an alternative solution for the problem of regulation and security of trades, with modern technology as the main tool.” Says Stanislav Vaneev in an exclusive interview with Techbullion.

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