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Fiii- Innovfest Unbound Singapore

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8+ hours talking non stop and the people still kept coming to our booth! Salute our crew members! Nobody failed to be impressed having experienced our 1st in the world seamlessly smooth hybrid payment network system that accepts more than 1400 cryptocurrencies! Joint venture projects were negotiated and thousands of white label units were ordered by our satisfied clients just in 1 day! Don’t miss out this golden chance to grab us in Singapore while we are still here for another day!

8个多小时不停的解说,人潮一直蜂拥不断!辛苦了我们的工作人员! 体验了Fiii世界首创可以接受超过1400个加密货币的无缝平滑混合支付网络系统FiiiPOS的访客无不叹为观止!在一天内就洽谈了多项合资项目,更多满意的客户订购了数千个白标单位! 要在新加坡抓住我们就只剩下最后一天啦!可要把握了哦!

【For more info and enquiry】 
Official Website : https://fiii.io
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Fiii_POS
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/fiii.lab/
Telegram : t.me/fiiicoin
Youtube : https://No link shortners — please include original link/2J7EHMy 
Medium : https://medium.com/fiiilab
Messenger : m.me/FiiiLabFiiiPos

Fiii #FiiiPOS #FiiiPAY #InnovfestUnbound #Singapore #MarinaBaySand #cryptocurrency #blockchain #Fiiicrew #Fiiievent #Fintech #bitcoin #btc #cex #coinbase



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