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## Introducing BitMEX Margin Leverage Trading & BitMEX Auto Trading BOT & BitMEX Signals

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BitMex exchange has grown rapidly over time. This is due to the fact that it is an exchange that offers leverage of roughly 100x for BitMex users. It is used in trading Bitcoin, and it comprises of a set of altcoins.

These altcoins are further used for spot and the future Crypto market. BitMex is considered to be among the largest Bitcoin trade platforms that are currently in operation. The API of BitMex is made public and complete.

A Basic Background Of BitMex

BitMex is an abbreviation of the word Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange. It is a Cryptocurrency trading exchange built by HDR Global Trading Limited. It is worthy to note that the developers of the exchange were once workers in a monetary institution.

Its developers are Arthur Hayes, Been Delo and finally, Samuel Reed. The exchange was launched in the year 2014 and validated in Seychelles. BitMex exchange opened other offices in places like New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

BitMex Explained

It is an expert Cryptocurrency trading platform that generates high levels of trading in not only Bitcoin but other Cryptocurrency to Cryptocurrency transactions. The BitMex platform utilizes a relative decrease in trading price.

It makes use of a large range of Cryptocurrencies and is made available to users all over the world. Also, it is different from other Cryptocurrency exchanges.

All other exchanges trade several Cryptocurrencies for a totally different one. For BitMex, it is focused on nothing else other than derivative trading.

Additionally, BitMex makes use of a Crypto bot. This Crypto bot offers basic purchasing and trading signals; it also makes diverse stuff to be profitable. The BitMex Bot sends BitMex signals that are copied into one of the BitMex’s traders’ account through a protected API.

Leverage Trading On BitMex

It entails borrowing money to intensify prospective returns when trading and purchasing Cryptocurrency. When a user leverages trade, he or she can easily access higher purchasing power.

The user may even open positions that are much bigger than their initial account balance. Leverage trading on BitMex is quite easy. All a user needs to do is to;

Register for a BitMex account. It is done by using an email address and creating a password
After creating an account and securing it with the two-factor authentication, the user will have to deposit funds into the account. The user will need to click on the green deposit button and scan the QR code. They can also copy their wallet address.
The user navigates to the trading screen where they can select the crypto they want to purchase or trade like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, etc
The user inputs the details of his or her position, i.e., the amount in which they want to purchase or trade in dollars
Next step is to set the desired level of leverage
After setting the leverage level, it is required that the user reviews the details about his or her transactions
Finally, the last step is to open your position. If the user thinks the price will increase and he or she is going long, then they click on “buy market.” But, if they think the opposite and going short, they click on “sell market”
After following these steps, a confirmation order screen will pop up. It comprises the leverage level, order value, estimated liquidation price, and cost, etc. These details are to be carefully examined before anyone clicks on the buy or sell button to confirm the orders.

In Conclusion

The exchange is considered to have a strong secured level and uses several signatories’ down payments. It also makes use of some withdrawal patterns that are known to be utilized by only partners of the exchange. Even more, it involves two-factor authentication and hardware tokens.

On a final note, BitMex makes use of a checking system that requires the sum of each account holdings on the website to be empty.

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