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Cryptocurrency is becoming the talk of the city and increasingly the order of the day. It is gaining popularity by the day as ordinary people and business personnel alike are now starting to see the enormous advantages and possibilities of crypto-currency application. As we read this article, let it be known that Bitcoin for example, has been and is still a hot topic in the papers, on TV and at the lunch tables of people who are far from the IT market. However, there is a huge gap between knowledge of it and its application as being able to use it is completely different from a mere knowledge of it.

Also, even with the popularity of crypto-currency and block-chain technology, paying for something with Bitcoin for example requires a person dealing with a number of technical questions like:

·         How does it work?

·         How do I get a wallet?

·         How do I but bitcoin and other crypto-currencies?

·         How do I store online wallet, offline or exchange?

·         How do I protect my money from theft or hacking?

·         How to send it?

All these are popular questions asked by individuals; I asked these questions myself. Truth be told, even an experienced computer user will need several hours or days to understand the complexities of cryptocurrency transactions. What if there is no desire or time to do this? Let's take a look at the most popular means of storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies using the example of bitcoin.

Offline wallets

Advanced users prefer offline wallets. These wallets download a complete copy of a blockchain and act as peer nodes to support the network. The most common option is Bitcoin Core. It provides maximum security, but has a number of drawbacks which are:

·         Special requirements for the technical specification of a PC;

·         The bitcoin core client occupies more than 100Gb when fully downloaded thereby requiring plenty of free hard drive space;

·         It takes a very long time to synchronize a wallet

Online wallets

Some of the disadvantages of offline wallets are solved by online wallets. You just have to install an application, for example, on a smartphone, and then you can access your assets from anywhere. Online wallets typically have a kind of friendly interface, so it's easy to understand their functionality.

Nevertheless, online wallets have one key drawback: they are centralized, which means they are susceptible to hacking, fraudulent operations, government regulations and so on.


They offer liquidity and a wide range of tools but the problem however may be that there is no guarantee of repayment to users if the exchange (even with a good reputation) bursts. Another issue is exposure to hacking attack or its anonymous owner’s leaves with customer money, as with online wallets, the money on the exchange do not belong to the user.

Not to worry. All these challenges and disadvantages will be settled with the introduction of MiraLab. Well MiraLab was conceived as a P2P cryptocurrency exchanger with a simple and straightforward interface. The development of the idea was financed using personal resources and investments from the interested in cryptocurrencies. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency however, went up sharply this year causing market volumes to grow after it. The topic of block-chain and crypto-currency was however been picked by the media and it has become clear that development needs to be accelerated in order to take a foot-hold in the market.

The idea meanwhile has been evolving and it has been transformed from a P2P exchanger to the full-fledged Mira software suite. Mira is a simple and reliable way to exchange, transfer and store cryptocurrency. We want to make the process of interacting with cryptocurrencies understandable for any user; you can now simply send a file to purchase cryptocurrency.



Mira facilitates interaction with crypto-currencies, to ensure security and high transaction speed, and to offer the community a universal solution for all crypto-currencies; Mira has developed a concept of the Mirabox container, MiraBox is an encrypted file containing cryptocurrency. To open MiraBox, you must meet certain conditions as well as know the password as it is supported by the Mira software suite which entails:

·         MIRALAB.IO – online service for MiraBox;

·         MIRAWALLET MOBILE – smartphone application for iOS and Android;

·         MIRANET — Ethereum-based Mira blockchain.

·         MIRAWALLET for PC – Desktop application for working with MiraBox. MiraWallet has an open source code that will be posted on GitHub, which will allow you to open MiraBox even if miralab.io is unavailable;



·         Security: you only have the ability to open the content if you know the password and meet the smart contract conditions that can be added to mirabox.

·         Ease of use: transfer and storage can be done with relative ease because it is a regular file which can be transferred outside the block-chain.

·         Transparency: An open MiraBox can be loaded into MiraLab or Mira-Wallet and you can find out exactly what is inside. Key data is stored on the MiraNet block-chain. If you do not have a password or if you do not comply with smart contract conditions, you will not be able to access the content.

·         Anonymity: MiraBox does not contain data about its creator and can be opened anywhere in the world. To buy or sell cryptocurrency packaged in MiraBox, you don't have to create an account or wallet. And if you use a private MiraBox, the content will be completely hidden.

·         Openness: All the software has open source code that will be posted on GitHub.

·         Custom smart contracts: there is the possibility of adding MiraBox opening conditions according to a user's unique specifications.

