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Futourist ICO + Airdrop

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Futourist – Get Paid to create reviews & share.


Homepage: https://futourist.io


Information about Futourist from their website:


Futourist is the first travel review platform that rewards their users through building a fair blockchain-based economy where all - reviewers, businesses and casual consumers - get the most benefit for participating. It’s a place where future tourists will make decisions about where they are spending their precious time.

Our solution is aimed to build the first platform in the world that rewards users for creating, sharing and curating reviews. That way somebody who has a regular job and creates content as a hobby now has a chance to earn money on the side. That comes instantly without struggling years and years to come to a certain point of creating some stream of revenue for themselves.

Futourist is focusing on reviews as they represent one of the most trusted and helpful content types found online. And most importantly, reviews are directly related to some business revenue. Further on we talk about the travel review industry, which today offers many opportunities through technologies like cloud video and blockchain

They will be using OpenHours.  OpenHours is an existing website with over 1 Million monthly users. We are going to connect OpenHours to our blockchain protocol, delivering contest and token distribution services, turning OpenHours to new product.

We want to build a platform that will change the perception of content creator’s value, bring balance between them and the world of business and by awarding them with tokens for their reviews. We want Futourist to become one of the most practical applications of blockchain technology, with the intention of bringing benefits of blockchain to everyday users.


Futourist’s Ecosystem User’s

There are multiple types of users participating in Futourist’s micro-economy. These roles already exist in our starting-point platform OpenHours, where users interact with the platform and other users.


In Futourist, a reviewer is a registered user that provides content. Whether a short one-liner or an essay of a review, reviewers will get token rewards for content they create, proportionally to the quality and hype around their review. Quality reviewers are the core of Futourist and our platform is designed in a way that exponentially rewards the best reviews, but even the less popular ones in the long-tail aren't left out of token rewards.


The curator is a registered user that reads the content and uses upvotes/downvotes to evaluate his/her chosen reviews. A user can act both as a reviewer and a curator at the same time. The user must register on Futourist in order to receive the rewards.


Consumers represent users that do not contribute to the platform but consume information from it. They are the people going through reviews solely to make a decision on where to go or what to visit. Futourist’s front end review feed will be accessible without registering and will be free for all consumers. Registration brings additional features to consumers.17


Businesses enter Futourist’s economy with a goal of user acquisition, direct marketing and awareness spreading.

They’re looking to do that through incentivized creation of quality reviews for their service or through other features of Futourist’s platform. They are the main (but not the only) source of financial input into the platform. There are several ways on how business can beneft from the platform and vice versa. We go through them in the Core


Futourist’s Token

The economy is based on blockchain transactions. Inside Futourist every exchange of value is going to happen through a transaction of a newly issued Futourist Token (FTR), an ERC20 token being processed on the Ethereum network.



Total token supply: FTR

Tokens in crowdsale: 350.000.000 FTR (35%)

Crowdsale threshold: 700,000€

Crowdsale hard cap: 5,600,000€

Price per FTR:  0.016€

Tokens accepted in ICO Ether (ETH)


Funds raised through the crowdsale will be used for Futourist’s expenses: business operations, marketing & PR, development, legal & regulatory compliance and other.



• 55% of funds collected will be allocated for technical development of Futourist platform, for implementation of contests feature and nearby offers feature

• 15% of funds collected will be allocated for legal and administrative expenses and business operation

• 25% of funds collected will be allocated for marketing and PR expenses, marketing campaigns - user acquisition and branding

• 5% of funds collected will be allocated for other unforeseen expenses



With possible exponential growth, we are setting apart 18% of tokens to cover future team members, advisors and experts. This will help us build a solid team with years of experience crucial to Futourist growth.

• 5% of tokens will be reserved for OpenHours platform. Already existing platform that will give us a huge advantage when kickstarting the project was developed by the OpenHours company, but furthermore, with 1 Million monthly users, our platform will be ready to launch a lot faster. *

• 25% of tokens will be available for the ICO crowdsale.

• 7% tokens will be available for future partners

We will reserve 45% of tokens for our Community and for future projects.

In our first year of our runway, Futourist will reward users with a large percentage of reserved tokens. These tokens will be given back to community in form of contest rewards, each with different token amount, time period and objective.

* Projected token distribution is based on minimal funding, otherwise token distribution in regard to OH will be distributed accordingly




• assumes no revenue in 2018

• the expansion of our development and marketing teams

• focus on development

• funds raised through the crowdsale will be sufcient for the stable operations of our team



• assumes revenue in Q1 2019

• part of the funds from the crowdsale will be continuously distributed back to our community with a goal of

awareness spreading

• assumes break-even point in late 2019


Futourist platform will officially launch after the second half of 2018.


[Airdrop] 25.000 Futourist [FTR] AIRDROP!

Join Now.. Post something about the Futourist and earn up to 25,000 FTR for free.

To compete click the link: https://futourist.io/compete/

Don't Miss out on that!!!


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