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If so, Iron Hands Coin is the place to be. 



IRON HANDS COIN is a crypto currency game that allows hodlers to show off their Iron Hands and earn passive income!
The contract is a permission-less, human-less unchangeable code that is deployed and will run forever autonomously.
IRON HANDS is a secure coin with code that is unhackable and unchangeable. You can compare ours to the POWH3D code, which has been proven to be safe and secure. 
The launch time and date for IRONHANDS.SITE is April 15th, 2pm CST/7pm UTC. 
IRONHANDS is its own computer generated financial eco-system that gives you that much sought after passive income for as long as you wish to remain in the contract.  



WithIRONHANDS, you are free to deposit, withdraw, and reinvest as many times and whenever you want. Our Ethereum smart contract controls the buys and sells and cannot be altered. Our Project will have a 1 ETH developer premine and after that, it will be free game, so get in early!!  Many Previous games had Premines up to 20ETH!!
INTRODUCING THE VITALIK BACKED PAYMENT SYSTEM. Every Iron Hands Coin holder will enjoy a 33% dividend off every buy and sell. This will ensure the most IRON of hands.  In addition, GANGSTER NODES allow an additional 33% of buys that come from your link. You only need 50 Coins for a gangster node!
No human has access to your funds, they are managed by the Smart contract and you can withdraw at any time you so choose.
Ability to still access all of your funds even if our website/exchange is down by using Metamask and EtherWallet.
No one controls your funds but you, no other human can access or change the contract once deployed, it is set in stone.

Algorithm: ERC20 Token on EthereumBlockchain
Total number of tokens: Variable based on volume
Price: Variable based on volume and withdrawals and deposits
Developers pre-purchase amount: 1 ETH in total
Discord :https://discord.gg/BFpwtNd

Please take the time to scrutinize the contract.    We are here for the long term and plan on growing with you. 
Other similar sites launched recently have had nefarious code written into them to steal the investors’ money, even if you do not invest with us, if you invest in a similar Smart Contract be sure to read it or have someone who understands Smart Contracts check it. 
Our contact has no such code and is visible and transparent for anyone to see review and critique but it is working fine 100% with many deposits/withdrawals and reinvestment's.  

Happy passive earning to all!


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