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All you Need to Know about Security Token Offerings (STO) and how to launch it

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Why STO ?


IN simple words Security Tokens are in essence, cryptographic tokens that can pay the owner dividends, entitle them to a share of profits, pay them interest, or, they can be used to reinvest into other Security Tokens. The main difference from ICO investment it that you got actually shares in the company that you invest in

In addition, There is a prerequisite to qualify a crypto token as a Security Token. As a requirement, the token must pass the Howey Test, which was set out in the case of SEC vs Howey (1946) in the United States.
It is simply safer for investors, and in addition, say something about the project decided to go this way which is a lot harder and demanding.

So if you guys convince, I made this STO Guide it explains every step of the way how to build it, a much it cost and how to even start. 

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When you are planning to launch your own STO (security token offering) the preparation stage is absolutely pivotal.  For a FREE consultation on STO launch, you can get in touch with STO Development Company. They have worked for more than 50+ ICO projects already.

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