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EQUI is bent on revolutionizing venture capital, where even non-industry professionals will have the opportunity to support the next trending investment opportunity. It will be the gateway for a wider audience to take part in opportunities of venture capital investment, leveraging blockchain technology. Very importantly, entrepreneurs will be provided with financial backing as well as a support network that will enable them maximumly take advantage of any investment opportunity. The best investment opportunities in real word assets will be identified by EQUI, and possibly, great entrepreneurs that will build great companies will be birthed by the EQUI platform. Venture capital is a form of financing provided by firms, individuals, or institutions to small, rookie, emerging companies with high growth potential who do not have access to equity markets. Though investments like these are considered higher risk, selecting the right ventures to invest in will somewhat guarantee impressive returns. In a typical venture capital space, the mostly used structures are equity (issuing of common stock or preferred stock) and convertible debt (a loan which gives the holder an option to convert into equity).



EQUI is a web-based application which can be accessed through any compatible web browser. It will use the Ethereum blockchain to process and store credentials, information and transactions, including the acquisition of project stakes, distribution of profits, deployment of investment returns and investor rewards.

·         Registration: Participant have to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to validate their eligibility to use the platform. Thereafter, an EQUI profile is created with a unique Ethereum wallet, which provides the facility to deposit EQUItokens acquired

·         Project investment: Featured projects on the EQUI platform will be stored via a set of Smart Contracts that will hold all information pertaining to the project, including estimated project maturity, targets and caps

·         Dashboard: Holders of EQUItokens will have the ability to access a personalized dashboard that will show details of EQUItoken reserves and invested projects

·         Investment returns: Returns will be distributed in the applicable proportions as an Ether deposit into the EQUI wallet, once project is mature

·         Platform rewards (EQUITYtoken Loyalty program): Token holders that have invested in a project or those that hold EQUItokens in their EQUi Capital wallet are the only ones eligible for receiving loyalty tokens. On a yearly basis, the supply of EQUItokens will increase by 5%

·         Regulation: Issuing of EQUItokens in the ICO is not regulated in the United Kingdom, meaning that the scheme will be operated by a person that is FCA authorized



·         Seed stage (the first external investment that helps get a company off the ground)

·         Early stage (investment provided to a company that has successfully proven its concept, in order to accelerate their sales and marketing efforts)

·         Growth stage/Series A/ B (further rounds to provide additional financial support to grow the venture to its next stage of development usually through an enhanced sales and marketing strategy)



The combination of blockchain technology and traditional venture capital investment models will evolve the venture capital industry. EQUI’s vision involves evaluating all investment opportunities so as to offer a well selected portfolio for the consideration of our investors. EQUI’s selection focuses on technological advances and early-stage ventures that tackles a significant market opportunity and offer growth potential as leaders of market. EQUI will also consider ventures that would benefit from the integration of an expanded team, as well as injection of capital, in order for them to achieve enhanced growth. Soon enough, tangible allocation of the investment portfolio will be deployed into ventures that have scalable ideas through the use of blockchain technology. The EQUI vision will be delivered through the EQUI investment platform, and owners of EQUI tokens will be able to transfer their tokens onto the EQUI platform which they can use to support projects and receive 75% of net profits realized on exit.



EQUI’s proposal offers participants investment decisions flexibility and control. EQUI tokens can be bought for the following reasons:

·         Investors – Investors are participants that commit EQUItokens to the EQUI platform and apply their tokens to projects

·         Holders - Holders are participants that transfer their EQUItokens to the EQUI platform but haven’t yet committed their tokens to projects

·         Traders - Traders are participants whose EQUItokens are outside of the EQUI platform  



Potential benefits of token value increase will be for token holders and traders. Potential benefits of project investment and returns are for investors, while potential benefits for the EQUItoken Loyalty Rewards are for token holders and investors.



·         Source (Access to extensive network often providing exclusive deal flow of opportunities)

·         Evaluate (Rigorous due diligence to include sector, technology, management team & financials)

·         Transact (Complete investment process and ensure legal documents are implemented)

·         Support & Grow (Work with management and provide resources and support to enable implementation of business plan)

·         Exit (Lead liquidity event, creating value for all stakeholders)



There are no limits to the number of projects that a participant can invest in, and investors who transfer their EQUItokens to the EQUI platform and commit to investment opportunities, stand to benefit from 75% (pro-rata) of the net profits generated from that invested project. Participants will be in complete control over their investment decisions as they will have flexibility in projects that they invest in as well as the value they choose to invest. Investors may receive additional EQUItokens as added reward, through the EQUI loyalty program.



