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Is there a way to short #BNB #FET #BTT and other Binance coins?

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YES THERE IS A WAY TO SHORT BNB and many other coins! 

Hey, guys, I found this new exchange which is pretty awesome!
Let me explain why:

1) It is backed by Bitmain (the biggest mining equipment manufacturer)

2) Some new ICOs #LTO #ANKR listed on Bitmax first and went x10 after that, there is a chance that other new ICO's listed there will repeat their success. (must watch)

3) You can Short #BNB #BTT on Bitmax. It is supposed to be a Binance shitcoins Killer 

4) As you can see all Binance launchpad coins were PUMPED than went down 40-50%, so we could have shorted it on BitMax !!!

5) BTMX (native BitMax token) made x2 from yesterday!

6) Margin up to 10x on MANY altcoins!

7) You get #BTMX tokens just for being registered on the exchange! 

8) You can be rewarded for holding #BTMX token!

Register here  :


I wish you luck and profit till the end of 2020 year! 
I greatly appreciate you using my referral link!




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why to short BNB after CELER ICO, #CELR #Binance #BinanceLaunchpad
The token sale will take place on 19 MARCH 01.00 PM UTC

Looking at the historical data of BNB coin behavior before and after the recent Binance Launchpad ICO sales, I can conclude that shorting BNB prior to the sale will be very profitable!
Ill explain why: 

1) BitTorrent (#BTT) ToKEN SALE Started 28 JAN 2019 03:00 PM UTC
finished 03:26 PM UTC

-10.20% in 19 minutes


So we could get 10% of profit by shorting it right after the ICO started. 

Moreover, if we would short BNB 2 hours before the token sale we could catch almost -15% Price drop


binance article with the time of completion: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/296665704096014336/Binance-Launchpad-BitTorrent-Token-Sale-Results

2) FETCH (#FET) Started 25 FEB 2019 - 02:00 PM UTC
Finished 02:11 PM UTC

- 6.43% in 12 minutes


So we could get 6.4% profit by shorting it right after the ICO started.

and if we would short BNB on the evening before the token sale (24 FEB 09:40 PM UTC) we could catch 9% profit!

Less than with BTT token sale but still good, don't you agree? 


binance article with the time of completion: https://www.binance.com/en/blog/306759139536019456/Binance-Launchpad-FetchAI-Token-Sale-Results

Obviously this token sale will be the same, however, I am expecting less profit, in the short term, but still, it is worth a try!

Oh And I forgot to mention that WE can MARGIN SHORT BNB with a maximum of 10x - hence resulting in the following profits for past data

if shorted with 10X after start 102% Profit
if shorted with 10X the night before 150% profit

if shorted with 10x after start 64% Profit
if shorted with 10x the night before 90% profit

We can short BNB now on BitMax


So we need to register on BitMax and prepare to short BNB before the CELR Token sale (which will take place on 19 MARCH 01.00 PM UTC)

If you find my info valuable please say thanks and register on  BitMax with my referral link! 

Register here:

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