·         Fault tolerance: If the miralab.io domain is unavailable, you can open MiraBox in the desktop or mobile version of the MiraWallet application. MiraWallet will always be available for download on GitHub.



We have three kinds of Mirabox according to their functions:

·         NOMINALBOX – MiraBox, which can contain only one kind of cryptocurrency. The NominalBox is the easiest and cheapest way to buy cryptocurrency.

·         MULTIBOX is MiraBox with arbitrary content. MultiBox can contain one or more kinds of cryptocurrencies. Also in MultiBox, you can add any document up to 25MB.

·         SMARTBOX is MultiBox with an integrated smart contract. A smart contract is a restriction on opening SmartBox content until predetermined external conditions are met.


The Mira Token (MIRA) is a utility token that can be used as commission fees for MultiBox/SmartBox purchases. MIRA can also be used to remunerate smart contract developers, arbitrators, and as remuneration for nodes.


From calculation, it costs $13 million to develop the Mira software ($3 million for the MIRA 1.0. Software suite, $2 million for MIRA 2.0. Evolution, $5 million for MIRA 3.0. SmartBox laboratory and platform for third-party developers, and $3 million for MIRA 4.0. Warranty-Service).
Token: MIRA
Maximum emissions: 30,770,000 MIRA
Total amount to be sold: 24,000,000 MIRA
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, DASH
Volume to Pre-ICO sales: 3,300,000 MIRA
Pre-ICO Soft cap: Nil
Pre-ICO Hard cap: $1,980,000
Pre-ICO price: 1 MIRA = $0.6
NB: The price of 1 MIRA in ETH will be fixed one hour before the pre-ICO at the Poloniex exchange rate, and the ETH-to-USD rate will be updated every hour.
Volume to be sold on ICO: 24,000,000 MIRA
ICO Soft cap: $5,000,000 IN VIEW OF PRE-ICO
ICO Hard cap: $20,000,000
ICO Discount: FIRST 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.7

  • 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.8
  • 4,500,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $0.9
  • 7,200,000 tokens / 1 MIRA = $1.0
    Note that, the price of 1 MIRA in ETH will be set at one hour prior to the ICO at the Poloniex exchange rate, and the ETH-to-USD rate will be updated every hour.


3,300,000 tokens (1 MIRA = $0.6)
4,500,000 tokens (1 MIRA = $0.7)
4,500,000 tokens (1 MIRA = $0.8)
4,500,000 tokens (1 MIRA = $0.9)
7,200,000 tokens (1 MIRA = $1.0)


15% - Team & Advisors
78% - Investors
1% - Bounty
6% - Reserve Fund


10% - Legal
65% - Development
10% - Reserve Fund
7% - Other
8% - Marketing


November 2017 - Pre-ICO
April 2018 – ICO
August 2018 - Launch of MiraWallet.alpha without smart contracts
October 2018 - Launch of MiraWallet and MiraLab
December 2018 - Connecting Smart Contract visual designer, running a test version of a mobile application
February 2019 - Full completion of the work cycle for the first version of Mira
August 2019 - Launch of a user service. Version 2
December 2019 - Smart contract laboratory. Launch of a test version of the developer platform
February 2020 - Release of the Version 3
December 2020 - Launch of the warranty service
Note that, Mira has four major modifications planned to be made to it.


Eugene Radchenko - Blockchain Technical Advisor
Vitaliy Manshin - CMO
Nadia Shcherba - Business developer
Andrey Skriptsov - COO
Misha No - Art Director
Alexander Ivanov - Blockchain Advisor
Taras Emelyanenko - System and DApp Architect

Dmitriy Baday - CEO
Nikita Novozhilov - CFO
Ernest Shekolian - CTO
Eugene Babichenko - Chief DApp Engineer at 482.solutions


The complications peculiar to the use of cryptocurrencies will be made simple with the use of Mira, making it beneficial to the entire cryptocurrency market.
I, therefore, urge everyone to actively participate in the Mira ICO event.

Feel free to visit the website or read the whitepaper for more information on Mira. You can also click on the Mira Telegram channel to connect with other unique participants:
Website: https://ico.miralab.io/
Whitepaper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1anK9tP9Z9naTqatWV3ezOuBF2SvENu3-iTBUUqR6Nac/edit?usp=sharing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialMiraLab/
Telegram: https://t.me/miralab
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OfficialMiraLab

Published by: charleyles
Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1344011
Ethereum wallet address: 0x69C516900e939e97C7c60Ca59bdaF15295556838





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