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Cryptocurrency Must Be Legalized To Realize ‘Digital India’ Plan

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Cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency trading are one of the hottest topics of discussion and debates all over the globe. The future of cryptocurrency in India is uncertain at least until the Supreme Court of India’s verdict on July 20. However, experts and crypto enthusiasts can give innumerable reasons why it is extremely imperative for crypto to be legalized in order to realize the government’s ‘Digital India’ plan

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I think the growth of Cryptocurrency is connected to the legal aspect. If we wish to see things right then it is absolute MUST that the regulation is worked out by countries, so to ensure all misuse of it goes out of the window.

I believe China is the IDEAL model when it comes this part, as they have done MAJOR crackdown by putting the regulation tag on major players. Recently, there Alipay Closed 3000 Accounts Related to Crypto Trading , so all these things are slowly working out and it is for BETTERMENT.

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