EQUItokens are ERC20 compliant on the Ethereum blockchain and are designed for the sole use on the EQUI platform. Smart Contracts, written in Solidity and compiled for Ethereum Virtual Machine, will ensure security, reliability and transparency for all EQUI participants. For adopters who would like to support the vision of EQUI, the EQUI ICO is launching and the token sale will speed up the technical development as well as other aspects of EQUI.

Asset name: EQUI

Total token supply: 250 million EQUItokens

Price in USD: $0.50

Public ICO accepted payment: Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoins (LTC), Ripple (XRP)

Pre-Sale accepted payment: USD, GBP, EUR, Bitcoin

Pre-Sale date: 1st March, 2018 – 15th March, 2018 (25% Bonus)

Pre-Sale minimum investment level: $100,000

Public ICO round 1 date: 15th March, 2018 – 22nd March, 2018 (15% Bonus)

Public ICO round 2 date: 22nd March, 2018 – 29th March 2018 (5% Bonus)

Public ICO round 3 date: 29th March 2018 – 12th April 2018 (0% Bonus)

Public ICO minimum investment level: $100

Note that all opening times are 12:00 hours GMT. 50% of all unsold tokens will be distributed to ICO participants based on pro-rata, while the remaining 50% will be distributed back to EQUI for the support of future investment projects. In the future, token supply will increase by 5% yearly so as to facilitate the EQUItoken loyalty program.



12% - Founders

15% - EQUI Team

6% - Advisors

2% - ICO Bounty Rewards

65% - Public/Token Sale



Distribution of funds will depend on the amount of ICO raised.

Funds will be used for:

·         Platform development

·         Salaries & Recruitments

·         Marketing

·         Operational costs

·         Legal & Compliance

·         Hardware & Fixed assets

·         Surplus funds



September 2017

-          Whitepaper preparation

-          ICO preparation

-          Team formation

-          Terms & conditions

October 2017

-          Regulatory & compliance set up

-          Platform development preparation

-          Platform mock-ups

-          Website design

November 2017

-          Platform development started

-          Back office system

-          User registration set up  

-          EQUItoken code completed

-          EQUItoken loyalty program

-          EQUIwallet creation

December 2017

-          Platform development  

-          Back office system

-          Front end platform functionality  

-          ICO website beta testing started

-          ICO smart contract

-          Security audit

January–February 2018

-          Security audit (2)

-          ICO announcement

-          Promotional activities

March–April 2018

-          Pre ICO (1 – 15 Mar)  

-          ICO starts (15 Mar)  

-          ICO closes (12 Apr)

-          EQUItoken distribution (17 Apr)

-          User registration

-          Deposit/withdrawal of funds

Q2 2018 (Phase 1)

-          Platform beta – launched for testing

-          Platform launch

-          Investment projects added to platform

Q2 2018 (Phase 2)

-          Integrate new crypto deposit methods

-          Integrate fiat deposits

-          Integrate PSD2 protocol to link EQUI platform with bank accounts

-          Start exchange discussions

Q3 2018 (phase 3)

-          Native platform application for android and iOS

-          Potential integration with crypto exchanges

-          Secondary market project exchange



Doug Barrowman – Lead Founder

Baroness Mone of Mayfair, OBE – Co-Founder

Tim Eve – Investment Director

Luke Webster – Investment Director

Andrew Barrowman – Investment Manager

Mark Lyons – Investment Director

Nerys Roberts – Marketing Director

Sim Singh-Landa – Project Manager

Nicholas Graham – Head of Customer Services

Andrei Karpushonak – Head of Development

Anthony Page – Trustee


ADVISORS (Entrepreneurs)

Mark Pearson - Award winning digital entrepreneur

Duncan Macinnes

Morten Tonnesen – CEO, Ve Global



Jonas Karlberg – Co-Founder, Nordic Blockchain Association and Founder, AmaZix

John Caldwell – Partner, Narus Advisors

Duncan Cameron – Founder, CasinoCoin


I trust that it has been an interesting read so far. I therefore urge everyone to become a part of the EQUI project. For more information about this project, please feel free to click on any of the following links:

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2888110.new#new

Website: https://www.equi.capital/

Whitepaper: https://www.equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/equi_capital

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/equi.capital

Telegram: https://t.me/equicapital


Published by: charleyles

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Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838

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