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World-mining - 30 GH/s Power Bonus Free

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30 GH/s  Power


Participant may invest in rental power using the following payment systems:

PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin


PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, BitCoin ve Altcoinler

Minimum - Max Withdraw  Lim.:

5$ minimum

10000$ maksimum

Minimum - Maximum Deposit :

Minimum 15$

Max. 300000$

Withdraw Time

Participant may request the payment 2 times per week, on monday and thursday.

Withdrawal processing is made in the automatic mode during 24 hours. You will receive your payment immediately after your application is processed by the moderator.

My Invest:

15$ -  100 GH/s Power

Our servers "Investment"

The total capacity of the company equipment is more than 67 PH /s. Bitcoin mining range from 997 BTC and higher, taking into account Halving rewards and the growing complexity of the system, bearing in mind that the exchange rate fluctuations amounts to 7 725 688 $. In general, despite the multiple increased of mining complexity, the cryptocurrency mining maintains at consistently high level.
We offer to use a Bitcoin mining calculator.
For calculations: approximate price of $ 170 – per 1 terrahash or 0.15 $ - per 1 GH/s.

Server S1 100-13500 Gh/s

Profit forthe whole period: 324%
Profit per day: 0.9-1.1%
Profit per month: 27%
Rental period (days): 360

The capacity allocated from the total volume of the server:
from 100 up 13500 Gh/s
Cost of 1 Gh/s: 0.15 $
Payment Days: Monday and Thursday;
Interest is accrued daily.
On a monthly profit influences: the algorithm used for mining, network complexity, costs on energy and cooling equipment, the technical features of its exploitation.

Renting cost: from 15 to 2025 $

World Mining does not charge a commission when funds are withdrawn. However, the commission is charged by payment systems. Processing of a withdrawal is made in the automatic mode during 24 hours. You will receive your payment as soon as the order is processed by the moderator.
Minimum capacity for rent is 100 Gh/s.
Maximum power of rental equipment 2 000 000 Gh/s.





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