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The need for real-time connectivity between people or devices is increasing exponentially. A decentralized network that allows infinite connectivity with a guarantee of privacy is indispensable. VANTA will aim to provide solutions to our everyday problems. It will be optimized for real-time data transmissions to provide infinite connectivity among all people, devices and information, creating a variety of new opportunities for businesses.


For developers : Develop and operate a real-time communication service that is scalable, reliable, and highly secure at low cost. 

For users: Use various high-quality services free or almost free of charge without worrying about privacy. 

For organizations: Build a blockchain-based telecommunication network between different organizations.


VANTA token has a utility and stake usage. Developers must stake VNT tokens to run their services on VANTA. Depending on the developers and their policies, participants/users may be required to stake VNT tokens as well. 


Tokenomics is solid and reasonable. 

Hardcap: $15M for 35% of tokens: 

Private sale bonus of 15% is locked for two months. 

50% of purchased tokens will have no lock-up, the remaining 50% of purchased tokens will be subject for a one-month lock-up. 

10% of tokens that are allocated to the Team and Founders are locked for 2 years. 

The 5% of Advisor and Early Supporter tokens are locked for 1 year.

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