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The rate at which the cryptocurrency market skyrocketed is absolutely amazing and there are thousands or even millions of crypto traders in the world buying and selling cryptocurrencies every day. Despite the growth and expansion of the ccryptocurrency market, the industry is posed with certain challenges which are lack of trust and security, poor trading experience, poor customer service and so on. A survey was carried out on traders to find out their preferences and the result is as follows.

  1. They consider safety of funds when choosing crypto exchange
  2. 83% of crypto traders according to research ascertained that they are not fully secure at their current change
  3. Majority of them would switch exchanges if offered insurance against loss of funds from a result of hack
    The solution to these challenges is The London Crypto Currency Exchange also known as LCCX. It is based in London which is a stable and politically stable jurisdiction. It aims at setting a new standard in cryptocurrency exchanges and developing the platform into the most trusted exchange in the world. They plan to do this by:
    • Keeping 60%-75% of client funds safely offline in cold.
    • Insuring clients online funds against hacks.
    • Industry leading customer support including a live chat.
    • Not being an autonomous website but having our address.
    • Pro-actively working with the financial conduct authority.
    • Hundreds of crypto coins to trade form.
    • The latest and exclusive crypto assets with our ICO underwriting service.
    • Paired with both popular cryptos and fiat currencies.
    • Low withdrawal fees for customers.
    • Added liquidity of smaller coins with our market making service.

LCCX token which is called London Exchange Token or LXT is run on ethereum blockchain as a standard of ERC20 token. It is used for paying affiliate and referrers on referral system. Paying fees and annual service fees and used to pay bonuses and prizes in competitions. LCCX accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as a standard throughout the ICO stages. A total of 100 million LXT tokens will be issued. The ICO starts March 12th 2018 and ends April 30th 2018. The tokens will then be distributed on the 7th of May, 2018. LXT will be priced at $0.15 per token.

lccx td.png
60%- Public Token Sale
18%- LCCX Team
14%- Advisors & Early Investors
8%- Bounty & Referrals

lccx use.png
35%- Development Costs
25%- Marketing & PR
20%- Liquidity
10%- Contingency
5%- Legal & Auditing
5%- Insurance & Security

lccx rdm.PNG
Q3 2017 - LCCX idea conception
Q4 2017- Early investors, planning and building the team
Q1 2018- Start and complete the LXT ICO
Q2 2018- Marketing and press campaign starts with early registration
Q3 2018- The regulated LCCX exchange platform launches wit 50+ crypto coins available to trade and clients funds insured
Q4 2018- Additional coins added and all our systems scaled to end the year with over crypto assets available to trade
Q1 2019- The launch of our underwriting service for ICO’s to bring exclusive crypto assets to the exchange
Q2 2019- LCCX is established with over 200 tradable crypto assets and is one of the top 5 crypto currency exchanges in the world and number 1 in the UK.

Robert Benwell – Founder & CEO
Alice Copilet – Chief Legal Officer
Mark Wilson Hooper- Head of Network Security
Praveen Dagdi – Lead Exchange Developer
Suvi Rinkinen – Head Of Business Development
Janica San Juan – Head of Marketing & PR
Ana Preda – Community Manager
Simon Cocking
Tobias Schulz
Rumen Slavchov
Viktor Petrov
Giacomo Arcaro

Cryptocurrency exchange has never been so convenient and secure. Join in the revolution today. For more information please visit the website and participate in any of our social media platforms listed below:

WEBSITE: https://lccx.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.lccx.io/LCCX-WhitePaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/lccxico
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lccxofficial
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/lccxofficial/

PUBLISHED BY: ogtejiri
BITCOINTALK URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790132
ETHEREUM WALLET: 0x33E8810b5432ccD823b6c45975A55Fb9F6c931D6

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