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[ANN] | SUQA | New X22i Algo | SWIFFTX | No ICO | No Pre-mine | %5 Apr Interest

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ESCODEX URL: https://wallet.escodex.com/market/ESCODEX.SUQACOIN_ESCODEX.BTC

STEX URL: https://app.stex.com/en/basic-trade/pair/BTC/SUQA/60

QBTC URL: https://www.myqbtc.com/trade

CryptoBridge URL: https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/market/BRIDGE.SUQA_BRIDGE.BTC

TradeOgre URL: https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-SUQA

CoinMarketCap URL: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/suqa

CoinExchange URL: https://www.coinexchange.io/market/SUQA/BTC

Exchange List Page: https://suqa.org/suqa-exchanges/

SUQA is a new opensource peer to peer digital currency that gives the investors 5% apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline. It is based on an improved code of the secure and widely used Bitcoin Blockchain with a brand new advanced memory intensive X22i POW algo which is completely ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Resistant.

SUQA is a name of an ancient coin from Nepal that has been used for thousands of years and it also means 'to wait'(Time-Lock) in Somali language.

Following are some of the problems which SUQA currency addresses:

1. Lack of recognition and adaptation of blockchain and digital payments. 
2. Lack of coins which are being used in real life ecosystems. 
3. Lack of Trust in cryptocurrency world. 
4. Centralization threat from ASIC and FPGA companies.
5. Quantum Attack threat from future Quantum Computers.
6. Need for a new complex, secure, ASIC and FPGA resistant, memory optimized, post quantum algorithm for constant dynamic decentralization.

SUQA Features:

1. Fast:
Fastest POW Coin: 533 Transactions per second. 75 times more scalable than Bitcoin.

2. Rewarding:
Investors can earn 5% apr interest from term deposits even if the wallet is offline. First 3 months monthly term deposit apr will be 25% apr to encourage early adopters and investors.  

3. Almost No Transaction Fees
SUQA allows you to make instant payments with incredibly low fees for each transaction. Using blockchain technology, transactions are performed directly between two digital wallets.

4. Protection
To ensure the safety of the SUQA ecosystem, SUQA has implemented full replay protection and unique wallet addresses. More importantly ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Attack protection make SUQA a very secure and future-proof digital currency. 
5. Transparency
SUQA is a free open source project that is built by expert blockchain developers and supported by a rapidly growing community of blockchain enthusiasts that stretches around the globe. 

SUQA Use Cases:

SUQA currency can be used in any digital transaction where other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is being used. The major use of SUQA currency in a real world ecosystem is SUQA Foundation where no other cryptocurrency except SUQA can be used. 

Suqa Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Philanthropist Organization that rewards everyone inside its ecosystem generously, securely and transparently without fees, to foster the growth of the Blockchain.

There will be a microsite inside of SUQA Foundation Platform where only the SUQA currency can be utilized. The platform will consist of CRYPTOLANCERS such as Developers, Designers, Moderators for all Regions for a Crypto Project, Content Writers, Campaign and Bounty Managers. Turn-Key Crypto Projects including everything that a new Crypto Start-ups may need!


Coin name: SUQA
Ticker : SUQA
Algorithm : X22i
Coin Type: POW
Max. supply: 1,078,740,313+10%dev fee
Block Time: 2 minutes
Max Block Size: 16mb
Max tx/s: 533 tx/s
Difficulty Retarget Algo: DarkGravityV3
RPC port: 20971
P2P port: 20970
Ico: No
Pre-Mine: No
Masternode: No
Pre-Sale: No
Dev-Fee: 9.09%
Genesis: 26 September, 2018

Block rewards
1 to 22,000: 10,000  = 220,000,000
22,001 to  50,000: 5,000  = 139,995,000
50,001 to 100,000: 2.500 =124,997,500
100,001 to 200,000: 1.250 = 124,998,750
200,001 to  400.000: 625= 124,999,375
400,001 to 1,500,000: 312,5=343,749,688
TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,078,740,313  plus 9.09%
for founders fee will be mined in 5.78 years.

MAX TOTAL : 1,186,614,344 SUQA

Technical Details:

X22i is the newest most complex, advanced, quantum resistant algorithm for the millions of gpu miners and it is also one of the most power efficient hash algorithms. “I” stands for the 22 algorithms intelligence and it is not just another clone or a copy cat of another algo but instead it has too much optimization potential for all the CUDA and OPENCL Developers because of the added complex Post Quantum algo SWIFFTX.
New PoW algorithm providing the following advantages:
- Adding a quantum resistant part in the algo chain (SWIFFTX)
- Rising the memory requirements four times, not a problem for CPU and GPU but much harder for FPGA and ASIC
- Much longer algo chain: 22 algorithms create the need for a lot of chip space to implement the whole chain, very cost un-effective for FPGAS and ASICS.
- We will require a hard fork every 6 months to add a new ASIC and FPGA resistant algo to guarantee decentralization.

Time-Lock Deposit
Please go to file, receiving adress and copy the wallet address from there.
Please choose deposit from the top and paste the adress to where it says deposit adress. Please choose the amount and click on how long  you want to time-lock your SUQA for, choose for up to 4 weeks and up to 25% apr for the first 3 months for early adapters.After 3 months 1 month time-locked term deposit will be 5% apr.
Click on EARN. Click on YES and YES. You should see on  the amount you put on hold and how much you will receive on the overview screen. Once it is time-locked it will not be possible to unlock it until the chosen time.

