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What Is Coupit?

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I think they built an affiliate platform on the block chain. They are rebuilding a global e-commerce market that is safe, smart and easy to use, and it is completely confusing how merchants earn commissions and how they buy and sell items. Watashi wa karera ga burokk


What Is Coupit?

Coupit aims to reinvent the global e-commerce marketplace by building a blockchain-basedaffiliate program and loyalty program.

The affiliate platform revolves around a digital token called Coupit (COUP), which is an NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain.

The goal of Coupit is not just to offer an affiliate program, but to also combine their reward ecosystem with the creation of a giant e-commerce marketplace. In other words, Coupit will be an affiliate system and online marketplace rolled into one convenient solution.

Sellers can track visitor interactions with an analytics dashboard, and customers can interact with the platform through an app.


How Does Coupit NEO Blockchain Cryptocurrency Work?


Coupit is a decentralized platform built on the NEO blockchain. The platform allows businesses and individuals to market their products and services through a blockchain-based marketplace.Affiliate marketers, meanwhile, can earn money by referring products and services to people through that marketplace.


Coupit uses special APIs to speed up interactions and transactions on the platform. Customers can purchase items using traditional payment methods (like VISA and MasterCard). The platform plans to eventually add payment support for top cryptocurrencies.


For more info visit https://coupit.io





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