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Toa Coin: A travel cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain!

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Toa Coin is a cryptocurrency that build for travel industry, their aims is to provide real-world usage to its community by establishing value-added services on top of it. The most important is that they has their own blockchain technology, TOA also provide blockchain technology service and solutions to businesses that looking to implement into their business. 

Toa Coin also just launched TOABooking.com, is like Agoda -- an online hotel booking platform but pay by using Toa Coin and Bitcoins. TOA is currently listed in 7 different exchange market. 

TOA Coin Website: https://toacoin.com/toa-whitepaper
TOABooking.com: https://toabooking.com/
TOA Coin Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/TOAcoinofficial/

Anybody would like to share about it??


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20 hours ago, jessmehta said:

Is Toa Coin a country specific cryptocurrency? If not, then in which countries we can use Toa coin? 

Hi, Toa Coin's goal is to be use world wide, currently they have merchants in Malaysia and South Korea and it will be going worldwide on physical store accordingly. Toa Coin last November just launch TOABooking.com --- a online hotel booking platform, in this 1st quarter they will be launching flight ticket booking as well.  

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