WhitePaper (EN): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper.pdf
WhitePaper (RU): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper-ru.pdf
WhitePaper (TR): https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper-tr.pdf
OnePager: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-onepager.pdf
X22i Algoritm: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/x22i-proof-of-work-algorithm.pdf



configure command to help people having problems compiling the wallet on linux:
"./configure --disable-tests --with-incompatible-bdb --disable-shared --with-pic --with-bignum=no --with-gui=qt5 --disable-hardening CPPFLAGS=-fPIC"

Web wallet for all platforms with a browser including IOS and Android.

https://wallet.suqa.org/#/                                                                                                                                                                   https://suqa.app/

Android app: https://github.com/SUQAORG/suqa-coinomi/releases

Anrdoid Google Play App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.suqa


V1.0 Windows 10-64 bit, Nvidia Cuda 9.2 ccminer x22i specific miner.


SUQA Mac Wallet: https://github.com/SUQAORG/SUQA-CORE/releases

Pool mining example :

ccminer -a x22i -o stratum+tcp://preferredpool:port-u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

Sample OC settings: PL 65, Core +100, memory + 300 (for all nvidia cards)


Pool List Page: https://suqa.org/suqa-pools/

https://labs.f2pool.com/labs    Fee 3%

https://xd.dapool.me/             Fee 2%

http://yiimp.eu/                    Fee 2 %

https://www.beepool.org/      Fee 2%

https://suqa.coinblockers.com/  Fee 1%

https://uberkripto.club           Fee 1%

http://icemining.ca/               Fee 1%

https://yiimp.cn/                   Fee 1%

https://eqpool.com                Fee 1%

https://pool.ahash.ru             Fee 1%

http://666pool.cn/                 Fee 1%

https://pool.coin-miners.info  Fee 1%

http://1pool.pw/                   Fee 0.9%

https://bsod.pw/                   Fee 0.9%

https://gos.cx/                     Fee 0.9%

https://www.gos.cx/              Fee 0.9% 

https://fairmine.pro/site/coininfo?coin=SUQA    Fee 0.7%

https://coinfoundry.org/pool/suqa  Fee 0.6%
https://pool.gpumining.ir/site/mining  Fee 0.5%

https://pool.arsmine.com/    Fee 0.5%

https://letsmine.it                 Fee  0.5% 

http://pool.douzipool.club/     Fee  0.5%

https://tera.tn//                    Fee 0.5%

https://marspool.org             Fee 0.5%

https://subscriberpool.com    Fee 0.5%

https://www.focus-pool.com   Fee 0.3%

https://mecrypto.club            No Fee

SUQA Calculator


Find Us
Team: https://suqa.org/team/

Exchanges: https://suqa.org/suqa-exchanges/

Telegram: https://t.me//Suqafoundation
Telegram Rus: https://t.me/SUQA_Russian
Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/SUQACHINESE
Telegram Africa: https://t.me/Suqaafrica
Telegram Germany: https://t.me/Suqa_germany
Telegram French: https://t.me/SUQAFRENCH                                                                                                 
Telegram Indonesia: https://t.me/suqaindonesia
Telegram Italy: https://t.me/suqaitalianchat
Telegram Turkish: https://t.me/SuqaTR
Telegram Vietnamese: https://t.me/suqavietnamese

Discord: https://discord.gg/qrtU7Y9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SUQAfoundation
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SUQAFoundation
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdqVQvJu8yhmXUYXOcaEThg

Medium: https://medium.com/@suqa
Roadmap: https://suqa.org/file/2018/12/suqa-roadmap-v2.pdf
SUQA Whitepaper: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/suqa-whitepaper.pdf
X22i Algo Whitepaper: https://suqa.org/file/2018/10/x22i-proof-of-work-algorithm.pdf

NVIDIA(CUDA)Miner Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5048244.new#new

Community Bounties V3: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5089919.msg48902710#msg48902710

SUQA Meme Contest : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077265.msg48306063#msg48306063

SUQA Foundation Cryptolancers Platform Launch Alpha: https://suqa.org/cryptolancer-login/

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SUQA Cryptocurrency Project Introductions

Hello Good Morning Everyone! Welcome again to Bitnewsportal Blog, The Home of the best projects and airdrop opportunity. Today we will feature another cryptocurrency project that been successfully working since September 2018.


SUQA is a decentralize cryptocurrency project that aimed to be one of the cryptocurrency of choice for crypto community! SUQA is developed and using their very own POW algorithm named X22i that is proven to be ASIC, FPGA and Quantum Computer Resistant. They are the first Cryptocurrency that uses the said Proof of Work Algo...READ MORE

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23 January is the delisting date of SUQA from Cryptobridge because of the total 1 btc fees they asked for the mandatory wallet upgrades!

Only 2 days left for delisting on CB and there are still 1.4 million sell orders and also there are 12 million in the exchange without sell orders. 
Please transfer your SUQA from Cryptobridge to TradeOgre, Stex or Coinexchange before the due date!




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Latest Update from SUQA Foundation

The top wallet in the explorer that appeared today is Cryptobridge Cold Wallet.  


You can track its movements from https://www.cryptofresh.com/a/BRIDGE.SUQA                                                                          

We will soon name it in the explorer as Cryptobridge wallet.

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Update from SUQA Foundation

We are happy to share more info on upcoming Suqa Infinity Nodes aka SIN ! We are also going to address community questions and will have an AMA about SIN soon !


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SUQA Connecting Employers & Freelancers using cryptolancer platform

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SUQA 01/21 – 01/27 Weekly Recap

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SUQA Foundation is still a young and dynamic project, with active development team and responsive community members...READ MORE

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